· Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men ↠ Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham

  • Title: Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men
  • Author: Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham
  • ISBN: 9781632153111
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback

  • · Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men ↠ Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham - Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men, Five Ghosts Volume Three Monsters and Men Collects FIVE GHOSTS and FIVE GHOSTS SPECIAL
    Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham
    Frank J Barbiere is a writer from New Jersey.Barbiere is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in English Creative Writing, as well as a Master s in English Education.Barbiere exploded onto the mainstream comics scene in 2013 with the indie hit FIVE GHOSTS Image Comics and in his short time in the industry has worked for BOOM Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics.He currently resides in the South with a large collection of books and action figures.


    Erica Hatch
    With many thanks to my local library, I was finally able to get my hands on this third volume Summary slight spoilers In this volume, we pick up with Fabian traveling to Romania to try to find his friend, Sebastian, who he believes was kidnapped and taken there In his travels, he learns that the plague has continued to spread, which is causing devastation in many towns Unfortunately, that is not the only issue there are also monster people that have been attacking villagers But these aren t just [...]

    Wayne McCoy
    Five Ghosts Volume 3 Monsters and Men treads into fictional character territory, and delivers up a rip roaring pulp adventure.Fabian is on his way to tracking down his friend Sebastian in Romania with the help of the five ghosts he has been inhabited with And he ll need their help because getting to where Sebastian is trapped, he comes across some super powerful men who seem like animals When famous vampire hunter Van Helsing shows up and Fabian is trapped in vampire mode with the ghost of Dra [...]

    Jason Ragle
    Five Ghosts is a weird comic Although it s not, it feels very retro Almost like great stories from House of Secrets or House of Mystery Mooneyham does a lot of splashes and large panels, so sometimes the story seems kinda light I don t know I do love the premise and the covers.

    Fabian Gray is out hunting for his kidnapped friend and aids a boy in trouble For his kindness, he get some clue as to what he will be facing when he arrives at his destination But he still manages to fall into a trap Lucky for Fabian and the hunter who aids him that his ghosts do not always possess him, but rather aid him Through sheer perversity, Fabian manages to rescue his friend, obtain the antidote from Dr Moreau, and escape with skin barely intact But what will happen next since the Cabal [...]

    Jason Caldwell
    Excellent addition, now I am sad I have to wait for the 4th volume Fabian deals with his ghosts, literally and comes to terms with the powers inside him Wasn t really sure about the added story with the different art style in the back though, which is why I am giving 4 stars It was rather jarring coming from the style the rest of the series has been in.

    Looks good, but about as run of the mill as storylines get.

    Why am I reading this book It isn t the artwork It isn t the dialogue It has qualities of better books Fables, the Unwritten, Penny Dreadful that is a TV show, I know.I actually don t have the answer to this question It was quick to read Wasn t filled with useless exposition or redundant dialogue That is usually the hardest thing to get through, when reading a not so great comic.

    I love this comic series a ridiculous amount The premise is amazing Fabian Grey is like Indiana Jones with superpowers and the art is very pulp fictiony and the colour tones used add to the creepiness.Fabian travels to Romania to find Sebastian and there he finds a town plagued by a sickness and some strange monsters Once again, Five Ghosts doesn t hold back on the violence The battles are brutal and the monsters are really quite disgusting and scary Also with Sebastian s kidnap you learn about [...]

    This is the third, and I believe last volume in the series Herein lies a tale of Fabian Gray and his dealings with the infamous Dr Moreau His creatures and creation are up to nefarious deeds in Romania Gray teams up with Van Helsing and almost kills him while giving over to one of his ghosts, Dracula The poison in his blood is defeated using Dracula s regenerative abilities, but then he succumbs to the power and for the first time in the series experiences huge powers He defeats Dr Moreau and sa [...]

    Johnny Tentoes
    My rating is really a three and a half I really like this series, but I feel it s starting to slow down to a crawl I did like us finally being able to see Dracula s ghost take over Very interesting.

    Another great entry in the series Fabian hunting down a lost friend, meeting new allies, and fighting monsters in the Romanian wilderness Less globe trotting that the first two volumes but you get a lot Dracula s ghost that usual.

    The critically acclaimed literary pulp adventure continues Fabian Gray journeys to Eastern Europe on a quest to save his closest ally while battling his own inner demonsCollects Five Ghosts 13 17 and Five Ghosts Special 1.

    This whole volume is a reaction to what happens in the last pages of the previous one That s not a bad thing, exactly It s a really interesting adventure, but I feel like the pace on the overarching plot is barely moving They re not making any headway into Fabian s sister s condition.

    Good read.

    More of the same Neither awesome nor horrible.

    Aspires to Hellboy, ends up being League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Edward Petersen
    As usual, this series is amazing I can t wait for

    Solid 3.5 but i struggle with how they present fabian i dont think he s as good a guy as the authors think

    Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    I need now.I just want to re read these over again.

    More pulp adventure, good enough to continue searching for the next volume.The stylistically different shorts at the end of this volume were very nicely done and contrasted with the main story.

    • · Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men ↠ Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham
      462 Frank J. Barbiere Chris Mooneyham
    Five Ghosts, Volume Three: Monsters and Men