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  • Title: The Chocolate Lovers' Diet
  • Author: Carole Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780755335879
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ò The Chocolate Lovers' Diet ↠ Carole Matthews - The Chocolate Lovers' Diet, The Chocolate Lovers Diet Lucy Lombard thought her Happily Ever After was all sorted when her gorgeous boss finally declared his love for her but when she catches him in bed with another woman it s time to call an emergency m
    Carole Matthews
    Carole Matthews is an international bestselling author of hugely successful romantic comedy novels Her unique sense of humour has won her legions of fans and critical acclaim all over the world A Minor Indiscretion and A Compromising Position both reached the Top 5 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart in the UK You Drive Me Crazy reached number 8 in the original fiction charts The novel Welcome To The Real World was shortlisted for RNA romantic novel of the year 2007 In 2006 Carole co edited with writer Sarah Mlynowski two new editions of the hugely popular Girls Night In charity series called Girls Night Out one for the USA and one for Canada All proceeds go to War Child.Carole has presented on television and is a regular radio guest When she s not writing novels, television or film scripts she manages to find time to trek in the Himalayas, rollerblade in Central Park, take tea in China and snooze in her garden shed in Milton Keynes which is near London, England.


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    Helene Jeppesen
    I was going to give this book 3 stars like I did with the first book, but as I got closer to the end I got and aggravated with the main character, Lucy, and the way the story developed all in all While the beginning of the book was light and easy to read, the ending was unnecessarily long and very hard to get through It kind of turned into a pastiche of a bad comedy movie and I didn t feel any connection to the story any These books are so easy and quick to read because the language is very si [...]

    Oana Kovacs
    Luckily for me, the writer s vocabulary was pretty limited, so I did not waste a ton of time reading this book The plot may have given the book a chance, but the style in which it was written, the inconsistencies, the stupidy of the characters and so many others made it almost horrible Not to mention that the translation in Romanian was also absolutely awful.I knew from the start that this is not a book I d love, I d consciously picked a chick lit piece for some relaxation and a good laugh, yet, [...]

    If you re looking for a thoughtless, easy read, then this is it.Uncomplicated plot, chick flick drama and the chocolate lover s nightmare As in, chocolate is mentioned twice on every page Not very good if you re pregnant and having cravings.The characters feel shallow, two dimensional, with most of their relationships in shambles and treated superficially, and if you re an advocate for the LGBT community, then you re going to have a bit of a cow on stereotyping alone I know I did Several times I [...]

    Rea Cobb
    For those of you who read my review last week on Carole Mathews book The Chocolate Lovers Club, you will know it was a huge hit for me and I couldn t wait to go and get the next book as there was a snippet of the next book in The Chocolate Lovers Club book I brought this book on Sunday and finished it on Tuesday morning I enjoyed this book but I have to say it was not as good as the first one but I have to admit I do find that with many follow on books In The Chocolate Lovers Diet, we meet up ag [...]

    I love chocolate I also loved the first book So I couldn t wait to read the second one.The story goes on Four members of The Chocolate Lover s Club are moving forward Lucy s boyfriend is in Australia, cheating her As a revenge, she goes back to ex boyfriend Marcus Nadia s husband, Toby, seems to quit gambling Autumn has a boyfriend, but her brother is back again Sex kitten Chantal is pregnant what a turnover, she doesn t like children Who is the father And, there is a wedding Whose, I won t reve [...]

    Between The Pages Book Club (Gemma M)
    You know when you find an author who you can always go back to and they never let you down Well that author for me is Carole Matthews I will read all her stories at some point I read the first book in this series The Chocolate Lovers Club a while ago and got straight back into this one with the familiar characters, drama, lies, loss and love This is the perfect chick lit book to escape with and perfect for readers who enjoy chocolate too like me So I blame these books for eating MORE chocolate a [...]

    Angie Owen
    I really enjoyed this book and the one before it I loved the characters but it did make me eat chocolate lol I m looking forward to the 3rd book coming out in the Autumn.

    A fun easy book to read, but think the author over did the chocolate bit can t see in the real world anyone would eat so much chocolate I m sticking to liquorice allsorts for a while The characters stories are good it makes you want to skip forward to see how they are getting on, she has written a prequel and look forward to reading it but not right now still feel sick from the chocolate consumption and I never had any

    Heather Copping
    Another great dose of chocolate in this book, I loved it as much as the first one, a funny and cosy read.

    The Chocolate Lovers Diet catches up with Amber, Lucy, Nadia and Chantal and picks up where Ms Matthews previous novel The Chocolate Lovers Club left off.Lucy is all loved up with Crush but ex fianc Marcus is still lurking in the background, Amber is seeing her co worker, Chantal is still trying to make a go of her marriage to Ted and Nadia is still separated from Toby but he swears he has given up online gambling The only constant in these 4 women s lives is the knowledge that if the call choco [...]

    Sally Ross
    This book would have been so much better if not for the homophobic comments laced throughout the book Here s one passage He s not gay, is he He might want to put me in a big pink meringue of a dress I ll end up wearing some hideous monstrosity and probably fairy wings to boot Then this comment is made the same evening a gay couple break up I was worried that it might take Clive a long time to get over Tristan, but perhaps this is a long time in the gay world.I have saved the best for last Gay me [...]

    I really enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down I was very shocked when Lucy got engaged again to Marcus i really thought she would have learnt from the first time what he was like I didn t expect hinm to jilt her at the aisle though, she clearly wanted to marry him but he pulled out at the last minute I was very shocked when Toby fell to his death in Las Vegas, i really didn t expect that and it was really sad and my heart went out Nadia and Lewis Things looked up for Nadia when she got clo [...]

    Megumi -
    This book, The Chocolate Lovers Diet, by Carole Matthews is awesome book This story is about the ladies who fall in love with someone If one of the ladies get into the trouble or have emergency, they gather to the The Chocolate Lovers Club and talk what happened to them and cheer themselves up These ladies have a lot of troubles, but because they have friends, they can come over their troubles.I like this book very much because women usually have many troubles about friends issues and love issue [...]

    I have enjoyed this book much, much better as the first book in this series, although the first one was good as well It was a total rollercoaster of happenings, things, accidents, a lot of them sooo unexpected I didn t have any idea what comes next and this is what I am really appreciating in books.Of course it was not only about funny things and laugh, there were other problems such as gambling, drugs, death mentioned but it is nice that they didn t built the whole book and although they were t [...]

    Kelly Simpson
    Lucy lombard thought her Happily Ever After was all sewn upwhen her gorgeous boss Aiden declared his love for her, burt she s just caught him in bed with another woman As always, she s not the only one with problems Autumn s new boyfriend has yet to meet her parents, Nadia s husband swears he s given up gambling but she just can t trust him, and Chantal is hoping to save her marriage, but not in quite the way she d expected It s not surprising that these girls are going to need a lot of chocolat [...]

    Nicola Clough
    Another excellent book by Carole Matthews she never lets you down It s an easy read with excellent characters and great story lines that has you guessing all the way through It s a carry on from her first book and follows the lives of four ladies all with different lives and they have difficult decisions to make and they go through hard times but they all have chocolate in common and meet up when times are hard to eat chocolate.

    Again, I couldnt put this down Its typically trashy, girly and fun Was sad when the book ended and i had to say goodbye to the characters Its kind of like knowing you shouldnt be watching Eastenders but you know you love it and cant wait for the Omnibus on Sunday Its certainly put Carole Matthews on my map and will certainly be reading of hers ASAP

    The first book was naturally better than the sequel It was still a fun read and I finished in a few hours There seemed to be many references to different types of chocolate especially English brands which was fun to read, but after a while I just wanted to skip the chocolate references.

    Hmmmm, enjoyed it, still loved the characters but it is maybe a book too far There were a couple of things that were never explained satisfactorily that jarred with me, and characters acting out of well, out of character.at annoyed me, but at the end of the day, a good, enjoyable, effortless read.

    Eva Boktokig Boström
    boktokig 2017 01

    Victoria Sigsworth
    I have read some of her later books and clearly her writing has developed since these earlier ones I don t really need to write a review as there are lots who make the same points I would make However on a positive note, if a reader is looking for a light holiday read, this is probably suitable for this.The one thing I will mention ,however, is the use of bad language,not entirely sure it s necessary to the degree that it s used and I always feel that,in many of these books it seems to be predom [...]

    Sarah Price
    This was so good, unfortunately I read them In the wrong order and read chocolate lovers wedding first, but then chose the chocolate loves club for my book club choice and after finishing that I couldn t resist reading the next This book is brilliantly written, I laughed so hard I snorted, I giggled a lot, I cried, I sighed and got annoyed with a couple of characters But most of all I related to the friendships In it because I have such good friends and there closeness made me smile xx

    Vedha K
    So much cheating, reckless behavior of the characters and dumb chocolate dumping lagging around without working or doing anything worthwhile except eating chocolate and talking and regretting boyfriend choicesUnfortunately I started reading the series so I can t stop without finishing even if it s half worse and half better

    Another fun edition to this series

    As ever highly amusing, moderately heart wrenching but such a good feel good book listened on audio full review to come

    Darrell Rivers
    A feel good, funny read Love the characters and want to read I do enjoy Carole Matthews books.

    I honestly cannot remember this book I know it s about four women and their problem Ive started it three times and it always falls away from me Not going to try again.

    Narcisa Maria
    It really dropped my book rating.

    Lucy Lombard loves chocolate and is the founding member of The Chocolate Lovers Club Fellow members include Autumn, Nadia and Chantal and they all agree that chocolate can cure anything from illness to a broken heart They get together regularly at their little haven, a caf called Chocolate Heaven which is base and almost a second home for them They even have a code for calling crisis meetings whenever a text message reading Chocolate Crisis goes out, they drop everything and head to Chocolate He [...]

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