Hunter/Prey Best Read || [Sam Sisavath]

  • Title: Hunter/Prey
  • Author: Sam Sisavath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Hunter/Prey Best Read || [Sam Sisavath] - Hunter/Prey, Hunter Prey REVENGE MEANS CARRYING A LOADED SHOTGUN She has been planning this for ten years She s thought of everything and trained for this one single night Nothing could possibly go wrong He s a serial killer
    Sam Sisavath
    Writer of stuff, and things, and whatnot.Website roadtobabylonNewsletter eepurl P6fgTFacebook facebook writerofstuff

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    I love a strong heroine, especially when she is out for revenge This book was short, but action packed There was never a dull moment I really liked the writing style too Another plus is that it was available as a kindleunlimited I will definitely be checking out of this writers work in the future.

    Ten years of research, six years of training, and three years of getting ready for this moment What an intense and engaging thrill ride I absolutely loved Hunter Prey I was hooked from the very first page So much so, I ended up reading it in one sitting So intriguing, it s full of action and suspense with a few twists and turns thrown in It s hard to believe that everything takes place within twelve hours Reading the synopsis, I thought the story was going to be written the way so many other nov [...]

    Very Exciting Loved how this book started Ok, at first I thought it would go a predictable way, but it didn t and I m glad I don t do spoilers and I don t recap Let s just say it is 12 40am and I started the book earlier today It wasn t long, it s just that I do have SOME commitments in my life that seem to drag me away from my books Anyhoo, it kept me on the edge the entire time If you like suspense thriller, this is for you No romance, tho Maybe in the next book I ll let you know.

    I don t guess I ve ever read something that was so intimately inside the mind of a serial killer Intriguing and chilling, and done with a masterful hand that made you really believe him.The pacing was a little scattered, and the plot had a few small holes, but the characters than made up for it The writing style was usually fair, but there were one or two sentences that jump off the page I m a bit of a snob about writing style, and I was impressed This author is worth watching out for.

    Having read Sisavath s Purge of Babylon series, I was expecting a lot from this series Riveting scenes and complex characters, at very the least While this is a decent series, it didn t come close to meeting expectations I didn t fall in love with the characters as I did with Purge , and something just didn t click about the story Also I wasn t too impressed with the premise of the story it just didn t ring true.

    Valerie Worster
    Didn t care to finish itSpoilers I hoped this story would contain a smart, well executed revenge plot From the beginning the girl looses control of the situation and the bad guy continues to rack up kills while perfectly capable sit by and watch I cringed at the use of LOL and ROTFL by a character who is supposed to be a well practiced serial killer The idea has great potential, but the story and execution were terrible.

    Kathy-richard Wilson
    Sam is such a master of suspense This book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time Not a book to read if you re trying to fall asleep Can t wait for this one to be the first of a SERIES

    Quinesia Johnson
    I held back on a star because the initial action at about the first quarter of the story was monotonus i.e he did this, then she did that, then he did this, then she did that Nonstop action to that extensive of a length is a no no When you read this book skim through until the killer gets to the RV camp, then read a little slower Then read at a normal pace when Ally gets to the police station I figured out this method to enjoy the book.I really like this book, actually Believable characters Simp [...]

    Will Decker
    Another strong finisher for Sisavath Lots of action, but not concentrating on the gore, though there was lots If there s anything seriously wrong with this story, it s only that it s too short I enjoyed the strong heroine and how the author moved from one character s mind into the other so we always knew what each was thinking This tactic doesn t always work, because there is a risk of disconnecting the reader But Sisavath pulled it off with finesse Clean editing, well plotted, lots of action, a [...]

    michael pilgrim
    need stars to rate ELEVEN ON A,SCALE OF TENis story was a super good read jusst as you think it is over, bingo it takes off again in the direction you subconsciously want it to go the arthur has very nicely left the door open for a sequel I hope book two is as good I really enjoyed this book carmen can rest in peace I felt sorry for apollo, but maybe book two will remedy that fact wade followed his promise and every thing worked out for the best READ THIS ONE mp

    At first, I wasn t sure about this book I have read ALL of Sam Sisavath s Road to Babylon series and loved them And, now, I love this series This was an action packed, sitting on the edge of my seat adventure Allie Krycek is a strong, determined heroine Sisavath does an incredible job of weaving this story and writing from the perspective of both the hunter and the prey Great read, and I cannot wait to read the next in the series.

    This book was recommended to me on based on other books that I had read This was a great quick read that was fast paced and kept you on a roller coaster ride Just as you thought you knew which direction the book was going to do, there was a twist and the action took a different direction I was pleased that I took a chance to read a new author and will read from Sam Sisavath in the future.

    Wendy Bianco
    Wow The premise of this book caught my attention and I was hooked from the first page The main characters engage in an epic cat mouse in the course on one night Who has the upper hand changes at any given moment and I loved it It kept me on the edge the whole time wondering what was going to happen next It does have some fairly graphic violence but it didn t bother me If you like a good cat mouse story definitely read this one.

    E J Brown
    I have never read anything by this author, but I loved his style This fast paced, short action packed thriller, with a very strong heroine out for revengewho could ask for It was predictable, then bam twisted in ways you never saw coming.a great read I m looking forward to the next two in the series

    Lisa Wingerter
    This book was an action packed quick read Love the female heroine and the fact that the author made her a believable character aka not bulletproof I found the story interesting and enjoyed the style of writing I m not sold that this character can carry another book, but will probably still check out the next book in the series anyway.

    Amy Dexter
    This book started off really well and I really liked the humour all the way through from the killer It just seemed to almost be too short The book finished in no time at all This book does what it says on the tin.

    Sarah Robins
    Fab book Bit of a cat and mouse game between Allie and Beckard, who is a serial killer Fast pace and gory at times but keeps you hooked throughout Can imagine this being turned into a film I loved it Different from most thrillers, horror type of books Well worth a read.

    Good fast paced readThe story is well told and intriguing Parts are a bit far fetched regarding the escapes made and the circumstances involved, however it is still a good read and I enjoyed it.

    Mary Kearney
    InterestingThis is not my regular read I found it a little bit violent than I like However, I kept reading because it held my interest in how it would end I knew Allie would be victorious but again it had some twist and turns I never expected.

    Ruth McCoy
    A great read I am reading this series out of order I happened to read book 3 before book 1 I love this character She is one tough chick I can t wait to read the rest of the series

    Janet Bushey
    Great BookThis is a kind of book you don t want to put down, just have to finish it Not a book for sissies, it has some really gory parts You so involved in reading it, you become part of it Just like standing their watching.

    James A Moore
    Wow, page Turner.Yesterday I was reading a book that I just could not keep reading I started reading Hunter prey It got my attention right away and kept it until I Finished it today Action packed from the beginning.

    Crystal Saario
    Great readWith bits of suspense and gore this book is a good read for those who like thrillers This is my first book by Sam sisavath and I would definitely read the next in the series

    Ana Maria
    I could not stop reading From start to finish it keeps you engaged and waiting to know what happens next

    Ann Thompson
    Fab, riveting Loved it It was compelling from the very start right to the end.I can t wait to read the rest in the series

    Vicky Staub
    Hesitated to read this bookI was quite impressed how much action was packed in this book I was held captivated, and surprised many times Enjoyable and intriguing to the end

    Dana Sullivan
    Pulls you in with action right off the bat A good, quick read.

    Fabuolous quick read Excellent from the start Action all the way, a female heroine and a hero dog What s not to like.

    Kickass heroine, another great story from Sisaveth I already downloaded the next one.

    Steve Switsky
    best book I ve read in a long time plot moves rapidly with many twists along the way first positive review I ve ever written won t win a Pulitzer but will hold your interest.

    • Hunter/Prey Best Read || [Sam Sisavath]
      241 Sam Sisavath