☆ Hold Me Close ☆ Shannyn Schroeder

  • Title: Hold Me Close
  • Author: Shannyn Schroeder
  • ISBN: 9781601833310
  • Page: 301
  • Format: ebook

  • ☆ Hold Me Close ☆ Shannyn Schroeder - Hold Me Close, Hold Me Close Leave it to the O Learys to make romance a family affair Maggie O Leary is finally coming home to Chicago After than a year in Ireland she s ready to make a plan for her future But first she ll have
    Shannyn Schroeder
    Shannyn Schroeder Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hold Me Close book, this is one of the most wanted Shannyn Schroeder author readers around the world.


    Maggie O Leary returns home from Ireland after having been gone for 18 months It was her attempt at slaying her demons following her rape five years ago It happened in an apartment above the family s pub and she hasn t set foot in there since Now she wants to not only work there but also move into one of the apartments Her best friend, Shane Callahan, who s also secretly in love with her, vows to do whatever it takes to protect her And, she s looking to him to conquer her sexual barriers but sti [...]

    I am such a sucker for when two best friends end up getting together Maggie is back from living in Europe for a year to reclaim her life back About 5 years ago she was raped by an ex boyfriend and now she is ready to conquer her fears by working in the family bar, living above it where it happened and getting her sex life back on track I really liked that Maggie was determined even though she had some set backs but overall she was strong enough to keep fighting for what she wanted Shane has been [...]

    A Klue
    The publisher provided me an ARC e book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Hold Me Close is Book 6 of the O Leary s series by Shannyn Schroeder Since I thoroughly enjoyed this well written but predictable stand alone, you can bet I will be checking out the others, as well Yes, it had some steamy parts, but I consider it revolving around the emotional relationship between the feisty yet broken heroine, Maggie, and her handsome, knight in shining armor hero, Shane The writing seemed t [...]

    copy received through NetgalleyBook 6 However, this is my first book in the series I love friends to lovers romances I really couldn t get into the story because of the Maggie I understand that she went through a very traumatic event I her life I felt sorry for her experience but I couldn t really get in to her character Maggie has not been intimate since she d been raped and she propositions her best friend, Shane Shane has been secretly in love with Maggie for years He was protective and patie [...]

    Loved this book I have read all the books in this series their are so good I can t wait for SHannyn Schroeder next book This book is the 6th book in The O learys series This book is about Maggie O leary Shane Callahan Shane is Maggie best friend in the world Maggie is just returning home after leave a year Away Shane has always had feeling for Maggie I loved the best friends for lovers story s If you have not read this series you need to there are so good

    After a terribly traumatic experience followed by years away from home, Maggie s returned to the States to get her life back And who better to help her figure it all out than her best friend Shane Except Shane s been in love with her forever, and Maggie s about to ask him for a favor that will change things between them forever.The Verdict I didn t really even look to see what this story was about before grabbing it I just knew that I d read everything else so far in the series, and I didn t wan [...]

    Char (1RadReader59)
    Best friends since high school no one truly thought it would last guys and girls can t just be friends Yet, Maggie O Leary, 26, went to tutor Shane Callahan the big football star when they were 16 They hit it off but everyone including themselves thought their closeness would end once he passed the class But they just fit Not to mention Shane had a terrible crush on her Ten years has passed and Maggie is returning from Ireland where she has lived for the past year and a half She had been staying [...]

    Mignon Mykel
    Received a copy of title in exchange for an honest review original tour post with excerpt can be found at mnonmklreviews 20This was my first O Leary title, and I have to say, I will be going back to read about the rest of this awesome clan However, I was disappointed in the cover which means I ll likely be disappointed in Quinn and Moira s covers too This series is about the O Leary family Shouldn t that put Maggie on the cover a female cover model So yeah, that s my biggest problem with the boo [...]

    Shirley Frances
    3.75 starsMaggie returns to the US after spending some time in Ireland Although she has made great strides in moving forward after the event that changed her life, she still has ways to go So, determined to move on and get it over with, she comes up with a plan for her new life But as stubborn as she is, she refuses to see that she has people who are willing to help her through it Shane being of them.Shane has been in love with Maggie for a while now, but there has always been something preventi [...]

    Barb Lie
    Hold Me Close by Shannyn Schroeder is the 6th and final book in her wonderful O Learys series Maggie O Leary is our heroine, and she has just returned from a year in Europe 5 years ago she was raped by her ex boyfriend and has been trying to overcome her fears and the memories Maggie calls on her best friend, Shane to pick her up at the airport, and not tell her family, so that she had time to settle before they came as a group to see her She loves Shane as a friend, someone she has always been [...]

    Catherine (The Sassy Bookster)
    Maggie O Leary is back home to reclaim her life after a tragedy from five years ago forced her to leave Chicago Maggie is the youngest child and she expects her family to treat her with kid gloves, but thankfully her best pal, Shane would be around to run interference for her.Shane Callahan still carries a load of guilt over his inability to protect Maggie back then and is concerned about her plans but he is determined to keep her safe this time, even if it means moving next door to her and work [...]

    Friendship would always be one of the strongest foundations of relationship This is why this plot is one of my favorites.Confronting her past.Maggie was ready to face her past head on Finally, after than a year, she went back home to Chicago and was ready to put her future together without the past hovering over her back She asked for a job in the family bar which didn t really go well with her family This is the bar where the incident happened, and her family wasn t sure that being there would [...]

    Anita Byars
    I loved this emotional and beautifully sweet romance story I was deeply moved with this well written and captivating story I fell in love with Shane, he is just such a sweet, strong as well as sexy guy who is so in love that everything he did was in the best interest for his best friend Maggie O Leary I didn t want to finish this story because I didn t want this tender, and beautifully sweet story to end This was the first story that I have read of Shannyn Schroeder but it definitely won t be my [...]

    Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by KimHold Me Close is a standalone read and definitely not what I was expecting Maggie has either appeared in or been mentioned in all the books in The O Learys Series Her actions in the previous book, Just a Taste, put her on my I don t like list With that said, seeing how protective Shane was in that book, there was no way I was not going to read Hold Me Close.Shane Callahan and Maggie O Leary have been best friends since they were sixteen, so maybe [...]

    Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Maggie decided to come back to her hometown Chicago after a year in Ireland She came back to face her fears, her past, her nightmares She wanted to move on and live a normal life She planned to take her job back, as well as her place in their home She was raped a few years ago and now her rapist had been released in jail Of course, her family didn t approve of her plans and even her best friend Shane wasn t comfortable of her decisions But being the best kinf of friend that he was, he thought he [...]

    Roberta Capizzi
    This is my first book in the series and I didn t have problems following the storyline or understanding who was who I love friends to lovers stories and this also included a little reference to Ireland and Irish people, two things I am very fond of I really wanted to love this book but two things annoyed me The first one Maggie I couldn t connect with her My heart broke for her at the beginning and I was rooting for her happy ending However, at some point in the story she became really annoying, [...]

    Books and Spoons
    I love the best friends for lovers stories, and I have been looking forward to this story.The big Irish, meddling family, full of love, laughter, bickering, and alpha males, what s there not to love And ever since I read about Maggie and Shane s friendship in the past books, I have wanted them to find the forever after with each other But that road seems to be full of obstacles There s a lot of growth, adjustment, acceptance, turning, and cooperation that has to happen, before it will be possibl [...]

    Friends to story Yes, please Let me preface this by saying I haven t read any of the other O Leary books But, I think I can safely say that, while it would have probably enhanced my enjoyment of this book, I had no problem understanding everything that was going on and still liked the story There was enough backstory woven into this installment that I had a good grasp on the roles everyone played.Shane was my favorite he s the kind of best friend everyone would want, and for Maggie he is one hu [...]

    Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    4.5 Stars I have been a new author book Well this author is definitely not new but she is new to me While this is the last book in the O Leary s series, it can be read as a complete standalone Obviously I had not read the previous books but you can bet your sweet rear end that I will be going back to read all of the books This book drew me in from page one and I didn t stop until the end.This book was amazing It was sweet, sexy, fun, light heated and slightly angsty just enough to keep you enthr [...]

    Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    4.5 starThe story has laughs, betrayal, friends to lovers, and heartbreak I would recommend reading the below before reading this storyMore Than This The O Leary s, 1 A Good Time The O Leary s, 2 Something to Prove The O Leary s, 3 Catch Your Breath The O Leary s 4 Just A Taste The O Learys 5 This is Maggie and Shane s story After a horrible tragedy Maggie hid away and then moved across the country Now she is back Shane is Maggie s best friend He loves her and is in love with her But is she in l [...]

    Hold Me Close by Shannyn Schroeder Maggie and Shane s story Maggie has returned home after living away for a while Shane, her best friend who is in love with her, does all he can to help her Maggie suffered a tragedy in the past and is working hard to move She asks Shane for help Shane is the epitome of a good friend and all around great guy He goes above and beyond to make sure she is safe and is ok Maggie, still struggling to overcome her past, and leans on Shane to help her At times, I grew a [...]

    I found myself getting so frustrated while reading this one, at times with Maggie, at times with Shane.Part of me liked Maggie s plan on trying to reclaim her life by working at the bar and moving back into the apartments It seems sound at first glance, but I understood Shane s reservations Maggie seemed to want to jump right in and didn t expect any issues, not very realistic.I loved that Shane wanted to protect Maggie, but didn t like he hid how much he was doing for her and why I get why he d [...]

    Little Maggie O Leary has come home from Ireland after spending time to get her bearings and figure out her life Having been raped five years ago she wants to be independent again and not fear everything, including sex and relationships Shane Callahan has been her best friend for ten years and silent protector Trying to get on with the Chicago PD Shane has protector in his veins as it comes naturally He will do anything to protect her, even live near and work with Maggie In her recovery she want [...]

    Jessica Figueroa
    Maggie is a rape victim trying to live her life as normally as possible, she figured traveling around Europe until she settled in Ireland would help her keep her mind off things Now shes back home to face what she had ran away from, shes trying to face her fears and get past what triggers her panic The one thing it seems is that she can t get too intimate with a partner because she worries she might panic Thinking there is something wrong with her she asks her best friend to test the boundary to [...]

    Cathy Geha
    Mixed feelings on this one I liked the book but at times was frustrated Shane and Maggie have been best friends forever but at times I wanted to knock their heads together Reading the book you KNOW where they will end up but sometimes Maggie was just plain clueless and the communication between the two of them not as open as it should have been Maggie is overcoming and trying to return to normal after a rape that occurred five years previously Shane has been there for Maggie while waiting for a [...]

    Rape is not an easy subject, but I think Maggie s struggles with moving forward are well portrayed I liked that there was a bit of a build up leading up to Shane helping Maggie get over the issues with sex, but I didn t really feel the chemistry between them The communication between them is very poor after their night together and I found it frustrating I love friends to lovers romances, but this one fell a bit short for me Overall it s an enjoyable read, and if you ve read the previous books i [...]

    Hold Me Close is about two best friends who are in love with one another and don t realize it This book was just okay for me I felt for her with what happened, but I did not care for how selfish she was and how she used the hero in this book She didn t think about him at all or how what she asked him would affect him She never even considered his feelings, only how it would help her in life I really did not like the heroine at all I connected with the hero then I did with her I really liked the [...]

    Bette Hansen
    Finishing this one is a bit bittersweet While I loved Maggie and Shane s story, seeing this wonderful series come to an end is sad This is a very emotional story and it was beautifully done Five years ago Maggie O Leary was the victim of date rape While she thankfully doesn t remember the details, the emotional aftereffects have been crippling at times Her one constant has been her friendship with Shane Her latest request however will surely test that bond While this is book 6 of a series it can [...]

    Jenn Cunha
    Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.Probably a 3.5 star rating I need star options, GoodReads I liked Shane and Maggied I liked that I didn t have to read the other O Leary books to follow along There s something about a friends to lovers story that always warms my heart.ly because the hard stuff is out of the way Maggie was struggling, and while I don t necessarily agree with Shane s decision to follow Maggie around, I understood where he was coming from Overall, a cute story, [...]

    Seanna Yeager
    Maggie and Shane have been best friends since they were teenagers Shane has always had feelings for her, but never let her know She is a rape survivor who is working hard on getting her life back together While she finds healing, Shane is there for her They finally get together despite all the challenges they face as a couple.Thanks Netgalley for the free review copy, in exchange for an honest review.

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