Unlimited The Nowhere Emporium - by RossMacKenzie

  • Title: The Nowhere Emporium
  • Author: RossMacKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781782501251
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback

  • Unlimited The Nowhere Emporium - by RossMacKenzie - The Nowhere Emporium, The Nowhere Emporium When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident Before long the shop from nowhere and its owner Mr Silver draw Daniel into a breathta
    RossMacKenzie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Nowhere Emporium book, this is one of the most wanted RossMacKenzie author readers around the world.


    DNF at 22%First sentence of The Night Circus The circus arrives without warning.First sentence of The Nowhere Emporium The shop from nowhere arrived with the dawn on a crisp November morning.It struck me to see, while reading, the innumerable resemblances to The Night Circus Too many to actually enjoy them The author was obviously grandly inspired by that lovely novel Too grandly A little would have been alright but everything made me think of The Night Circus in a way or another and that was no [...]

    Wart Hill
    Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via NetGalleyThis book promises magic and wonder And I suppose it delivers If you haven t read The Night Circus, the Harry Potter books, or the Keys to the Kingdom series possibly among other things, I can t claim to have read every fantasy novel in existence.Right at the start it has not only a similar concept to The Night Circus but also a similar feel, and there s a line where the shop owner says Our doors open at twilight and close at dawn wh [...]

    Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    About The Nowhere Emporium is a middle grade s fiction novel written by Ross MacKenzie This book has 280 pages and was published by Kelpies on 3 19 2015 The genres are fantasy, middle grade, childrens, fiction, and young adult The author has also written Zac and the Dream Stealers, which I have not read yet.My Experience I started reading The Nowhere Emporium on 8 2 16 and finished it on 8 8 16 This book is a good read for kids 16 and under It can get a little less amazing for adults This story [...]

    Quickly before I begin, I m giving The Nowhere Emporium 4 stars as a book for its recommended age range, which is listed as 8 12 In short, I think this is a strong offering for young readers, but somewhat less so if you re an adult hoping for the perennially promised next Harry Potter Or, in my case, the next Dark Materials or Glass Sentence Read on with that in mind This story reads like the bedtime tale you wish your dad had told you when you were a kid, spinning it out over many weeks while y [...]

    Absolutely incredible I just don t have the words for this The evil villain, the tragic back story, the brilliant background characters, magpies, friendship, family ALL INCREDIBLE Throw in a massive dollop of magic and a writing style that you just can t help but devour and you get this special book I need NOW.

    Kyra (Blog of a Bookaholic)
    OKAY, SO The Nowhere Emporium is about an orphan, Daniel Holmes, who isn t having the best time at his orphanage in Glasgow He s bullied and friendless and not in the best state However, one day when he s running from the bullies who dictate the orphanage, Daniel stumbles into a shop to hide from the gang AND THAT S WHERE ALL THE FUN BEGINS He finds himself in the hands of Mr Silver, a kind, yet intimidating, man who takes him under his wing after discovering that Daniel has magic running throug [...]

    Bungle Midnight Reads
    Stick by my original statement, I don t think I ve been this excited about a book since Harry Potter updated review Oh My Word I just love this book, the story, the characters, the settings, the everything My original statement I don t think I ve been this excited about a book since Harry Potter And I am sticking to it If people know just one thing about me it s that I m a big big Harry Potter fan so that is some statement coming from me I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw it, what a [...]

    Beautifully written and full of surprises I really enjoyed reading this book and cannot recommend it highly enough to lovers of magic and mystery.

    Toglietemi tutto, ma non i miei libri
    Fin dai primi capitoli mi parso chiaro che quest opera non fosse poi troppo originale.In pratica, un misto tra Harry Potter una scena all orfanotrofio , Il circo della notte l idea dell emporio praticamente uguale a quella del circo , Mr Magorium e la bottega delle meraviglie l idea della bottega fantastica con il suo proprietario , e il tardis di Doctor Who pi grande all interno che all esterno.Questo libro un mix di queste idee, sembra proprio che pezzi di queste storie siano stati staccati, r [...]

    Bethany Sawford
    A gripping tale of imagination, friendship and mystery I LOVED this story I believe it isn t an entirely original idea but it did have some incredibly imaginative concepts entwined and some fantastic characters taking the reader on a roller coaster of emotions with twists and turns along the way Such a rich story, I would love to use this in a UKS2 classroom.

    Elizabeth Drake
    Daniel Holmes never expected his life to be anything special Orphaned at a young age, he is running from the bullies at his group home when he stumbles upon the most magical of buildings The Nowhere Emporium s front room holds all manner of knick knacks to tempt a young boy, but the back is where the real secrets lie This is where the owner, Mr Silver, has created wonderous rooms that enthrall and enchant his visitors He offers Daniel a home there, and a place as his apprentice, assuming he can [...]

    Detailed review to come Enjoyable, though a knock off of The Night Circus in every way.Finished The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzieCompleted 03 28 154 of 5 stars280 page Kindle bookI received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.The Nowhere Emporium is a cute children s book about a magical store that moves around in both geographical locations and time Daniel stumbled across the store while trying to run away from some bullies, and is drawn into it s magical world.This book was quit [...]

    Jayce Senter
    How did this book miss the big release with publicity and blog tours It s amazing I started it YESTERDAY and after about 30 pages I went to order it for the library only has it in ebook or paperback version Barnes and Noble is the same way I want a couple of hardback, preferably library bound, versions This book is going to be a hit It reminds me strongly of The Night Circus and what a fanfare that one got I personally like this book better Genre FantasyGrade appropriate 4th and upRATING BREAKDO [...]

    Before I start this review, let me first point out something most people have or are likely to notice when reading this book Yes, you can see that the author was inspired by Harry Potter and The Night Circus Yes, there are a few similarities between these books and The Nowhere EmporiumEVER, that hardly means this book is a rip off of either of those books Just because The Night Circus had magicians and magical rooms venues, doesn t mean other books containing magicians and magic are necessarily [...]

    A solid three stars from me as an adult, and a solid five from me as a 10 year old It s been criticised for being too much like The Night Circus, and there certainly are striking similarities, but I still thought this book managed to be extremely original And when I finished The Night Circus, I was left wanting , so in some ways, I felt like this book gave that to me It s rated for the same age range as Harry Potter, but I felt this book is really much younger Harry easily appeals to me even in [...]

    Jason Schneeberger
    I received this book from Floris Books and NetGalley The official release date is May 18th This was just the type of book that needed to read right now fun, adventurous and full of wonderful, imaginative fantasy Daniel is an orphan who stumbles upon a strange new store, ran by a lovable man named Lucien Silver who guards the mysterious Book of Wonders with his life Daniel soon discovers that the store, called The Nowhere Emporium, is a magical place that comes from the imagination of Mr.Silver a [...]

    Richie Brown
    Some reviews on GoodReads are a little preoccupied with the similarities between The Nowhere Emporium and other stories such as the Harry Potter series or Howl s Moving Castle but such influences only serve to make this novel strong For what it s worth, I d also throw in the Box of Delights.But the author has a keen imagination of his own and gives us a real page turner that is impossible to put down as you near the end There are some wonderful characters within and out with the emporium and the [...]

    Sarah Broadley
    Somewhere in my psyche lies an undisturbed door It languishes in the back of my mind, waiting It s the door to book happiness It only opens on very special occasions and I cannot be disturbed when it lets me in The Nowhere Emporium is just that An enticing journey through what we think is real and what we know is real The author takes you with him on a quest to understand why the shop appears in your neighbourhood street and then at the blink of an eye, it vanishes leaving you completely unaware [...]

    Sonia Donelli
    esmeraldaviaggielibri lRecensione di Veronica Care smeraldine, tutto un nuovo genere per me Esordisco oggi con una recensione su un genere fantasy accantonando per un pochino i miei amati romance Oggi vi parlo di L emporio delle meraviglie , romanzo d esordio di Ross Mackenzie edito da Rizzoli.Protagonista di questo racconto il giovane orfano Daniel Holmes, in fuga da una banda di bulli, cerca rifugio in un negozio, ma non un negozio qualunque, bens un emporio delle meraviglie qualcosa di mai vi [...]

    Hope Sloper
    This is recommended for ages 8 12, and that is totally spot on, but I d be lying if I said that I didn t enjoy it possibly even than Laila did I recommend this book for not only children, but for adults that can appreciate and enjoy the imaginative worlds of fantasy.Read the rest of this review wordgurgle 2015 0

    A Reader's Heaven
    I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident Before long, the shop from nowhere and its owner, Mr Silver draw Daniel into a breathtaking world of magic and enchantment Recruited as Mr Silver s apprentice, Daniel learns the secrets of the Emporium s vast labyrinth of passageways and rooms rooms that contain wonders beyond anything Daniel had ever [...]

    The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie is a fantasy title aimed at the 9 to 12 years audience I read this as it was chosen by our 9 to 12 years book club as their group read for January and I really enjoyed it Set in a mysterious shop run by an even mysterious Mr Silver, The Nowhere Emporium is a magical place that can show you the wonders of the world.When Daniel stumbles upon it in Glasgow while escaping from some bullies he is invited by the owner to start working there where he is introduce [...]

    Alanna Wilson
    Love, love, loved this book Which is a rare thing for me I was captivated from the beginning by the vivid image of the golden, thread like gate dissipating and the greeting sparkling in firework words in the sky.Although some twists could be seen or picked up on before they happened I thought it was extremely imaginative, and there were some twists that still surprised me There were only a couple of moments where I felt that the characters were a bit slow in coming to a realization that was made [...]

    Simon Hartwell
    This book was described as a must read by an Agent on a post on line, for any writer of Middle Grade Fiction I thought this book was pretty good and see many reviews drawing parallels with the Night Circus but I couldn t help but see the similarities with Mr Magorium s Wonder Emporium Both are about a magically long lived owner of a shop that is connected to their health As they approach death the shop deteriorates Both Owners have an assistant to save the day and take over the shop There are di [...]

    Our world is filled with the extraordinary, Daniel For many reasons, most people only see the things they wish to see They are afraid of anything that cannot be explained by a scientific formula or written in a textbook So they ignore the unknown But for those of us who open our eyes, those who truly dare to wonder, there is treasure everywhere The Nowhere Emporium reminds me of Howl s Moving Castle and The Magic Shop but with many passages, corridors and rooms full of curiosities and wonders S [...]

    L Emporio delle meraviglie un libro che ho divorato in un solo boccone, affascinata dalle parole di Mackenzie e dal mondo da lui creato Per un momento sono tornata bambina e ho provato nuovamente le emozioni di quando avevo tra le mani il primo capitolo di Harry Potter ed ero curiosa di saperne di pi sul mondo del maghetto pi famoso di sempre Lo stile dello scrittore scorre fluido tra le pagine, che si leggono senza problemi Nonostante possa sembrare simile ad Harry Potter in alcune immagini o a [...]

    Nicole B
    First, this is a children s book It s a lovely book with a fairly typical story of an orphan discovering a magic shop, and having to deal with the world of magic and what it does to people I really enjoyed it It s nice to see a happy magical tale from time to time A lot of people have commented that it is a rip off of The Night Circus which only makes me want to read that book but fact is the ideas in this book are a pretty common idea in children s literature The difference is The Night Circus [...]

    Having just read this with my year 5 class for the second time I can t praise it enough My class were gripped and even volunteered to stay in at lunchtime to finish the book The boys especially were desperate to read the parts of Sharpe and Silver and we enjoyed the scenes set in the past that revealed why the characters were acting in the way they were Fantastic for KS2 and endless possibilities for writing outcomes My class wrote fantastic descriptions of the Emporium and created pieces of art [...]

    Tracey King
    A magical, dark mystery set in the Victorian times Well worth a read if you are into mysteries and adventures I really enjoyed this orphan boys tail of hiding in the emporium until the bully s have gone The boy and the journey develop at a good pace together and you are always left at the end of a chapter asking questions and wanting to read on.I needed to read this book for work but would really recommend it for a long train journey or a windy, rainy night in by the fire Happy reading

    This story is very mysterious and interesting, I ve read it twice so it is very good It s quite a weird story about a shop that appears out of nowhere and if you go in it, when you come out you ll not remember a thing But this one boy, remembered everything I recommend it to everyone who likes a bit of a mystery and a goofy story.

    • Unlimited The Nowhere Emporium - by RossMacKenzie
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