[PDF] Read Ó Wild Song : by Janis Mackay

  • Title: Wild Song
  • Author: Janis Mackay
  • ISBN: 9781848124424
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Read Ó Wild Song : by Janis Mackay - Wild Song, Wild Song A boy overcomes his fear of water and connects with nature in this powerful novel of transformationThirteen year old Niilo s unruly behaviour means his loving parents sent him to Wild School a young
    Janis Mackay
    I am from Edinburgh, have travelled a lot, lived in France, Israel, Greece, London, Sussex, the far north of Scotland, and am now back in Edinburgh, with a collie dog, a river across the road and two Rowan trees in the garden I always wanted to be a writer but following advice to get a proper job I took myself off to the big city of London when I was just nineteen and trained to be a journalist By 21 I was a journalist on Fleet Street but soon realised this wasn t the kind of writing I wanted to do So off I went round the world having all kinds of adventures sailing yachts, sleeping on beaches, looking after children, working on kibbutz then back to Scotland for adventures looking after children with learning disabilities then studying speech and drama I became a storyteller, drama teacher and voice teacher I did this for a long while which was a great learning for a writer, then I remembered my childhood dream to be a writer So I took myself off to university, did an MA in creative writing at Sussex University and wrote The Scottish Arts Council sent me up to the far north of Scotland to be a writer in residence I didn t even know where Caithness was but that s where I went, and soon realised Scotland wasn t as small as I had thought It s miles away I lived there for five years in a cottage on the beach writing books about the sea and seals and was lucky to win the Kelpies prize 2009 for my first novel Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest I say first novel but actually I had several other novels gathering dust in drawers So since 2007 I have been what you might call a writer And sometimes doing other related things like storytelling and voice teaching.I went to Duddingston primary school and Portobello High school where I learnt to touch type, speak French, a bit of German, play squash and spell I suppose I must have learnt a few social skills as there were two and a half thousand of us at Portobello High school I was a child and teenage athlete and I am really glad about that The Commonwealth Games came to Edinburgh when I was about ten and it was very inspiring and I went along to the races with my dad Then I joined the Edinburgh Southern harriers and spent the next five years running and jumping and throwing a discus, but mostly running and going off all over Scotland on Saturdays to run up hills cross country I am pretty fit and healthy now and I think that gave me a good boost.When I visit schools with my Magnus Fin novels children often ask what books I read as a child and I usually answer rather embarrassed Mallory Towers I wanted to be that girl in the attic who wrote stories But before that, when I was very wee, I loved nursery rhymes, and like athletics I think they gave me a boost into being a writer I love language and sounds and I remember being really young and loving the sound on my tongue of nursery rhymes like Doctor Foster went to Gloucester or with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music where ever she goes

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    I really liked the main characters in the book, my favourite was the seal, I liked that he followed Niilo around.

    sepertinya ini buku pertama yang gw baca yang mengambil setting di Finlandia buku ini juga banyak bercerita tentang legenda rakyat Finlandia membacanya seperti diajak mengenal Finlandia dari dekat tokoh utama dari kisah ini adalah Niilo, remaja pria berusia 13 tahun yang memiliki tabiat kasar karena itu Niilo dikirim ke sekolah alam yang terletak di sebuah pulau di sekolah itu, tanpa Niilo sadari Niilo dipertemukan dengan dirinya yang sebenarnya some people have scars on the outside and some hav [...]

    The best book I have ever read Such an inspirational story and it was in the best location in the world

    Lovely book, loved it

    Ruth Foulis
    Wild Song is a beautiful and enchanting book for children and adults alike Janis Mackay spent a month on a Finnish Island on a writing residency, funded by Creative Scotland, to write this book, which sounds like a magical experience, and truly shows in the writing The story follows Niilo, a 13 year old Finnish boy, who on top of having a terrible phobia of the sea, has horrible nightmares about drowning which drive him to spend his nights lying on the floor to avoid sleep, and disruptive anger [...]

    Niilo is a troubled kid who makes his parents lives very difficult with his bad behaviour so as a last resort they send him to the Wild School on an island to learn a different way of life AT first Niilo resists the school and is uncommunicative and sullen until he starts to work with Hannu who teaches him how to become a valuable member of society and draws out of him slowly, his fears and resentments When Niilo hears that Hannu is leaving the school to get married, he loses the trust he had be [...]

    I read novels
    Review by ireadnovels.wordpressA truly amazing novel.Janis Mackay is a brilliant author with lots of wonderful fantasy imagination This is the first fantasy novel that I can say I enjoyed every page Janis has an incredible story of Wild Song for young fans and adults to read The story of Wild Song has a young boy Niilo always getting into trouble His parents have had just about enough of Niilo s unruly behaviour and send him off to a tiny island outside Helsinki to a wild school for naughty boys [...]

    leslecturesdemylene 2017 20 En bref, Niilo doit mener son voyage initiatique au bout s il veut sortir de la spirale infernale dans laquelle il est plong Il y met de la mauvaise volont mais les rencontres, les brimades, les remises en question et l apprentissage de la natation vont lui faire entrevoir un autre monde auquel il n aurait jamais pens avoir droit La nature, sa relation avec elle et son pass , va lui ouvrir des portes qu il croyait closes jamais Une tr s belle aventure humaine

    I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is a book set in Finland, following Niilo, a boy with problematic behaviour who is hence sent to a wild school on a tiny island outside Helsinki to be tamed It s his worst nightmare because the sea is his one fear But then he learns to swim and trust another human being.This was truly beautiful and interesting I loved the setting and the story and also the mystery aspect of it Just yes, a truly wonderful story I just [...]

    The Book Moo
    This is a truly beautiful story I would highly recommend this tear jerking read, a warm, uplifting story I honestly found great joy reading this and it gave me hope for everyone who loses their wild song 3

    • [PDF] Read Ó Wild Song : by Janis Mackay
      390 Janis Mackay
    Wild Song