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  • Title: Embrace
  • Author: StaceyLynn
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  • Free Read Embrace - by StaceyLynn - Embrace, Embrace Liam Parker crash landed into Laurie s life when everything else was crumbling all around her Her marriage and career were in pieces and her mind was left spinning But one touch from Liam and Laurie
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    Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    3.5 Stars ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review I m having a hard time dealing with what I know is right and what I m feeling is right Please know you must read book one before reading this review I don t want to spoil it for anyone So if you plan on reading this series, read this review later.In book one we find out Laurie husband James cheats on her with her best friendt with just any woman mind you, but her bestie In book one I really liked Liam the sexy British man she met [...]

    I was provided an ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for honest feedback I m still struggling to accept the change in this story s direction I thought I knew how everything would work out at the end of the first book, but I was wrong I wouldn t say that this book was bad Truly, it was a good book It just didn t go the way I wanted it to, so I didn t like it as much as the first book Depending on how you wanted Laurie s love triangle to be resolved, you may either love or hate this bo [...]

    Lillian ᴥ Cloud 9 Books
    4 STARS I deserve a man who wants me and will stop at nothing to have me I deserve a man who will fight for me You have to read the first book before reading this Without it, you won t understand the sexual attraction between Laurie and Liam You won t understand Laurie s difficult decision or her confusion I want to f ck the memory of him out of you But Embrace is not about Liam He s is barely involved in the story Here, you see Laurie and James trying to mend things together I felt Laurie s ang [...]

    Dirty Dayna
    Book 2 2JamesStars This portion of the book focuses on Laurie working on rekindling her marriage with James instead of getting divorced I think the book will sit differently with individual readers and especially if you have worked through marriage To me it just ended so abruptly and just didn t really resolve any of their marital issues There is a third book in this series which appears to be a standalone about differet characters This series was just not for me I wish other readers well and it [...]

    Nikki ღ Navareus
    The first book was phenomenal, and absolutely a MUST READ Do not read Embrace without reading Entice first, or you will be missing out on so much Lately all the sequel stories I pick are are just not at all as good as the first book Well, that s definitely not the case with this story It s just as good, if not better than the first In the first story Entice , Laurie is devastated after walking in and overhearing her husband and best friend heatedly arguing about the time they recently slept toge [...]

    This picks up right where the first book leaves off Laurie is feeling betrayed by Liam and still trying to figure out how to deal with James The frustration is high and her feelings are all over the grid It isn t easy when Liam makes her forget her own name and James just won t stay down for the count or that her parents continue to meddle Another shocking truth comes to light for Laurie and it sends her over the edge She pushes Liam away and falls into James who has been fighting since she serv [...]

    This story is something else This book is full of drama, betrayal, and hurt pride I know James cheated on Laurie and to be honest, I m not sure If something like this actually happened to me that I could forgive and forget But my heart hurts for James Laurie s character really frustrated me in this book Part of me wants to shake Laurie and tell her to stop toying with the men in her life But another part understands why she is hesitant She says she wants one thing, but when that one thing is loo [...]

    2.75 starsI really didn t like how this story endedNot for the outcome of the heroine s affair, but for the fact that everything that happened on book 1 was completely put aside felt choppy and too much like a lose end to me.I liked how it was going, even if she didn t end up withwho I wanted her to end up with, if it have had a bit consistency to the story on book 1, without leaving these loop holes, iI would have been ok with it

    4.25 stars

    I m Disappointed This has a spoiler, so if you re going to insist on reading this tripe, then don t read this FIRST this is really the rest of the first book The author was so lazy or greedy that she took one lousy book and divided it into two It s a cheap trick and I don t appreciate it SECOND Her husband has an affair in the first book with her best friend Then she meets this hot guy when she leaves for a business trip named Liam He is super hot and I mean, just get a towel now ladies She has [...]

    J.E. Benoit
    How and I supposed to win a battle when I don t know what I m fighting I m not something to win, I whisper, although my words are clear.He shakes his head once You re everything I thought this book was an awesome follow up to Entice, I wasn t sure which way the story was going to be taken but I really loved where it ended up going This book picks up pretty much right where the first book left off after Laurie learns of the latest betrayal at the hands of a man or men she trusted I won t say what [...]

    See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts If I didn t have a copy of Embrace after finishing Entice, I probably would have passed out The first book in The Affair series had me all turned around, and my mind was focused on one thing and one thing only What Is Going To Happen Next Because seriously With everything that happened by the end of the first book, my feels were all discombobulated and there was no way I couldn t find out what was next.At the end of Entice, [...]

    Shanoff Reads
    I received an ARC for an honest review I am going to start this out by saying that I am so opposed to marital affairs, but for some reason his book and ENTICE did it for me I loved that Laurie decided to take her life into her own hands no matter what anyone else thought I hate that she was ever in the situation that she was in because of it she did something probably never imagined she would do.With that being saidI can not believe the outcome of Laurie s story I just did not see it coming, but [...]

    Liam and Laurie s physical connection is undeniable, but Liam kept some pretty serious secrets from Laurie that caused her life to change in drastic ways She knows that she can t trust someone who has deceived her in this way James is trying to do whatever he can to help Laurie understand how much he loves her and that he will do whatever he can to rebuild their relationship and trust Laurie is still reeling from the chaos her career and life was thrown into after she met Liam She is dealing wit [...]

    Monica Cullip
    EmbraceThis story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.I love this author s writing style I loved Entice and I was looking forward to finding out who would eventually end up with Laurie I had not quite decided on which way I was leaning James the husband had messed up, sure he did, a pretty big screw up too, but sometimes some things do need to be forgiven Liam has given her some hot sex, shown her that she is still a desirable woman but he is holding on to some deep secrets and par [...]

    Embrace, book two in the Affair series by S Layne, follows Laurie as she returns home to her broken life Her marriage is torn by the affair her husband James had and now she is betrayed by the sell of her company and the reality that the man she just slept with, is now her boss.But her life is about to get even complicated as her mother suffers a heart attack and her father has just bought out the company she works for Everything she ever believed in has fallen apart Her marriage, her work and [...]

    Arc received for honest review I am going to do my best to keep this review as spoiler free as possible, so here goes.Embrace is the second book In The Affair Series, it is not a stand alone so you should definitely read the first book Entice before reading this.Embrace picks up where Entice left off, Laurie is heart broken again by a man she can t trust With Liam keeping things from her she feels betrayed again by a man that she has feelings for When her Mom has a heart attack, her father sends [...]

    Book two in the series brings a conclusion to the story I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and got entwined with the characters and their lives, the second book is on a different level, we delve into their minds and quite literally bodies Where I thought book one was hot this one is off the scale Laurie, James and Liam are the love triangle that was so prolific in book one, this quickly evaporates so we re left with a forgive and forget story.I understand why this has to happen but what happens [...]

    Amy J Romance Author & Reader Events

    I am still finding Laurie s behavior wrong Her getting angry at James for sleeping with OW once yes understandable I dont know if I could ever forgive , but her getting angry at James for getting angry at her for sleeping a multitude of times with OM is hypocritical I find her very selfish and lacking empathy I actually think at 50% of the way through the second book that James deserves better than her Wow never have I in a cheating book been on the cheaters side NOTE I do NOT condone his cheati [...]

    I have to say that I really struggled with this book Why Well, since you asked, I had the same problem that I had with the first book Laurie is not her own person She allows people to walk all over her, acquiesces to other s demands and in the end does not even attempt to take the time to reacquaint herself with who she truly is or wants to be.I had so much hope for Laurie I wanted her to stand up for herself and just leave everything behind I wanted her to find the strength to pursue her dreams [...]

    Cyndi Becker
    A Marriage in trouble, a woman conned.Laurie is suffering from the worst kind of betrayal Not once, but twice She doesn t know who to trust any but she does find that one man will move heaven and earth if she ll just let him love her again What an amazing story of forgiveness and second chances After discovering her lover maybe didn t have the best intentions, that she was being lied to, she left with self doubt then she thought possible It becomes clear that her husband James won t give up and [...]

    I give it a 3.5, the book was pretty good but I m a bit irritated that in the second book Liam is just left behind even after their close connection and got chemistry towards each other I feel like she also never got that closure with Liam once she was done with him I really don t know how I feel about her going back to her husband after all of this and them getting back together so fast you d think after all of the shit they ve been through and how much he broke her heart that she d jump back i [...]

    WowI got the first book in the duet for free and liked it a lot BUT was still hesitant on whether I should but the second one or not But I am glad I did Even though it dealt with cheating, etc the first book and this one spoke to me in ways that most books don t Because it almost but not totally, was a mirror about my marriage Except for the actual cheating on spouses part at least on my end Very rarely do books give me hope that maybe everything will work out in the end especially books like th [...]

    A disappointing endI would hope that women have respect for themselves then to forgive an affair and go back to the cheater What a disappointing ending Even if she ending it with Liam be brave and know that what happened happened for a reason and move on to someone else Don t return to the problem The first book was so good very sad that I wasted the money with the seconds outcome

    Melissa A Tarin
    I liked this book Not quite as much as the first one Laurie and James are a great couple but the story didn t feel as real as the first one It felt like it was building up to some kind of climax, but that never came.

    Couldn t even finish half this book.

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    Awesome book I would recommend this series

    Christian Brown
    Awesome BookGreat book enjoyed both I think everyone one will in enjoy this awesome book Wonderfully written The only thing I disliked is it ended.

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