The Color of Happiness Best Read || [K.P Gazelle]

  • Title: The Color of Happiness
  • Author: K.P Gazelle
  • ISBN: 9780990979104
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Color of Happiness Best Read || [K.P Gazelle] - The Color of Happiness, The Color of Happiness Faith Lane is the girl who has everything At least that s what everyone thinks when they see her rocking a killer dress while laughing with her best friend Tiffany But Faith s life is far from flawl
    K.P Gazelle
    K.P Gazelle is a true bookworm at heart she can spend hours with a good book and a hot cup of coffee When she s not reading or writing you can find her playing with her many nephews and nieces, photographing landscapes, or eating a delicious meal.


    Danielle Urban
    The Color of Happiness by K.P Gazelle is flawlessly beautiful A romance that will move readers as they delve further into the addictive and luring plot K.P Gazelle s talent in bringing to life a raw and emotional story of a young girl who wants nothing than to live a normal teenage life but has parents who don t comprehend and others who traumatize her for thinking she has the best of everything There s Faith s best friend whom helps her through everything and then there s Alex Another importan [...]

    Received an egalley in exchange for a honest review Everyone thinks that Faith s life is perfect, because she dresses well and has the best friend any girl could ask for What people don t know is that she s constantly badgered by her peers for her conservative upbringing and that her parents just don t get her desire to want to live a normal teen life I found Faith s character really relatable I ve dealt with ridiculous remarks from classmates and it sucks I totally get what Faith s going throug [...]

    I received a free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Faith is you typical teen girl with big dreams She s being bullied at school but remains true to her passion of dancing This is a beautiful stress free love story that i would recommend to everyone looking for a light romance read First off, i loved the evolution of Faith from the beginning to the end You really see her character grow from a girl with self esteem problems to someone who starts to fight for her dreams I don t [...]

    The Color of Happiness is an inspirational novel Although some may find the messages to be cheesy, I found them to being refreshing It was fantastic to read something with a positive message in a young adult novel I also loved the cute scenes between Faith and Alex they were sweet and made me fall in love with Alex Also, there definitely are some outfits in the book that I want to try out for myself Some people find the descriptions to be too much, but for me it allowed me to connect with Faith [...]

    Caroline Barker
    Adolescence hits us all, along with the many lessons we have to learn about ourselves and others We all want to be accepted, we all want to feel great and we all want to experience love The Color of Happiness explores all of these subject matters and I loved every second It really put me in the mind frame of movies such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and St Elmo s Fire to name but a few Faith Lane experiences teasing and torment from her peers as she has her own individua [...]

    Caroline Barker
    Adolescence hits us all, along with the many lessons we have to learn about ourselves and others We all want to be accepted, we all want to feel great and we all want to experience love The Color of Happiness explores all of these subject matters and I loved every second It really put me in the mind frame of movies such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and St Elmo s Fire to name but a few Faith Lane experiences teasing and torment from her peers as she has her own individua [...]

    Michelle Woods
    All I can say about this book is WOW.I began this book unsure what to think about it from the synapses Yet, after the first ten pages I was hooked I am not one to like or even think it s at all okay to commit suicide and this girl contemplated it not once but twice in this book And yet I would recommend this book to anyone because it was amazingThis book begins with our slightly misfit character Faith who is bullied at school and at home to an extent by her parents who think she s never quite go [...]

    Sometimes all it takes is one person that believes in us, that encourages us to pursue that thing we love and then life can be everything we dreamt of In The Color of Happiness Faith lives by her principles, tries to excel at her honor classes and dreams about dancing And one day, when nothing special was happening, she meets Alex The Color of Happiness is not the classical story of young adult anguish and love as the answer to teenager problems It s a beautiful story that reminds us the sweetne [...]

    Firstly I would like to thank the lovely K.P Gazelle and her P.A for kindly asking me if I wanted to read and review The Color Of Happiness I believe that there is always light at the end of a dark road and in this book we see a slither of this, don t let the title fool you lures you into a false sense of happiness only to be ripped apart in the most heroic way.Faith Lane experiences teasing and torment from her peers as she has her own individual style in the clothes she wears, If it wasn t for [...]

    Thank you Radiant for an ARC in exchange for a honest review Faith is a misfit character She loves fashion, which is evident with the emphasis that is placed on her outfits descriptions I love her outfits, btw But her sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers Her not only make insensitive remarks, but on occasion physically grab her clothes It was saddening to read about those incidents since I, myself, have undergone something similar Bullying is a major problem in society and this b [...]

    Karen I.
    A simple and refreshing story about grounded friendships, sweet romance, and overcoming our adversaries Faith is a strong female protagonist, which I totally loved and connected well with Alex is a hard not to fall for love interest who I definitely fell for I honestly loved him so much in the book And Tiffany is the best friend you wish you could always have in life I found myself connecting with all the characters, even the minors ones, which doesn t usually happen The dance elements were fun [...]

    I really enjoyed the paintballing scene in the book As someone who regularly goes, it was fun to read about I was thoroughly annoyed with Faith s parents Do some parents actually behave that way I felt so bad for the character and the pressure she felt because of them At the same time, my parents are a little crazy too lol hers were just even crazier Overall, I enjoyed this book Check it out I was given this book as an ARC in exchange for a honest review.

    To be honest, when I was first approached with this book I had my reservations It didn t really sound like something I d be truly interested But then I read the book And boy, was I wrong I love the character of Faith her transformation is incredible I love how she s real and human, instead of the being the perfect protagonist I ve always loved books with strong female leads, and this book definitely has one LOVED it

    Aiden Sparks
    Got an egalley in exchange for a honest review Was pleasantly surprised to say the least It may not be for everyone, but I urge everyone to at least give it a try I thoroughly enjoyed the story and felt connected with all the characters A must read

    The Color of Happiness is everything you can want in a book it made me laugh, mad, and cry It s a story sure to stay with readers much after the last page A must read

    I absolutely LOVED this book Faith was such a unique character and really stood out to me I found myself still thinking about her and her story long after I was done reading the book which I read in one sitting because I simply could not put it down This is a great debut novel for the author I m looking forward to future books by K.P Gazelle Seriously people give the book a try Thanks to the publisher for a free ARC in exchange for a honest review

    Great storyline with great characters that stay with you long after you re done reading the book There were times where I hated Faith s parents for making her life so difficult and then times where I just wanted to reach inside the book and hug them Go read this book a wonderful debut novel Received an ARC for an honest review

    Cali Love
    Great book with a great message Not going to write too many details since the book hasn t been released yet, but I m glad I was given a galley to review in advance Can t recommend this book enough to anyone looking for a worthy read.

    This was one of those books where I was easily able to predict the endingI still criedbut I wasn t sold on the execution of the story or the reactions of the main character It left me a little offendedfull review to come FULL REVIEW First, I want to thank Radiant Books for this title in exchange for my honest feedback I can say, it wasn t fully what I had hoped s how it starts Mama had all sorts of rules no school dances, no boyfriends, no getting a driver s license until after graduation, and o [...]

    Azee UnderCover Critique
    The Good I have always been interested in ballet It has always been somewhat magical to me The dancers looks so elegant and pretty while dominating the stage with their graceful dance Thus, I had high expectations for the ballet and dances aspects in this book I was not disappointed about how the author had managed to execute the ballet elements in the story It was beautiful to read and it s all what I was expecting Also, the relationship between Alex and Faith was sweet but not over the top so [...]

    I received an ARC copy of The Color of Happiness from Radiant Books in exchange for an honest review, so that s exactly what I m going to give an honest review I have nothing against the author, Radiant, or even the author s writing style It was an okay book It was well written and semi easy to follow issue I didn t know what I was following, honestly.This book reminded me a lot of the Alice on her Way series They were decent books The issue was that they never followed what the summary said the [...]

    Odelia Taban
    2 30 this book was given to me by the publisher Radiant Books in exchange for a honest review i ve seen no, read these these kind of books had practically the same flow of events guy meets girl of course they fall in love what did you expect something big happens duh and then something bad happens omg 111 and it makes you surprised yea good luck why surprised because it happened SO MANY TIMES now that it s not surprising any it s not necessarily bad but lacks certain aspects including drum role, [...]

    Sandra Lopez
    Faith just can t seem to do anything right While I enjoyed hanging out with friends on weekends, my parents wanted to hear nothing of it While I liked wearing long skirts and full sleeve tops, sometimes even on the hottest of days, people outside my family constantly badgered me about why I didn t wear short shorts or skimpy tank tops like other girls my age did It seemed that no matter what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, something else was always expected from me and of me All I wanted w [...]

    Originally posted at Eternity Through Pages Thank you so much to the author and publisher for sending me a copy of this book Ehhhh Not my cup of tea I just didn t click with this book, and towards the end, I found myself skimming It was really boring, and I think it mostly had to do with the writing It was polished, but perhaps too polished The writing was very matter of fact and wasn t very expressive it was pretty straightforward I also felt like I was being overloaded with details and usually [...]

    Once Upon a Twilight
    2.5 stars After reading this one, I felt a little underwhelmed I had high hopes going into it, but I felt that it dragged on and on The characters were a little flat to me as well and I just couldn t really identify with the character Faith This of course, is just my opinion There are several good reviews on , but I just couldn t see what they saw in the book I skipped through quite a few of the book because I was hoping that it would pick up, but unfortunately it didn t The plot was very predic [...]

    I was sent this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I think that this book would suit a young teenager due to it being quite cheesy and fun, with good messages about staying true to yourself.Unfortunately, I couldn t finish this book because I was not enjoying it I got just over half way.I couldn t stop cringing at the dialogue because it was either too immature or too wordy and complex compared to how people actually speak, especially for the age that the characters are Als [...]

    This is truly a heartwarming story about the life changing affects of our first true love Although I figured out a large portion of the story, I still felt compelled to continue reading to see how the characters evolved It was nice to see the simplicity of young love, devoted friendship, and how even the most cruel people could have a change of heart It s a tear jerker, so grab your tissues and enjoy Received a review copy in exchange for an honest review

    Kim Lo
    Received in exchange for an honest review The Color of Happiness was an average reading experience While I enjoyed the scenes with the boy Alex and Faith bringing back some 80s high school movies and that epic sappy and sweet feeling, my lack for connecting to the main character and some of the overly detailed scenes dragged the story along frequently to make me realize it Full review klling.wordpress 2015 03

    All I can say is WOW Not at all like what I was expecting They say a good book allows you to live many lives, and that s what this book did to me So, so, so many emotions all in one read I love the protagonist of this book, what sets her apart from the rest, and I especially admire her strength The book was well written, and tapped into all the right emotions Definitely a keeper

    Aubrey Joy
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