[PDF] Moondance Beach | by ✓ Susan Donovan

  • Title: Moondance Beach
  • Author: Susan Donovan
  • ISBN: 9780451419309
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Moondance Beach | by ✓ Susan Donovan - Moondance Beach, Moondance Beach In the latest Bayberry Island romance from New York Times bestselling author of The Sweetest Summer it might take than a magical mermaid statue to bring together a hard headed Navy SEAL and the myste
    Susan Donovan
    SUSAN DONOVAN s novels have won accolades for being witty, sexy, and entertaining A former newspaper reporter with journalism degrees from Northwestern University, Susan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author whose novels have been translated into dozens of languages Susan is a two time RITA Award finalist, and her novel TAKE A CHANCE ON ME was named Best Contemporary Romance of 2003 by RT Book Reviews magazine She lives in New Mexico with her family and dogs.


    DNF 43%It was a huge let down The story moved very slowly Although I liked the hero, the heroine really rubbed me the wrong way In fact, the plot was pretty interesting but it was just nope, not my cuppa.I m sorry.

    Clare O'Beara
    Some strong language in this adult romance set on an island where many of the ladies believe in a mermaid folktale Unlike the alluring sirens, this mermaid arranges true love The water isn t warm on Bayberry Island but hearts are big.I was pleased that even though the two people had known each other for years, the girl had moved there and was of different origins so it wasn t a case of close relatives in a small community The man is a Navy Seal who suffered severe injuries and is recovering at a [...]

    This one kept my attention pretty solidly It was well written and moved along briskly I liked the hero The heroine wasn t as well developed There was a quasi mystical element that didn t really play out clearly I don t think I ve read this author before but I would be willing to try her again.

    Moondance Beach, Bayberry Island 3, by Susan DonovanGrade AI devoured this book in one sitting because it was THAT good I don t remember the last time I gave an A to a book but it s few and far between I love this Bayberry Island series so much and like most fans I have been anticipating Duncan s book for awhile now Usually I try not to get my hopes up about books any because I always seem to be let down but this book delivered everything I wanted and even some stuff I didn t know I wanted but s [...]

    I received this book from the First Reads program.I enjoyed every minutes of this one The story is romance with a playful innocence added in It helps that I love mermaids and they are prevalent in the story The characters come together in a real and believable way, but with undertones of magic that might or might not exist I need to go back and read the first two books in the series now.

    CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)
    I was given a copy by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The characters were great and very believable I was pulled in from the beginning, it is a very sweet romance story I loved the setting where it took place, it was describe incredibly and I would love to visit there The story is well written and moves along a great pace.

    3.5 Stars.

    3 stars

    I knew how this book was going to.ultimately end, as it s the third main book 5th if you count the short ones in between in a series However, I had no idea how I was going to arrive at the ending I was not disappointed at all

    It was a romance novel Not a lot of depth or details but enjoyable to pass the time.

    Amanda Adams
    This book moved extremely slow.

    Kelly Sanders
    Story was good but did not like the profanity Too much profanity for my taste.

    openbooksociety article moMoondance BeachBayberry Island, Book 3By Susan DonovanISBN 9780451419309Author Website susandonovan Brought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjenSynopsis In the latest Bayberry Island romance from New York Times Bestselling author of The Sweetest Summer, it might take than a magical mermaid statue to bring together a hard headed Navy SEAL and the mysterious artist who s loved him from afar.Duncan Flynn long ago said goodbye to his hometown of Bayberry Island, Massachusetts, wh [...]

    Bethany Smith
    Wonderful read, life issues but still a bit of magic

    Barb Lie
    Moondance Beach by Susan Donovan is the 3rd book in her Bayberry Island series This is my first book by Donovan, and it will not be my last I loved Moondance Beach, and now I have to go back and read the first two books of this series This book does read very well as a standalone, as you learn about the earlier couples, but if you have the chance to start at the beginning, it probably is fun to do so.The backdrop of this series is Bayberry Island, where there is a mermaid statue that supposedly [...]

    This is the third in a series but it is the second one I read I had a hard time with the line the story this one than the last one even walked between mysticism and the unexplained verses the paranormal I m fan of straight up paranormal where mermaids, vampires, witches exist and while maybe regular people don t believe it, we the reader see their world and meet the characters The vague something is out there isn t my cup of tea, so take this review with that in mind I enjoyed the Sweetest Sum [...]

    Moondance Beach Bayberry Island 3 by Susan DonovanDuncan Flynn long ago said goodbye to his hometown of Bayberry Island, Massachusetts, where a mermaid statue allegedly grants true love to the pure at heart So when the injured Navy SEAL gets sent home just in time to help his family prepare for the annual Mermaid Festival he s not in the mood to celebrate Nor fall in love But during a night run on the beach, a magnificently naked woman emerges from the surf who bears an uncanny resemblance to th [...]

    Bayberry Island Massachusetts was an island that celebrated the mythical legend of mermaids and its yearly festival lured the tourists Refusing to believe in such nonsense, Lieutenant Navy Seal Duncan Flynn visited his family on the island during this time and always made a hasty retreat until the following year Injuries from an Afghanistan mission tied him to the island until he healed enough to become active again The alluring appearance of an old childhood friend, Adelena Silva and her painti [...]

    I have mixed feelings about this book I liked Lena s character but I was a little bit concerned with the way she s been pining after Duncan all these years He treated her like sh t, dismissed her friendship as teenagers and completely forgets about her for years Even when he s at home healing as an adult, Duncan still treats her poorly and all Lena can say is that he s her one and only, she loves him but he doesn t know itblah blah blah I literally wanted to shake some sense into this poor girl. [...]

    Michelle Bolton
    Duncan Flynn and his family have lived on Bayberry Island, Massachusetts for years His mother is part of the Bayberry Island Mermaid Society, which believes in mystical powers of a mermaid legend Duncan becomes a Navy Seal and only returns to the Island every few years until he is injured in the line of duty Now he is living back at home and working hard to recover so he can return to the Seals He finds himself drawn to Lena, a childhood friend, and their relationship grows throughout the story. [...]

    An enchanting love story about fate and destiny Duncan Flynn is a Navy SEAL who has returned home to recover from injury He doesn t like his hometown and all of their silly myths about mermaids and magic He plans to get better and get back to active duty Adelena Silva has become famous for her mermaid paintings She also is excited to see that the one and only man who she has ever loved has just returned to the island, Duncan Will fate bring them together This story was a fun read Adelena is an i [...]

    Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book
    MagicalWhat a wonderful, sweet, fantastic story I absolutely love visiting Bayberry Island I have been excited to read Duncan s book AND Susan Donovan did not disappoint This book was just awesome Since he left to join the Navy Duncan has not looked back, not to his family or his childhood friend Lena.She is an artistd to mee is magic She is talented and beyond patient I so enjoyed this story and reconnecting with the whole Flynn family This book was a truly lovely, fun and fantastic contemporar [...]

    This was a wonderful story I need to read the other books, this one was to good to put down I enjoyed the story and to have such a wonderful couple come together She always knew he was the one from when they were growing up and he just thought of her as the pesky girl that followed him around She becomes a famous artist and he becomes a decorated Navy SEAL He comes to heal from bad injuries and the loss of his team and friends and she is there getting ready for a show and paint The Mermaid Festi [...]

    I received this book free from the First Reads giveaway In the third book of the Bayberry Island series, the story centers on Duncan Flynn, a Navy SEAL on leave because of an injury, and Adelena Lena Silva, a famous painter Duncan and Lena were childhood friends, but lost touch after Duncan follows his ambitions to be in the Navy, but Lena who has secretly loved him doesn t forget him There is a supposed legend on Bayberry Island about the mermaid statue who grants true love to those who seek it [...]

    Hmmm Having read the first two installment in the series, I have to say I liked this one less than the others My problem was that the love story only went in one direction i.e from the first two books I knew that Duncan wasn t the nicest of character even if deep down he was just insecure Lena had loved him her whole life, she still did That was fine by me The thing is, there was not enough regretting and groveling on Duncan s part and I wish Lena hadn t just looked at him He deserved to be tort [...]

    This is the first book I ve read in the series I loved the small town feel and the crazy mermaids Duncan s parents are hilarious Although I liked the chemistry between Duncan and Lena, his constant running away from Lena, because of his guilt became a bit tedious I received this book, free, from a Goodread s First Read s Giveaway Thank you.

    Rosemary Dreyer
    This was a light, fluffy romance book not much substance, but charming characters I enjoyed a glimpse into the imagined world of life as a Navy SEAL and also a successful artist These aspects seemed researched, not real, but it helped amplify the differences between the two leads Can t say I d recommend this book, but it was over quickly.

    Rexanna Ipock-Brown
    This is my first book by Ms Donovan What I liked most was the way she wove the mystery into the story and set the two opposite characters on a rough and bumpy course for love I also liked the character driven way the story progressed and the setting of family and friends.I ll be checking out of her work.

    I wish this was longer I really enjoyed the flashbacks to when they were kids, it helped flesh out the relationship I also liked Duncan s development It s a pretty standard story, but adding in his family helping him through everything was a good twist on the standard woman helps struggling man get over his issues.

    This is the third book in the series of Bayberry Island Another great story that involves the Mermaid Festival and what the Islanders think of her pull on love This was Duncans story and he was not going to let it happen I do not want to spoil the story, I recommend you to read all 3 books I hope there will be a 4 one.

    • [PDF] Moondance Beach | by ✓ Susan Donovan
      326 Susan Donovan
    Moondance Beach