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  • Title: Notatki samobójcy
  • Author: Michael Thomas Ford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Notatki samobójcy : by Michael Thomas Ford - Notatki samobójcy, Notatki samob jcy Nazywam si Jeff Mam siostr i rodzic w kt rzy nadal ze sob wytrzymuj Ca a nasza czw rka mieszka w prze licznym domku w prze licznej okolicy w prze licznym mie cie podobnym do milion w innych miast Rod
    Michael Thomas Ford
    Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books, for both young readers and adults, in genres ranging from humor to horror, literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith , the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS , and the gay community The World Out There and Speaking Out and the novels Suicide Notes and Z forthcoming in 2010.His work for adult readers includes the best selling novels Last Summer, Looking for It, Full Circle, Changing Tides, and What We Remember, and Jane Bites Back His work has been nominated for 12 Lambda Literary Awards, twice winning for Best Humor Book, twice for Best Romance Novel, and most recently for Gay Men s Mystery He was also nominated for a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award for his novel The Dollhouse That Time Forgot and a Gaylactic Spectrum Award for his short story Night of the Werepuss.


    Wendy Darling
    Believe it or not, this is actually a really funny book You wouldn t think so based on the title and the subject, but 15 year old Jeff will have you laughing out loud throughout his story He s in a mental hospital because he tried to slit his wrists on New Year s Eve, he s surrounded by kids who are clearly crazier than he is, and his doctor nicknamed Cat Poop doesn t seem to understand that there s nothing wrong with him and won t leave him alone Neither will the various patients who come and g [...]

    This book is an stealthy, cat like emotional NINJAThe story started off all whistling and nonchalant like it was going to be a light dose of fluffy teenage angst Then, halfway through, it crept up behind me, tapped me gently on the feelings and slipped silently into my core to snuggleNinja style We start off meeting 15 year old Jeff who has just awoken on New Year s Day after a botched suicide attempt to find himself involuntarily committed to a mental treatment facility for 45 days Of course Je [...]

    Posted at Shelf InflictedSuicide Notes has 45 chapters, each one representing a day in the life of 15 year old Jeff, who is in the psychiatric ward of a hospital after his suicide attempt on New Year s Eve Trust me this story is not nearly as depressing as it sounds Jeff is quick, witty, sarcastic, and absolutely hilarious as he manages to evade any real discussion with his psychiatrist, Dr Katzrupus, also known as Cat Poop, about what made him try to kill himself During his 45 day sentence , Je [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    The way the book was going I thought I would be okay and not cry I WAS WRONG The main character is Jeff, he wakes up in the psych ward and finds out he s going to be there for a bit of time He tried to kill himself, but we don t find out until the end of the book why I had a love like relationship with Jeff, at times he would say things that got on my nerves but don t we wall do that I loved Sadie, she is a fellow inmate with Jeff and a few others I enjoyed all of the characters I loved little M [...]

    Seven little crazy kids chopping up sticks one burnt her daddy up and then there were six.Six little crazy kids playing with a hive One tattooed himself to death and then there were five.Five little crazy kids on a cellar door One went all schizo and then there were four.Four little crazy kids going out to sea One wouldn t say a word and then there were three.Three little crazy kids playing in the zoo One jerked himself too much and then there were two.Two little crazy kids playing in the sun On [...]

    4 Stars That sounds so weird kill yourself It makes it sound like you tried to murder someone, only that someone is you But killing someone is wrong and I don t think suicide is It s my life, right Suicide Notes it was like nothing I ve expected Despite the title and despite the blurb this was a quite entertaining read It s a YA novel coming of age realistic fiction that was interesting and refreshing and hold my interest not only with its plot, but with its main character as well The story is a [...]

    I really liked the write style feel like you re reading book of 2018 not 2008 funny book i really enjoyed

    It feels a little weird to say that I felt a book about a 45 day program in a juvenile psychiatric unit was really funny But it was in parts This book, written in journal entries from day one of the program until the last day, focuses on Jeff s evaluation of why he tried to kill himself His voice is reminiscent of Holden Caulfield, only he doesn t call everyone phonies just whackjobs Jeff introduces us to the other young adults in the unit, some of whom come and go during his stay He also has to [...]

    What struck me most about this book and unsettled me, to be honest is the brutality of it, sugarcoated by Jeff s self deprecating irony, witticism and sarcastic outlook on adolescence He is one of those characters I particularly appreciate in teen lit for their no nonsense attitude, for just telling things how they are An honest, non emo voice The themes approached in this book are not light, despite seemingly narrated in a light hearted way teen suicide, familial dysfunctions, personal identity [...]

    If you ever manage to become perfect, you have to die instantly before you ruin things for everyone else It was my third book of Michael Thomas Ford and he didn t disappoint me The first one, The Road Home, a contemporary romance about coming home with a nice unexpected twist of mystery in it, has sparked my interest for his works The second one, Full Circle, an amazing epic story of love, friendship and male bonding, touched me greatly and made me feel and think about even days after I d finish [...]

    Jeff isn t crazy He isn t like all the nut jobs in the psych ward he finds himself in He doesn t use drugs to get high, and he doesn t have an eating disorder that makes him throw up his latest meal every ten seconds However, he does have bandages covering his wrists like a mummy and he does recall getting into an argument with his best friend Allie, and he s pretty sure it had something to do with her boyfriend Burke While Jeff spends the next forty five days in the hospital under a special car [...]

    Richard Derus
    Rating 2.5 of fiveAll the points are for the ending, which is entirely worth the long, tedious, acne inducing slog to get there.Seriously the world NEED to hear about adolescence any Is there something we missed, as adults, while going through that training ground for evil demons called junior high that s middle school for the under fifty set If so, is it something that we actually need Basically No no no Poke me with a fork, I m done.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution N [...]

    Natalie Monroe
    4.5 stars That sounds so weird kill yourself It makes it sound like you tried to murder someone, only that someone is you But killing someone is wrong and I don t think suicide is It s my life, right There was a period in my life when all I read were issue driven contemporaries Eating disorders, suicides, rape the works But then all that excess of Jodi Picoult and Laurie Halse Anderson made me seriously depressed and I moved on to the bestselling Paranormal Romances at the time Boy, was that a w [...]

    I used to think this was sort of a contemporary YA cult, for some reason, but I just realised that not many of my friends have read it In any case, it should be a cult, if nothing else because it s a book that can help It can help teens understand themselves and others and it can help adults understand teens.It s divided in 45 chapters, one for each day Jeff spends in the psychiatric ward of a hospital following his failed duh suicide attempt, but it feels like 45 minutes I gobbled it up in less [...]

    Pavellit Off
    The time when a prominent YA gay character matures emotionally, regardless of using an idealized MM romance with sexy edges approach or just a window into a gay realistic man s world, is and it s gonna be so touching subject to me Until gay guys don t have to sit their parents down and tell them they like boys without making this ginormous deal out of it You practically have to hold a news conference and take out an ad in the newspaper Why Why is it that you have to warn people about who you are [...]

    This is a very successful and fully realized first person point of view Jeff s feelings and experiences are enveloping In some ways I feel like the major themes in this book need to be spoiled, because it will attract readers But on the other hand, I think that it was a real stroke of genius for the author to leave us in the dark Jeff would rather forget and reject himself, and so by extension, do we We only come to realize what Jeff is going through in small degrees, which perfectly mirrors th [...]

    4.5 stars It s a really crappy feeling to realize that your entire outlook on your life can be controlled by some little pill that looks like a Pez, and that some weird combination of drugs can make your brain think it s on a holiday somewhere really sweet when actually you re standing naked in the middle of the school cafeteria while everyone is takes pictures of you Metaphorically Or whatever High Points.I actually choked with laughter on my panad at approximately 90% of this book The other 10 [...]

    Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    4.5 starsAfter an attempted suicide, Jeff wakes up in a psychiatric ward where he is forced to spend the next 45 days He doesn t want to and he s determined not to cooperate, but his stay isn t optional and his parents refuse to take him home Finding their son almost bloodless in a bathtub isn t something they particularly want to relive, and if the psych ward is what it takes to keep him alive, that s where he ll stay for as long as it takes Jeff handles his situation with lots of denial wrappe [...]

    This was kind of an average read for me I didn t think it was really deep or hilarious There were a few things that Jeff said that made me laugh but I didn t actually like him until like 2 3 s of the way in He became bearable then and also said some insightful things listed below He was snarky and mean and I wasn t impressed at all I always have an issue with unreliable narrators like Jeff I mean he doesn t tell us the whole story straight away and I don t understand why not view spoiler Sure, h [...]

    Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    While I did enjoy this, it didn t quite tickle my funny bone or have the emotional impact it seems to have had for a lot of other reviewers It is, however, an important topic that needs to be talked about without all the taboos that surround it.

    C Steiner
    The saving grace of this book for me what brought it up from one star to two is that I needed to keep reading it in hopes that the writing would suddenly interest me Books about mentally ill teens are rare enough, and books about LGBT youth are even scarcer However, Suicide Notes was overall a disappointment on both fronts.The book opens with 15 year old Jeff arriving in a mental hospital on New Year s Day after a suicide attempt, reluctant to serve his 45 day sentence From the get go, his voice [...]

    I ll say it flat out I detested this book If I had read it ten or fifteen years ago, I may have thought it was okay, but this isn t the early nineties any Gay kids don t always have to hate themselves and try to commit suicide Even if it does actually happen sometimes in real life, isn t it better to STOP writing books about how troubled and messed up gay kids are, and focus instead on writing books about how gay kids lead, I don t know, happy and productive lives Think Alex Sanchez, David Levit [...]

    AUGUST 2015 BOOKTUBEATHON DAY 2 Just because your life isn t as awful as someone else s, that doesn t mean it doesn t suck You can t compare how you feel to the way other people feel It just doesn t work.What might look like the perfect life or even an okay life to you might not be so okay for the person living it This book is so important powerful It portrays so many themes and messages so perfectly with such authenticity that Jeff is one of the most uniquely realistic characters I ve read.Ther [...]

    If you haven t read this, you need to soon I love Jeff He s sarcastic, funny and easy to relate to He says some very witty things, and for a book about suicide, there were some pretty funny moments that made me LOL He also says some very introspective things too.I like that view spoiler the author made Jeff an LGBT character without making his sexuality all that there is to him Jeff is a very complex character, and since you don t find out he s gay until the end, you get to see Jeff as a person [...]

    This was to be a brief, light read between heavier books Brief, yes Light, not so much It was definitely humorous, a 15 year old wakes up in a mental ward after trying to kill himself Ok, I know that doesn t sound funny, but it s in the delivery I knew that part going into it, but around the halfway mark issues are revealed, to us and the narrator himself The journey is short, only 45 days in the ward, but there s certainly a lot going on, involving therapy, parental visits, and other kids in t [...]

    This had zero emotional impact on me It wasn t even bad or boring, but it just didn t affect me at all.

    Let me tell you something, seeing your name and psychiatric ward on the same piece of paper isn t the best way to start your day.Suicide Notes was a quick, witty, funny yet raw novel about Jeff, a 15 year old boy who attempted to commit suicide After being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Jeff has been told he will be completing a 45 day program to help understand and treat his mental health issues and get his life back on track.Jeff was sarcastic and straight forward, his thoughts were no no [...]

    Oh book, what do I do with you You started off great, got me laughing so hard at times, preventing from going to bed for just a bit longer, bit longer I promise , and then you turned into just another ya novel.I absolutely loved the narrator s voice and his on point sense of humor, but I didn t care about him.And the other characters I m pretty sure that by tomorrow I won t even remember their names.

    4.5 starsFull review can be found at Greedy Bug Book Reviews Suicide Notes is told in first person from Jeff s point of view Jeff has been placed in a psychiatric facility for forty five days after a suicide attempt Each day at the facility is chronicled in Jeff s own words While the subject of the book is quite serious and should be taken as such there are a few humorous parts as well Jeff is a typical fifteen year old boy and his words and actions prove this There is an interesting cast of cha [...]

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