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  • Title: Nation of Blaze
  • Author: H.O. Charles
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  • Page: 191
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  • ↠ Nation of Blaze ☆ H.O. Charles - Nation of Blaze, Nation of Blaze The country is leaderless The queen is gone and hope is failing Morghiad must find The Fireblade again if he is to secure his home and his heart but the path will not be an easy one to tread New enem
    H.O. Charles
    H.O Charles is author of The Fireblade Array a 2 best selling series across Kindle, iBooks and BN Nook in the Sci Fi and Fantasy categories 1 would just be showing off, right Okay, it did hit 1 in Epic Fantasy in all those places BUT DON T TELL ANYONE.Though born in Northern England, Charles now resides in a white house in Sussex and sounds like a southerner Charles has spent many years at various academic institutions, and cut short writing a PhD in favour of writing about swords and sorcery instead Hobbies include being in the sea, being by the sea and eating things that come out of the sea Walks with a very naughty rough collie puppy also take up much of Charles time.


    I am in love with this series I came across the first book by chance on a site advertising free e books, and I devoured it in a matter of days I didn t think the story line could get any better but Nation of Blaze has surpassed my expectations My emotions are spent Charles has mastered the art of making the reader want to know d cliff hangers Talk about cliff hangers I am going to need a few days to let my emotions get back in check, and then it is time to start book 3 I can t wait to see what m [...]

    3.5 stars So, this was my 2nd attempt at this book Last time I put it down with only 150 pgs left This 2nd time was almost a repeat of the same.Nation of Blaze frustrated me It felt sooo long and drawn out It took me 9 DAYS to get through which is a major indication of how often I chose to do other things besides read A TON of stuff happens to move the story along in the last 100 pages or so which was kind of ironic since I almost gave up again right before things pick up I think the author is g [...]

    Nichola Moffat
    The second book in this incredible series is no less thrilling than the first It s every bit as unpredictable, addictive and vivid From the first page to the last I was hooked and come the final chapter I was left desperate to lay hands on the next book.If you ve read the City of Blaze and think the second book can t possibly compare then think again Nation is amazing In it, we get to delve far deeper into Artemi s past yet we re still left guessing and wanting as Charles throws in some very un [...]

    Minisha Patel
    I was looking forward to reading this book and it did not disappoint, I was expecting of Silar s character in this book but there wasn t much, although its only because I loved his character in the first book, City of Blaze It was quiet slow going in the first half, but the second half was fast paced and it leaves you wanting and Loved the storyline and a fantastic ending once again.

    It felt like this 2nd book was like the 2nd half of the first book I thoroughly enjoyed it all the same At times it was a little disjointed for me, time skips here and there and jumps forward a great deal.The world building continued to remain strong and the characters developed well.I found myself cheering them on, laughing with them and wanting to pound heads on walls alongside them Very much looking forward to starting the next book right away

    This series suddenly got very good, the author starts revealing of the back story and a dozen twists to keep the whole thing very interesting.Makes you want of Artemi and Morghiad although some of the other original characters could do with a bit fleshing out too.Makes me wanna get hold of book 3, like right away Well done H.O.

    Dyantha Bogerd
    Still reading but I just have to say at this point , Selieni, how I loath her she is selfish and infuriatingI cannot stand her, and she believes to be the perfect one also wanting to help Artemi and knowing Artemi will be in pain she reveles in it she is not the person I thought she would grow up in As long as Selieni is happy does not matter that she hurts people in the process

    Olivia Holden
    Omg im so emotional i so want to believe that he will come back in the next books please tell me he comes back but other than that this is an amazing book and cant wait to get my hands and the next one

    These books take a lot of concentrating to read, the world in the book is not like ours at all There are a lot of new terms, but at least there is a glossary in the books to help with that Otherwise, excellent series.

    Just as good as the first, battles, magic, intrigue, destruction, fighting Awesome Just a highly entertaining well written read On to book three in the series.

    Tori Campbell
    GREAT series

    I an in aweI love falling deeply into a story and this second book is longer as the story needs to be said Already starting book three

    Couldn t put it downLoved the story Some parts I felt were glossed over and her timeline, sometimes was confusing but it is definitely a good read

    review coming soon when i get longer to sit down, but just a great fantasy read

    Wow Loved it Before Artemi remembered she was very irritating but the rest just wow

    • ↠ Nation of Blaze ☆ H.O. Charles
      191 H.O. Charles
    Nation of Blaze