☆ Anomaly of Blaze ã H.O. Charles

  • Title: Anomaly of Blaze
  • Author: H.O. Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
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  • ☆ Anomaly of Blaze ã H.O. Charles - Anomaly of Blaze, Anomaly of Blaze An Anomaly of Blaze is the cause of a great many troubles but he may also offer a solution to the woes faced by our heroes In Calidell The Fireblade must deal with her wars alone and the battles sh
    H.O. Charles
    H.O Charles is author of The Fireblade Array a 2 best selling series across Kindle, iBooks and BN Nook in the Sci Fi and Fantasy categories 1 would just be showing off, right Okay, it did hit 1 in Epic Fantasy in all those places BUT DON T TELL ANYONE.Though born in Northern England, Charles now resides in a white house in Sussex and sounds like a southerner Charles has spent many years at various academic institutions, and cut short writing a PhD in favour of writing about swords and sorcery instead Hobbies include being in the sea, being by the sea and eating things that come out of the sea Walks with a very naughty rough collie puppy also take up much of Charles time.


    I borrowed the copy I bought my wife for her xmas pressie and if you ve been reading this series then prepare to be dragged in even deeper in and most frustrating of all, you ll need to wait for the next book for some answers Some questions will be answered but there are things left open i don t want to give any spoilers away so you ll just have to get it yourself

    Minisha Patel
    I read the first two books about 8 months ago so when I started reading this,I didnt know what was going on mostly my fault for having bad memory I carried on and eventually it started coming back to me and just like the first two books, I thought it was great Alot of twists and turns.I want to read all of them again when I get the fourth one I never usually read books twice but they are a quick read even for me who is a little slow as my hubby says and has a good storyline Each book will leave [...]

    Elisabeth Wheatley
    WARNING AND DISCLAIMER Some spoilers for previous books in the series Also, this book contains mature themes and is not Young Adult.I have many emotions regarding this series The books are huge, the timelines covered in each installment can span for decades, and the author most likely stays up late thinking how can I hurt these characters next The plot This book picks up just a few days after the end of the previous installment with a grieving Artemi and her children Again, there is the same sto [...]

    Nichola Moffat
    By book three in the Fireblade Array series I wasn t sure how much I could take these books are frustratingly brilliant I ll not risk spoiling the books by going into detail about the story but I will say that if you like fast paced, emotionally charged and action filled books then this series is for you.Not a single moment of Anomaly of Blaze was dull and despite there always being something going on the author avoided losing the emotions and intricate story lines that lie within the book Some [...]

    I m not sure how much of this series I can take Whilst I love the world that has been created which I keep repeating because it s that good And I love the steadfast characters I am not sure my emotions can take much of this A fabulous turn of events in the Fireblade Array series Another stunning end to a book and onwards to the next one

    these books all run together when I read them one right after the other, excellent series.

    • ☆ Anomaly of Blaze ã H.O. Charles
      253 H.O. Charles
    Anomaly of Blaze