[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Crystal Kingdom : by Amanda Hocking

  • Title: Crystal Kingdom
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: 9781447256892
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Crystal Kingdom : by Amanda Hocking - Crystal Kingdom, Crystal Kingdom Cast out by her kingdom and far from home she s the Kanin people s only hope Bryn Aven unjustly charged with murder and treason is on the run The one person who can help is her greatest enemy the en
    Amanda Hocking
    Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.Several of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list, including the Trylle trilogy and Kanin Chronicles Her zombie series, The Hollows, has been adapted into a graphic novel by Dynamite She has published over fifteen novels, including the Watersong quartet and My Blood Approves series Frostfire, Ice Kissed, and Crystal Kingdom all three books in her bestselling trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles are out now.Her latest book is Freeks a standalone YA paranormal romance novel set in the 1980s that follows a travelling sideshow, and it is a available now Her next books will be a duology about Valkyries The first book Between the Blade and the Heart will be out January 2, 2018, and the the sequel From the Earth to the Shadows will be out March 27, 2018.For info about her and her books, here are some other places to check out and ways to contact her Website hockingbooksFacebook facebook amandahockingfans Author Page author amandahockingPinterest pinterest aehocking Wattpad wattpad AmandaHockingTumblr amandahocking.tumblr Publisher Website worldofamandahockingInstagram instagram amanda_hocking YouTube youtube aehocking


    5 I can t believe this wonderful journey is over stars Troll seeking other trolls to combat evil troll army This summarizes pretty much Crystal Kingdom.Add some adventure,devastating deaths,loathsome villains and heartbreaking romance and you have an excellent novel Bryn is on the run,falsely accused of murder and treason and finds an unexpected ally in the face of Konstantin Black.Together they try to gather support to defeat the Kanin Queen and save the troll world from unnecessary bloodbath.F [...]

    Right off the bat, I wanna admit that I had no idea this was part of a trilogy when I requested it from NetGalley I just saw Hocking s name and clicked it immediately.In my defense, there was no mention of previous books in the description, so I just assumed this was the start of a new series And you know what happens when you ASS U ME something.You end up with marshmallow fluff, hardening at an unbelievably rapid rate, all over the inside of your microwave Amirite What Was there another analogy [...]

    Cait • A Page with a View
    Well I just read this whole trilogy in a day so obviously something kept me reading The idea of a magical troll world hidden in our modern world was interesting The writing s average and some parts felt underdeveloped, but I really liked how the stories are set around Canada and Lake Superior The second book was my favorite They re kind of a nice throwback to how YA felt about 6 years ago even though they were published recently , so that was fun.

    Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Crystal Kingdom by Amanda HockingBook Three of the Kanin ChroniclesPublisher St Martin s GriffinPublication Date August 4, 2015Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Bryn must decide follow her head or her heart Thrown into a world of suspense and intrigue, Bryn now has to fight to clear her name But she s not alone With help from the Trylle including Finn Holmes she s on a quest to discover the truth.With her life and her world on the [...]

    Norah Una Sumner
    It is so contradictory that life can be the worst it s ever been and the best it s ever been all at once It s strange how love can blossom even in the darkest places Okay,first of all,there is so much foreshadowing in this book that I pretty much knew what s going to happen who s going to die etc.But that doesn t mean that it was easier for me to cope with all of those things.I loved how we got to see the whole Trylle Kanin squad here,I really enjoyed those parts.Bryn is same as always,I love ho [...]

    Ice Kissed left with Bryn on the run, she s now on The Most Wanted List among the Kanin With no one to trust or turn to she finds herself aligned with fellow fugitive and gorgeous bad boy Konstantin Black Under the rule of the evil Queen Mina, the people of Doldastam are trapped under her tyranny Together Bryn and Konstantin travel all over the troll kingdoms seeking help to over throw her rule and to save Kanin trolls, but who would listen to traitors of the crown So I actually requested this A [...]

    Praiz Sophyronja
    WHY THAT WAS SO CRUEL My heart cannot take this.Amanda Hocking absolutely rules I recommend this series to everybody Just incredible.

    Camly Nguyen
    DNF 35%Yes, you can understand the book without the prequels but I really don t recommend it Why Well, let s say that it took 35% of the novel for things to get going because the author has to recap the other books Thing is, I m not talking about for it to start getting interesting , I m really talking about to get going By the way it looks, I don t even think that the first and second book were very excitingIt s flat, slow and just overall pretty monotonous You feel absolutely no connection wit [...]

    Loved this series And was awesome to see Wendy and Loki again although I wanted to see even of them I loved Bryn and Ridley but my heart also went out to Konstantin Good ending to the series.

    Everything is at risk for Bryn, her life, her world and those she loves On the run, Bryn has done her best to stay off the radar, but Konstantin has found her, now what He claims to be on her side, to want to aid in her quest against evil, but isn t this the very man who did Mina s bidding Can she trust him Mina s brutal reign must end, but it will take a war, bloody, massive and brutal How can Bryn convince other kingdoms to join forces, put aside any differences and work together as allies Set [...]

    Tak tohle byl mord v echno patn , v echno p edv dateln , nulov akce ach jo, ach jo jak byl prvn d l p jemn oddechov fantasy, tenhle d l bych nejrad i poh bila n kam hluboko do zem a zapomn la na n j v c v recenzi.

    Claire Robinson
    3.5 She is one determined bitch Stars The Kanin Chronicles series certainly had the potential to be a 5 star winner for me, and in the main I did really enjoy it, but I can t ignore the fact that my main reason for enjoying the books was due to the general storyline and the secondary characters My lack of any feeling or empathy for Bryn Aven is what knocked it down a little with my ratings.Don t let that put you off though as I still think the series is a really enjoyable adventure, but when the [...]

    Steph F
    Hell yes I want to be your friend Konstantin Black HELLSS update I m dead inside The feels have killed me.

    FUCK YOU JUST F U C K Y O U.I should be giving you a one star rating ONE STAR, you ASSHOLE OF A BOOK.I am SO FUCKING ANGRY.OH YES, I KNOW HOW THIS WORKED IN YOUR HEAD, AMANDA HOCKING Hmm yeah, I have to finally work on the love triangle I laid the foundation for throughout the whole first two novels Now I just have to think of what to do when the two guys actually meet and what is going to happen after the war Hmmm I just love both Ridley and Konstantin with Bryn, and I can t choose But Ridley a [...]

    Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    divabooknerd 2015 08 cCrystal Kingdom was a worthy and brilliant series end Amanda Hocking transports us back to the wintery kingdom of the Kanin trolls and the tyrannical rule of Queen Mina, this time Bryn is on the run and accused of murder, a crime that fellow fugitive Konstantin knows all too well Even though she is missing Ridley, her parents and friends, Bryn remains a tower of strength She has nowhere to go and to avoid capture, she realises that it will take drastic measures to clear her [...]

    I got this books as a first reads giveaway in exchange for a review.I had to buy the first two books in this series in order to read this one and overall I felt the entire series was a waste of time Not much ever happens and the three books are highly repetitive The main character interacts with the same characters, goes to the same places, and basically follows the same plot line for all three books with nothing really getting resolved until the very last three chapters of the series The author [...]

    Denia Books and Baubles®
    These books were incredible.I think they were missing something, but after a while they got my attention, especially Ridley and Bryn Those two were just beautiful though I knew Konstantine had something for her, and when things finally came to motion I was so happy but then he died, of course, and then nothing happened But Ridley is good for her The moment I cried was when Emma died, I was so pissed, all this love working on and I m here like, we get it you love each other so try to survive not [...]

    This book was a great conclusion It has everything I wanted except one thing and answered all my questions It really took for for a ride I m really going to miss the Trylle world though My full review can be found here Where I discuss my distraught heart.

    In this fast paced conclusion to the Kanin Chronicles, Bryn is on the run from the Kanin who accused her of murder and treason She finds an ally in the most unlikely source, Konstantin Black, an enemy of all the kingdoms and who attempted to murder her father years before Will Bryn and Konstantin find help with the Trylle or will they refuse to participate in the coming war And what about all of Bryn s Kanin friends, including Ridley Will she be forced to fight and maybe even kill them This was [...]

    No spark, no fire, no heat.Crystal Kingdom, the final book of the Kanin Chronicles, failed to engage me in its storytelling much like its predecessor Ice Kissed It was such a disappointment because the first book of this trilogy Frostfire is one of my favorites even though it was an introductory book into the world of trolls I felt detached throughout the book In Crystal Kingdom, Bryn has become a cookie cutter teenage female warrior savior who is the bestest, the smartest and pretty much the on [...]

    Madison M.
    I loved this entire series and I would love to read it again I recommend these books for anyone who likes adventure and romance This book when into the kind of detail that makes a movie play in my head Bryn is such an amazing character and the book shows everything through her eyes The feelings throughout this book are so I can t even explain it you just have to read the books for yourself Some of this makes your heart ache The fact that Amanda Hocking puts so much complicated feelings into Bryn [...]

    Kate Ormand
    Bryn escapes her kingdom, accused of a crime she didn t commit She meets an old enemy and uncovers dark secrets surrounding Doldastam and its royalty The story moves quickly as Bryn visits the troll tribes in an attempt to discover the truth and bring peace to her kingdom and the people she loves A lot stands between Bryn and what she wishes to achieve Will she get the help she needs to pull it off With high drama and great pacing, the twists and turns kept coming, making this an incredibly exci [...]

    Brittany (Brittany's Book Rambles)
    2.5 5 StarsThe Crystal Kingdom carries pretty much all of the problems I had with the Frostfire and Ice Kissed Except, I finally get the answers I ve been looking for since book one I was disappointed by some, in particular the details about what Konstantin had been doing throughout this trilogy and his reasons why That being said, I did enjoy this book There is a lot action and drama that I think these books needed At the end of the day, these books weren t for me but this one made me not regr [...]

    Melissa Delport
    Wow Just wow The ending was satisfying good, not great but that PACING Breakneck It s like the author became a runaway train about 30% in and couldn t stop herself Great series and I m definitely going to check out the Trylle series

    Bir serinin daha sonuna geldik.Tatmin edici bir finaldi benim i in.Akl mda hi soru i areti kalmas na sebep olmadan bitti ama ke ke Bryn ve Konstantin ili kisi yazsayd yazar.Ben Konstantin Ridley den daha ok sevmi tim.O y zden zg n m

    I was so shipping Konstantin and Bryn so sad that ship didn t happen And may I just add, when you are about to enter a battle making out in the back of a car is not a good idea, characters make out in the least appropriate of times.

    Dakota★Magic in Every Book
    An enjoyable series just like the Trylle trilogy I really enjoyed both

    Can t wait till it comes out

    Ginger Woods
    I think I d give this a 2.5I feel like I deserve a freakin cookie, or a shopping spree at a bookstore Seriously though, I am so happy I finished this.It took me forever to get into this book, it was the last book, and the thickest book, and I figured, you know this is gonna just fly by because everything is going to be happening blablabla It dragged It dragged so hard at first Reading all three of these books was likeExciting eventOh, okay, it s getting slower Exciting event Nope, nope, back to [...]

    This final installment to this trilogy was probably the longest and inconsistent of the rest It opens moments from when the second ended, we finally see Konstantin Black up close and personal cat call But this book has way too much in it We travel to way too many cities and are betrayed by too many Not to mention the names Now I have to remember all these freaking tribes and the bad people in them Please, no view spoiler I also felt like this was incredibly predictable, especially the part with [...]

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Crystal Kingdom : by Amanda Hocking
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    Crystal Kingdom