Unlimited The Horse is Never Wrong - by Mary Pagones

  • Title: The Horse is Never Wrong
  • Author: Mary Pagones
  • ISBN: 9781941165584
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback

  • Unlimited The Horse is Never Wrong - by Mary Pagones - The Horse is Never Wrong, The Horse is Never Wrong Autism may have trouble speaking but Asperger s won t shut up Things aren t going well for fifteen year old Heather during her sopho year of high school Not only is she friendless she has been recen
    Mary Pagones
    Mary Pagones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Horse is Never Wrong book, this is one of the most wanted Mary Pagones author readers around the world.


    Mary Pagones
    Full disclosure I am the author of this book and I m excited to share it with this community of fellow book lovers The book is told from the perspective of a fifteen year old girl recently diagnosed with ASD autism spectrum disorder who is prescribed riding therapy as treatment However, she comes to realize a much deeper love of horses that heals her in a way that no therapist could ever predict

    Pagones starts her two book so far equestrian series with The Horse is Never Wrong, a totally non conformist Young Adult horse story When I think about this book and how far we ve come from The Saddle Club and Thoroughbred, I am just amazed and grateful for the gifts of independent publishing Narrator Heather isn t impressed with her Asberger s diagnosis a crutch her teachers seem to love pinning her social anxieties and occasional academic blunders upon, but which might not actually exist, sinc [...]

    I cannot praise this book highly enough I have a personal relationship with many people who are on the autism spectrum.This book is amazingly well written I knew i was going to enjoy this book when in the first chapter it dissed autism speaks Which is an awful awful charity Like as soon as that happened i was like heck yes Im all about this inspiring informational book Heather is so understandable In your average book about autism they make it so clear that the person is different That is often [...]

    This is a solid young adult novel about fifteen year old Heather, who s been diagnosed as being on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum As the story opens, Heather is a little quirky and mostly asocial, but once she starts taking riding lessons, she begins to change in subtle ways, gaining confidence and self acceptance and expanding her circle of friends, yet still remaining a unique charming girl There s a lot of technical information here about riding, which horsey people will enjo [...]

    Christine Meunier
    I was able to gain an electronic copy of this novel for review and in reading it, was able to learn a little bit about a world completely different to mine Teenager Heather has been identified as having a mild case of autism and on account of this, finds that every aspect of her personality that is considered unattractive, can be blamed on her disorder Read the rest at equus blog the horse is ne

    I loved this book It is about every kid who feels that he or she doesn t fit in during high school Everyone of us has our challenges, diagnoses, labels that we are dealing with I love how this explores one girl s struggle wit it in school and how, through a stable, horseback riding and new friends, she stretches herself and learns to enjoy who she is.

    I won a free copy from the First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting I would recommend it to everyone.

    AHHH Started out somewhat interesting, but then just NO I m surprised I even finished that.just not for me at all Bored me to death.

    Maggie W
    This started out okay It s kind of like Out of My Mind or Wonder, but not nearly as good or powerful Which pains me to say because this one has horses Oh well The writing style wasdifferent The chapters were, for the most part, extremely short They also seemed to follow no logical pattern of separation They were like diary entries without the dates to help the reader have any sense of time There was also no real semblance of plot At the end, my thought process went something along the lines of, [...]

    At first I was really excited about this book As a former teacher and a mother, I want to learn as much as I can about the struggles people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders face The beginning chapters of this story, at least, offer good insight into the mind of a high functioning autistic teenager I appreciated the insight shared and the view that the school system is far too quick to diagnose and prescribe therapy.That said, I felt that the book quickly degenerated into young adult lit, [...]

    I am pretty excited about reading this book I have been around horses my whole life and now have two They are my life I can t imagine my life without them I am excited to see how riding horses can impact her life like I know it has impacted mine I am able to see this in my world I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center where people like Heather ride horses to impact to help them I am thrilled to see these parts of my life addressed in book form I cannot wait to see how Mary Pagones handles it. [...]

    I received this book through the First Reads program I really enjoyed the first half of this book I think it offered good insight into the mind of someone on the autism spectrum I didn t like the second half of the book as much, and felt the ending kind of came out of nowhere It didn t really feel like an ending to me Overall, it was a quick, enjoyable read

    Becky Prunty
    This book series gets even better as the character develops into an adult and has some life experience Loved it

    • Unlimited The Horse is Never Wrong - by Mary Pagones
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