[PDF] Read ☆ The Vampire : by Sandrine Genier

  • Title: The Vampire
  • Author: Sandrine Genier
  • ISBN: 9781483548968
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Vampire : by Sandrine Genier - The Vampire, The Vampire Jason Sterling never meant to put his life or anyone else s in danger The Genier law firm s excellent reputation assures him all is well when he accepts the unusual job offer with the Genier s persona
    Sandrine Genier
    I write the kinds of books that I want to read and have not been able to find I am interested in the intimate, micro view of my characters and how the interpersonal relationships are effected by events in the story I enjoy exploring themes of obsession, friendship, and acceptance of what makes each of us unique.

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    Kitty Muse Book Reviews
    It started out as a dream job luxurious housing, travel, use of a high end car, and money than he could ever possibly use Jason is curious though when is the actual work supposed to start His employer, Laurent Augere, is secretive, elusive, temperamental and rarely communicates with Jason, who is supposed to be his assistant Mr Augere s lawyers only give Jason enough information to keep him quiet, and he fairly willing to go along with their answers.At least at first Then things start happening [...]

    Wesley Thomas
    There are thousands of vampire novels out there today It s become a part of our culture That particular sub genre of horror mystery is a difficult one to take on But Sandrine rises to the challenge Her writing is poetic and graceful, luring us into a captivating tale that is truly unforgettable I found myself stopping occasionally to be grateful for being lucky enough to read such incredible writing The story was excellent, but the way she told it was remarkable I haven t read a vampire book in [...]

    Sheila ShesGoingBookCrazy.com
    I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Thanks

    Amy Shannon
    Tantalizing This is one of those vampire stories that are out of the norm I loved it It has a sense of immortality with a touch of humanism It s not your stereotypical vampire story, and the plot was an intense and captivating plot Some things seem impossible, but that s the beauty of a story that works, even the impossible is probable and lends to great storytelling I look forward to reading the second book in the series.

    Natasha Bennett
    The cover fits the theme of the novel nicely, with Augere being old and mysterious and it s pretty eye catching Admittedly, it s also a bit on the nose with the title, and given the length of time it takes the protagonist to realize what his new boss is, the novel might have been a tad bit stronger if this wasn t immediately revealed from the start But, in this case the cover works fairly well.I ll start with a positive on this one I absolutely love the relationship between Augere and Jason This [...]

    Erin Bedford
    Disclaimer I received this in exchange for an honest review.Erin s Book Reviews erinbedford bookreviewsIn preparation for losing his job and being forced to move back in with his parents, Jason Sterling decides to have one last hooray in the culture filled city of New Orleans There he finds himself offered the job of a life time Cars, extravagant houses, and a pay check that would buy a world supply of chimichangas But the only down side is his creepy boss that seems normal on the surface, but a [...]

    Chantelle Atkins
    This book was a real surprise to me I don t normally read vampire books, and I was expecting something very different This book is far about the development of the two main characters, then it is about the life of a vampire For a long time, Jason does not even realise that his mysterious new boss is a vampire The story follows his chance encounter with Augere in New Orleans, which results in him taking up an unusual job offer to become Mr Augere s personal assistant From the start, both Jason a [...]

    Dona Fox
    I am so glad I found The Vampire Book 1, by Sandrine Genier I m not going to retell the story here you can read the other reviews for that I just want to say I found the writing to be engaging and immersive I couldn t put The Vampire down and when I was reading it I didn t know what was going on around me in the real world I found myself in Jason s skin I held whatever items he held, I saw what he saw I was in the town Jason was in the sunshine or rain that fell on his skin fell on me Sandrine G [...]

    S.K. Gregory
    Jason goes to New Orleans for a vacation and while he is there he meets a man who offers him a job When he witnesses some strange things, he soon realises that his new boss is actually a vampire This was well written, with some detailed descriptions of the different settings which I enjoyed reading about I love New Orleans and felt it was well depicted The author takes the time to paint a picture of both main characters and I did like this as sometimes books have very two dimensional characters [...]

    A fantastic read This has got to be the best book Ive read all year Far from the usual Vampire Dracula scenarios, this book is all about acceptance of something different It really was a book I couldn t put down I had to read the part where the two leads were separated very quickly cos I so wanted them to be together again, such was the mesmerising of them accepting each other Great stuff.

    Debra Rule
    Very good, can t wait till the next ones

    Diane Lynch
    The Vampire by Sandrine Genier While on vacation in New Orleans, Jason Sterling receives a job offer to be a personal assistant to L L Augere in Boston While working for him, Jason notices strange occurrences and begins to worry about his life and the lives on those he loves Sandrine Genier s The Vampire is a well written book full of foreshadowing, symbolism, and mystery Jason is a worthy hero Being Goth, he likes the freedom to be himself working for Augere, who does not mind how he dresses I [...]

    Fiona Tate
    I was very excited to receive this one in exchange for an honest review The cover appealed to me as it looked elegant and told me exactly what I was going to be reading, so there were no surprises there The story follows Jason Sterling and his relationship with his new employer, Laurent Augere The book is written in a style that allows for rich descriptions of settings and characters and it takes place in various cities all over the world The author pays great attention to detail and you can eas [...]

    • [PDF] Read ☆ The Vampire : by Sandrine Genier
      377 Sandrine Genier
    The Vampire