Î Fly with Me ↠ Chanel Cleeton

  • Title: Fly with Me
  • Author: Chanel Cleeton
  • ISBN: 9781101986967
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Î Fly with Me ↠ Chanel Cleeton - Fly with Me, Fly with Me From the author of the Capital Confessions Novels comes the first in the steamy Wild Aces Romance series U S Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller call sign Burn loves nothing than flying hard and fast
    Chanel Cleeton
    Sign up for Chanel s monthly newsletter to receive exclusive news and updates about her next book bit 1tglPgi.Originally from Florida, Chanel Cleeton grew up on stories of her family s exodus from Cuba following the events of the Cuban Revolution Her passion for politics and history continued during her years spent studying in England where she earned a bachelor s degree in International Relations from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master s degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics Political Science Chanel also received her Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law She loves to travel and has lived in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.Chanel is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency The author of ten books, her latest novel, NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA, will be published by Penguin Berkley in February 2018.


    4 Stars Chanel Cleeton delivered a delightful read that kept me glued to the pages from start to finish A great blend of steam, witty banter and entertaining dialogue Fly with Me was so much than I had expected Equally heartwarming and heartbreaking, this first installment in the series was enjoyable with two well developed characters I fell for from the very beginning I didn t want a caveman, but I wanted a man who knew who he was, and wasn t afraid to be it Jordan is in Vegas for her younger [...]

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    5 Need for Speed StarsReview Vanilla Spice BooksI was 16 when I saw Top Gun for the first time The speed, the elegance of those powerhorses in the sky, the uniforms and hot guys, it all drew me in, fascinated me There is something about military men that is irresistable, too Here is a bit of personal information today I work in civil aviation because I love flying as a passenger as much as traveling It s not comparable to the acrobatic art of flying a fighter aircraft but there is nothing cooler [...]

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    4.5 Game on, fighter boy STARS He didn t fit into any box I d come up with, and now I was coloring outside the lines, imagining all the possibilities of where this could go if I threw caution to the wind I loved this book Seriously loved it Military romance is kind of my guilty pleasure go to when I don t know what else to read and for the most part those books are like painting by numbers Would it surprise you if I told you this book hit all the cliches and still managed to be unique Well it wa [...]

    For Noah and Jordan what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas Jordan s there for her sisters bachelorette party and just looking for a good time But when she meets Noah their connection is instant and they end up spending the whole weekend together The chemistry they have is something neither want to give up but Noah has to return back to the Air Force base in Oklahoma and Jordan has her life in Florida They re both willing to try to make a long distance relationship work but it s going to ha [...]

    This series has been on my radar for months and whilst I know I m a little late to the party, sometimes it s the best way because I had the joy of reading this series back to back I devoured it like a starving woman I d never imagined my life could change so much in just a few short days Chanel Cleeton is a new to me author, but has catapulted herself straight onto my auto read list I didn t go into Fly with Me with any expectations but nevertheless, it was a welcome surprise just how deeply I f [...]

    2 StarsOverall Opinion I was expecting from this one I liked the beginning, but the last 1 3ish was really disappointing I m not sure what exactly happened The only thing I can think of is that the author was so focused on setting up another book that the focus on this book was lost For the last 100ish pages it focused mostly on a coworker best friend of the H s and his feelings for a forbidden woman as well as this woman s personal struggles, and because of that we didn t get good closure with [...]

    ARC provided by publisher author in exchange for an honest reviewConfession time well I really don t think it s so much of a confession since it s no secret that I have a slight addiction to Chanel Cleeton and her books Yes, when I discovered her Capital Confession Series, I was addicted and couldn t get enough of Ms Cleeton s writing and storytelling And so when I found out that she was writing a new series, I was over the moon happy since it meant I get to read from my new favorite author but [...]

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    5 Chupacabra starsI don t even know where to begin to express how much I loved this book Fly with me is going to stay with me for a long time It s definitely one of my top fav read this year Where was I when the book was released Why my friends didn t tell me this one was so good I m so grateful the author contacted me to review her next book Into the Blue and that I accepted to review this one first She can now count on one fan to follow her books She has a way to capture your attention from t [...]

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    LIVE amzn 1TI8erE 4,5 STARSI was so excited to read this new series by Chanel Cleeton Her series Capital Confessions was one of my favorites I love her writing style, each story is refreshing Fly With Me isn t an exception It s steamy, funny and super hot And when I say hotepare it will take you to a whole other level Noah and Jordan are an amazing combination He is a sexy fighter pilot and she is the owner of a boutique.From two different places these two will try for something But how easy wi [...]

    Olga therebelreader
    I totally fell in love with Noah and Jordan and there were so many laugh out loud moments in this book, coupled with very steamy scenes and all of that made for a great read.I totally and completely fell in love with Noah For real He is just so perfect He is sexy as hell, funny and strong And he s an Air Force fighter pilot, which also flips my switch He is a good guy I really loved his character, he was easy to like and he made me all gooey Jordan is such an amusing relatable character you cann [...]

    Jordan s on a bachelorette party getaway for her sister in Vegas when she meets Noah, a sexy fighter pilot and their chemistry is electric The moment they lock eyes it s a whirlwind romance full of lust, and intense emotions They both want than just a few nights, to see if they can build a future together, but living in different states and dealing with Noah s military commitments make it a tough situation I loved that Jordan and Noah were serious about the future from the get go They both were [...]

    What a fantastic story I devoured this book in a day totally unable to put it down Such a simple formula of two people meeting and falling in love but with the added hurdle of living hundreds of miles apart A hot as hell fighter pilot and an independent boutique owner Jordan and Noah had tons of chemistry when they met in Vegas and neither fought it What started out in Vegas definitely didn t stay in Vegas I loved watching them fall for each other and how willing they were to do whatever it took [...]

    edge of bubble
    I ve given better ratings to worse books than this one If this was an unassuming smut romance, it would probably go way better for me than this trying to play with your feelings but I have no creative ideas, so bow down to the unoriginal hammer I use on the plotstuff going on On smut scale it was great Characters meh Story hmmm.

    Who would have thought that I d find forever in a nighclub in Vegas An AMAZING romance I loved everything about this book And then there was the urban legend, Chupacabra like myth of a man who would fuck you up against a wall while he pulled your hair and then spoon you to sleep after The guy who would bring you breakfast in bed with an orgasm on the side The kind of guy who was so masculine that he could get you pregnant just by looking at you.I d spent years searching for that guy, only to com [...]

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    4.5 Love was scary enough Loving a military man was something else entirely We bloody loved this book and Like Jordan, apart from Top Gun oh and don t mention that around Noah we don t think we ve had much experience with F16 fighter pilots in romances and boy, are we glad we rectified that because holy hell, this book had some insane sexual tension even our Kindles needed a ciggy and a lie down than a few times I didn t want a caveman, but I wanted a man who knew who he was, and wasn t afraid [...]

    Is Fly with Me by Chanel Cleeton an invitation to join the Mile High Club No, but it IS a fabulously hot, and deliciously humorous look at finding love and the struggles that it can sometimes encounter Get ready for take off into the world of loving a U.S Air Force fighter pilot as Jordan Callahan and Noah Miller hit sizzling chemistry highs and insecurity lows in their hot and heavy love affair.They met in Vegas, Jordan was wearing pink penises on her head for her sister s Bachelorette party an [...]

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    5 Words Attraction, family, friendship, love, loss.This book had my laughing out loud and it broke my heart.Everything about this book is pretty awesome, but that ending Damn It brought tears to my eyes.And I can t stop thinking about it.Chanel Cleeton is something special in the world of New Adult fiction She makes everything her own and brings characters to life And I loved the characters in Fly With Me, they all click so well, have amazing chemistry.Jordan is not your typical main character S [...]

    ARC received for review4.5 stars I needed an epilogue First thing I ve read by Ms Cleeton, and I loved it There was a serious case of insta lust by both parties, but Jordan made Noah Burn work for it What happens in Vegas doesn t always stay there They really have to work at their relationship with one living in Florida and the other in Oklahoma Great romance with hot bedroom scenes I laughed and cried I loved his friends and can t wait to see their HEAs On, a side noteI just got this ARC and I [...]

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    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup.Wow Justwow Yall, Cleeton left me smiling, with tears in my eyes, and desperately needing book two of the Wild Aces series Fly With Me blew me away What a stunningly wonderful mix of humor, love, lust, heartbreak, and dreamy romance serious reader girl sigh The quick of it is that sometimes the Fates they do conspire a girl meets her the man of her dreams while wearing a bobbing pink penis headband and rocking out to music at a Vegas night club Yeah Not the [...]

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    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI went into this book a bit worried as my husband is a pilot and I have found books with pilot heroes to either be spot on or way off the mark and as Chanel Cleeton was a new to be author I was worried Needless to say my worry wasn t warranted, Ms Cleeton offered up an excellent look at life, love, what it is like to be involved with a pilot and loving a military man She did it with grace, dignity and understanding of what it takes to support [...]

    I am not sure what I was expecting, but wow did I get a heck of a book.When you try out a new author, it is a bit of a gamble, will I like the writing The story Will I be able to engage with the characters the writing style the story itself Yes YES YES You like Noah and Jordan from the very beginning, and you can feel their connection Their attraction is electric and it jumps off the page The scene in the nightclub is wonderful, you feel that connection between them and it is written so well, yo [...]

    Carlene Inspired
    4.5 StarsARC provided by Berkley Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Fly With Me is the first novel in Chanel Cleeton s newest series about a group of fighter pilots, Wild Aces Noah, call sign Burn, is ruggedly handsome, cocky, an amazing fighter pilot, and not much of a relationship guy It s not by choice, just not many can get on board with his love of his F 16 or his constant moving and deployments, for example, he s in Vegas for a week watching his buddies bag randoms on the strip Jo [...]

    Yomi M.
    I loved the beginning and the middle but not so much the ending I thought that the ending was far too rushed and that a few things were left unknown I would have liked to know how their families reacted to what happened at the end but I felt like I was left without an ending I can t wait to read the next book though, I read the excerpt at the end of the book and I loved it

    Title Fly With MeSeries Wild Aces 1 Author Chanel CleetonRelease date May 3, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Fly with Me was my first Chanel Cleeton book and what a surprise it was I heard so many good things about her writing, but you never really know if you re going to connect with a particular author s style or voice I can happily report that she s found herself a new follower As exciting as this book was, the potential that was built with the supporting characters for fu [...]


    Mandi Schreiner
    I really enjoyed Chanel Cleeton s previous political series, so when I heard she was doing a new series about fighter pilots, I got excited Top Gun, y all Except as we learn from our hero, it s not Top Gun These guys are in the Army, Top Gun was the Navy Whatever There are a lot of cute top gun references in this book though.U.S Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller is kind of getting tired of the dating scene Living in Oklahoma City, but currently on a job in Vegas, he knows he can use his fighte [...]

    Wendy Darling
    Well crap, that was good I wasn t sure this was going to be my thing, but I took a chance because I really liked Chanel Cleeton s DC series This turned out to be a really terrific contemporary romance, one that starts out as a sexy vacation fantasy but ends up being a lot Super excited about the rest of the series, too But I can t believe we have to wait until January 2017 for Easy s book, considering the way this one ended Review to come.

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    The lowdown When a book starts off with the heroine meeting the hero while wearing a penis headband, you expect a certain amount of humor It certainly hasa good amount of humor, but there s so much to this contemporary romance than the usual hijinks Jordan Callahan is hanging out in Tao on the Vegas strip with her baby sister, who is getting married, hence the penis headband Now, Jordan s a whole lot of woman, and when she looks up, she sees a whole lotta man in Noah Miller, USAF fighter pilot [...]

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    Love was scary enough Loving a military man was something else entirely We bloody loved this book and Like Jordan, apart from Top Gun oh and don t mention that around Noah we don t think we ve had much experience with F16 fighter pilots in romances and boy, are we glad we rectified that because holy hell, this book had some insane sexual tension even our Kindles needed a ciggy and a lie down than a few times I didn t want a caveman, but I wanted a man who knew who he was, and wasn t afraid to b [...]

    Chanel Cleeton
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