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  • Title: The Duke Who Knew Too Much
  • Author: Grace Callaway
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  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] The Duke Who Knew Too Much | by ↠ Grace Callaway - The Duke Who Knew Too Much, The Duke Who Knew Too Much A Stranger to Love Alaric McLeod Duke of Strathaven is known as the Devil Duke for his wicked ways Tormented by his past Alaric knows better than to trust a woman yet finds himself ensnared by a sp
    Grace Callaway
    Grace grew up in Canada In order to avoid frost bite in the winter and mosquitoes in the summer, she spent a lot of time reading indoors Her earliest attempts at writing resulted in rhymes about puppies and flying carpets as a teenager, she graduated to angst ridden, non rhyming poems about nothing in particular.Perhaps wisely, she took a break from writing to get a doctorate from the University of Michigan She now lives with her family in Northern California When not occupied by three full time careers motherhood, marriage, and a psychology practice , she leads the glamorous life of a romance writer In other words, she can be found hunched over a keyboard, usually in her pjs, and almost always muttering to herself.Her first manuscript, Her Husband s Harlot, was a 2010 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist Two months after publication, Her Husband s Harlot became the 1 Bestselling Regency Romance on.


    I gave this book its second star only because it made me laughunintentionally, I believe How else should I read this His grip on his temper slipped Like hell we are You spied on me and falsely accused me of murder Then you instigated that kiss What she said indignantly You re the one who started it You licked your damned lip in invitation And then not picture this There were actually a few scenes that left me in stitches But seriously, what s with all the lip licking these days, anyway I ve DNF [...]

    BLOODY HELL Grace Callaway, you write freakin AWESOME erotic historical romance Absolutely LOVED your Mayhem in Mayfair series some of the BEST erotic historical romance I have EVER read and now with this, it looks like I have a new series to love SQUEE Can t wait for the next book in this series

    Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksThe Duke Who Knew Too Much blends Regency romance, mystery and kink a formula that I expect will intrigue a lot of readers especially those looking for erotic historicals There are a lot of things going on in this book a lot but the author weaves them all together well The only thing that really irked me was the hero s insistence that he s incapable of feels, mostly because I m sick of emotionally constipated dukes.I guess that was the only thing that b [...]

    After reading the second book in this series M for Marquess , I knew, I had to read this one as well and I was not disappointedthough there are some events which seems remarkable simiiliar in both books, the characters and how their relationships develop are so different, that this did not minimize my enjoyment at all.Alaric is a great hero dark, brooding and totally misunderstood I loved how he showed his regard and his feelings, without realizing it.Emma was a bit harder for me to like than Th [...]

    Loved the plot and characters Emma is the cutest character I have ever come across Callaway has the marvelous skill of creating true depths for her characters The erotic aspects were reduced in this book but the romance was beautiful Alaric is a misunderstood, tormented, and lonely individual In order to protect his loved ones from the fate he suffered from he keeps them at an arms length and has built many walls around him self But Emma dons a cloak of invisibility and penetrates his defenses a [...]

    Wow this is an amazing book I seriously enjoyed the romance, mystery, action, twists and turns I already liked Emma from reading Her Protector s Pleasure I wasn t too sure about Alaric because he seemed very snide when we first meet him but he really grew on me and I ended up loving him He reminds me a bit of Nicholas, Ambrose and Paul from Callaway s Mayhem in Mayfair series and was a mixture of all three He is incredibly arrogant, possessive, domineering and stubborn but somehow it all works f [...]

    Oh my word This was off the charts hot Emma is introduced to the world of kinky sex rather reluctantly but she finds very quickly that she likes it Strathaven is under investigation for the death of his mistress Emma is one of the witnessess but she is forced to see that what she saw wasn t real These two meet and the chemisty is spicy The suspense is well done, lots of plot twists to keep you on your toes

    Lee Hall
    Grace, this book is incredible Easily in my top five historical romances EVER I am head over heels for Alaric

    Sheila Melo
    Strathaven does have a heart he s not as wicked as he likes to have others believe THE STORY Alaric McLeod, the Duke of Strathaven, is a widower with a dark past He is known as the Devil Duke and when he is discovered with a dead woman, many suspect that this is just one of a line of suspicious deaths for which Strathaven is responsible Alaric only became duke after a series of deaths before him he stole his brother s fiance and his wife and son were killed and rumor is that he made her miserab [...]

    Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb"
    GREAT START TO A NEW SERIES What a great start to a new series The series is about the Kent family they were introduced in Grace Callaways Mayhem in Mayfair series Book 3 Her Protectors Pleasure They were such great characters they now have there own series.While at Lady Buckley s ball, Emma Kent wanderers into the garden She hears Lady Clara Osgood begging for the Strathaven to stop Emma believes Lady Osgood is being attacked and violated by Alaric James McLeod the Duke of Strathaven Emma is a [...]

    I love GC books she s one of my new fave authors This book is wonderful I loved it What a great opening to a new series.

    Jessica Duet
    Very good I didn t want to put it down Love Emma s spunk and Alaric s story and his nature Good pairing

    Kebby Shropshire
    EnjoyableI did like this one, though I must add that it was raw in sexual descriptions than I care for There may have been an advisory note when I purchased it, but that was several months ago The heroine considered herself on the shelf She was feisty, knew her own mind and spoke her mind However, she was a somewhat naive country miss She saw what she assumed to be an assault on a lady, and she immediately intervened not knowing it was a consensual act A few days later the lady she rescued is m [...]

    I really enjoyed this book despite not really buying the romance between our leads, the over abundance of focus on couples from past books, and the random sadness cave at the very end Maybe it s because Callaway kept the action moving so nicely It was a nice mix of humor, mystery and sexy times.I enjoyed Emma s bullheadedness It wasn t overdone, but was instead refreshing She was adamant and serious, but still kind Alaric was less impressive, kind of a mopey mouse see sadness cave The relationsh [...]

    Deb Diem
    The Duke Who Knew Too Much by Grace Callaway is a fantastic read Ms Callaway has delivered a well written book I adore the characters, they are phenomenal Alaric and Emma s story is full of drama, humor, suspense, action and smokin hot sexy bits I enjoyed this book and was sorry to come to the end I look forward to reading from Grace Callaway in the future The Duke Who Knew Too Much is book 1 of the Heart Of Enquiry Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff han [...]

    Jackson D'Lynne
    Grace gave me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review which I have no problem giving even at the risk of lost friendships, lol , and I was than happy to set aside several hours over two days to read it.Well I LOVED THIS BOOK Then again, when have I NOT loved a Grace Callaway book Never I truly believe she is one of the best historical romance authors in the industry today, and I am honored to call her acquaintance , lol Because I loved this book, and there are few things I disliked [...]

    this was of an erotica novel than romance I was taken a back by the vulgarity of the language and excessive sexual scenes not commonly seen in historical romances But if you can push that all aside, there is room for an interesting story the characters were charming and compelling if it weren t for the distracting sex scenes this would have been a great novel.

    Kari Maass
    A good story This was my first story by this author While it was a mite sexual then I have been reading lately, I actually found the story interesting and entertaining I truly enjoyed the characters and will read this author again.

    Donna Foster
    This is going to be a great series this is excellent I m not big on detective stories but this one just hit the right spot this was one of the best books for a new series can t wait to read of these books we have a winner

    This was a very long book full of twists and turns but I enjoyed it immensely.

    DNF at 13% into the story Hero is an irredeemable Alphahole and the heroine is a naive twit.

    PaperNovel 4 smoldering stars Murder Irrevocable sexual tension My ultimate happiness I ve been reading crappy books one to another and this one is like a light at the end of a tunnel Totally refreshing and hard to put down.Although there were reviews how they hated the instant love felt by the hero but I loved the story so much that I just brushed pass through it and didn t give a second thought The mysteryClara, The duke of Strathaven s mistress was found dead poisoned in Alaric s bedchamber T [...]

    This is the sixth book of Grace Callaway s that I ve read, and as usual, I wasn t disappointed The book tells the story of Alaric McLeod who we first saw in The Widow Vanishes and Emma Kent who was introduced in Her Protector s Pleasure which by the way is still my favorite of all of the author s books Alaric is our tortured hero who grew up through much suffering and believes he doesn t have it in him to love Emma on the other hand grew up in a happy and loving, albeit impoverished family, and [...]

    This is the second book I have read by this author, the first being a novella titled The Widow Vanishes I really enjoyed The Duke Who Knew Too Much I find that, at least for me, I have to like the lead characters in a story The story line itself must be compelling and it should have a sense of flow, movement, an ease in which the reader no longer feels they are reading the story but are watching it live Grace Callaway has this gift when writing stories I also want my romance stories to have pass [...]

    4.5 5 This was such a refreshing read despite the usual reformed rake with a troubled past trope Alaric was my kind of hero broody, sexy and in desperate need of the heroine s love and attention He actually reminded me a tiny bit of Sebastian from Devil in Winter, especially when he was convalescing, always needing Emma s company the way Sebastian needed Evie s Emma was such a great heroine She was stubborn, straightforward and compassionate in other words, the perfect mate for lonely and broody [...]

    Amanda Gylling
    Note I received this book for free through Firstreads I really enjoyed reading this book and didn t want to put it down I loved the female lead and wish that authors writing historical romance would make their female leads similar The female lead was strong and opinionated but not in such a way that you think she s a b tch With the way she compromises and yet fights for her rights she s kind of the perfect female lead The male lead took quite awhile to warm up to The sex scenes were really hot [...]

    Tracy Emro
    LOVED THIS BOOK I really wasn t sure I was going to like this book Despite the fact I have enjoyed every Grace Callaway book I have read and loving the prequel A Widow Vanishes I just wasn t sure I would like Alaric, who I perceived as a Christian Grey wannabe I was wrong to assume This book was not a fifty shades rewrite It was absolutely FANTASTIC Yes, Alaric is a dominating lover, and yes he has issues But this book is so much than that We have hot sex scenes, a murder mystery, a tortured he [...]

    Wendy Wasiunec
    A real enjoyable story This story is a real romance novel With mystery, murder and sensuality that brings the two together in what seems to be a mind game but turns out to be true love Well worth the time to read Reading this romance, I didn t expect to laugh out loud, but I did at one point That is what made me want to write a review The interactions between Emma and Alaric was special A domineering man, a determined loving woman I like the fact that the author wrote a no nonsense heroine for t [...]

    A true scorcher read A well written, well plotted out story that will grab the reader s attention right from the get go and keep them absolutely glued all the way through til the end, and I mean glued You will absolutely be fanning yourself as I said, this book is a scorcher I may also suggest prior to reading The Duke Who Knew Too Much, in which I didn t read but wished I had but read first Her Wanton Wager and then Her Protector s Pleasure and finally The Widow Vanishes just for continuity wit [...]

    I received this book from the first reads free giveaway This is my first book from Grace Callaway and I LOVED IT I can t wait to read of her books if they are anything like this one The storyline was intriguing and I was captured by the mystery of trying to figure out who the killer was and at the same time, I was totally rooting for Emma Emma s character was great as it is not a typical romance female character who needs man to save her but an independent, strong woman who takes responsibility [...]

    • [PDF] The Duke Who Knew Too Much | by ↠ Grace Callaway
      122 Grace Callaway
    The Duke Who Knew Too Much