✓ Joshua's Island ✓ Patrick Hodges

  • Title: Joshua's Island
  • Author: Patrick Hodges
  • ISBN: 9781491756966
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback

  • ✓ Joshua's Island ✓ Patrick Hodges - Joshua's Island, Joshua s Island Joshua is small for his age He has been bullied relentlessly for years and all of his friends have drifted away from him Eve is a pretty girl who has just been recruited into the popular girls clique
    Patrick Hodges
    I guess I am the classic late bloomer I had to sit in the front row of the class picture every year in elementary school I didn t reach my present, permanent height until the year I got my driver s license It took me a long time to grow up mentally, too I was probably the least goal oriented person you could ever meet.I always enjoyed reading books, though I was convinced that I was not, and never would be, creative enough to come up with an original idea or story without cobbling it together from things I d already seen.And so, in my mid forties, imagine my surprise when a story was born inside my head, and nine months later had grown so large that I couldn t hold it in any I m sure many writers tell similar origin stories, but I sure wouldn t wish a three decade gap between high school Creative Writing class and, you know, writing something actually creative.Better a late bloomer than a never bloomer, I guess.What else Oh, yeah, I live in Arizona with my amazing wife Vaneza, and our kids, June, Benji, and Sunshine two are dogs and one is a cat, I ll let you figure out which is which.

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Patrick Hodges I ll be gone Dead and gone, at thirteen And no one will remember This was a YA story about a boy troubled by bullies.I felt quite sorry for Joshua in this story, as the bullying he went through was awful The fact that his headmaster just dismissed him and did nothing was quite possibly worse though, as it just left Joshua feeling even alone Joshua, there s really not much I can do fo [...]

    Bulling is something that is so prevalent in schools It always has been, however these days with the addition of social media we not only have bulling in the school grounds, but also when we get home and are in the relative safety of our own surroundings and family When I saw the great ratings this book has received I was excited to read it I have not read many stories with this subject matter before.Joshua goes to school every day, and wishes it was holidays He is constantly tormented both verb [...]

    John Hennessy
    There s many reviews that talk about the story of Joshua s Island I would like to offer my story, as well reviewing this one You see, when a child is bullied and this extends to both girls and boys just it is common with boys it makes their life a total misery, to the point that they would rather kill themselves than go to school for one day The fear of the school tough , and his horrid group of friends who zero in on someone because they are quiet, or studious, or even popular ruined many a s [...]

    siobhan Quinlan
    Joshua was bullied and had noone in his corner One day that all changed Reading this book struck a cord for me and had me crying and laughing while reading in public 5 star must readyoutube watch v hGDH1 youtube review

    Rating 4.5 5Disclaimer I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Spoiler free I enjoyed this book way than I expected to Books about bullying are not exactly a type of book I normally gravitate to In fact, the only one that I ve read before is Speak This book really was something It made me laugh, it was adorable, and it made me tear up Any book that makes me full such a huge plethora of emotions is a great book, in my opinion.This book is about a boy [...]

    Melissa Craven
    I m not sure what I expected of Joshua s Island, but I know I did not anticipate absolutely adoring this book Nor did I expect it to hit so close to home I never experienced the kind of bullying Joshua endured, but I can relate to his feelings of extreme isolation and loneliness at that age I ve never been much of a reader of the Middle Grade genre, but this book is not exclusively for that audience It reminded me a great deal of books like John Green s, Looking for Alaska, in that bitter sweet, [...]

    J. New
    Have you ever picked up a new book, with the intention of only reading a few pages, then suddenly find yourself unable to put it down, and read the entire story in one sitting This is what happened when I read Joshua s Island It s a simply written book, from the POV of two thirteen year old school children, one who is being severely bullied Joshua, and the other one who becomes his staunchest ally, but most importantly of all his friend Eve.It s obviously written not only from the heart, but als [...]

    Michelle Lynn
    Theirs is something so sweet and genuine about this book It s a story of bullying but that isn t all it is Joshua is in middle school and for three years he has suffered at the hands of the school bullies They ve spread vicious rumors, making all the other kids steer clear of him, and he gets to look forward to weekly beatings Joshua is alone that is, until the day that the popular Eve is assigned to be his lab partner Eve s popularity doesn t last for long as her feelings towards Joshua deepen [...]

    This review is also at halfanerd.wordpress This month I was given a eBook copy of Joshua s Island by Patrick Hodges for a honest review I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed this book.We follow the story of Joshua who for three years is bullied in his school while everyone pretends not to see what is happening, including the principle On the first day of eighth grade, in science class, Joshua is partnered up with a popular girl named Eve Eve has heard so awful things about Joshua fr [...]

    Sharon Brownlie
    An issue such as bullying has to be tackled head on and this is exactly what Patrick Hodges has done and achieved in Joshua s Island Although the book is classified as a YA it is written in such a way adults would feel comfortable reading it The story brought back memories of my school years and bullying I suffered and saw others suffer the same fate The author puts so much emotion into the narrative and dialogue, I get the feeling he was very close to this issue growing up It is a realistic tal [...]

    Sharon Mariampillai
    I received a free copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 4.75 I enjoyed this book a lot It was a great story about love I loved the main characters I felt really relatable to Joshua Joshua is a fighter because he stayed at the school and dealt with all of the bullying that he suffered I thought his story was very good Eve was a great character to read about I think this because she had the best character development in this story going from being popular and mean to [...]

    I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review I felt really sorry for Joshua It s awful to be bullied, and it was made worse because he had noone to turn too I didn t really like Eve at first, as she ditched her best friends to become popular, and was starting to act like Rhonda She grew on me though, as she realized acting that way was wrong They made a cute couple.This was a fairly quick story about bullying, and overall, it was an okay read.

    Renee Kelley
    I was simply blown away by Joshua s Island It s hard to convey in words because this story touched my heart and opened my own wounds I was never bullied physically, only emotionally, and those scars have never really healed Joshua s Island takes a poignant look at bullying and the effect it has on an entire social structure No one is immune to bullying, whether it s directly or indirectly we all feel the pain on a human level I have never read a YA novel, but the weird thing is I love YA movies [...]

    Lauren Mayhew
    4.5 stars This is an amazing book It s a must read I think that this should be a compulsory read in schools Bullying is tackled in many different ways in books, but this book does it differently You get a true understanding of what it s like for Joshua to be pushed away by everyone because of one bitchy girl, Rhonda I d really love to meet that girl in a dark alley some day I found it so easy to read and even though some parts were repeated from both Joshua s and Eve s point of views, it didn t [...]

    I d received an eBook of this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Sarah,as usual,and Mr Hodges This book is about a middle schooler,Joshua Harper who gets bullied by the bully squad in his school due to his small size He s starting 8th grade and still gets bullied All was well and normal until fifth grade when all of his friends grew into good height while he gets left behind And the bullying gets worse but he doesn t tell anyone about it,thinking he can deal with about which he is o [...]

    Joshua s Island gives us an inside look at the effects of bullying on its victims The victims are not only the ones under direct assault, but the community at large, onlookers intimidated into silence lest they become the bullies next victims We see the pall of devastation, helplessness, hopelessness and isolation that bullying leaves in its wake But we also see the grit and determination to survive.Thirteen year old Joshua has endured the taunts and physical violence for three long years and is [...]

    K.S. Jones
    Joshua s Island is a story about middle grade bullying in its most vicious form The subject is all too common in today s world, and although most schools are doing their best to control bullying, the truth is, many authority figures are not doing enough The stigma of it will pass, or all kids go through it, is simply an unacceptable justification for turning one s head Finally, a book has come along that will speak directly to young people in a story where the main character, Joshua, must endure [...]

    Benita Prins
    My goodness This was some book.I spent a morning reading Joshua s Island, unable to put it down Since fifth grade, Joshua has been bullied at school it started with name calling but by eighth grade it s become horrendous physical abuse The only thing that s enabled him to get back up and keep going every time, is the thought of moving on from his middle school at the end of this year However, when he becomes friends with Eve, a popular girl, he realises he needs to take proactive measures to def [...]

    Korey Ward
    When I first picked up this book, I wasn t sure what I was getting I thought that it being geared towards younger readers that I wouldn t be entertained by it Well, I was wrong Dead wrong Patrick Hodges pours his heart into Joshua s Island The characters are deep, well developed, and have many layers to them The story was well thought out and displays a very good message about bully awareness I was also shocked by the amount of adult themes displayed throughout the story I also, really enjoyed h [...]

    First of all, this book was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I loved how it was put into a realistic way of describing how bullying is and how sometimes adults overlook it and won t try to help This story is about a boy who is afraid to speak up about being bullied Secondly, Mr Hodges wrote this just how I think almost every 13 year old would feel in this situation.Scared to speak up, scared to talk to anyone It also shows how hard it can impact someone s life when they find a friend in those times Friends, T [...]

    Joshua s Island is an insightful and inspiring novel that makes you experience what the victims of bullying go through on a daily basis Bullying is prominent in this day and age, especially since there s so many new ways to bully others through the internet Joshua is picked on by the bully squad for years and is too frightened to seek out help His other classmates are too intimidated to help and idly sit by The first person to open her eyes to the bullying is Eve With the help and support from E [...]

    G.K. DeRosa
    Joshua s Island was a truly heartwarming story about the harsh realities of bullying and the young love that triumphed over it The author does an incredible job of bringing the characters to life and you immediately sympathize with poor scrawny Joshua who has been tormented for years in middle school by the villainous bullies and the Dragon Queen Thank goodness for the appearance of Eve into his life which little by little brings him out of his shell and back to the once happy kid he used to be [...]

    L.J. Higgins
    Joshua is a thirteen year old school outcast Eve is the newest cool kid, still getting use to her new found popularity One chance decision by their teacher changes both of their lives forever I really didn t anticipate enjoying this book as much as I did The age it was aimed at, and its storyline gave me some doubt, but I found myself eagerly turning page after page to find out what happened next I loved being inside the minds of both Joshua and Eve, and seeing the world and each other through t [...]

    I received an Arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Joshua s Island is about a kid who is bullied in school has no friends,and a variety of mean and fake rumors haunting him.Until he is paired with Eve in science lab.Eve despises him at first due to these nasty rumors but grows keen with him through time.This is a story about standing up for yourself,your friends.It is about forgiveness.I liked the reality of the story let s not kid ourselves bullying is an apparent issue nowada [...]

    Nico Laeser
    Although not part of this book s intended demographic, I fully support its message For any child going through similar schoolyard bullying, it would be a comfort to read this Books are friends, and what better friend than one that knows what you re going through.The author s style is very simple and straightforward in a good way and the writing itself was clean and concise, and obviously professionally edited The narrative was great, the story was great, and it kept me reading far in excess of m [...]

    Joshua s Island is an incredibly inspiring story It brings you into the world of what a victim of bullying experiences on a daily basis and honestly it s just so unfair I felt so sorry for Joshua and the fact that he experienced that kind of bullying for three years just broke my heart Another thing I loved about this story is how Patrick Hodges created such wonderful characters like Joshua, Eve, Kelsey, etc I loved all of them Lastly, this story teaches an important lesson about standing up to [...]

    First off, let me just say that I just finished reading Joshua s Island and still whirling in the feelings.This outstanding book should be required reading in every school district in our country.Required for all staff and teachers and part of the curriculum.Amazingly powerful, it doesn t skirt the real problems, and gives an outline for real solutions.It is beautifully written and you can t help but fall in love with the characters too.Kudos to the author for writing such an amazing story of ho [...]

    Larry Gerovac
    Even though this book is fiction, it gives the reader an idea what it is like to be bullied I enjoyed reading the authors story and felt that the storyline could easily have been true It s not only a good book for young adults, but for you parents and grandparents out there, it may help you see the signs if your child grandchild is being bullied The book covers youthful friendships, young love, and peer pressure The characters and settings are very real It is a fast and easy read I highly recomm [...]

    Tom Fallwell
    I was pleasantly surprised, reading this book To me, it seemed to start slow, but it soon became hard to put down I am not a young adult and have not been one for many decades, but this was a good read A good story and well written It brought back memories of my own days as a teen, and while I was not bullied so much, I could sympathize greatly with the characters in this story I do recommend reading this book A good job by Patrick Hodges Well worth reading.

    S.A. Healey
    After reading the synopsis of Joshua s Island James Madison Series Book One by Patrick Hodges, I was compelled to download the book and give it a go Even so, initially I wasn t sure how captivating a story about middle schoolers would be for an older reader like myself But with each increasingly eager page turn, I became all the invested in the story and the plight of the characters The story centers on Joshua and Eve, two eighth grade students on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum he, a [...]

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