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  • Title: The Bucket List
  • Author: R.J. Scott
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  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook

  • ¿ The Bucket List ↠ R.J. Scott - The Bucket List, The Bucket List When Andrew Craig dies he leaves his brother Jason a list of places that he wanted to visit but couldn t Attending a school reunion London Stonehenge these are all on the list and Jason is determi
    R.J. Scott
    RJ s goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.RJ Scott is the bestselling author of over one hundred romance books She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the lovers who get mixed up in their lives RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn t with family either reading or writing.The last time she had a week s break from writing she didn t like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn t defeat.


    1 did not like itNo, no digo que este libro sea malo, s lo que a m , no me ha gustadoTras un DNF al 55%, no s qu siroco me dio ayer, que por la noche lo termin , total eran ciento y poco p ginas, y no ten a nada mejor que hacer Dormir hubiera sido mucha mejor opci nLa historia que se plantea necesita m s p ginas, muchas m s, la relaci n entre Jason y Mark queda forzada, absolutamente insta y con muy poco fundamento, si es que hubo una conexi n k rmica en el pasado que les lleva a eso y yo me lo [...]

    I had a really bad day yesterday, a terrible news kind of day, and needed to lose myself in a story How opportune this story arrived on my Kindle I loved the whole idea of The Bucket List two men who knew each other in their youth, reunited to carry out the last wishes of their brother best friend It was a tender story, that shared the grief of the two men as they followed Andrew s wishes.Mark is a closeted soapy star and the bucket list forces him to face issues that he had hidden deep inside J [...]

    5 Teary Eyed Stars For a very sad and at the same time, very romantic story which had me swooning one paragraph then crying the very next The romantic part of this story was lovely I really liked how she wrote Mark Jason together I am still sighing over them Their romance was slow building and believable They TALKED about their budding feelings many times instead of running away from them or assuming things, which is why RJ Scott is an auto buy for me Now on to the sad part of this story Andrew [...]

    Delightfully touching little story from RJ, showcasing some of the best tourist hotspots in the UK and 2 guys, Jason and Mark, brought together by a dead man s bucket list High 5 for the ending RJ, putting that bigoted pig firmly in his place 4 stars from me.

    вιвℓισρнιℓια кιηgѕℓєу & ѕøяєη ƒσяєνєя
    .An engaging and emotional look on getting past our demons and finding love in the most unexpected of places even when others could see it and they could not.

    This was a sweet short story about two men who met when they were kids, and then lne of them suddenly leaves town and they don t meet again for years.Jason is now a 30 year old man, and he s recently lost his brother, Andrew, to cancer Andrew left Jason a list of things to do, the things that Andrew himself didn t get to do Important stuff Dreams Create memories And, especially, and number 1 in the list meet an old friend Mark.Mark hears the news of Andrew s death from Jason Together they make s [...]

    3.5 starsA sweet, romantic story about Jason, whose brother Andrew just passed away, and Mark, Andrew s childhood friend who left the town when he was 15 yo Jason went on to become a high school teacher, while Mark became a soap opera star Before he died, Andrew had made a bucket list, and both his brother and friend decided to cross everything in the list In the process, they re falling for each other view spoiler I confuse A bucket list is a list to be done before someone dies, isn t it There [...]

    After Jason s brother dies, he leaves him a bucket list to gulgil with his best friend Mark.The 2 men attend the 15 year reunion at school and then embark on a vacation in England, visiting London, Salisbury and Stonehenge There the 2 men fall in love, just like Andrew wanted.I liked this book It was an easy read if a little too insta love Both men realizing a crush they had hd as teenagers.

    Nice, light, sweet read But a little bitter at the same time I have a hate love relationship with grieving stories.It always can make me cry.I need information about that asshole Ted, and how it ended with him and Mark, didn t satisfied me.

    A heartfelt read.

    Original Blog Post eARC Review, Excerpt Giveaway The Bucket List by RJ ScottReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 4.5 of 5 StarsJason Craig had to go to a shoot and get in touch with soap star, Mark Wesley Not because he was secretly stalking the actor, it was because he had been asked to do so by his brother When Mark meets Jason, it is to learn that the keeper of his secrets had died and one of Andrew s last requests was that he and Jason were to live out the list of things he had wanted to do [...]

    This was a slow burn romancea cross between second chance friends to loversmple, sweet, no angst, no drama, no miscommunicationbut lots of emotionsJason going through the bucket list on behalf of his brother, for memories for Andrew s sonde my heart ache I wish a loved one had the time to make something similar to not make his passing so raw, something to make me still feel closeries are so very precious.I liked the pace of the story, nothing frantic with Jason and Mark s relationship and their [...]

    This book was both at times, heartbreakingly sad and incredibly romantic While there are other books like this, it takes a great author to find a balance where neither overpower the other This book had the potential to be full of angst I ll admit I was a little worried after reading the blurb However, it wasn t The sad never became overwhelming, and the light didn t take away from the poignancy of the whole either Overall it s a beautiful, romantic love story A love story created out of missed o [...]

    Jenn C
    Sometimes other people know us better than we know ourselves This story was sad and sweet Jason s brother, Andrew has just died and he is fulfilling his brothers wishes One of which is to drag an old boyhood chum along to some of the places on the bucket list he had made The two MC are sweet and caring It was nice to see them talk about the lives and feelings To really get to know each other again and bond over the loss of their brother friend It was fun to watch them fall in love Was that Andre [...]

    This started out as a blog story that I was instantly hooked on We all waited mostly patiently,sometimes not so much, every week for a new part of it to pop up So exciting that it was made into a book and that we finally get the ending we were all hoping for An amazing story of loss, acceptance, a dreaded class reunion, and we all know how awful THOSE can be and a little bit of justice In the end it is all about the love that Jason and Mark find together and the journey they take in Andrew s mem [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story by RJ Scott that told of two friends, Jason and Mark, reconnecting after the death of Jason s brother, Andrew.FAcing demons from the past and being able to fully let go of it is a central theme in this story and it is well written I had an overwhelming sense of sadness when I started reading for Andrew s death even though this has occurred before the start of out story It reminded me that we all need to take stock sometimes and think about what is important to us [...]

    I like matchmakers Even the slightly presumptuous ones And while this story started in tragedy, several, to be precise, it was full of hope and love and determination The two main characters were sweet people and seeing them reconnect, grieve and fall in love thanks to a bit of a meddling of a man trying to right past wrongs, was a real treat The ending was a little abrupt but I was glad that things worked out for all and people got they just deserts.

    Dani Elle Maas
    rated it up I liked this story but it could have been so much so that is why i come to 3.5 starsthe Chemistry is obviously there between jason and max but i felt constantly that there was something missing that it went so fast etcI love Rj Scott her books so this one is no exception to thatHer way of writing is comfortable and easy and the story Always finds a way to get to you but I honestly believe with this story it could have been so much

    I really liked this book The older brother dies and asks Jason to fulfill his bucket list Looks up Mark which is first on the list and they work to cross off things on the list They meet when they are young and while working on the list realize they have feelings for each other Just a little drama but a very feel good story

    Alex Clarke
    this is the story of a brother, who is following his dead brother s will This is the story of a soap star who is hiding in the closet This is the story of undying loves love for a brother and love for a long lost friend If this romance doesn t break your heart, I ll be damned Sweet and strong and sad and lovely This is definitely a must read, as every RJ Scott s books are

    beautifully cheasy

    A really lovely sweet romance.

    3.5 Stars

    Vicki Easom Johnson
    Perfection Tears of joy were flowing at 4 30 am while reading this story of connection This is an absolute, must read book Good short and sweet story.

    3.5 stars

    3.5 stars

    You take a little bit of sad, add a pinch of ugly, a dash of romance, a sprinkle of interesting locations and you get this book It was well balanced and not very deep helping to maintain a nice light feel.

    Love Bytes Reviews
    4 star review by VickiWhat a sweet story of healing and love.Jason Craig s brother Andrew dies, and leaves Jason with a to do list First on that list is to find Andrew s childhood friend, Mark Wesley, now a soap opera actor living in LA, a days drive away from the podunk town they lived in as kids Jason finds Mark, tells him about Andrew and his wish that Mark attends their high school reunion, which Mark reluctantly agrees to attend High school was not a happy place for Mark, mostly due to the [...]

    This book is one of the many, many reasons why I LOOOVVEEE RJ Scott.Jason is Andrews gay younger brother, that has have had a crush on Andrews s best friend Mark, since he was 12When Andrew, married to Joanna and dad to Harry, get terminate ill, he make a Bucket List , things that he want Jason to do for him and his son to see later.The first thing is for Jason to look up Mark that is a gay and closeted soap movie star from TV.The first thing is going to a school reunion where Mark will meet one [...]

    Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThe Bucket List is a sweet story with a nice bit of travelogue thrown in It really is focused on two main parts The first is Mark and Jason s growing relationship, and I found I really liked them together They are both good guys, sweet and caring and connected by their shared grief Jason is still so clearly struggling with the loss of his big brother The experience of visiting these places that were important to Andrew is cathartic, but also difficult for him, and he [...]

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