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  • Title: It's In His Heart
  • Author: Shelly Alexander
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Download ☆ It's In His Heart : by Shelly Alexander - It's In His Heart, It s In His Heart She has a secret He has a scandal And they both have an attraction they can t deny Ella Dennings is furious Soaking wet muddy and furious All she wants is to enjoy a quiet summer retreat in her Red
    Shelly Alexander
    A 2014 Golden Heart finalist, Shelly Alexander grew up traveling the world, earned a bachelor s degree in marketing, and worked in the business world for twenty five years With four older brothers, she watched every Star Trek episode ever made, joined the softball team instead of ballet class, and played with G.I Joes while the Barbie Corvette stayed tucked in the closet When she had three sons of her own, she decided to escape her male dominated world by reading romance novels and has been hooked ever since Now, she spends her days writing steamy contemporary romances while tending to a miniature schnauzer named Omer, a tiny toy poodle named Mozart, and a pet boa named Zeus.

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    Kathleen Crowell
    yet another disappointing Kindle First why is this something I d be be clamoring to read the premise is not original but interesting enough to get me to readif I weren t on my tablet, I d spend some serious time writing about all the ridiculous character plot issues let s just say the worst is the unrealistic sex the two characters are having night and day for most of this book I m sorry, but Ella being the ELJames of the book is so totally stupidI can t believe any woman watching her husband dy [...]

    Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    Review to come

    Miranda Liasson
    Great 5 star debut Shelly Alexander s debut is a funny, heartfelt read that will make you laugh and cry from the very first line Young widow Ella Dennings is a strong heroine you can t help but love She goes to her husband s cabin in Red River, New Mexico for final closure two years after his death, and to finish the shockingly successful erotica series she secretly writes under the name Violet Vixen But her peace of mind is instantly shattered when she finds her deceased husband s best friend, [...]

    This book has so many plot holes that it drowns in its own awfulness.This must be one of the crappiest romance novels I ve read so far I m not mad at the plot it s cheesy and predictable but I wasn t expecting to any literary heights What I am mad about are the terrible characters, the lack of inventiveness and cheap tricks that this obviously out of ideas author came up with to carry on the novel.A sugar and spice and everything nice lady whose only fault is getting super horny every time she d [...]

    Carrie Padgett
    T S IN HIS HEART is a fun and funny and sweet and sexy debut from Shelly Alexander I scored a free early copy as part of s Kindle First program and I m so glad It s In His Heart by Shelly AlexanderIt s In His Heart by Shelly AlexanderElla Dennings has decided to spend the summer in Red River Valley, New Mexico It was her late husband s cabin and she wants to spend some time there before she moves on with the phase of her life She never expected to run into Cooper Wells there, her husband s best [...]

    Shelly Chalmers
    This debut book introduces us to Shelly Alexander s writing and her small town of Red River, with its eclectic and lovable cast of characters including their pets The writing and story offer a great combination of sharp wit, outright zany humor, and yet is also sexy and warm at the same time Both the hero and heroine have something to hide, secrets that could potentially destroy their relationship and secrets are hard to keep in a small town But the focus always remains on the interaction of the [...]

    This book was incredibly boring and disappointingly predictable The beginning of the book just goes on and on about her feelings but it is all repetitive I give it 2 stars because the author was good with words but unfortunately, it s the same words over and over I just skimmed through the sex scenes as they were just like any other sex scene in any other book Really wanted to like this book but I was so bored There wasn t a single part of the book I was on the edge of my seat waiting to turn th [...]

    Slowly but surely I m finally convinced that 9 out of 10 contemporary romance writers are below average Finally I realize that I have to be super vigilant in choosing my next contemporary romance read It s so deflating.I m sorry to be so brutally honest, but this author only offered the usual clich s of romantic misunderstandings and I was bored rather quickly Not only with the premise of the book, but with the characters This is a story I read many times before and yes I used to enjoy when I wa [...]

    Another free book from prime Not bad, just a little cheesy.

    This is Ella and Cooper s story Ella lost her husband, Bradley, to cancer and two years later decides it is time to move away from Albuquerque and move try to move on She wants to spend the summer at his cabin in Red River to say her goodbye and to decide where she wants to go from there She is surprised to find her husband s best friend, Cooper, who co owns the cabin there and not is planning to leave They have always had a rocky relationship but they both loved Bradley dearly, so he is not on [...]

    This contemporary romance was not for me The repeated references to the heroine s Beamer grated on me Some word choices struck me as odd photographs garnished the walls instead of decorated them, a brand of underwear was used instead of worn The hero lost a lot of points with me when it was explained how he d never dated a particular woman because he had respect for her The heroine s references to how much money her romance novels had made her and how popular they were seemed unnecessarily bragg [...]

    T.M. Payne
    Book It s In His Heart Red River Valley 1 Author Shelly AlexanderPublication Date 8 1 2015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 4 Stars REVIEW May contain spoilers New to me author This is a story of loss between two people The best friend and The Wife.Ella has lost Bradley her husband and in doing so she lost a piece of herself She has to now go to his favorite cabin and let him go When she gets there who does she is already there Her husbands best friend Coop There is no love lost b [...]

    I wasn t that impressed with this book, even with it being a Kindle First title I thought Cooper was a complete jerk throughout most of the book, and I hated Ella s mannerisms, especially how she constantly mentioned staying by her husband s side as he was dying If you love someone, shouldn t you want to do that anyway She made it out to be something extraordinary that she deserved a medal for The setting was interesting, and I liked the secondary characters, which saved the book from a one star [...]

    Vikki Vaught
    There several great moments that gave me some laugh out loud moments, especially the crazy dogs I really had a difficult time with Ella I did not care for what she did before she ever got married to Bradley, her late husband It did not sit well with me and influenced my feelings toward her a great deal Others may not have that reaction I did like Coop, but if it had been me, I would NEVER HAVE FORGIVEN her, don t want to give anything away, but when you read this one I think you will definitely [...]

    Oh my 5 beautiful STARS for love, life and 2nd chances This was a beautiful read from start to finish Beautiful mountains, lovely small town folks and of course 2 characters which never made me cringe with embarrassment or pretended problems A bit cheesy but exactly what I expected from the cover, title and description It felt like a fairytale in real life proximity.

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for a honest review.3.5 starsThis is one of those books where you love all the characters Coop is the bad boy who has denied his feelings for to long Ella is the stand by your man girl that loves hard Both have already had a lifetime of heartache, it s time to take a risk if they want a HEA.

    Review posted on To catch a falling book Nach dem Tod ihres Ehemanns Bradley zieht es Ella Dennings nach Red River, um in Brads H tte den Sommer zu verbringen Dort will sie nach den emotionalen und kr ftezerrenden Monaten, die sie hinter sich hat, neue Kraft sammeln und den dritten Band ihrer erfolgreichen Erotikreihe, die sie unter einem Pseudonym ver ffentlicht, vollenden Doch als sie in der Kleinstadt im Norden New Mexicos ankommt, werden ihre Pl ne durchkreuzt Die H tte ist n mlich bereits b [...]

    Mars Girl
    The main male character, Coop, in this book is terrible He has no redeeming qualities He is a womanizer and possessive that scene with Ella s friends in the restaurant and insecure I could not buy this relationship, even with Ella wanting to take a walk on the wild side Guys like Coop are someone you have one guilty fling with and then you move on And as someone who was once a grieving widow myself, I just couldnt buy that this horrible man could be Ella s next love of her life This is not how a [...]

    Contemporary Romance3 out of 5 starsExplicit sex scenesThe premise begins with the main character Ella Dennings arriving at her joint owned cabin to spend the summer to process her grief She arrives during a rainstorm and her vehicle is stuck in the muddy rain With her husban ds English bulldog in tow, she makes her way to the cabin, only to find her husband s best friend attacking her with a baseball bat She retaliates with a can of pepper spray.Cooper Wells is staying at the cabin in Red River [...]

    Julie (*Happily Ever Chapter*)
    Ella was married to Coop s best friend Bradley for years until she lost him to cancer When Bradley passed away he left his cabin to both of them After 2 years of mourning his death, Ella decides it s time to move on but before she does she want to spend some time at the cabin because it was his favorite place She doesn t expect Coop to be there when she gets there and she definitely doesn t expect the sparks between the two of them Coop s character was labeled as the bad boy womanizer but he did [...]

    BrendaAshworth Barry
    This book was a pretty good read Overall, I enjoyed most of it The characters left me wanting To know them better I m not sure I can put my finger on what was missing about them The story was good and I did finish it I guess what got to me was the box it fit into I understand some romance novels have to fit into a box and this one did For me personally, I never felt like I knew who they really were And something was missing But, for you romance readers, I think you ll enjoy it There were parts [...]

    Lisa Gatlin
    Mixed feelings but still a good readI m not sure I can explain my mixed feelings without a spoiler alert I liked the Hero a lot I didn t like the heroine quite so much She had a few good points but was also kind of a weinie, which is rarely attractive The dogs were cute and the book was well written I am going to read book two next BTW, I ve been to read river and it looks like Hollywood created a western town in the new Mexico mountains It didn t seem nearly as impressive as this author made it [...]

    Jessica Gardner
    If you are looking for a great literary masterpiece, this isn t it But it was a quick, fun, romantic read Good beach novel

    Jessica Covey-Wannamaker
    Ella and Cooper enemies to friends.Ella is on a mission to find her closure after the passing of her late husband Cooper is her late husbands best friend that she co owns her cabin with And.her room mate for the sunmer unexpectly These two have never liked each other except one steamy kiss they shared and vowed never to repeat Problem is neither really got to know each other so they never stood the chance to like each other Til playing house as room mates put them in each others worlds.Hes suffe [...]

    E Reader RomanceElla Dennings is a widow for two years Bradley had a long lasting illness devastated Ella They lived in Albuquerque Bradley was a Chiropractor and Cooper Wells is also a Chiropractor Bradley and his best friend Cooper Wells owned 50% each of a rental cabin at Red River Valley Ella left voice mails she wanted to rent the cabin for three weeks or longer.When she s almost to the cabin is pouring and lost control of her car and slipped into a very muddy ditch She and her bulldog Wins [...]

    Good story but I d give a little I liked this story, it flowed together well for the most part One thing I wish would have been expanded on was why did Ella kiss Coop the very first time I mean it was kind of mentioned but not enough to satisfy me Also I was barely satisfied on what her former husband would have actually thought about how things ended up I liked it enough to keep reading the series Oh but btw any true Texan knows EXACTLY where Blue Bell is made The fact that the character is fro [...]

    I loved this story about a woman who s trying to find closure after her husband s death and goes to his cabin to do it Her deceased husband s best friend, who owns half of the cabin, is also there and they have to share it for the summer They have never liked one another, but they don t really know each other either This story develops well does have some steamy sex, but it fits within the story.

    Kristi Lindzy
    I was looking for a new author to read and since I really enjoy Susan Mallery, Shelly Alexander came up as a similar author I wasn t disappointed and now am hooked on Red River Valley The characters have great stories and the book reads really fast I totally recommend to anyone that likes to read series instead of stand alones

    Nina Silva
    I enjoyed reading about Ella I found that the author handled writing about the grieving widow quite well There were some excellent descriptions of Ella s grief and anger Coop was also well written His flaws were real and well developed but not unsurmountable Their happy ever after seems well deserved.

    Sweet BookSweet book can grab your attention with chemistry in the first part of the book The ending was brisk though and could be a little descriptive Still worth reading

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      175 Shelly Alexander
    It's In His Heart