[PDF] Life is Awesome | by ¿ Jordan Castillo Price

  • Title: Life is Awesome
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781935540724
  • Page: 129
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Life is Awesome | by ¿ Jordan Castillo Price - Life is Awesome, Life is Awesome Daniel Schroeder wants nothing than to repair his father s broken memories but it s been a long time since he s thought of himself as a memorysmith Even though convincing Big Dan of their current rea
    Jordan Castillo Price
    Author and artist Jordan Castillo Price is the owner of JCP Books LLC Her paranormal thrillers are colored by her time in the midwest, from inner city Chicago, to small town Wisconsin, to liberal Madison.Jordan is best known as the author of the PsyCop series, an unfolding tale of paranormal mystery and suspense starring Victor Bayne, a gay medium who s plagued by ghostly visitations Also check out her new series, Mnevermind, where memories are made client at a time.With her education in fine arts and practical experience as a graphic designer, Jordan set out to create high quality ebooks with lavish cover art, quality editing and gripping content The result is JCP Books, offering stories you ll want to read again and again.


    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    A nice ending to a beautifully written trilogy by the always consistent, Jordan Castillo Price This book felt so real If you are going into the final chapter of the Mnevermind books expecting everything to magically work itself out with minimal effort, you are barking up the wrong tree What impressed me most about the first two books in the Mnevermind trilogy is how natural and real everything felt The characters felt real, the relationship issues felt real, and the frustrations felt real That c [...]

    Review written January 12, 20163 1 2 Stars A sweet last part to a good and interesting seriesBook 3Life is Awesome is the last book with the lovebirds Daniel Schroeder and Elijah Crow The first 1 The Persistence of Memory 3.8 stars was intriguing and interesting and WOW happydancing good I loved the fantastic second book, 2 Forget Me Not 4.8 stars my first 5 star this new year I crosses my fingers these two should find a nice way together and also finally solve some odd problems with Big Dan and [...]

    Kaje Harper
    The word for this book, oddly enough for a story that is SciFi Alternate Universe, is realism.If you want every bad guy to be punished, every good guy to win, and every hurt to be healed, this is not the book for you If you want perfect sex with bodies and minds becoming one in effortless synchrony, this is not the book for you But if you want real people, fallible, quirky, confused, and doing their best, in an imagined setting that feels detail by detail real, then this is a great trilogy.As th [...]

    Not my favorite of the series, maybe I was expecting something different than the ending.I was totally behind how Elijah and Daniel progressed in their relationship in its awkward pauses and jumps ahead I enjoyed how Big Dan resolved his issue and how Daniel came to see a different perspective of the whole situation The shift in Daniel s professional trajectory was a bit of a jolt, but I m a huge proponent of following your trail and not necessarily the easy to see one right in front of you so t [...]

    Re read May 2017Still awesome This 3rd installment is once again from Daniel s POV I love Daniel Almost as much as I love Elijah.In this book Daniel, Elijah and Big Dan try to figure out how to help Big Dan with his persistent mnem There is some Daniel and Elijah time so sweet And something happens with Daniel s business Adventuretech What I like about JCP writing in this series is that it takes time for things to develop I really like it when I can just sit back and relax with my book without i [...]

    Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews
    1st things 1st Thank you so so so much Jordan for a copy of the ARC I thought I was gonna die waiting till the 25th I appreciate that than you can possibly know Here s the thing This series is beyond the scope of anything that you will have read, I think For me anything JCP touches turns to gold She brings us into these worlds and makes us say hmm and ahhh and what and ok and OMG and shit that was freaking hot JCP brings her stories to life She s refreshing, invigorating and her out of the box [...]

    JCP chose to write this trilogy from two point of views, that of Daniel and that of Elijah by doing so we get to see both their mind frames and so also the lot that is lost in translation when they try to communicate This loss is a cause of frustration for both and a hurdle they need to overcome if they are to continue I think JCP chose the right way to show this frustration and then how it is handled, basically a breath at a time, a day at a time and yeah not everything is neatly tied with a bo [...]

    A great ending to this series No big, over the top HEA, but a very believable conclusion to Daniel and Elijah s story I loved the last chapter and the message behind Simply Happy Perfection

    I admit I had mixed feelings when I finished the book But then I re read the final chapters the next day, and I felt that was the best way the story could have ended.Even though I knew that would be unrealistic, part of me wanted everything to work out perfectly for Daniel, Elijah, and Big Dan Because in the first half of the book Daniel had big dreams for the future, and JCP tricked me to believe that would be possible So when this didn t happen, initially I kind of felt that Daniel gave up But [...]

    A nice end to the Mnevermind series.Usually I like my romances to have fairy tale endings, but I thought that Jordan Castillo Price s decision to go with a realistic story worked very well here.The learning curve for Daniel and Elijah is a steep one Elijah s autism does present some challenges for the two, but both of them are obviously trying When your romantic partner has autism, it can be expected that there will be certain emotional and physical hurdles However, I think readers will be very [...]

    4.5 stars for the book5 stars for the series as a whole Phenomenally satisfying things, but simple, even to the point of being mundane Those are the experiences that make up the bedrock of a happy life Not the roller coasters, but the long, easy stretches of road This is the third book is this trilogy and for it we switch back to Daniel s pov He continues to struggle with business issues and his guilt from his father s accident Through it all he and Elijah keep building the layers of their relat [...]

    I pretty much sat down and read the three Mnevermind books back to back, I enjoyed them so much I couldn t stop reading when one book was finished Because I read them all straight off, I m reviewing them together I really think anyone interested in these should get all three from the start These books sum up pretty much everything I love about reading They are unique, have great characterisation and a fantastic edge of reality considering the subject matter is not a real thing yet.The latest cra [...]

    This was disappointing after reading book 2 I thought the first half was a little too similar to book one By now, we get that Daniel feels guilty over what happened to his father It took too long to get to the resolution view spoiler I also do not believe that Daniel wouldn t have figured out that the machine was the cause of his father s persistent memory He s too good to have that slip by him, no matter how angry he was at himself He may not have figured out why it happened, but he would have [...]

    3.5 stars

    This will not be an actual review, I will just put together a few thoughts on the series What happens every time I read a JCP book is after I finish it, it s like I ve spent time with her characters in real life and they are actual people If a book makes you go and read two books and articles on the topics discussed in it, that undoubtedly proves how great it is Mnevermind is perfectly well thought and built Great characters I loved Elijah, and at the same time I felt very emotionally involved [...]

    Lilia Ford
    I really liked this series for its fantastic premise, superb writing, and a whole crew of strong, complex characters Like other reviewers I was disappointed that there was no wrap up to Elijah s big concerns, especially since view spoiler the corporate espionage plotline wasn t nearly as satisfying or as original as Elijah s issues with his co workers, doctor or ex wife hide spoiler Still, the ending of the book was just lovely This is definitely one of those multilayered stories where different [...]

    John The Cosmic Wanderer
    Excellent writing and probably one of the most original series Ive ever read

    3.75 starsI love JCP, and I love this series, but this one fell a little flat to me compared to the first two Book 1 was phenomenal and a new and exciting idea, I loved the interesting MC s and how they interacted Book 2 was beautiful, giving us an insight to Elijah we never would have had if all three books had been from Daniel s POV Book 2 also brought up a lot of new issues Elijah was having difficulties with a co worker at Memory Forge, developed a trust issue with his long time psychologist [...]

    I love this series I love this book I wish Elijah viewpoint was in this book A chapter or two or an epilogue.

    BR, April 11th with Susan and Momo.

    Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    This book made me so angry I wanted to punch a certain someone in the face and now I want no NEED a Mnevermind Leverage crossover to make things right Let s go steal us a mnem Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I loved this It s not quite as good as Forget Me Not, but what can really compare to Elijah s POV I liked the way the story progressed here Some things were left understandably unresolved, because not everything in life does get resolved I was bummed though that view spoiler Daniel n [...]

    I practically inhaled this series reading the 3 books back to back nonstop I can t help but give them each a five star rating because it s not easy to hold my interest for 3 books in a row with a continuing story like this one But it was really unique It doesn t fit easily into a specific genre.There is the mm romance aspect but it s only part of a larger sci fi element which is subservient to the true analysis of several characters who we get to know intimately This is a gifted author and I don [...]

    Fenriz Angelo
    I don t have much words to say aside the fact that i loved this series This last installment is a very satisfiying end of the story and i loved how JCP managed to give us a very realistic ending I guess this story in other hands would have ended way differently, solving all the problems with a clich But we know JCP doesn t do clich s and I m glad because it made the story have a depth worthy of the interesting concept of Mnem in this alternative universe.

    Ms Price is a master at smithing a realistic mnem I was in this world with Daniel, Elijah, Big Dan and the rest Totally immersed It felt real and so comfortable, and I don t want to come out of it This is the kind of finale that s totally satisfying and right, but leaves you wanting because you don t want to be done with these people.

    rysmithing is a pretty direct parallel for authorship If that s so, I sincerely hope you ve all enjoyed my Mnevermind mnem I certainly did and wished I could check my palm for an X A great trilogy and so well thought out and written Sorry it had to end.

    totally awesome series Highly recommended

    The perfect ending of the trilogy Loved everything about it, and so so happy with how it ended It was everything a fan of the series could hope for

    4.5 stars What a wonderfully unique and romantic read this series was Will be writing a review of the whole series soon Well, soon turned out to be 4 month later, but here it is Contains spoilers for books 1 and 2I have so many thoughts about these books and will at least try to express some of them in a coherent manner Simply put this MM dystopian speculative romantic fiction, and I m not using these terms as strictly defined categories but rather as a reflection of what the story felt like to [...]

    I guess realistic is the best word to describe the last book in this series view spoiler All the build ups from the two earlier books were solved in what probably is the most realistic manner A bit boring I think, since for me, it makes the earlier build up a bit redundant Why have these focus points in the story, when it all will be like real life anyway Daniel s company actually getting successful and growing was one of the things I hoped for Big Dan s faulty memory getting fixed was another A [...]

    This trilogy is SUCH a great read totally different and with main characters who are so fascinating and have such tricky challenges to face in order to find some place for love happiness This ending novel in the Mnevermind trilogy was a very satisfying coda without giving anything away, and really, to outline much of the plot would be to give it away I will say that some things are resolved that allow Daniel to find some happiness in life Jonah remains Jonah and I love his character and loved se [...]

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