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  • Title: Ace
  • Author: JennaElliot
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  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Ace Best Download || [JennaElliot] - Ace, Ace Her name was Emme Girl next door thrill seeker open and eager for everything she could learn from my club Command Performance Everything she could learn from me Sensations she could only imagine in
    Jenna Elliot has been writing since she was a baby gator at the University of Florida What started as sweet romances soon turned into steamy new adult novels When she s not writing or researching Jenna enjoys spending time with her adopted Basset Hound and cat, Sherlock and Watson, cooking new recipes from Pinterest, and binge watching Netflix Her life goals include being a contestant on a game show, writing a book check , and conquering her resting bitch face Jenna is a lover, not a fighter.facebook profilep itter itsjennaelliotpinterest jenna_elliot


    Received an ARC for reviewIt was good but lacked that intense sexual chemistry Don t get me wrong the sex was good, but there was just something missing I think part of my problem was that Emma was too happy at the club You d think part of the drama in her life would leak over into her while she was there I do look forward to Jak s HEA, and maybe will go back and read her BFF s.

    Jeannie Zelos
    The Club Ace, Book 2 of The Club Series, Jenna ElliotGenre New Adult, Romance Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI love the drama that comes with New Adult books,and this had it in spades Emme, she s had a knock back when she caught her ex cheating on her, but picked up threads of her old life, pre the ex, and re joined a sex club She was a level one, now she s applied for level two in Ace s club He oversees her training for the first day, and there s something about her that has him rearrang [...]

    After a painful breakup with her boyfriend Jason, Emme decides she is ready to take on a new, challenging adventure on the second level at the club But fist she must pass a series of tests given by the oh so sexy club owner Ace.Despite the instant chemistry between the two, Ace is a complicated man, shadowed by an secret past He doesn t do relationships and after a painful breakup with Jason, Emme isn t looking for anything than a good time.Its all win win for the first weeks until things get c [...]

    Amanda Long
    Jenna Elliot has a way with words, they pull you right into the story without a chance to look back Ace had me from page 1, emotionally stunted dominant playboy that knows his way around a can of whip cream Throw in Emme, light and happieness, she doesn t let her issues bring her down and truly grasps the meaning of submission This is a couple made for each other, even if there were a few bumps in the road Upside Ace is an upside in every way Masterful sexual scenes, deep emotional levels, and a [...]

    Misty Green burden
    Wow Hot hot hot This was a very steamy story It was a very descriptive and through in every chapter I love a book that keep going chapter through chapter and not wanting to put it down It also had a great story line to go with all that steaminess I believe this is book 2 in the series Book one is out and 3 is not out yet This can be easily read as a stand alone book Although i am interested in going back to read number 1 and cant wait for the third to come out now I would definitely recommend th [...]

    Loved it

    NiceEmme and Ace He was a tawny lion She was joy He needed that joy And remember crap happens Even when you think it is covered Yes I would and will read .

    The Club Ace by Jenna ElliotBook 2 The Club SeriesSource PurchaseMy Rating 3 5 starsMy Review Yet again, I find myself on the fence with this series Round two of Jenna Elliot s The Club series features Ace and Emme, one tragically broken man and a woman who brings light to every single corner of his world When he s at the club, Ace is the life of the party He commands an audience each and every time he walks onto the floor of the club s second level He trains new initiates in the ways and rules [...]

    This is the 2nd book in a series centered around 3 partners of a club The first book about Ethan Mia was about the first level membership of their sex club mild and this story about Ace Emme is the 2nd level membership a bit racier Ace Emme were featured in the first story and I liked that Ethan and Mia continued their relationship in this one In fact, I really liked how Mia appeared quite a bit in support of Emme and likewise Sometimes series from the same world tend to drop the previous chara [...]

    Carmella Siciliano
    I received an ARC for an honest opinion.I started reading this book earlier and didn t put it down until I finishedI guess that means I liked it I loved it Having read Jenna Elliot s The Club Ethan, I was very happy when the opportunity came up to read it.I think this story was even better than the first Ace is a very intense man and he didn t let on about anything personal His parents were killed when he was young so he feels like anyone he loves dies Emme was just the opposite She loved life a [...]

    Angel Hatfield
    I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewAce is a partner in the club Command Performance He likes to break in new members to Level 2 The story starts with him starting Emme s trial into Level 2 Unlike other members, Emme seems to enjoy everything for the enjoyment of it Not to appease a dark side like most of the members, including Ace There s something about her and her enjoyment that sooth s Ace s dark side and makes him want than just a play thing Outside of the club, [...]

    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.Ace and Emme have chemistry boiling off the page While I liked the first book with Ethan and Mia, I didn t really feel a connection to them The relationship with Ace and Emme is dynamic and inspiring both in the bedroom and outside of it Though both of them have their own issues they are both able to be strong on their own and learn from their mistakes The love they have for each other is page melting Mixed in with some of the hottest ero [...]

    I liked this book a lot then the first I loved Ace and Emme They fit together just right Emme is a carefree happy person looking to enjoy what goes on at the club Ace caught her eye in the first book and she finally get a chance with him Ace is extremely closed off He lets himself start to fall for Emme with out realizing he is Just after the half way part something happens and Ace turns into a real jerk I wanted to slap him I was happy when Jax and Ethan slapped some sense into him He turned o [...]

    bookaholic ge
    I have received this book as an ARC from Net Galley for my honest review and honestly if you liked the first book in this series you are going to love this one Jenna Elliot held nothing back in this book it is a very well written romance story packed with sexual tension, sexual frustration and sexual exploration Ace brings Emme on an emotional sexually exciting roller coaster ride that any woman would love to jump on Emme is 100% herself and Ace loves every second of it.This is the 2nd book that [...]

    I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review Ya know These books are good But they are just missing something, I think It might be the characters and the way they act around each other At least with Mia and Ethan there was tension and chemistry flying around when Mia was challenging Ethan But with these characters, Ace and Emme, it s almost like they are disconnected from one another and they are just thinking about each other when the mood strikes They are so differ [...]

    Her name was Emme Girl next door, thrill seeker, open and eager for everything she could learn from my club, Command Performance Everything she could learn from me Sensations she could only imagine in her wildest fantasies Acts of submission that would change her forever But she s playing me A level one candidate is playing me A neophyte I might laugh except I m intrigued It s been so long since anyone s caught my attention Emme submits Obeys Yet challenges me at the same time Her brightness cal [...]

    Heather andrews
    Ace, he s complicated and it s sometimes not in a good way, other times he s charming and gives mixed signals, you just respond to me with total abandon Another chuckle I m good at what I do But your trust, your passion, is amazing Sometimes he gets so worked up and it s not the most convenient places, the only thing I m hiding is my hungry d , he growls Remember when I said he can be complicated in bad ways what I meant to say was he could be a total a , you forgot something He growls, shoving [...]

    I have to say I think Ethan and Mia a bit The sex scenes were great, but the relationship between the two sort of felt like it lacked chemistry a bit or something important from the story We got to see Ethan s transition to falling for Mia, but with Ace and Emme sorta lacks a bit It is there I promise you can see Ace become possessive and want her than he should but there is not really much else Emme is a great character No matter what she is going through, she still struggles to do it on her [...]

    Bibliophile Wonderland Reviews
    ARC was provided by NetGalley exchange for an honest reviewAhh well I think I would have to agree with the other reviewers on The first book was , if you catch my drift This missed the mark by a smidge.The characters were good and I enjoyed reading it, but they still lacked the intense chemistry Of course they had tons of sexual chemistry The sexy scenes were sexy The relationship between them isn t like the emotional kind when we see that they fall head over heels of one another Both were indec [...]

    Jenn Cunha
    Received an ARC from NetGalley.I really enjoyed this one I was worried that not having read Mia and Ethan s story would get in the way, but I worried for nothing Ace and Emme were completely perfect and perfect for each other Their chemistry was off the charts and they were so adorable I loved how much Mia looked after Emme and how the guys were able to get through Ace s darkness I was a little confused about Audrey s role in this storyrhaps she is going to be the one for Jax I will say that if [...]

    Wow, one sexy read I loved the chemistry between Ace and Emme very hot The story drew me in immediately and I couldn t put it down Ace is one sexy Alpha Great read and looking forward to from this excellent series.

    The Club Ace was a scorching read There were some really hot sex scenes in this book that definitely added to the romantic story line I have never read this author before, but I will be picking up her books from now on.I received an ARC of this book from the publisher.

    Pam H
    Just wanted a little bit I enjoyed Ace and Emme s story but it left me wanting just a bit An epilogue perhaps to give us a glimpse of their life after the wedding.

    A hot scorching read I loved this book it was hot, sexy and sizzling.

    A great addition to the series There was a few twists I didn t see coming Another fun read.

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