[PDF] .Skinz | by ✓ Tyler Rudd Hall

  • Title: .Skinz
  • Author: Tyler Rudd Hall
  • ISBN: 9780992068455
  • Page: 385
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] .Skinz | by ✓ Tyler Rudd Hall - .Skinz, Skinz Jonas Wakefield enlists Regan King to help him find an art thief In the virtual world not everything is as it seems and the truth will change one of Regan s closets relationships forever
    Tyler Rudd Hall
    Tyler Rudd Hall is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and grew up in rural Alberta in the small farming community of Rosemary There wasn t a lot to do there so he had to keep himself occupied with his imagination and VHS copies of Star Wars After graduating from Rosemary High School he found himself in Edmonton Alberta and enrolled in the Professional Writing program at MacEwan University While there he met his beautiful and talented wife.After graduating he continued to work part time instead of finding a real job and wrote novels when he wasn t working He wrote the first draft of Catalyst for NaNoWriMo 2010 When he finished he started rewriting but found that he couldn t do it because he needed to know what happened in the rest of the trilogy first So he put aside Catalyst for a few months and wrote first drafts of book two and three of The Ronos Trilogy Once all the major mysteries were solved he knew what needed to be rewritten in Catalyst and went back to work on it.Once he edited it several times he printed out a copy and put it in a binder with a red pen Then he passed it to a group of intelligent readers who read it with a critical eye They marked everything that didn t make sense, all the plot holes, all the missed opportunities, all the inconsistencies, all the lame jokes, a ton of spelling errors, and then gave it back.Tyler Rudd Hall spent time making all the corrections they had given him When that was done he contacted a talented local editor named Rhonda Skinner of Words Nest and hired her to give Catalyst a professional edit Once he had her notes he started making all the final changes Without Rhonda Catalyst would have been a hard book to read Any mistakes you do see in the book are there because Tyler hit the wrong key when making the corrections not because Rhonda didn t see them.While the book was being edited Tyler also hired a professional designer to come up with the cover The designer came up with two brilliant covers and choosing between the two was a long and difficult choice Catalyst s cover is its best selling point Everyone who sees it loves it.Catalyst Book 1 of the Ronos Trilogy is the first book of many for Tyler Rudd Hall who has ideas for all kinds of stories His next project is Beacon Book 2 in the Ronos Trilogy which should be ready for publication in late fall 2013 It would be sooner but he s going back to school The he learns the better writer he will become.


    Tyler Hall

    • [PDF] .Skinz | by ✓ Tyler Rudd Hall
      385 Tyler Rudd Hall