[PDF] I Was Here | by Ü Gayle Forman

  • Title: I Was Here
  • Author: Gayle Forman
  • ISBN: 9780451475374
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] I Was Here | by Ü Gayle Forman - I Was Here, I Was Here Cody and Meg were inseparable Two peas in a pod Until they weren t any When her best friend Meg drinks a bottle of industrial strength cleaner alone in a motel room Cody is understandably shocked and
    Gayle Forman
    Award winning author and journalist Gayle Forman has written several bestselling novels for young adults, including the Just One Series, I Was Here, Where She Went and the 1 New York Times bestseller If I Stay, which has been translated into than 40 languages and in 2014 was adapted into a major motion picture Gayle published Leave Me, her first novel starring adults in 2016 and her latest novel, I Have Lost My Way, comes out in March of 2018 Gayle lives with her husband and daughters in Brooklyn.

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    Jesse (JesseTheReader)
    hear of my thoughts here youtu GiN 1CvvC2kThis book was so emotional The only thing that I really didn t like about it was the romance It was a major turn off for me, but other than that this book was fantastic, but sad, oh so very sad.

    Had you shoved this book at me without any author name written and with the single order to Read.This.Book, I never would have guessed that Gayle Forman wrote this story.Because this is no breathtaking If I Stay, nor inspiring Where She Went Not only do I think that the author rested on her laurels with the writing of this book, if we compare to the ones mentioned above, but I m certain this could have successfully worked, had it been done a little differently.In the first place, I have to bring [...]

    Emily May
    I told Joe and Sue that I was sorry, that I couldn t give a eulogy because I couldn t think of anything to say.It was the first time I ever lied to them.In the hands of most authors, this book would have been nothing than a standard, trope ridden NA romance It almost was, anyway Forman s contempory novels have always contained a heavy romantic element that has propped up the central themes of grief, growing up and friendship This book is no exception, but I felt that this time the story of two [...]

    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    May contain spoilery Cody s best friend Meg has gone off to college and then she ends up committing suicide Cody feels the guilt of not doing all she could to save her friend She feels that it is partially her fault that her friend is gone.She begins her search for answers and ends up finding an encrypted file on Meg s computer With some help she gets it open and finds out that Meg has been participating with one of those awful sites that assist people with suicide It s hard to imagine that some [...]

    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH Oh this book, all the feels Seriously how did I not find this book earlier I have a book hangover This novel surrounded my heart like a cloak How will I go on Oh this bookCody s best friend, Meg commits suicide in the worse way possible and Cody goes on a mission to find how how and why and ends up discovering herself in the midst of it The characters are amazing and lovable and written so well.I love Ben McCallister Oh my gosh I want him as my boyfriend He is r [...]

    Whitney Atkinson
    4.5 starsOh, man Gayle s books are just phenomenal to real because they re so real The emotions are so raw, the characters are so fleshed out This book reads like a murder mystery and I was captivated by page 30 and read it in a day This book is so real and bittersweet, showing the aftermath of a suicide and not sugar coating anything Gayle s voice in writing gets stronger and stronger with each book and this one definitely had me thinking I took off half a star because I thought the end was a s [...]

    4.5 A very engaging, beautiful, and touching story.

    Rachel Reads Ravenously
    4.5 stars Suicide is a very popular topic in the young adult genre, and normally a topic I stay away from But when I saw this book with the pretty cover I couldn t resist.Cody is astonished when she discovers her friend Meg has committed suicide Meg s parents ask Cody to go to Meg s school and pack up her thing, which is where Cody discovers Meg held a very different life than the one she told Cody Due to a weird phrasing in Meg s suicide note, Cody investigates the circumstances of Meg s death [...]

    Well I wasn t expecting to finish this book in one day but HERE WE ARE I listened to the audiobook which I think added to my experience a lot Overall, I thought this book was pretty good I liked the main character alright and her journey was really interesting, as well as the minor characters I also think this is a really important book for its focus on suicide and it s effect In the end, I liked it alright it wasn t the BEST but I m still pretty emotional Tw suicide

    Warning this book may trigger suicidal thoughts Please read as well the Author s Note.To say I was excited about reading this book isn t exactly wrong at all, Gayle Forman is an amazing storyteller but also I was pretty nervous I Was Here is about a topic I ve found myself thinking, not now but way back and so I felt this book was going to be totally great or a disaster For me there wasn t an in between.I Was Here is about Cody, a young girl who is facing her best friend s suicide, they were apa [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader
    3.5 stars I Was Here is a very poignant story about suicide and depression and one that doesn t attempt to romanticize these things either It s raw and yes, very sad but also very relatable and at times I find myself laughing at the main character s sarcasm It s not hard to empathize with a girl whose best friend and probably the most important person in her life, like her other half, took her own life.I like what the story is trying to achieve and I appreciate the plot devices the author used [...]

    Thank God that is over I could have finished this in a few hours but instead it took me 3 days I m getting worked up just thinking about how frustrating this book was This is like a rant rather than a review Things I did not like about this book 1 Cody She was so immature and childish She constantly slut shamed everyone She thought she was amazing just because she was a virgin she wasn t She was irritating and self centered 2 Ben Ben started off as a promising character He seemed realistic tha [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    I Was Here, Gayle Forman 2016 1395 288 2015 .

    Maria Espadinha
    Fatal ou Evit vel Meg e Cody s o ervilhas da mesma vagem Amigas de inf ncia, cresceram insepar veis at que um daqueles designados motivos de for a maior, finalmente as descola Conclu do o secund rio, Meg parte para uma Universidade situada numa cidade distante, mas Cody fica.Meg era divertida e extrovertida Dispunha bem os que com ela privavam, agradando naturalmente, sem esfor oO suic dio e ela n o combinavam N o N o com a Meg que Cody t o bem conhecia Era inacredit vel Impens vel Inconceb vel [...]

    Cait (Paper Fury)
    This is my third Gayle Forman read I read 3 of her books in 10 days and I have to say it s a complete disappointment for me Noooo I went in with high expectations because If I Stay and Where She Went are both beautiful and musical and hilarious books But this Nurgh.It has a very different plot line which is firstly a extremely slow, b lots and lots of telling not showing including sleepy details about when Cody ate slept didn t eat didn t sleep and alright already, I got it, and c I m not entire [...]

    Meg and Cody have been best friends forever, until Meg kills herself in a hotel room and leaves the maid a sizable tip For the past few months, Cody has kept her distance from Meg, separated by all the miles between their dead end town in Washington and Meg s prestigious college But when Cody gets the news from Meg s automated email and goes to pack up Meg s remaining belongings, she finds that her best friend has kept secrets from her she never would have expected Cody embarks on a mission to s [...]

    Aly's Bookish Wonderland
    To read the full review, CLICK ME I tried to write a eulogy for that service I did I pulled out the disc Meg had burned of firefly songs for inspiration The third one up was the Bishop Allen track Fireflies I don t know if I had ever really listened to the words before, because when I did now, they were like a smack from the grave It says you can still forgive her And she will forgive you back.Suicide is a sensitive, difficult subject to write about and only a handful of authors can pull it off [...]

    Christine Alibutud
    I felt calm, peaceful, and full of love And in that moment, I was reminded just why God wants us to forgive Not simply because it s the key to a better world, but because of what it does for ourselves Forgiveness is God s gift to us Christ forgave us He forgave our sins That was his gift But by allowing us to forgive each other, he opened us up to that divine love The article had it rightForgiveness It s a miracle drug It s God s miracle drug.Before anything else, I think this is the very first [...]

    Claire Robinson
    2 If that s what happens to normal, what hope is there for the rest of us Stars.I think I should firstly say that I am a huge fan of Gayle Forman s books She somehow manages to take a bunch of fairly unremarkable, usual characters and give them what starts out as an ordinary story, but with one unique twist, turns them into extraordinary books I am guaranteed to need tissues and want a hug after finishing a book by her, but I always feel I am a better person for having read the story she has giv [...]

    2.5 starsSome new to me info about suicide support groups, but otherwise the novel is remarkably average and formulaic your average narrative voice and even average i am so special i will turn a bad boy good romance, of course accompanied by a losing virginity road trip.

    Can I just speak to the Author s note It defies description It was careful, gentle, thoughtful, respectful It was long, meaningful, different, relatable It cited many examples, it offered numerous resources It screamed YOU ARE NOT ALONE PLEASE SEEK HELP THINGS WILL GET BETTER.This story was decent The evolution or uncovering of the main character s relationship with her mother was very well done Her grief, confusion, isolation, abandonmentl believable The narration was excellent I actually found [...]

    Update 1Cover Rant.When I think of this book, I just think yellow That horrible yellow shade does not compliment the colors of the photo at all and it clashes in the most horrible way Leaving it white would have been better instead of dropping the fugliest bright yellow possible in there And then who puts the NYT bestselling line in between the author s name It would be fine if it was aligned or something, but there s just the biggest awkward space after Gayle and then it just looks so awkward I [...]

    maymay ☕
    I dunno if I am allowed to have an opinion on this book since I ve only reached like 25% but I couldn t go farther It was supposedly about her best friend committing suicide but she s just whining the whole time Other than that, there s really nothingwrongwith the book, just not for me Also, I feel like a very unnecessary romance is going to form and I m just not into it I ll pass It s an act of bravery to feel your feelings 1.5 stars.

    I failed her in life But I won t fail her in death I have no words left in me to explain how heartbreaking this book was.

    I would like to warn those who wish to read this book that this novel is dealing with suicide This was something that I don t usually read It was a heart breaking novel but I really enjoyed it I had mixed feelings about this book but I learned so much It was really different and now I know a little bit about those who deal with depression This isn t something that I would usually read, but I surprised myself and picked this book up This book was really dark and it s not one of those cute contemp [...]

    A truly touchingly sad story.

    I love Gayle Forman s writing Her stories are so powerful and interesting to read about This book deals with a big issue suicide I ve read a few contemporary YA novels that deal with suicide like Saving June which is a great book and they all have different ways of going about the topic.The main character and narrator, Cody, is dealing with the recent death of her best friend, Meg Cody has had a hard life in a very small town and the only stable and constant thing she has had throughout her life [...]

    Initial reaction This was a very realistic, while flawed look into one young woman s grief over her best friend s suicide I liked the attention brought to her grief as well as journeys to understand it, even if some of those steps were rough around the edges and tested my suspension of disbelief.Full review Gayle Forman s I Was Here took me by surprise with how much it resonated with me While I ve appreciated Forman s attention to grief and the emotional journeys her flawed characters have taken [...]

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ YosbeƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
    SoCuando dices que un autor es uno de tu favorito se convierte en un gran peso que llevar, para l, y para ti Porque ambos, lector y autor, corren un riesgo en com n el que l te decepcione.Y definitivamente Gayle Forman es una de las autoras favoritas de muchos As que habr una cantidad de personas limitadas quienes no se sentir n satisfechas por la nueva historia de turno.Lamentablemente me ha tocado ser parte de esa minor a Me siento triste que yo no haya podido llegarle al libro No dir que Gayl [...]

    This was a really big letdown If you re in it for a romance, you ll likely feel satisfied enough.If you re in it for depth of discussion of mental illness and suicide, this is likely harmful than it is a furthering of an important discussion The big issue is what s lost for the romance to take over.Longer review to come, but this is disappointing Forman can write, but this book misses the mark.

    • [PDF] I Was Here | by Ü Gayle Forman
      349 Gayle Forman
    I Was Here