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  • Title: The Haunting Love
  • Author: Taylor Fenner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Read The Haunting Love - by Taylor Fenner - The Haunting Love, The Haunting Love What would you do if you never got to tell that one person how you felt What if you could go back and tell them exactly how you felt Seventeen year old Izabella De Luca is about to find out after a fa
    Taylor Fenner
    Taylor Fenner grew up in a small town in Wisconsin She s been an avid reader with a vivid imagination since she was very young Most of her childhood can be described as having her nose stuck in one book or another She s a strong believer in ghosts and the paranormal, which led to her interest in writing paranormal romance.An admitted workaholic, when not working on a novel Taylor spends most of her time blogging about books on her blog Taylor Fenner s Bookish World, taking photos for her bookstagram account, binge watching the latest season of her favorite shows, and listening to music that s sure to ruin her hearing eventually.Taylor still currently lives in Wisconsin, not far from where her debut novel The Haunting Love is set Taylor is the author of The Haunting Love, Finding Elizabeth, Out of Darkness Eternals Trilogy 1 , Into the Light Eternals Trilogy 2 , Through the Fog Eternals Trilogy 3, Eternal Fire An Eternals Trilogy Novelette, and the upcoming YA High Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling, Cursebreaker


    Izabella DeLuca and Johhny Becker met in freshman year and Iza always had a crush on him but was too shy Cecilia is Iza s best friend but when it came to Johnny, Cecilia would try and steer Iza away from Johnny as she had a secret crush on Johnny So Cecilia took Iza to a bar and tried to set her up with someone, but Iza just left the bar and was hit and killed by a drunk driver Due to Iza s unresolved love for Johnny, she was sent to Purgatory where she was able to got to Earth and visit Johnny [...]

    Sabrina Bradley
    I received this book from the author through for a honest review I really liked this book a little slow in the beginning but then picks up and does not stop til the end Left me with a feeling of hope and wondering what happens next

    Reader With A View
    An excellent debut novel Shows a lot of promise and I can t wait to see what else this author comes out with.

    Taylor Fenner

    • Free Read The Haunting Love - by Taylor Fenner
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    The Haunting Love