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  • Title: Fire in the Hole
  • Author: Debra Anastasia
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  • Page: 263
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  • ✓ Fire in the Hole ✓ Debra Anastasia - Fire in the Hole, Fire in the Hole Here s what you the brave reader need to know Fire Down Below has a sequel I know everyone s super surprised that allowed me to keep the poop your pants book up all this time In Fire in the Hole Do
    Debra Anastasia
    Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination What an amazing job that is The stories hit her hard while driving the minivan or shaving her legs, especially when there s no paper and pen around She has written a smattering of books in a few genres paranormal romance, contemporary romance and romantic comedies She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.DebraAnastasia

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    Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    Can you believe there s a sequel And yes, I read this colonoscopy of a book It was in one of those moments where you think watching Vh1 reality shows are interesting Same thing, but this was so much worse than any reality show, ever.This second poopy pants of a book is all about the aftermath of TSTL chick s new relationship with TSTL pharmacist They did the deed, now they re maybe dating Yeah, no one knows In all his retardedness, pharmacist tweets he has to go to a wedding with his ex super bi [...]

    Debra Anastasia
    Praise for Fire in the Hole Reading this book will give you haemorrhoids EL James, 1 NTY Bestseller Please take this garbage and shove it up the hole before it catches fire Possibly the worst book ever Joy Fulcher, Best Selling Author Good God Not again Tijan NYT Bestseller who allows payments for friendship Last book came with maxi pads What s next An industrial sized tub of Vagisil Tina Reber, NYT Bestseller I think I d rather read a bowl of alphabet soup Elle Jefferson Queen unicornFool me on [...]

    Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends
    BOOK REVIEW 5 CRAZY FUNNY FARTING STARS This is how I see Duke in my mind caption I was never excited about a sequel than I was with Fire In The Hole But why Why would I want to torture myself she said it herself, not me with another crazy weird book by the amazing Debra Anastasia Because SHE IS THE QUEEN OF COMEDY BOOKS Period I love comedy, in TV shows and movies, and I never expected to read one book that could made me laugh so hard like Fire Down Below and when I knew there was going to be [...]

    I have to say, this book was as ridiculous and far fetched as the first book in this series, but I still found myself LOL on numerous occasions It is in no way a safe read because the heroine does hook up with then just the hero in this read Then hero and heroines friends personalities were off the charts insane but once again I found them pretty entertaining I read this book at a time I was in the mood for something silly but not the least bit serious and this one certainly fit the bill.

    Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    I wasn t expecting this until December I was thrilled it was ready early Further, I was impressed that book 2 was just as funny as book 1 Every now and then you need a book to be so funny you spew wine from your nose Duke is such a sweet cluster fuck it s wonderful How can you resist your stepbrother LOL awesome

    ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    I liked it for all the ridiculous that it was A complete dig on romantic fiction that makes you think adult diapers are a good idea So many LOL moments my children thought I was going cray cray Not as good as the first only because french twat pissed me off but I found a soft spot for Duke and loved the wedding weekend.

    Suzanne the Bookaholic and Proud
    LOVED THIS I don t know where debra anastasia comes up with the witty remarks but I may have to use them through everyday life now, I laughed all the way through this book that I was crying with laughter and don t know how many times I crossed my legs to stop wetting myself it was that good, poor dove I don t know how she gets into these situations I thought I was the only one with that much bad luck, it nice to read about someone who is as bad as me.I m gonna miss this series I was soooooo happ [...]

    Debra Anastasia does not follow the rules I adore that about her How can I get through not just one book filled with disgusting bodily functions humor and awkwardness, but two I admit it s not normally my thing, but this book had me laughing until I had tears in my eyes That s not enough to keep me reading, though Under the potty jokes the story is about people, some of whom are disgusting and awkward But they re people trying to figure out themselves and relationships, both friendly and romanti [...]

    ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰

    OMG no I did not crap my pantsI pee d em wedding receptions to dropping balls to dick n boob moldings wuv wuv wuv this series.

    2.5star I wanted to like it but sadly, I couldn t Detailed review to come ARC was kindly provided by author in an exchange of an honest review.

    Summary Here s what you, the brave reader, need to know Fire Down Below has a sequel I know everyone s super surprised that allowed me to keep the poop your pants book up all this time In Fire in the Hole, Dove s sausage loving neighbor has realized he s wildly in love with her lurchingly awkward butt Johnson is the pharmacist of her dreams until he tells her over Twitter goddamnit that he has plans with an ex girlfriend Duke scrapes Dove off her apartment floor and takes her to his cousin s wed [...]

    Heidi 1820
    I loved Fire Down Below so I couldn t wait for this one but I was worried Was she going to clean it up Had she realized she had taken her writing too far Would she seek redemption for the first one I m so happy to say none of these things happened The saga continues when the underbelly of these characters are exposed and we find that sometimes being a man means not holding anything back, letting go when he should, chivalry comes in all forms and learn the true meaning of love and empathy With al [...]

    Debra, I want my 2.00 Or however much money it is for a box of tissue I have now laughed so hard I cried my way through another box of issue and another one of your disturbingly wonderfully original works You are a sick, sick individual, and the world is a better is place because you are in it.

    Janet Romano
    Debra s done it again Brought back all the ridiculousness of Dove, Duke, Johnson and the gang, and I loved every minute of it If you like to laugh out loud, this is the book for you Duke is my sausage scented hero.

    Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    NEVER wanted to see Duke and Dove together, so there you have it No good Not at all I m stumped as the whole thing is ruined for me _ and God that last chapter shudders

    A huge chunk of the book takes place away from the craziest apartment building ever, so we see less of the Anastasia s and Steve the Cat, who are a riot but they have some moments at the end Shannon and Preston, the half French manager in training are off to conquer Epcot France, his homeland It s completely ludicrous but will have you laughing your ass off Flower is on a mission to make Duke realize they re perfect for each other.Which leads us to our loveable but crazy threesome Dove, Duke, an [...]

    Sue Galuska
    Well if you enjoy raunchy jokes about farting, pooping or body parts, you will enjoy this book This story is a continuation of Fire Down Below Dove Glitch has finally hooked up with Johnson Fitzwell, the pharmacist and Duke is not too happy about it Duke overhears them having sex and is appalled Of course, Dove s happy moment doesn t last long with Beth, Johnson s ex lurking in the background.This story is just too far out there to not be funny I loved the time at the weddingsny laugh out loud m [...]

    S.M. Harshell
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I ve said it before and I ll say it again, I am like a twelve year old boy when it comes to dick humor I find inappropriateness in most normal conversations Fire in the Hole was hilarious If you don t have a sense of humor or are offended easily, please do yourself a favor and don t read this You ll be disgusted and quite offended If you are like me and love a good dick joke or just in need of a good laugh Please pick this o [...]

    Well those quirky characters we died laughing at are back, with a vengeance but this time, things are a bit complicated but still just as funny.Duke realizes that he is head over heels in love with Dove but she can t see past her want for Johnson who has recently broken her heart to attend a wedding with his ex girlfriend.Duke sees this as a perfect opportunity to sweet in and save the day and hopefully capture Dove s heart in the process Ladies, be prepared for a hilarious ride Will you be Tea [...]

    If you re not laughing, I just don t know what to tell you This book is funny Over the top, are you fucking kidding me ridiculous, and laughed out loud so many times I lost count I also screeched, OH MY GOD, several times and I think I may have threatened the main character s life once or twice, but my point isIf you can t stop and laugh, then you re missing out on the whole book The characters are wild and insane Yup Just this much past normal But really, who isn t Who doesn t have that one fri [...]

    Witchy Richey's Booktastic Reviews
    An Unfortunate 5 STARS This is an experiment in flatulance and meat sticks Your face will scrunch up while reading, which will cause wrinkles and you really will never be the same again It is positively horrible with the strangest cast of characters, though if you have read the first book, you are all too familiar with these people I say this is atrocious but it yet I gave it 5 STARS, why you ask Because it is something that every reader should experience at least once I am not sure anyone could [...]

    Maria Leonardis
    Oh my effin heart So funny I don t know how the hell she comes up with the things she writes but I hope she never stops This book is equally as hilarious as the first There is burping, farting and laughter.We know from the last book that duke cares deeply for dove and dove is into Johnson But she s under the impression That Johnson is on a date with his evil ex That s where this book picks up Duke comes clean with dove of his feelings for her and dove has to make a d we vision You will love duke [...]

    MJ Symmonds
    Be still my beating heart Ms Anastasia totally brought the hilarity with book 2 I think it was a tall order because FDB was so freaking hilarious I was truly doubting her mad skills to pull off the second book Oh boy did she ever I laughed just as hard as FDB I will never look at plaster the same again I really loved how the background characters were given their own small stories within the story of Dove, Johnson Duke Loved 10 word Flower with her new cat TBiS and in the end she is a beautiful [...]

    Well what can I say about Fire In The Hole It s not your average run of the mill sequel.The sharts and farts are now joined by texts , sex and even strange behavior.Weddings ,beddings, nightmares, burning mascots, bridezillas, and Duke look alike than you can shake a slim jim at Have plenty of sanitizer on hand , wet ones and possibly some depends or poise too The gross and disgusting become endearing.If you are not faint of heart Warning, always remember to read the package and instructions [...]

    This book is so fucking weird Just wow But it had me laughing so hard, I would have coughing fits This shit Debra comes up with is just out of this world Dove is crazy about Mr Perfect, Johnson But she has the weirdest habits stills And even after Mr Perfect screws her over, she is still head over heels Duke, the king of slim Jim dick, is in love with her The weirdest, grossest if that s even a word , human I ve ever read But, through all that, I feel in love He does the craziest shit to make Do [...]

    So I had to read this straight after book 1 The cliffhanger was a humdinger The second book was actually really emotive which I was expecting even though I am some what traumatised with some of the lines I ve been subjected to, that I can never un read This author always writes good males into her books I absolutely loved Duke and his farts and his penis antics If you want a book that you can never possibly guess the plotline to and you need to laugh out loud This is the one for you

    Almost at a loss for words I didn t think it was possible to out do Fire Down Below, the first book in this series Apparently it is I LOVED this book and love, love, love Duke and Dove I can only hope Debra Anastasia loves these characters as much as me and gives us , , I want to know what these two are up to next If you haven t read this series, you are really missing outn, don t fall, and get this book and Fire Down Below, sit, read, and laugh, laugh, laugh

    Tracie Podger
    Well, what can I say Fire Down Below was a funny book, Fire in the Hole surpassed that Yet again we meet hapless Johnson, ditsy Dove and dishy Duke This book contained the hilarious escapades I expected but with a little undertone of seriousness will they, won t they, type thing The Anastasia s make an appearance with an exclusive excerpt from what I hope might be the next book from Debra kidding and the supporting characters, Flower, Shannon, Preston and Steve the Cat make this a genuinely funn [...]

    I want to personally thank Debra for all the laughs, snorts and funny stares from everyone that witnessed me doing while reading this book at my daughters taekwondo class This book was just as good, maybe even better than the first Dove and Duke and the rest of the neighbors are just as crazy and lovable Mainly crazy I mean wow with Shannon and Flower, even being the nut jobs they are, I loved getting of them Duke, Duke, Duke meat loving guy only made me love him Dove was just as awkward and e [...]

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