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  • Title: Thoughtful
  • Author: S.C. Stephens
  • ISBN: 9780751560435
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Thoughtful | by ↠ S.C. Stephens - Thoughtful, Thoughtful In Thoughtless Kiera told her story Now it s time for Kellan Kyle to share his side in Thoughtful The only place Kellan has ever felt at home is on stage Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar he ca
    S.C. Stephens
    S.C Stephens is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance Her debut novel, Thoughtless, an angst filled love triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle, took the literary world by storm Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of Thoughtless in 2009, stories were quick to follow Stephens has been writing nonstop ever since.In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading fabulous novels, loading up her iPod with writer s block reducing music, heading out to the movies, and spending quality time with her friends and family She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her two equally beautiful children.


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    OHHHHH MY GOD This is Kellan s POV of Thoughtless BLURB The only place Kellan Kyle has ever felt at home is onstage Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar, he can forget his painful past These days his life revolves around three things music, his bandmates, and hot hookups Until one woman changes everything Kiera is the kind of girl Kellan has no business wanting smart, sweet, and dating his best friend Certain he could never be worthy of her love, he hides his growing attraction until Kiera s ow [...]

    S C Stephens hit the jackpot with this one Thoughtful is the best book from a male POV I ve read It was even better then Thoughtless Unbelievable One day later, and I m still recovering from the total mindfuck that Thoughtful was I had forgotten just how frustrating the Kellan Kiera Denny love triangle actually was, and it left me completely drained But I loved every second of it Kellan Kyle is worth everything This is S C Stephens at her best Thoughtful was everything I ever could have hoped fo [...]

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    5 Stars for Kellan Kiera My Casting KellanKieraI don t even know how to review this book Kellen Kyle will always be my number one and that s pretty much the beginning and the end I have a life without you You re not my entire world You re just the part I loved the most Usually, I just do not have the patience for these alternate POV books I can t do re reads and I feel like authors just copy and paste these books, change some of the inner monologues and whack it on to get us to part with our mon [...]

    K. Bromberg
    Just when you thought you couldn t love him , S.C Stephens makes you fall in love with Kellan Kyle all over again In typical fashion, S.C draws you in, makes you feel like you are part of the story, and then doesn t let you go until the very last page Emotional, addictive, and a story you ll come back to time and again Superb

    Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    FOUR STARS BR with Mel and Sharon She was my greatest pain, and my only salvation She was the only one who could heal this hole in my heart, a hole she d torn open.This was a really hard read for me I know that I must be just a touch sadistic to have read the series FOUR times, but Kellan truly is my 1 and he s worth the torture When I finished reading Reckless two years ago, I sent an email to S.C Stephens, just gushing over the book and BEGGING her to write Thoughtless over in Kellan s POV I w [...]

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    3.5 stars I can t remember the last time I read something that was purely the alternate POV of the same book maybe it was Walking Disaster Hmm I don t remember, but the point is I don t read those much because I don t want there to be a risk of ruining the original version of the story I took a leap of faith this time because of the hero Kellan Kyle He s one of my all time favorite book boyfriends and there isn t much I m not willing to endure while reading if it means he ll end up in a better a [...]

    LIVE on I don t think there has been or ever will be another rocker that owns my heart like Kellan Kyle I still remember all the things I felt while reading Thoughtless Whether you love or hate it, you have to give credit when I book completely owns you Thoughtless completely owned me, so while I was terrified to start this one knowing what was going to happen I am glad I did As I tell my friends, how can you pass up the chance to be in Kellan s head This review will be a little different since [...]

    4 I love you Kellan Kyle, even when you look like an obsessed psychopath Stars I will not dwell on explaining this book s story, because I don t believe there s many readers who don t know Kellan s and Kiera story Even the people who didn t read the books Basically, girl moves to another city with boyfriend, they going to live with boyfriend s friend, boyfriend finds a job in another city, girl and friend fall in love, huge mess happens In a very short way, it s basically it.We ve read this stor [...]

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    3.75 I m so very sorry and I feel very guilty about this stars Three years ago I had a baby.Three years ago I had a baby that fed continuously through the night.Three years ago I started to read again.Three years ago I fell for Kellan Kyle.Three years ago I stayed up till 4am reading thoughtless then 5am with Effortless.And Three years later I read Thoughtful in TWO LONG WEEKS even after staying up late reading I dream about you sometimes about what it would have been like if Denny hadn t come b [...]

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    This was my very first audiobook and let me tell you, it s not as easy as it sounds and the experience is certainly different Sure, listening to an audiobook is very practical, but if you re visually oriented person like me, it takes some time to adjust I didn t know what to do with my hands and my eyes at first, however stupid that sounds Another problem was that sometimes I couldn t focus, my thoughts often wandered off somewhere or the narrator s voice lulled to sleep But once I got used to [...]

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    3 I m Sorry StarsI can t tell you how happy I was when I heard that this book was going to be written I Loved The Thoughtless Series and I loved Kellan and Kiera Thoughtless was a tough book because of the cheating content but the growth of the characters through the entire series was spectacular While there are many Kiera haters, I was not one of them, she was young and in a situation that was hard to navigate but in the end, all was wonderful.So back to Thoughtfulis is Kellan Kyle s thoughts i [...]

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    Since this is essentially the same story as Thoughtless but from Kellan s POV, I won t be doing a regular review on the story I ll just be posting my views on our all time favorite rocker Love that little smirk I knew this book would be difficult but I really had no idea how bad it would be At moments I wanted to hug Kellan and at the same time be the fourth person to smack his face Kellan just feels so deeply and I think it s because he s shut down his feelings for so long When he starts connec [...]

    3 STARS For a minute, I could pretend that I meant everything to her, because she was certainly starting to mean everything to me Y all know I m a self proclaimed angst whore but if there s any book I ve read that managed to cause a massive explosion of blood vessels and induce Kindle throwing outburst, Thoughtless is THE ONE Everytime I think about that book and the most indecisive heroine that is Keira, the amount of RAGE I feel is enough to cause me stomach ulcers But alas there s Kellan Kyle [...]

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    Seen this on and was likeMORE KELLAN FUCKING KYLE I am sofucking happy right now I want my Kellan NOW I need this now

    3,5 stars I m glad I had this book on audio because if I were to read it, I would have probably DNFed I am so mad I gave this one a go, I wish I hadn t and could still remember the story the way it was when reading Thoughtless It wasn t bad but I somehow didn t enjoy it Kellan turned out to be too whiny, Kiera was her indecisive mean self hurting one and stringing the other along and I only felt sorry for Danny One particular thing at the end bothered me too much this time view spoiler both Dann [...]

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    Anyone who knows me or actually should I say anyone who LOVES this series has been waiting for this book for what seems like ForeverAnd boy It was worth the wait and SOO SOOO much Words cannot begin to describe how much I loved this book Besides the fact that S.C Stephens is an amazingly talented author I think I already knew I was going to love it before I even turned the first page Yes I am a Kellan Kyle fan And I never really hated Keira Kellan is so deep In this book that it honestly brings [...]

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    Do we all remember what happened in Thoughtless When Kiera told us her story Now it s Kellan s turn And I just know that it s going to be sooo amazing And so sad and moving and frustrating and just beautiful.To prepare for Thoughtful, I re read the whole series I just couldn t help myself Kellan is my all time favorite Book Boyfriend But now I m not so sure if the re reading was wrong it might ve been better to go at THOUGHTFUL with a bit distance to the whole story it s not like I ever forgot a [...]

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    5 EMOTIONAL STARS I would never be the same after this We would never be the same after this We ll start by saying if you haven t already done so we strongly suggest reading Thoughtless before reading this book Although set in the same timeframe, reading Thoughtful will allow you to experience the shift in this story told from Kellan s perspective And secondly Arrrrggghhh this book Our hearts We are exhausted Emotionally wrung out I wrapped my fury around me like armor Let her try to find a crac [...]

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    3.5 Stars Now LIVE amzn 1ApIw35 UK amzn 1ENgpuwThoughtful is the highly anticipated novel that gives us Thoughtless in Kellan s Point of View Thoughtless is one of my favourite angsty books of all time so even though I normally avoid the retelling of books like the plague, I really wanted to be able to feel Kellan s pain through his own eyes.The book starts a few weeks before he meets Keira and we are reacquainted with Pete s Bar, The D Bags and all the people that we grew to love in the Thought [...]

    Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    I am not afraid to admit that the Thoughtless Series is my go to read when I m in a funk There is no better, for me, than Kellen Kyle when it comes to book BF s He was my first literary crush and to have 300 some pages of his most inner thoughts and feelings just staggered me.Reading Thoughtful brought back so many of my favorite scenesffee and stolen cuddles with a moody rock God, passion ignited in an empty expresso stand, and the love hate combustion of emotions in the rain I was again on edg [...]

    Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2.5 stars I d like to put a disclaimer before I even start this review S.C Stephens is an amazing author and she is one of my favorites Nothing I say below has changed my opinion of her as an author.I just wanted so much because I know how awesome she can be Did she realize I screamed my heart out in my lyrics Did she understand that my life left me feeling vacant inside That I was so fucking lonely I almost couldn t stand myself Love this line.This hurts me to say, worse than any of you can im [...]

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    ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review OH GOD OH MAN OH SH T.The cover is PERFECTION TEASER FOR THOUGHTFUL She handed me the necklace, and my fingers were shaking as I took it The guitar was perfectly crafted, delicate, but sturdy, and there was a large circle diamond in the center that sparkled in the lights It was me, and it was Kiera the perfect embodiment of what we were, or rather, what we d never be I couldn t think of anything better to give her, to help her remember [...]

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    4.5 Mornin STARS He knows that I m a friend of yours, but doesn t know I ve crossed the line.I know you ve got a man in the picture, but it hasn t stopped me yet.We ve all been in one situation or another we regret.Now I m the other man, no one s rootin for me.If I m the other man, nature will abhor me.To be the other man, no one s sympathizes.When you re the other man that everyone despises.He s going to find out that the rumours are true.The love that I ve still unbeknownst to you Sloan The Ot [...]

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    3 starsIf I thought Thoughtless was angst overload, this book was worse My poor heart hurt for KK but I think this book didnt do him justice He became needy clingy obsessed with Kiera and his thoughts got repetitive.I was gonna give 2 stars but then I realised not many books can give me the feels, whether they made me smile uncomfortable throw my tablet against the wall So even though I took countless breaks I was in the mood for a bit of torture.I would recommend if you enjoyAngst Angst AngstSe [...]

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    facebook SCStephensAuMerged review 4 You Mean Everything To Me Stars BR with Patty Sharon I felt comfortable in the spotlight than I felt being alone.In Thoughtful we get Kellan s side everything he was feeling I liked his POV finding out how gone he was over Kiera from the beginning We also get of his past with his family how worthless and unloveable they made him feel growing up We get from his past with Denny too how they bonded like brothers from the start We see how desperate Kellan was [...]

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    3.5 stars Please don t hate me before you read this review.One thing that was evident when I started reading Thoughtful is that I don t, or I didn t, understand Kellan Kyle near as well as I thought I did So far, we have gotten Kellan s explanation through Kiera s POV as to why his lifestyle was filled with meaningless sex, music, and meaningless sex His past dialogue has enlightened us to why he needed those women, that connection However, it wasn t until this book that I truly understood it, [...]

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    5 EMOTIONAL STARS I would never be the same after this We would never be the same after this We ll start by saying if you haven t already done so we strongly suggest reading Thoughtless before reading this book Although set in the same timeframe, reading Thoughtful will allow you to experience the shift in this story told from Kellan s perspective And secondly Arrrrggghhh this book Our hearts We are exhausted Emotionally wrung out I wrapped my fury around me like armor Let her try to find a crac [...]

    Holy shit I can t wait Kellan, I have missed you Shhhn t tell my hubby

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