Love's Bitter Harvest: Romance - The Ward Way Best Read || [Jas T. Ward Dawn McQueen Mortimer]

  • Title: Love's Bitter Harvest: Romance - The Ward Way
  • Author: Jas T. Ward Dawn McQueen Mortimer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Love's Bitter Harvest: Romance - The Ward Way Best Read || [Jas T. Ward Dawn McQueen Mortimer] - Love's Bitter Harvest: Romance - The Ward Way, Love s Bitter Harvest Romance The Ward Way Romance The Ward Way Matt and Katherine McCall were high school sweethearts and in love from first kiss But time changes people and sometimes the strongest seed of love can only harvest bitterness Fas
    Jas T. Ward Dawn McQueen Mortimer
    About the AuthorJas T Ward has always used writing as a necessary escape With a past that is marred with a difficult childhood and domestic violence as well as being homeless as an adult, Ward lost her creative voice when she lost her soul mate to suicide.Finding that creative voice once again in writing in social media via blogs and creative writing groups, it was the fans that encouraged her to put her literary weavings to paper for them to enjoy.Ward lives in Texas with her dog and cat Author Dog Pumkin and Writer Kitty Orleans and is the proud parent of three independent children When asked why she writes, Ward answers simply Reading saved me It was my salvation and my haven I now strive to pay that gift back by writing books that can give the same to others And to keep myself sane.Ward can be contacted via Facebook facebook AuthorJasTWardBlogspot authorjastward

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    Love s Bitter Harvest by Jas T Ward, just as the cover says, is Romance the Ward Way Why This isn t just a love story, it s a grueling accounting of lives torn apart, loss and a complete failure to be honest with your feelings.Matt and Katy were high school sweethearts who married Life was perfect, or was it When Katy finds she needs than life as a small town orchard owner s wife, she makes a brutal decision to follow her dreams and make something of herself Matt, wrapped up in his own world, r [...]

    Jas Ward
    Author Notes This work was a true gift from my heart In my past, I had worked with couples that were dealt with a life changing tragedy and were faced with a loved one becoming disabled I wanted to do that inspiration justice with this book I am proud to say that I truly believe that I have I love these characters Matt and Kat It s an unconventional love story full of sharp edges, blunt honesty and painful reality This is not a romancer is it erotic version of that.This isquite simplyLife.

    Review for Love s Bitter HarvestReview done for Hooked on Books5 out of 5 starsI haven t been so heartbroken for a character in a very long time.Matt McCall lost everything He lost his parents in a car accident, he lost his wife and only true love 4 years ago, and now he has lost the use of his legs.Matt believes he has nothing to live for until his wife comes back home to help him recover from his accident.Katy McCall left her husband and picture perfect life on a farm to follow her dream of be [...]

    Andrea Ferrer
    What to say about Matt and Katy Oh, so much But I will summarize each with a quote from this fantastic book You know Matt Unflinchingly loyal to his stubborn streak and not much else And boy, isn t that the truth Matt is a caring man, loyal, kind and stubborn as hell How does a man like that take the disability that an accident brought upon him Yeah, not easily, and that s what makes his character so complex and wonderful Because despite everything, that sweet farmer boy is still there He just n [...]

    Can a person fall in love with a story from its author s note Well apparently I can.Matt and Katy were this high school sweet hearts, made for each other category couple.But everything changed when Katy made a decision A decision that tore them apart not that it s her fault, there s some part of McCall s pride to blame too.And with that their love for each also changed into this bitter, almost hatred for each other.But when she happened to see Matt who s filled with all this bitterness, sorrow a [...]

    Kitt Brandler
    I ve never written a review before my life bear with me And I m trying to avoid overused words and clichesbut powerful is just accurate Here s the short version I love this book At the risk of sounding as bossy as JTW claimsbuy this book Read this book For your own good I actually want to read it again but my tablet keeps eating it This isquite simplyLife Author s notesThat says it best, to be honest I got to read this book as it was being written, and I m glad I had that opportunity To be hones [...]

    Hooked On Books
    I haven t been so heartbroken for a character in a very long time.Matt McCall lost everything He lost his parents in a car accident, he lost his wife and only true love 4 years ago, and now he has lost the use of his legs.Matt believes he has nothing to live for until his wife comes back home to help him recover from his accident.Katy McCall left her husband and picture perfect life on a farm to follow her dream of being an editor in New York She wanted to prove to herself she could make somethi [...]

    Mel Favreaux
    This is a love story that is unique High school sweethearts, Matt and Katy marry and take over the family farm and livehappily ever after Yeah, that doesn t sound like a unique story does it For Katy coming from a background where all she thought she craved was a family and nothing , being with the love of her life and settling had seemed easy enough But after four years, she was given the job opportunity of a lifetime in New York and Katy decided to jump on it when her husband didn t attempt to [...]

    Megan Eggers
    I love seeing a love story that doesn t fit the romance mold The one where beautiful, perfect boy meets beautiful, perfect girl, boy and girl are at odds yet the sexual tension is stifling, and eventually through some huge conflict they realize they love each other I ll admit I gobble those up as much as any other romance reader, but that doesn t mean I m not open to change.And change that romance mold is exactly what Jas T Ward has done Her characters have depth and feeling But they aren t perf [...]

    First off, let me just say this I DON T READ ROMANCE NOVELS I have tried and failed a few times to read romance novels in the past That being said I enjoyed reading this book But as stated on the cover this is a Romance novel done the author s way This book is real, by this I mean that this could be a couple in the real world Handling REAL issues There is no fantasy or sugarcoating of what love is, love is hard to deal with, it was refreshing to see someone make it as so There is not fairytale p [...]

    Refreshingly real There is nothing perfect about this story and I say that in the best possible way The characters you will want to strangle at times because they are so frustratingly stubborn But that only makes the awww moments all the sweeter The house you will want to help clean, organize or pick up a paint brush and help paint You ll want to help Matt make Katy a plate of food or put away left overs I could go on and on, but this goes to show the visuals and emotions Ward is known for evoki [...]

    Loves Bitter Harvest is a true romance What can I say about Matt, well he s hardheaded as hell, sarcastic and I just adored him I was team Matt all the way, but I did understand Katy She wanted , but it took a major blow to make her realize what she had and wanted And It made Matt see Katy in a different light Their love was always there They just lost sight in what was important, but they found it and made it stronger then it ever was You have to read this book Waiting for romance the Ward s w [...]

    OMG I was blown away with how good this story is No surprise there, Jas is a very talented story teller.

    Jennifer C.Petersen
    This is a love story like no other I really enjoyed the depth of each character Many times romance novels don t get into the depth this author did This one IS different I really enjoyed following Matt and Katy s Story.

    Tracy Sargeant
    A great second chance romance

    This story absolutely broke my heart Matt has lost everything His parents died in a tragic car accident His wife left him to go to New York to start a new career Now, he lost the use of his legs after his own tragic car accident and he has given up Matt s sister called Katy to return and help him He has been wallowing in bed, not facing his new life as a paraplegic.The fact that Katy left, but they are still married says a lot for this couple They are both stubborn with a lot of pride that neith [...]

    This was a true testament of the dynamics of a relationship Right or wrong, good or bad, the ups or downs This story has it all.When Katy moved to the big city to pursue a career with her newly acquired degree, there was a lot of unfinished business left behind She didn t leave happily, because she knew she was leaving a huge part of her heart behind in her Kentucky hometown A part of her that didn t understand why what they already had wasn t enough for her Matt is a man that hails from a long [...]

    Crystal Marie
    This book came at a good time for me personally I didn t know it at the time, but I was looking for a sweet romance that would just make me feel good and help get me out of the reading funk that I was in And it did that completely During this story, we find out that true love never dies, and are hoping for the outcome that we want The relationship between Matt and Katherine is strained to say the least It was very fun to follow along with them as they both learn about each other all over again M [...]

    Torie James
    It s no secret I adore romance novels of just about any genre And it s rare you can experience one that deals with real issues while still having the ability to capture your own heart and leave you wrung out by the last page Matt and Katy are high school sweethearts who marry too early and then real life happened Wanting from life and herself, Katy makes a decision that takes her away and leaves Matt alone with his own rising demons Is their happily ever after over Or is just beginning A wonder [...]

    InD'tale Magazine
    Love s Bitter Harvest takes a difficult subject and lays it out for one to consider.Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD tale Magazine.

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    Love's Bitter Harvest: Romance - The Ward Way