Take 2 Best Read || [Ruchi Singh]

  • Title: Take 2
  • Author: Ruchi Singh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook

  • Take 2 Best Read || [Ruchi Singh] - Take 2, Take Priya s idyllic world turns upside down when she realizes her husband considers her dead weight after stripping her off her inheritance for his ambitions and lavish lifestyle Instantly attracted to Pr
    Ruchi Singh
    Winner of TOI WriteIndia season 1, Ruchi Singh is a novelist, and writes in two genres romance and romantic thriller She began her writing career writing short stories and articles, which have been published on various online forums She has been a contributing author to many anthologies and has published her first book Take 2, which is a contemporary romance with a spice of social drama.A voracious reader, she loves everything from classics to memoirs to editorials to chick lit, but her favourite genre is romantic thriller Besides writing and reading, her other interests include dabbling with Indian classical dance forms.Check out Ruchi s Book Reviews on iluvfiction

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    Devika Fernando
    I must say this is a very promising debut The author, Ruchi Singh, has a nicely flowing writing style that pulls the reader in and makes reading a joy.The book centers on Priya who has to deal with a husband who only used her for her money and is now going his merry way While society expects her to fight for a marriage that has no real value or at least to meekly accept how he hooks up with another woman, the consequences are dire when Priya decides to finally live and search for the happiness s [...]

    Reet Singh
    Great debut by Ruchi Singh I am so glad I read this book.The title is intriguing very movie ish, and as it turns out, very appropriate for this book The storyline is strong, the characters well developed The cover is a couple in silhouette against a very Indian backdrop quite evocative of the plot Priya is strong and I love how her relationship with Abhi develops from irritation to acceptance to love The author does a good job with throwing twists and turns in the way of the young lovers Through [...]

    Sundari Venkatraman
    I have read a number of short stories by Ruchi Singh on her blog I luv fiction iluvfiction search lab and loved them I had been keen to read her full length novel for a long time, but only got the time now As I mentioned above, it was unputdownable once I began to read Priya is very young when her husband Sameer insists on divorcing her He s been cheating on her with other women and living off her earnings for a long time But innocent Priya trusts him completely Even when she finds out that he s [...]

    Jennifer Thompson
    The story is set in a middle class surroundings and neatly traces the journey of a young girl as she breaks the shackles and taboos of a middle class upbringing to build for herself a happy future.The book has a neat and linear narrative which makes it easy to read The characters are very well fleshed out and every scene in the book is vivid The book holds the reader s interest as the story unfolds and builds up to a befitting climax The first book from Ruchi Singh shows the potential of the aut [...]

    Tarang Sinha
    Actual Rating 3.5 stars.Very engaging Characters and situations are well defined Dialogues are interesting and witty.Just a few little things here and there like sometimes, I couldn t understand who is speaking as many times it s just she or he It gets a little repetitive stretched at times.Overall, just like Jugnu, I enjoyed reading this book thoroughly Looking forward to her next.

    Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    njkinnysblog 2015 02 bPriya s perfect world takes a tumble when she realizes that her husband is cheating on her and when he asks for a divorce, it seems like the last nail has been struck Confused, in denial and still hopeful of saving her world, Priya takes the help of Abhimanyu, her friend s brother but is this relationship platonic or a beginning to something new Can Priya take a risk at a second chance at happiness Take 2 is Ruchi Singh s debut novel and while I have had the pleasure of rea [...]

    Swathi Shenoy
    Read the full review here Escape Reality Book Reviews Characters Meet Priya, a fierce, beautiful and independent young lady from Delhi who is the protagonist of the story Priya is a software engineer who loves her job A damsel in distress and yet a fierce lady who doesn t go down without a fight that is Priya Mathur for you Meet Abhimanyu Malhotra, aka Abhi, is very successful at the age of 28 and is an eligible bachelor Hot and dashing, he has many girls falling for him but his heart skips a be [...]

    Shilpa Garg
    I started reading Ruchi s blog during the last April s A to Z Challenge where she wrote Flash Fiction based on life s philosophy or mood or emotions, interpreted using colours And was I impressed Every day of the week, I actually looked forward to read her stories Yes, they were that amazing When I got an opportunity to read and review her debut novel, I grabbed it immediately I started reading Take 2, one dull afternoon and finished reading it in a span of few hours Yes, I read Take 2 at one go [...]

    Inderpreet Uppal
    This is the first book by author Ruchi Singh and she deals with marital discord, divorce and second marriage Quite a lot to take on in a first book but she has the knack to seamlessly write and sort the problems faced by the simple, pretty and homely Priya Her husband Sameer is cheating on her after he has wasted all her inheritance In fact she is the one who is keeping the house in order.This book is truly a chance she took and I was very happy with a book full of real romance and faith Even if [...]

    Shantala(Shanaya Tales)
    Originally Published on shanayatales I have read romance novels than I have read all the other genres combined That itself lets you know how much I love them Having said that, I find this genre very difficult to review, mostly because of the following reason.To me, a romance novel is like comfort food The flavours may vary, but at the end of the day, one knows that this is no risk soul food In a similar way, the story in these novels could take any direction, but there is a certain comfort in k [...]

    Salesh Fernando
    Take 2 A beautiful reminder that life is all about taking chances I loved this book for one simple reason Ruchi Singh takes a predictable plot and makes it work with her wonderful narrative style.The first few pages give you an indication of how the story is going to progress But the urge to turn the pages doesn t stop It s a simple one line plot of how two hesitant personalities find solace in each other The author doesn t complicate things too much and keeps the tone light and breezy It is an [...]

    Santosh Panda
    Whenever I see a book of Love genre, I don t waste my time thinking whether to pick it or not I start reading it After completing the book, if I love the story, I praise about it open heartedly and if the story isn t upto the standards, I don t stop criticizing it Well, this book, Take 2 Second Chance at Happiness falls in the former category I enjoyed the story, fell in love with the protagonist, hated the antagonist and spent my time among the characters.The story is basically about a girl, Pr [...]

    Summerita Rhayne
    While physical and mental harassment causing a failed relationship is a topic that has been dealt before, her book is different for her lovely prose and her vulnerable heroine.I usually expect dominant and confident heroes in romance Abhimanyu was different but still managed to be captivating because of his sensitivity towards Priya I did feel like shaking her on occasion to get some sense in her because she was so blind to her husband and his flaws but here Ruchi has stuck to the reality of the [...]

    Privy Trifles
    This story explores the fragile nature of Indian marriages very closely It also shows us the real fact of our society in terms of dealing with issues like divorce and failed marriages It has an upper middle class value systems strewn across the story making it connectable for the masses as readers.The story talks about Priya a girl who is in love with her husband to an extent that it can be called blind devotion He decides to divorce her for reasons best known to him The story is how Priya trie [...]

    Ruchira Khanna
    Take 2 is a story that revolves around happiness, peace of mind, and satisfaction that there is someone out there for oneself Even though man could redefine the planet Pluto from a star to a dwarf planet, he still wants a body to lean onto whether it be during sickness or in good health This story tries to capture that essence via a young lady named Priya Click here to read abracabadra 2015

    Ushasri Nannapaneni
    This is not a review of the book but is a personal note to my good friend and author Ruchi Singh.My dear Ruchi,I cried for long a rarity in my life and I can count the occasions on one hand after I finished the book I was sobbing like I didn t, even when I lost my daughters I ll give you the reason in a few seconds.First, take a bow and you don t have to be humble about it You have immense talent You can write and very well at that Enjoy it, celebrate it and nurture it Your writing is seamless a [...]

    Life without Love.When Priya fell in love and married the love of her life, she thought she has achieved everything But Fate had something else for stored for her The love of her life turned out to be a cad and refused to even acknowledge her as his wife in public when the tinsel town light beckoned him.The Beauty and the Cad.What a loser Sameer is The sad part is people like him make a woman feel degraded and parasitic I was curious about why Priya would accept his outrageous and deceitful beha [...]

    Reshma Ranjan
    A sweet date with a beautiful Romance A sweet romance all about second chances leaves you beaming with that innocent simple love.Abhi and Priya are sure to take your through the knowing, finding, hurting and finally embracing love The element of domestic violence is very sensitively added in the story Amidst all the romances, second chances always held a positive vibe to it, a hope everyone would love to read about.

    Rajeev Pundir
    Review Take 2 by Ruchi SinghAfter marrying Sameer, her childhood love, Priya gets a job in Delhi Subsequently, they shift to Delhi from their home town Kanpur Sameer is highly ambitious and wants to make a career in modelling As a struggler he sustains on the income earned by Priya Their relationship sours when Sameer ditches and dumps her for a well established top model Jessica and starts to live with her Then, she happens to meet Abhimanyu, a cousin of her friend Komal He instantly falls for [...]

    Jazz Singh
    Ruchi Singh makes a great debut with Take 2 Devastated by a cheating husband, who in the first place only married her for what he could get out of her, Priya is at her lowest Abhimanyu can only see the gentle and beautiful soul that she is Guilt, desire and traditions come in the way The story unravels gently by Ruchi s able story telling.

    Ravi Bedi
    Take 2 is an interesting plot with ample doses of drama and witticism The dialogues between friends are wholly entertaining, and descriptions meticulous The pace of the story, a bit slow in the beginning, picks up momentum in the later half Despite some interesting twists in the tale, the end was or less predictable I do notice a certain degree of immaturity and inconsistency in the conduct of the principal players Priya vows to hurt her husband, Sameer, very badly for deserting her and, at the [...]

    Dhivya Balaji
    REVIEW Priya has married her college days sweetheart neighbour when she was not even out of college due to a family pressure But all is not sweet as she learns that her husband Sameer had cheated on her Opportunistic Sameer avoids her phone calls and avoids her until Priya confronts him directly, where he pretends to be a stranger in public Abhimanyu is intrigued by Priya at first sight He feels a strange urge to get to know her better and tries to get closer when he learns that she is married H [...]

    Nikita Jhanglani
    I always look forward to stories about second chances, because life usually doesn t figure itself out in the first chance These stories, therefore, turn out to be a decent dose of inspiration Having said that, I also believe that a second chance holds meaning only if the first has been made use of well Ruchi s story, thankfully, matched my expectations and therefore made for an enjoyable read.The characters and the story are very real, very relatable The thing that can go wrong with stories like [...]

    I received the book as a review copy from the author Take 2 Second chance at happiness is Ruchi Singh s Debut book It is the story of Priya and Abhimanyu set in Delhi and Gurgaon.The characters Priya Verma, works as a software programmer in Delhi Having lost her mother when she was six years old and her father when she is college, she marries her boyfriend Sameer, to get away from her relatives in Kanpur Little does she realize that when she is studying and later, working, Sameer robs her of her [...]

    Ashwini Gopalkrishnan
    Take 2 is Ruchi Singh s Debut Novel Congrats to her for reaching the third position in the s popular book list within a week time Take 2 is a superb and very written book by Ruchi Singh The characters in the book are really mind blowing.The story line is simple.Ruchi has narrated her story in a wonderful manner.She has very well described the emotion of all the characters in a very realistic way.Making you feel the anguish, the frustration , and the pain which her characters go through.The Story [...]

    Aditi Kaushiva
    Like watching a Bollywood movie playing, with appropriate song and dance sequences in between, Ruchi s debut book Take 2 has it all It takes the reader to a vividly magnificent trip into to the world of Priya a working middle class Delhi girl who married young and naive and finds herself at wits end when her no good husband asks for a divorce She tries her best to save the marriage despite her husband s infidelity from glamouring up to make herself attractive for her husband to holding another [...]

    Usha Narayanan
    Take 2 Second Chance at Happiness gets off to an intriguing start Why is the hauntingly beautiful Priya so lost and woebegone Who is the man causing her such heartbreak and who is the hunk at the bar who cannot take his eyes off her face Miss Beautiful Eyes meets Abhimanyu and things can never be the same again And then Priya drops the bomb she is married After this heady start, the book takes off on a zestful run, with many twists and turns that send your heart plunging in despair or soaring to [...]

    The Author beautifully articulated the confusion that occurs in the mind of a girl who is depressed with the nature of her husband Plus point for this novel is, that the author carried the feelings of Abhimanyu towards Priya in a lovely way I can t exactly say its a drawback but this novel is no where different from the love stories that I have read before There is no point in this novel that makes it outstanding either suspense thrill.This review is written as part of the India Readathon.

    Urmila Singh
    fantastic book.

    The story was very slow for my taste but since I had purchased the book I couldn t leave it in the middle and had to finish it The story was sweet though it had a filmi touch It was a one time read nothing exceptional about the story.

    • Take 2 Best Read || [Ruchi Singh]
      308 Ruchi Singh
    Take 2