☆ Sophomores and Other Oxymorons ✓ David Lubar

  • Title: Sophomores and Other Oxymorons
  • Author: David Lubar
  • ISBN: 9780525429708
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ☆ Sophomores and Other Oxymorons ✓ David Lubar - Sophomores and Other Oxymorons, Sophomores and Other Oxymorons Scott Hudson has somehow managed to survive Freshman year But with a new baby brother in the house and a whole host of adventures awaiting him at school Sopho year promises to be anything but boring
    David Lubar
    David Lubar created a sensation with his debut novel, Hidden Talents, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults Thousands of kids and educators across the country have voted Hidden Talents onto over twenty state lists David is also the author of True Talents, the sequel to Hidden Talents Flip, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror selection several short story collections In the Land of the Lawn Weenies, Invasion of the Road Weenies, The Curse of the Campfire Weenies, The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies, and Attack of the Vampire Weenies and the Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie series Lubar grew up in Morristown, New Jersey, and he has also lived in New Brunswick, Edison and Piscataway, NJ, and Sacramento, CA Besides writing, he has also worked as a video game programmer and designer He now lives in Nazareth, Pennsylvaniacmillan author davidl


    Arif Zulkifli
    I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH It s so genius There are a lot of wordplays in this book, than the first book And I learned a lot, I tell you a lot, about English vocabs and their figure of speech Definitely wil reread this again, and note down all the new things that I ve learned Maybe for a plot driven books reader, this book may be a bit flat, but the knowledge is totally worthed Give it a try guys

    I read the book SOPHOMORES AND OTHER OXYMORONS The main character in the book was Scott Hudson His friends in the book are Lee and Wesley Scott is characterized by someone that can face anything after his crazy freshmen year in high school Then, Lee is characterized as the girl that Scott hasn t asked out on a date yet In the beginning of the book, Scott is coming off summer break when he spent time with Wesley and Lee Scott is really pumped to start school, but soon after school starts Scott re [...]

    J. Peters
    Sleeping Freshman Never Lie was a book that caught me off guard It was a very plain and obstensibly boring take on a kid s first year in high school, set in a sitcom esque world where things tended to end a little too cleanly And yet, despite that, it was one of my favorite young adult books after reading it, and I ended up reading it several times after that The beauty lied in it s simplicity It was like a novelized form of an Archie comic not in the sense of the story it was trying to tell, bu [...]

    Woah, was this book actually written 8 YEARS after the first one Holy moly

    Ah, the rarely awarded five star prize I throughly enjoyed this young adult novel The second in a series by David Lubar, the story chronicles the sopho year of an highly intelligent word loving boy Already well versed in puns and other such word play, fifteen year old Scott Hudson is introduced to than 47 new literary devices most of which were revolutionary to me as well by his seemingly imperturbable Honors English teacher Between tackling the difficult job of pleasing his teachers, writing T [...]

    Evelyn Vaca
    Sophos and Other Oxymorons by David Lubar is definitely a read that will make you laugh This is the second year at Scott Hudson s high school He comes across a lot of trouble grade wise, he is spending time helping a freshman get through his first year, and so much commotion at home, too What bothers Scott the most is his friendship with Lee I feel like this book could have had a better eye grabber in the beginning, but overall, I enjoyed the complexity in vocabulary I learned how tautology is [...]

    It s been a while since I have written a review, but this book is a good reason to get back in the game I was concerned this novel was going to be a flop I was happily mistaken Trust in David Lubar to deliver another spectacular novel that is a perfect continuation of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, it is as if 10 years never passed If you haven t had the chance to read any of David s writing I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to open Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie and Sophs and Other Oxymorons.

    Ellie Kumer
    This book was so fantastic, David Lubar really has a way of getting into the mind of a teen and create down to earth characters with real problems As a sequel to his first book I was thoroughly impressed that it was equally as good of a read as the first and it feels as if readers pick right back up where they left in the life of Scott Hudson.

    Zoe Hynes
    I really enjoyed this book It was very easy to read and a surprisingly good sequel Definitely made me feel ready for my own sopho year I also really liked the story and I think I ve learned some new literary terms

    I didn t manage to solve a single zenger zingers and was too lazy open a dictionary.

    I really liked this book as a connection to Sleeping Freshman Never Lie David Lubar doesn t add anyone new to the story which makes it focus on the the main person, Scott Hudson Scott Hudson may have lost his best friend, Kyle but can he get him back Can Scott get back the best friend he has had since Kindergarten Scott having to face other problems along the way such as his baby brother Sean waking him up at 4 00 in the morning everyday Or could it be his grades Could his grades affect his sop [...]

    Kai Smith
    I loved this novel, I also did like the prequel This is a very good novel and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new terms and other things that the main character talks about and I loved how to story was and I can relate to Scott Hudson and his school year of how he was able to bring his grades up last minute and I too get somewhat inspired by David s work I would love to get a third book if he is going to make the squeal to this.

    4.5I loved this follow up Honestly, I didn t enjoy it as much as the first too many cringey moments in dialogue and not as many unexpected plot points but overall still an awesome story I would recommend to young readers and educators alike Here s hoping for recounts of Scott s junior year

    Kianna Esslinger
    it was very good.

    Rivka Jr. L
    I agree that it wasn t as good as the first, and the main character was frequently annoying But it s still clever.

    This was an awesome sequel It was just as funny as _Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie_, and it had a great resolution I definitely recommend it.

    Fun book to read and listen to.

    Mrs. Moore
    The story was not as engaging as the first book which explains why it took me so long to finish However, the word play and knowledge made it worth it I may use the Zenger Zingers as a critical thinking exercise in my classroom.

    There are few authors who truly understand teenagers better than David Lubar In Sophos, his first YA novel in quite a few years, he demonstrates that he hasn t lost any of his considerable talent This book improves on its already spectacular predecessor in every conceivable way Lubar deftly weaves a tale of relationships, figures of speech, politics, and hubris in what might just be his best tale ever He applies his manifold skills as a humorist and an observer of human nature to create a tale t [...]

    Mrs. Lapacka
    Fun, but not quite a wonderful as the first in the series.

    Kayla Cooper
    1 The character s in this story all varying strengths and weaknesses Each character s actions are very consistent with their individual struggles, especially the protagonist Scott Hudson His actions are portrayed through his egotistic, yet talented writing abilities throughout the entire novel One struggle that made Scott s ego deflate was the harsh reactions his English teacher gave him regarding his writing Scott s actions in response to being shot down by his teacher were well thought out, bu [...]

    Sally Kruger
    Knowing how popular David Lubar s SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LIE has been with my students, I didn t hesitate to pick up a copy of SOPHOMORES AND OTHER OXYMORONS as soon as it hit the bookstore In my opinion, the continuing high school adventures of Scott Hudson did not disappoint.Things have definitely changed since the arrival of Scott s baby brother Sean Other than the fact that the little guy is usually loud, moist, and smelly, he is kind of cute Scott s father is still hoping to open his own g [...]

    4.3 5 This book was honestly a blast to read Following Scott s second year of highschool was interesting because you get to see his personality and go through all the ups and downs with him He s not freshman any but he discovers that there are still challenges to go through as a sopho I think people can relate to Scott s challenges regarding schoolwork since we all struggled with catching up at some point Another great relatable topic the book touches on is relationships Friendships, old ones [...]

    Sigh, I am happy My inner word geek exulted and danced.I guess I don t need to elaborate that I am in love with David Lubar s writing style.This might be an understatement, but I had read many books I have read good books, awful books, inspiring books and depressing books One thing I noticed is that authors tend to promote their belief and agenda in their stories How could they not A story need a purpose, so of course authors will leave their fingerprints all over the stories This is not wrong I [...]

    I had not previously read Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie because I was unaware of its existence until after I was done However, Sophos and Other Oxymorons was a fabulous standalone novel.The reason I give it a four star rating is because of the arrogance Scott has and lack of chemistry between Scott and Lee Lee and Scott are great friends for each other but they have no chemistry The thoughts consisting of I should ask out Lee and Her father will add me to his trophies became repetitive over time T [...]

    Kaitlyn Abshire
    Sophos and Other Oxymorons follows Scott during his sopho year of high school He is now very good friends with Lee a girl he was embarrassed to be seen with his freshmen year and also very good friends with Wesley one of his former bullies He is getting used to living with his baby brother and the fact that is older brother is getting very serious with his girlfriend.I definitely liked Scott in this book He was confident and even took in a small, helpless freshman under his wing On the other h [...]

    Stephanie Kaye (In Wonderland)
    Sophos and Other Oxymorons is the second installment to Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie I loved the first one for many reasons This one, I only liked I didn t find it as enjoyable as the first one I think the writing is superb David Lubar does a wonderful job with the wordplay and humor But I feel like there was something a little lacking within this second installment.I still really enjoyed all the characters In fact, I think I like Scott even within this book because since he has grown and he has [...]

    This book was fantastic It follows Scott Hudson as he moves on from his freshman year and on into his sopho year But just when he thinks he s mastered high school, the drama starts From tough teachers to home drama, Scott learns that maybe high school isn t something you can master To be honest, when I first heard about this sequel, I was equal parts excited and weary After 10 years, I was worried that Lubar would have lost sight of his characters I honestly didn t think that SFNL needed a seque [...]

    This book was a sequel to Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie I really liked that book because Scott, the main character, was funny throughout the book I did not like Sophos and Other Oxymorons as much as Sleeping Freshmen.In this book, Scott is in 10th grade He mostly hangs out with his friend, Lee He misses his friend, Wesley, who graduated last year He makes friends with a freshman named Jeremy, who gets bullied all the time Scott still writes for the newspaper, but in this book he does not have to c [...]

    Ten years after publishing Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, David Lubar has published Sophos and Other Oxymorons The first book was about the main character, Scott, struggling to adjust to his freshman year of high schoool As may be obvious from the name, this is about Scott s sopho year of high school Scott expects sopho year to be a breeze compared to his previous year But changes at home, an undefined relationship with his friend, and trouble with teachers biology and particularly English make hi [...]

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