[PDF] Blazed Union | by ↠ H.O. Charles

  • Title: Blazed Union
  • Author: H.O. Charles
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  • Page: 305
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  • [PDF] Blazed Union | by ↠ H.O. Charles - Blazed Union, Blazed Union The most horrific of outcomes has been avoided but fate has other plans for those with fire and fury in their hearts Silar must pay the price for his murderous act and follow his conscience while Ki
    H.O. Charles
    H.O Charles is author of The Fireblade Array a 2 best selling series across Kindle, iBooks and BN Nook in the Sci Fi and Fantasy categories 1 would just be showing off, right Okay, it did hit 1 in Epic Fantasy in all those places BUT DON T TELL ANYONE.Though born in Northern England, Charles now resides in a white house in Sussex and sounds like a southerner Charles has spent many years at various academic institutions, and cut short writing a PhD in favour of writing about swords and sorcery instead Hobbies include being in the sea, being by the sea and eating things that come out of the sea Walks with a very naughty rough collie puppy also take up much of Charles time.


    Deneene Curry
    H.O Charles doesn t disappoint with book 4 There hasn t been a series of books yet that make me such a horrible employee, parent or wife b c it never fails, once started I can t put the book down The only complaint I ever have, is that the book ends so in short order I m certain to find myself re reading all four again because I just can t get enough I can t even specifically say if it s the writing style I m in love with, the characters, the environment, the concept of Blaze whether it s all of [...]

    Nichola Moffat
    Yet another fantastic addition to the series Book 4 does not disappoint Within just a few pages H.O.Charles had me falling in love with the characters, the world, the writing and the story all over again.I really enjoyed getting to see a glimpse of the different countries and cultures which lie outside of Calidell and I felt it gave me a insightful understanding of the world in which the series is set While only a small part of this book, I very much enjoyed Silar s story and upon finishing the [...]

    I really enjoyed this series, I m hoping there is another one after this book I enjoyed the characters and how it was written It was hard to put down The details really made me feel like I was in the book, excellent read in my opinion My only problem with the series was that I found multiple grammar issues like misused words or missing words making some sentences not make sense I was able to figure out what it was supposed to be and I m hoping they get a better editor for further books Besides t [...]

    And he s gone and left us on the cliff again I have enjoyed this series from the beginning It has taken over my soul bookwormproblems from the very beginning I have loved the heartache and words fraught with emotion all the way through and this book provided the same, whilst being somewhat humorous than it s predecessors.From the reader s point of view knowing what we know it was amusing to watch our beloved characters through this chapter of their lives.And he s left us on the danged cliff aga [...]

    Only 3 stars this time because I felt the story only moved a tiny fraction forward and it just doesn t feel like there is an end in sight Does it make up for it by developing the characters ant further like Game of Thrones No it doesn t Silar is still the same old Silar Artemi and Morghiad are pretty much the same even though they initially play horrible pranks on each other.Hopefully the series picks up the pace next time or I ll be bowing out of this one Proof read and spell checked by my 6 yr [...]

    My favourite one so far

    • [PDF] Blazed Union | by ↠ H.O. Charles
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