Ä A Glimpse of the Dream ☆ L.A. Fiore

  • Title: A Glimpse of the Dream
  • Author: L.A. Fiore
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  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Ä A Glimpse of the Dream ☆ L.A. Fiore - A Glimpse of the Dream, A Glimpse of the Dream Teagan Harper is barely ten years old when she finds herself orphaned and sent away to live at Raven s Peak a Gothic estate on the seaside cliffs of Maine Soon though her heartache and loneliness a
    L.A. Fiore
    L.A. Fiore Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Glimpse of the Dream book, this is one of the most wanted L.A. Fiore author readers around the world.


    I read this via Kindle UnlimitedBravo, Fiore, bravo I absolutely loved this I was drawn in from the first paragraph This was a lovely story of love tested over a span of almost 20 years I loved Kane, and I loved Teagan, but there were times where I wanted to slap sense into them This wasn t really all that happy of a story, there were times where I wanted to cry bucketsbut there was lots of laughter and happy moments too.I really enjoyed the main characters, all of them The 2 main characters who [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review image error It is often said that eyes are the windows to the soul and in L.A Fiore sA Glimpse of the Dream, she takes her readers on an emotional, heartbreaking, and touching journey of loss, friendship, love, second chances, forgiveness, and new beginnings With a whirlwind of raw emotion, Ms Fiore was able to interweave the journey of Teagan and Kane from childhood to adults Their journey was a slow building process that blossomed from ch [...]

    Anne OK
    A beautiful and amazing story of two wonderfully crafted characters, Teagan and Kane This book is a magical journey through their childhood friendship, a sweet and tender teenage love, and a deep and everlasting love for one another by soul mates Only don t get too comfortable because there s a lot of angst and trouble to dig through before readers will reach the sunny side Kane broke my heart right along with Teagan s There were times I wanted to hate him But I couldn t not really He pieced me [...]

    I was really excited to find this book on Net Galley I d previously read and loved Beautifully Damaged and while it s sequel wasn t quite as good I d put that down to the fact it was a sequel.This story starts really well with young girl Teagan, recently orphaned, being sent to stay with Mrs Marks a friend of her Grandparents Feeling frightened and alone among strangers she meets Kane, another ward of Mrs Marks He is a couple of years older and is the sweetest boy ever He does everything he can [...]

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    A Glimpse of the Dream by L.A Fiore is another one of her emotional gripping reads Within the first hour of reading, I went through so many feelings it was pretty insane But if you have become familiar with Fiore s work that s what you ve come to expect With that, she likes to switch it up Keep you on your toes and your heart in a vice when it comes to the heroine and hero s relationship This book truly was no different You have Teagan and Kane Two kids who both have suffered tragedy and has fou [...]

    Loved Teagan and Kane were just amazing You are immediately drawn into this story from the very beginning due to the tragic circumstances that lead Teagan to Raven s Peak Then you learn the story that brought Kane to Raven s Peak and there is no turning back for the love and support for these two characters They develop this extraordinary bond that leads these two down the path of an unforgettable, perfect love Upon graduating, Teagan leaves to go to college in Boston but Kane proposes to her on [...]

    5 Toad Beds and Worm Pies Stars An amazing story that I didn t want to end This book had me laughing, crying, hoping and loving I went through every emotion and loved every moment of it.Tea was a strong, lost and heartbroken girl when she met Kade After a life altering event Tea found herself in a place that she didn t know with people she didn t know But all it took was for 1 boy to befriend her and a dream was had Kade took Tea under his wing and became her best friend As years past their frie [...]

    Nikki Levy
    WOW what a read Emotional Heartbreaking Powerful With some humour It has it all How life can change in a blink of and eye but then change again Family isn t always blood Totally loved every minute of this book couldn t put it down real life got in the way a few times but every spare minute was spent reading 5 stars doesn t even cover it, A Glimpse of the Dream had it all it was brilliantly written yet again LA Fiore has blown me away I m now in a book funk only a few authors mange to do that to [...]

    Sharon Matheson
    Young girl sent to live with an old lady She meets a boy also living with him They grow up together and eventually fall in love They make plans for her to go to college and him to join her but he cancels last minute She doesn t hear from him for a long time and hates him Turns out that he was blinded in a fire and didn t want her to feel sorry for him He lied about his nurse being his wife Eventually she found out the truth They end up together and open an antiques store and get their dream life [...]

    This was second chance romance that was both heartbreaking and heartmending The reasonings behind some of the choices made were frustrating, but as the story continued, I could see where both Teagan and Kane were coming from That doesn t mean I agree but L.A did a great job of getting into their heads and telling their stories Watching them age was so sweet When they fell apart, I could feel myself start falling apart But when things were food they were really food And the sexy times were some o [...]

    I am a huge fan of LA Fiore The first book I read was Beautifully Damaged and I was hooked This book was just as powerful You have the beautiful imagery and the roller coaster of emotions that you literally feel as you read Your heart goes out to Kane and Teagan all the struggles and triumphs throughout the book Very well written and a book that really stays with you and makes you think It made me really appreciate the little things in life and big that we sometimes take for granted.

    Another great book from author LA Fiore She really draws you in and you love these characters so much Through the good times and the bad, you stick to it but man do you go through the emotions Always looking forward to the next one from this author

    Loved the beginning, lost the connection half way thru Still a good read.

    Lauren R.
    And L.A Fiore blows my mind yet again This book totally grabbed me hard I could not put it down You want to read a story that sucks you in and takes you for an emotional rollercoaster Then this is a book to read Teagan Kane s story is brought beautifully to us from when they start off as childhood friends and later into their adult lives Tragedy, love, and devastation rock their worlds and it will rock your heart while reading I loved that this story had a mystery that had me guessing and wonder [...]

    Tiffany Willams
    Life happened, sometimes it sucked, sometimes you had to start again, and maybe you headed in a direction you never saw coming The trick was to make it work regardless I had I love a book that throws me for a loop, and boy did this one Just when I thought the story was going one wayBAMI was speechless It was an amazing twist that I never saw coming I love how we are taken through the years of Teagan and Kane s story Starting when they first met at ages 11 and 9 as heartbroken children Kane was t [...]

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    Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin Love is limitless, kind, unselfish and forgiving In the novel A Glimpse of the Dream by author L.A Fiore, we are given a glimpse of an unbreakable bond forged between two young children that grows into an incredible friendship and love that sustains them both through loss, tragedy and redemption Kane and Teagan are soulmates and this is their life journey.Kane Doyle and Teagan Harper s friendship started at young age and blossomed into a beautiful, priceless gift that n [...]

    Escape into my Reads Book BlogThis book made me feel like I had stepped into the story with Teagan and Kane The written words reached out to me and gripped onto my emotions making me feel that ache of longing in my chest Teagan s circumstances made me connect to her straight away and when she entered Raven s Peak I could feel such sorrow and darkness emanating from the gothic building, that I felt it matched the pain and sadness Teagan was experiencing Meeting Kane was like her life line, he was [...]

    Sharon Dunn
    This book was phenomenal It wrecked my heart into so many pieces but was so worth every single bit Extremely heartwarming You will laugh, cry, cheer and fall in love with these characters I know this will be one of those books that will stick with me for years So well written Awesome, awesome job

    Sarah - Vanilla Twist Reads
    I was privileged to receive a ARC for this book for an honest review.This book is so well written you feel the joy and the pain that the words contain, it was an emotional read, I literally had tears in my eyes at times whilst reading it.Teagan has lost both her parents in a tragic accident just before Christmas and is taken to live in Blue Hill, Maine she doesnt know anyone and has no family left Her first night there she cry s herself to sleep to be woken by Kane a boy a couple of years older [...]

    3.75 4 starsI love L.A Fiore s Beautifully Damaged and His light in the dark so I did expect this to be something great Written in first person Dual POV I like the writing style, did skip some of the long internal thoughts I like the story but it wasn t really that exciting I like the story flow and the charactersThe story was too long.

    Susan Gold

    Trash Didn t make it passed 10%

    Jaymy M.
    A Glimpse of the Dream runs the gambit, taking the reader on quite the emotional roller coaster along with Teagan and Kane with multiple layers of hurt, love, pain, forgiveness, deception and misunderstanding Get the tissues handy you re gonna need them before you finish this tale of woe that s filled with laughter, loss, personal and emotional growth, sacrifice and a number of long held secrets L.A Fiore s writing is filled with depth rarely seen in today s fiction The characters develop natura [...]

    2OCC Reviews
    Sometimes you read a book and it strikes every cord in your heart and that s what this book did I laughed, I cried, I swore at the characters and then I would swoon Kane and Teagan are such a strong couple even with everything they went through They overcame pain and ended up on the right side because they deserved that happiness There s not A whole lot I can say about the book with risk of giving spoilers from the entire story I will say that the author was able to mix a lot of great suspense m [...]

    I enjoyed the first 40 60 percent, but lost interest after that The biggest turnoff for me was the endless amounts of dialogue Kane would ask Teagen a simple question like How are you feeling and she d launch into a diatribe about literally everything she s feeling Which works once or twice if it s a big, climactic moment, but it just seemed like the entire novel was this over and over and over endless talking, lots of telling, not enough showing The plot was good, and the whole story had all th [...]

    Harlow Stone
    This book had everything I love in romance Healing, broken hearts and second chances Lets not forget a tortured hero that you will swoon for and fall in love with I absolutely adored Tea and Kane The book starts with them as children, adapting to being adopted and the emptiness they try to fill by bonding with each other And what a bond it is, that stretches over almost twenty years though pain and heartache I can t praise this book enough If you re looking for a book with all the feels, this is [...]

    Vicki Fitzgerald
    Another epic love story by L.A FioreI love all of L.A s books but this one constantly pulled at my heartstrings The struggles between Kane and Tea s relationship not to mention the inner struggles in their personal lives made your heart ache for the characters and yet through their struggles they fought and won I love that each of L.A s stories are so unlike each other and unpredictable If you re looking for a beautiful love story with an HEA ending this book is for you So worth the read

    I justwowThis was such a sweet romantic story I hurt and ached right along with them for the pain they endured multiple times throughout the story I loved having the story through both of the main characters eyes and i liked how unpredictable it was to Throughout half of the book your thinking one thing and then boom, you get thrown off completely by something so unexpected Then right when you think all is good it gets thrown for a loop again Its painful, hard, and yet so real In the end i loved [...]

    Sharon Shovan
    Sometimes a dream comes true instantly and others takes forever But never give up your dream Kane and Teagan, both orphans, met at Raven s Peak Kane was 2 years older than Teagan They were like two peas in a pond Did everything together Teagan wanted to go to college in Boston and Kane was staying at Raven s Peak and wait for Teagan But something happened and Kane turned away from Teagan What could have happened Is their dream gone for good So many surprises, one mystery after another.

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