[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Not Letting Go : by Danni Keane

  • Title: Not Letting Go
  • Author: Danni Keane
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  • Page: 142
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  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Not Letting Go : by Danni Keane - Not Letting Go, Not Letting Go YA M M short story When someone dies how are you supposed to behave Josh Roberts has no idea Losing his dad has left him deeply confused He loved his dad so why isn t he crying All Josh can think ab
    Danni Keane
    Danni Keane lives in the depths of English suburbia, where she likes to divide her time equally between writing, daydreaming and napping.Having never really grown up, Danni fits right in at her day job, working with children She spends her days avidly listening to the whimsical imaginings of five year olds, and then rushes home to shamelessly plagiarise their ideas However, she has yet to write a story about an exploding ghost banana Maybe one dayShe loves to read and write all different types of stories, but her favourite characters usually have one thing in common they are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.


    geeeeeeeeee whhhhheeeeeeee squeeeeeeee tweeeeeeee me overwhelmed by sweetness and giddyness Everything about this book feels like a hug This is all that I LOVE about YA books Boys who aren t afraid to be emotional Boys finding love for the first time Boys exploring each other Boys hanging on to the sweetness of youth Josh, our MC coping with loss, uncertainty for the future and experiencing new feelings for a boyhis boyBradley I love these twoI would want my future son to be just like Josh and d [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    Not letting go is a short YA short story by Danni Keane I really enjoyed reading this and it was an easy 5 stars This short story covers two things The death of a parent and growing up Ms Keane did a very good job with both those things while adding in the romance and connecting it with the two main topics.Josh was the protagonist He was a young man who lost his dad and had a couple of small issues with his boyfriend He was 17 years old, growing up and moving on But all that was too much I felt [...]

    NOOOOOOOOOOO I want , MORE, MORE 4.5 starsI read the free prequel to this story, Sunshine and Buttercups, prior to starting this one so I was off and running with the characters and plot page 1 And page 1 is where the first tears fell My tears That s when I knew this was a winner.This is a sweet, YA, friends to lovers story There s a tiny bit of angst and a lot of emotion in this book and I enjoyed every word And of course I d love to see Josh and Bradley s story continue in Ms Keane s future wr [...]

    This story is so cute it almost hurts.

    This is not a long read, in fact it only runs at about 301 locations on my Kindle but in those 301 locations is one of the sweetest, most poignant YA stories Ive read for a longtime The story deals with the loss of a loved parent, first love and the fears and doubts that come with it and the realisation that life is always changing and that things can t always stay as they are Josh and Bradley are 17, they are still in the flush of first love and ready to take their lives into a new stage with c [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Kindle freebie 7 3 15

    Seventen year old Josh s dad has just died He immediately wants his boyfriend, Bradley, to come around Josh can t cry Is he the bastard that he thinks he is Is he Bradley s strong Joshy Or does everyone have their own timeframe in which they grieve When things suddenly hit them Life also goes on and teenage love, whilst emotional, can be strong and grounding when you lose a parent, when life is changing Especially when you need to talk to hold someone who just might understand when you need them [...]

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    I don t generally read very much ya, but this one sounded really good I was not disappointed It grabbed me from the start, and though it was a bit sad as Josh dealt with the death of his father, it was wonderful to see him turn to his boyfriend, Bradley It was extremely easy to feel the emotions at play as Josh and Bradley supported each other through Josh s loss, as well as their journey to college This was very well written, flowed nicely and was just a nice enjoyable quick read I only wish I [...]

    Should be on any high school short story curriculum Seriously Not just for gay teens Especially for their peers Not Letting Go is not only touching, thoughtful and uplifting, it is that important.Potential reader be assured This is not a sad story at all, but keep some hankies at the ready anyway It is a crisp, seemingly effortless, ultimately joyous, unexpectedly subtle depiction of a defining event s in a young man s life that in one form or another will have to be dealt with, utterly unprepar [...]

    I like this book A lot.The a lot results from the courage of this story to attest to an understanding that many reject but that I endorse and that some others also know to be true Someone can be your everything This book, whilst being somewhat of a vignette, highlights a period in Josh s life that is without constancyexcept for his boyfriend, Bradley s, being in his life that it is We enter Josh s life just as he is undergoing loss and change and growth, the kind which surpasses that typically e [...]

    Justin South
    Not Letting Go is a very tender, moving love story documenting the thoughts of a gay 17 year old, Joshy, who learns his long suffering and loved dad has died Who does he turn to in his moments of incredulity, those moments that don t separate reality from non understanding He turns to his schoolmate and boyfriend, Bradley And from that moment we learn, by the author s splendid and skilful word weaving, the boys past relationship and a glimmer of their future.Not Letting Go is a delicately delive [...]

    Kim Alan
    I beta read this, and was most annoyed with Danni for tricking me into reading something all touching and sweet and lovely because it almost moved me to tears NOT a crier, I wasn t happy about that at all However, now that I m over it, this is one of those stories that will stay with me and make me randomly think of these boys at odd times of the day, with a smile.I love Danni s style of writing It s quick and witty, with loads being said in quirky little comments or actions of the characters Th [...]

    4 StarsFor such a short little story, Not Letting Go and its itty bitty prequel, Sunshine and Buttercups, sure does pack an emotional punch.Y A in theme, this coming of age story deals heavily in parental loss and first love The story is sweet and poignant, and the prose is both graceful and thought provoking The combined edition of this book is currently available for FREE at Smashwords.

    I m glad I read Sunshine and Buttercups before this, otherwise it would have been too depressing And with the impact the father s death has in this story, his absence in the previous book is even apparent.

    I received a copy in exchange of honest review Not Letting Go by Danni Keane is a heartwarming story made my eyes fill with tears.In summary The book deals with the loss of a parent Josh Roberts is a 17 year old who loses his dad We understand through the story that his dad has been struggling with illness for a while When his mom comes to tell him about the bad news, he intensely he asks for Bradley his boyfriend Josh comes to terms like My dad died I fell in love Through this short story josh [...]

    This story is sweet and heartbreaking and loving all within a short tale.The main character POV is Josh, a smart, level A student, High school senior to us Americans who is working his way towards uni He s falling for his best mate Bradley and going through tough times with his Dad having cancer He s the image of a lost soul trying to find his way.And while I would love to discuss this in detail, I can t say a word about him and Bradley, him and his dad, or what happens I will say, it roused som [...]

    Again I wish I knew this was a prequel to No Big Deal Having read the two shorts now, I get Joshy a bit than I did having read No Big Deal as a stand alone This made me cry, not only because it was sad, Josh dealing with the passing of his father, but it brought back memories of me losing my dad at a young age I get it now though Bradley and his Joshy and why things are the way they are Ugh The boys are who they are, frustrating and young and just so in love that at times it s all they see But [...]

    Garry Tuckwell
    I m not usually a fan of short stories I invest in the characters only to find them taken away when we ve only just started it s really frustrating This is the exception I read Danni Keane s Not Letting Go on holiday three times and I simply loved it The central characters, Bradley and Josh are beautifully and sympathetically crafted and the story is told with rare insight and empathy The writing simply oozes compassion and understanding.This story is very close to my heart I lost my mum to canc [...]

    Awww, these two are just so sweet I can t wait to read No Big Deal

    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsJosh is so close to his dad and now his dad is gone He s not sure what to do He goes to school, sees his boyfriend Bradley and realizes he has to go to a funeral A funeral for his dad He doesn t cry though He makes plans for next year, when he and Bradley will go away The fact that Bradley isn t making the grade to get into uni isn t penetrating his head There s just so much changing for Josh, how can he cope with it all This young adult short story is emotiona [...]

    Not Letting Go by Danni Keane is short story about loss and the power of love.Joshua s world comes crashing down when his mother tells him that his dad is dead They have known that he had cancer, but in the end the shock is still the same All Joshua can think is to ask if his boyfriend Bradley can come over Bradley is saddened for Josh s loss and will do anything to support him Josh goes numb as the days go by and Bradley is afraid that something is wrong On top of all of this is their upcoming [...]

    Twig Anthony
    This is the first of Danni Keane s work that I have read, and I absolutely adored it It s a fast read, and I didn t expect to be so invested in the characters as a result, but I was hooked I flew threw it, and I couldn t tear myself away until I finished it completely I just want to read it over and over again I ll spare any spoilers but love and loss are captured so will in Keane s diction She has a great talent for engaging the reader quickly I cannot wait to read of her work

    Not Letting Go is a short YA story about 17 year old Josh who just lost his father Josh doesn t know how to behave in a situation like this, he is confused, lost and all he knows is that he wants his boyfriend Bradley by his side.Despite how short this story was, I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end just wish it was longer I highly recommend this YA short story.I demand a sequel

    Not Letting Go is a very sweet and beautiful first part in a YA m m romance serial I felt like everything in this was very real The emotions, the reactions, the hardships, everything I would be very willing to continue on to the next part.3.5 starsJosh is gay Josh wants his best friend Bradley Josh s dad has cancer No one knows Watch him go through life as he s forced to deal with all of those things head on.

    Alejandro Aguirre
    Leer ste libro fue como estar envuelto en un abrazo muy, muy tierno.

    Very cute little love story between two boys Good quick read with some interesting characters.

    Interesting short read about young love and losing a parent It was predictable at times, but amusing and light hearted.

    Jennifer Newman
    Very beautiful and touching Well written.

    WARNING There may be spoilers in this review, but big ones will be marked Actual Rating 3.5Favorite Character Josh RobertsThis was a cute story and I really enjoyed it I didn t see much of a plot to this one, but even with the minor one in there, it was really good Because it was a short story About 27 pages , there wasn t much time to get to know the characters, but in saying that, the character descriptions were very good in the few pages we got to meet them Okay, I must admit the warning at t [...]

    Molli B.
    This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review Thanks This is just my kind of thing Friends to lovers, young adult, a tiny bit of misunderstanding that doesn t drag out forever , a little jealousy, some angst you know, all the good stuff Really, this is a prequel to the longer No Big Deal, so it s an intro to the characters and setup via two short stories for that story than anything, but nevertheless, I immediately connected with both guys, and I liked seeing the [...]

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