[PDF] The Altar of Sacrifice | by ↠ Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein

  • Title: The Altar of Sacrifice
  • Author: Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] The Altar of Sacrifice | by ↠ Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein - The Altar of Sacrifice, The Altar of Sacrifice The first Volume of the trilogy The Way of Sacrifice The Altar of Sacrifice is the first of The Books of the Way of Sacrifice The first volume in this closely woven trilogy consists of three inner bo
    Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein
    My name is Mark Smith I am a writer and practitioner of Primal Witchcraft Throughout my entire life I have been a dedicated student of the Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate Primal Craft is the foundation through which I am able to assist others who wish to walk the path of the Dark Queen.Since childhood I have heard Her call Though I was at that time unaware of Her true identity, my connection to the Witchflame Goddess goes as far back as I can remember There were others who came with Hecate during these infant years, but they remained in the background at that time It is with the Queen of Hell that I have always had the strongest link This was the beginning of my re awakening in this incarnation at least.As I grew and my horizons expanded, so too did my practice of the Ancient Craft There were obviously times when my focus would shift, as required, to various aspects of mundane life such is the necessary balance of the incarnate form.After thirteen years in the military and several years in a certain private enterprise sector, to which I was drawn by the money on offer, I became wholly dissatisfied with my life and moved to Southern Spain Here I found that the climate and pace of life agreed not only with my physical being but also the intense spiritual practices so regularly brought forth through my contact with the Dark Goddess It was at this point that I was ready to give myself over fully to my greatest passion, and what I know to be my true calling, in the Ancient Craft of the Wise In love, honour and total commitment everyday of my life is now dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual ascendance and the acquisition of the deeper hidden gnosis which lies, waiting to be discovered, along the Dark Path of Hecate.I do not claim any ancient lineage through my ancestors, nor do I claim heritage through coven initiation The consumate journey upon this path is taken at the level of the soul, far beyond the ego and politics of human minds It is for this reason that direct contact with the spirits and Gods of the Ancient Arte, both Empyrean and Infernal, is essential for those who wish to truly advance upon the path of the Dark Queen.


    • [PDF] The Altar of Sacrifice | by ↠ Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein
      368 Mark Alan Smith E.J. Hazell-Smith Lorein
    The Altar of Sacrifice