☆ Without Restraint ☆ Angela Knight

  • Title: Without Restraint
  • Author: Angela Knight
  • ISBN: 9780425251140
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

  • ☆ Without Restraint ☆ Angela Knight - Without Restraint, Without Restraint The first novel in the explosive new Southern Shield series from New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight explores the intoxicating games between a female cop and a Navy SEAL and the killer ins
    Angela Knight
    Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage, she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in 1996 She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best selling author.When developing her Mageverse series she wanted to create a unique spin on the vampire tale Taking the Arthurian legend and twisting it, she has vampires that are not evil, still possess their souls, and can reproduce Merlin was an alien who traveled to Earth from the Mageverse an alternate world where magic is everywhere to establish protectors Merlin s race had seen species that destroyed themselves as they advanced To avoid this, he searched Earth for worthy men and women who would give everything to protect others After drinking from the Grail, men became Magi, vampires and women became Majae, witches They have a symbiotic relationship The Magi have to drink blood from the Majae to help absorb the energies of the Mageverse The Majae have to donate blood or they will suffer heart attack from excess blood and elevated pressure The Majae are the magic in the Mageverse The Magi also sleep during the day as another means of gaining magic The men and women could theoretically live forever, should they not be killed.They are capable of reproducing with mortals to ensure that there are potential candidates to recruit Anyone born of such a union is a Latent Their Gift, becoming Magi or Majae, is triggered by three or sexual encounters with a Gifted man or woman A Latent must be approved by the Magi or Majae councils Many can not psychologically handle the impact of the Mageverse It can trigger insanity There are professional court seducers who Gift latents on the Councils orders.On Mageverse Earth, there are Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and the city of Avalon where the Magi and Majae live They magically create gates to travel to Realspace Earth The Fairies are featured in Master of the Moon, which has King Llyr of the Faeries.Merlin, who knows that power can corrupt, created another magical species in case the Magi and Majae become out of control These are werewolves They do not have to wait until the full moon to change They are a rigid society that has been hidden from their inception In Master of Wolves, the werewolves declare themselves and fight alongside the Magi and the Fairies.Master of Swords introduces the dragons of Mageverse in depth and the hero for Master of Dragons is introduced.Futuristic BooksJane s Warlord introduces Jane Colby, a 20th century reporter Baran Arvid is sent back from the future to protect her from another time traveler, Druas Druas travels back in time to commit the Jack the Ripper murders and his next target is Jane Baran is a technologically and genetically enhanced human classified as a Warlord.Mercenaires is three short stories originally published electronically set in a future like Baran s They can be technologically and genetically enhanced Space travel has extended to other galaxies and other life forms have been discovered Humans have established many new colonies on planets capable of sustaining life.

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    Anna's Herding Cats
    3 3.5 starsWell That was a lot of book with a lot of sensitive issues being brandied about Whew, boy This one totally caught me by surprise Pretty much from page one since I don t read blurbs and was expecting scifi ish something and walked right into an erotic BDSM romantic suspense Um Hello, flogger lol I m good with that though I do love a bit of spice And spice it had The quick of it is that there s a cop killer terrorizing this town Not only that but they re targeting minorities those that [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Leigh s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.75 starsWithout Restraint was one of those books that took me a while to get through And to be honest, I have no idea why Big, hulking police men and BDSM What could I want The writing was good, the characters were strong, sexy and believable, and the sex was kinky and hot The plot was interesting and I was turning the pages to find out how it would be resolved.It didn t drag, it didn t go into unnecessary detail And yet, I felt as if it t [...]

    1-Click Addict Support Group
    I ll start by saying this book was beyond HOT I love when a BDSM relationship is well written Not only is the sex hot, but that level of trust and respect really adds so much to the depth of a relationship It really takes it to a new level of bring the batteries for me The pleasant surprise in this book however, was the absolutely engaging story It had such well developed characters, and did an excellent job connecting them to the reader Alex was strong, and still loved to be submissive I love w [...]

    Marta Cox
    Ok this is a new contemporary series by this author whose paranormal work I adore Could a suspense driven storyline grab me just as much It would seem so as this author has taken what s fast becoming a popular idea of mixing romantic suspense and adding elements of BDSM and then adding her own unique sexy and totally off the charts twist This story features a female cop who is than happy to play kinky games in private Oh yes Alex does enjoy being a submissive but her last Dom abused her and no [...]

    Mandi Schreiner
    I read about half but lost interest It s very erotic in your face to start and that threw me off a bit

    I was in the mood to try a new to me author and a hot romantic suspense so I picked this one up after reading the blurb Whew, yeah, it jumped right in on the hot stuff and the suspense wasn t far behind It was a moderately engaging read that definitely lived up to my expectations.The story opens with Alex Rogers, Deputy Sheriff and submissive way in the closet attending a Kink party at her friend s house to meet a potential Dom that Cap vouched for Alex recently got out of an abusive relationshi [...]

    Without Restraint is one of those books that s really hard to rate There were some parts that I absolutely loved and some parts that just did not work for me And to be quite honest, the first few paragraphs alone had me almost DNFing but I m glad that I pushed on.So, the book opens up to our heroine, Alex, watching the hero, Frank, doing a BDSM scene with another woman Now that alone is enough to put me off but I decided to skim to see if I could get past it, and luckily, after skimming I was sa [...]

    Cocktails and Books
    This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksI have not been this torn about a book for a long time Parts of it I absolutely loved and other parts I really disliked and found hard to get past Here is a story about Alex and Frank Alex a cop and Frank an ex NavySEAL who just retired and moved home and is about to join the sheriff s office where Alex is a deputy This is not where they first meet however the first time they meet is at a BDSM party the night before where they have been set [...]

    This is the first book in Knight s Southern Shields series It is definitely a contemporary romance but does have an erotic twist as the two main characters are involved in BDSM The female protagonist in this novel is Alexis Rogers She is a deputy on a police force in Georgia and is an independent, confident, strong woman She is also a sexual submissive who is an active part of a BDSM community in North Carolina While at an event there, she meets Frank Murphy, a former NAVY Seal and sexual domina [...]

    A hot read The heroine is a submissive and the hero is a Dom They are both police officers and the hero is a former Navy Seal.The hero and heroine like to spar together, and then have kinky sex I liked the scene where he chases her down in the forest while wearing camo paint on his face It did have a few sad moments because they are hunting a killer who shot the heroine s friend And the author makes a point of including the sad funeral scene One issue the author has written a previous book where [...]

    Reading In Pajamas
    Review Without Restraint Southern Shields by Angela Knight wp p3d0RZ 2Or Publication Date August 4, 2015Genre Romantic Suspense EroticaReviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 5 StarsREVIEW This novel hit all the checkmarks for me romance, hot sex and explosive danger The best part was that nothing overshadowed the other and it all flowed believably throughout the book I liked Alex and Frank right away and their chemistry was a foregone conclusion The BDSM was not too hard for the casual reader [...]

    Wow Okay, so this was my first Angela Knight read and I was a little shocked at the beginning of the book where we are watching the hero whip someone else s wife in a BDSM basement I knew there was going to be this type of stuff in the book, but I didn t realize the author wasn t going to for all intents and purposes lube us up and ease us into the BDSM element of the story After that, I couldn t enjoy the rest of the story, nor did I want to find out what happens I thought that technically, the [...]

    Amanda D.
    Perhaps if this book were released a couple years ago, I wouldn t have reacted so strongly to it In the wake of many tragedies making the news, I found parts of the plot to be in poor taste the talk of a killer getting a gun and murdering few people, the setting of South Carolina, the references to racism and instances of white on black violence, a man driven to a shooting spree on account of a woman s rejection, the depiction of women with mental illnesses The quality of writing isn t why I m r [...]

    While I did really like this book, it didn t give me the same kind of thrills that the first few books I read by Knight did The BDSM aspects were good, and I liked the main characters, but that was a special spark that was missing for me Again, I liked it, but I didn t fall immediately in love with it Full review to come at thebookpushers

    Only 90 pages in, and, nope, not going further 1 we know who the murderer is so no suspense at all.2 we know Alex and Frank fancy each other and will be a couple by the end.3 I just cannot, cannot stand the gratuitous sex between the above said couple whenever they get together totally, totally unnecessary.

    Alexis Rogers is awed at the power and restraint used by the dominant while she watches him with a submissive When she is introduced to Frank Murphy, attraction sizzles between them and they work out their arrangement for her to be his submissive No one is surprised than Alex to find that Frank is the new deputy at the sheriff s office where Alex is also a deputy Frank is a former SEAL and is assigned to the day shift while Alex works nights This schedule changes when Alex s friend and fellow o [...]

    Without Restraint Southern Shield 1 by Angela KnightAtlanta deputy Alexis Rogers and Navy SEAL Frank Murphy know all about power and restraint, necessary force, and pushing their limits When they meet in the darkness of a BDSM club, their skills are put to use With each successive night comes a new adrenaline rush, and while they re falling into something perilously close to love, their games are still too private, too extreme, and too daring ever to be exposed.But their intimate lives are upend [...]

    Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me BooksThe blurb for this one sucked me in and I am so glad that it did This story had so much suspense and mystery that it kept me flipping the pages as quickly as I could And then there was some kinky BDSM throughout it as well a perfect combination Suck up But you like it when I suck Frank is a former SEAL and is now a cop He is also a Dominant, a swoonworthy, bullwhip wielding, caring Dom There is an instant attraction to Alex, when he is set up with her by his fr [...]

    Tammy Wooding
    The first novel in the explosive new Southern Shield series from New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight explores the intoxicating games between a female cop and a Navy SEAL and the killer instincts of a secret enemy watching every move they make.Atlanta deputy Alexis Rogers and Navy SEAL Frank Murphy know all about power and restraint, necessary force, and pushing their limits When they meet in the darkness of a BDSM club, their skills are put to use With each successive night comes a n [...]

    WOW What a ride Ms Knight delivers a suspenseful BDSM erotic romance with very powerful leading characters This is not your usual slap tickle erotic romance Without Restraint offers the reader so much than a billionaire with a hidden room It opens with a wicked dungeon scene The romance is very erotic not dark, but some may find it a bit harsh Because of their employment and positions in the small southern community, all of the kinky couples characters in this story need to keep their sexual ac [...]

    Devlynn Ihlenfeld
    A Cop, a former Marine and a cop killer all come together for a book that will keep you wanting Early on you think you have the whole plot figured out, but Angela takes us in a wild ride with a few hidden twists you won t see coming Frank a former Marine is also a bullwhip wielding Dom who likes it rough, and can fan a flame in your panties from the pages of your Kindle I swear he is a magician too He is also a brand new cop, and happens to find out the woman set to be his new sub, works for th [...]

    Betty Lambert
    This new book or series by Angela Knight is an excellent read The only problem I have with the book is that I am really not all that interested in BDSM I don t mind reading a bit about it in a book but there was a bit too much of it in the book for my taste or would have given a 5 star rating The story is excellent and it was that part that kept me reading Alexis Rogers and Frank Murphy meet up and get together in the BDSM Club They are both deputy sheriff s and Frank is a Navy Seal that has gon [...]

    Well not really certain about this book I liked parts of it and other parts I thought were dumb or strange Ok I didn t read what the book was about when I clicked to enter the chance to win the book in giveaway I wasn t expecting erotica I haven t read that type of book in quite awhile It was hot in many of the scenes But I m not certain if I liked the book I received the book for free through Giveaways.

    Carol Ward
    If you re looking for great BDSM, look no further Angela Knight is one of the best Her characters are amazing, you can t help falling in love with them And the suspense makes a great counter point for the hot sex scenes And the best part This is book one of a new series Can t wait to read

    Cardyn Brooks
    Even though Jane s Warlord and the Mageverse titles have made me an A.K fan for life, the heavy BDSM scenes and vernacular in Without Restraint didn t work for me It is well written so BDSM fiction fans should definitely give it a read.

    WoW When I first started this book I thought it was going to be just another sex book with erotic fantasies, boy was I wrong The deeper I got into the book the better it became until I couldn t put it down I am not sure why some of the ratings are low.

    I m glad I picked this one up Characters were strong and sexy I liked the way she introduced the antagonist right away, held the reader at the top of a precipice, as the suspense wound tighter and tighter A great read

    Shayna York
    Just finished this book todaydamn the BDSM was hot And the right amount of suspense What I wouldn t do to meet Frank Murphy

    3.5 stars.The book is hot, but the mystery didn t was weak and made this a less enjoyable book.

    Gail Mitchell
    A great start to a new series I am looking forward to all the upcoming books in this series.

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