✓ The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two ä Arthur Jay Harris

  • Title: The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two
  • Author: Arthur Jay Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ✓ The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two ä Arthur Jay Harris - The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two, The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh Box Set Books One and Two THIS SPECIALLY PRICED BOX SET OF THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF ADAM WALSH INCLUDES REVISED EDITIONS OF BOOKS ONE AND BOOK TWO The disappearance of Adam Walsh a six year old last seen at a shopping mall
    Arthur Jay Harris
    Arthur Jay Harris is the author of the investigative true crime books Speed Kills, Flowers for Mrs Luskin, Until Proven Innocent and the two book series with a Single Edition, Jeffrey Dahmer s Dirty Secret The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh He lives in Florida.For the Adam Walsh case, he has appeared on television many times ABC Primetime Anderson Cooper 360 Nancy Grace Ashleigh Banfield The Lineup Inside Edition Catherine Crier Cold Blood, and on local TV in Miami and Milwaukee He has also written stories on the case that have appeared in periodical print in The Miami Herald, Broward Palm Beach New Times, and Miami Daily Business Review.In addition, Art has presented on television other crime stories he has investigated at length, including on the shows Snapped City Confidential Prison Diaries, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and Hard Copy.

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    Tamatha Baker
    If I could give 0 stars I would have.I am an avid true crime reader and there was no possible way I could get through these books I could not even take his theory s serious enough to laugh at them I could only shake my head and move on I will say I did not read the entire books, so it can be said I missed some big thing that would have made me understand his theory However I m okay with betting it didn t mater how much I read or skipped So glad I only borrowed this book, its not worth paying for [...]

    Adam WalshThis book was to complicated for the average reader I think the author also made decisions of conclusions when no conclusions were there I believe Adam Walsh is dead but I don t think anyone of the people in this book did the crime I think there is or was an unknown killer out theatre and this book is what made me think that.

    True crime is not my favorite genre to read but at least keeps me thinking.

    • ✓ The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two ä Arthur Jay Harris
      454 Arthur Jay Harris
    The Unsolved 'Murder' of Adam Walsh: Box Set: Books One and Two