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  • Title: Shock
  • Author: Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs
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  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ↠ Shock ↠ Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs - Shock, Shock Just in time for the release of the final book in the Virals quintet comes a riveting short story that takes us back to the beginning A dazed Tory Brennan steps off the plane in Charleston Reeling fro
    Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs
    Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de M decine L gale for the province of Quebec She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D at Northwestern She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead


    When Tory Brennan walked from the plane after leaving the only home she had ever known, to the cloying heat of Charleston in South Carolina, she was confused, distressed and nervous She was about to meet her father for the first time a father she hadn t known had existed until the very recent and heartbreaking death of her mother And when he wasn t there to greet her oh how could he be late to meet his long lost daughter for the first time But arrive he did Kit Howard was her dad a professor at [...]

    The Reichs twosome offer up a great short story prequel to the Virals collection, a month ahead of the series finale As Tory Brennan arrives in South Carolina, she is not sure what to expect humid conditions, a father she s never met, and isolated from the life she s known By the time Kit arrives to pick her up, Brennan s tired and totally unsure what the future holds, still trying to come to grips with her mother s death Things begin awkwardly as Kit makes his first impression, which only gets [...]

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    In Shock the reader is swept back in time to Tory Brennan s arrival on Morris Island near Charleston South Carolina after the death of her mother Unsettled about meeting her estranged father Christopher Kit Howard her discomfort is further intensified by the isolation of her mysterious new island home until she meets three unpredictable but animated friends Hiram, Shelton and Ben.The plot s fast paced and the characters engaging as the rugged, mysterious landscape sets the stage for the Virals s [...]

    Kara Bianca
    This was entertaining, but I didn t feel like it contributed much to the story of the series as a whole That s probably why I like the Temperance Brennan novellas better, because every novel is contained, so it feels like it contributes without having to the problems that always come with novellas people being able to avoid reading it etc Whereas the Virals series is much connected plotwise, so the novellas fall a bit flat I don t know how else to describe it, but I m glad I ve read it anyway

    Ashley Sabatka
    Really liked seeing the beginning of the Virals friendship

    Carmel McKenzie
    EnjoyableStories getting better not as long winded Like the loyalty between the group of kids too Keep up the good stories

    Short but sweet Should be read before the first book as a pre quel Information in this shortie introduces you to the characters in a pre viral stage.

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    Kathy Reichs does it again She is always keeping us on our toes with the stories about the virals.

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    I did not research it, so just to state the obvious this not a sequel, but a prequel the Viral Series by Kathy Brandon Reichs.It covers the beginning before there where Virals if you know the series.So I guess you can read it anytime without having to read the other books first or regarding which book s you already know.Nice one, but rather short, as all novellas I would have liked to read , even without much happening, Tory Co are just rather interesting.For being too short not one hour to read [...]

    Before I start reading Kathy Reichs newest novel of her Virals series, Terminal, I got myself warmed up with a little tiny short story on the beginnings of Tory and her pack Shock is number 0.5 of the series The wolf on this cover is not at all related to the content because the few pages of the short story only tell us about the arrival of Tory at her father s shortly after the death of her mother We witness how she meets the three boys and how their magic friendship starts They also discover t [...]

    Been looking forward to seeing how it all came to be a short and bittersweet prequel to the series The protagonist is Tory and while it was nice to get different POV s in the first e short Swift this had to be written only through her eyes since it is about what she was experiencing when she first moved to Morris Island, it would have detracted from the narrative had they been switched around.Overall I LOVED IT and if you haven t listened to the audiobook for this series I HIGHLY recommend them [...]

    Cerimar Olivares
    I enjoyed reading this so much I always love seeing the origin of a story and this is really when Virals began Its the first time Tory meets her father, her friends and future pack The first time she meets Charleston Its just so endearing to read about Kit and the boys out of their comfort zone with this girl that just drops into their life and of course reading about Tory s first encounter with Whitney was hilarious I just love their interactions My only disappointment is the fact that it wasnt [...]

    Shirlee McKeown
    Brilliant read, just love this series but then I am a big kid at heart When reading these stories I am apart of the gang, keeping the secret, helping to solve the mystery and playing my part in the detective work It is a page turner, just the right amount of science fiction to be really interesting but not so much that you just want to roll your eyes in disbelief and put the book back on the shelf Well at least I think that but don t take my word for it as we all like different things Give it a [...]

    This was the beginning of the series This book should have come out along time ago to see how tory reacted to coming to a whole different side of the world for her, to live with her dad She didn t know how it was going to be to live with her dad She made it work though even if she didn t like her dad s new girlfriend She made new friends though so she was really happy with her first week of being in a new town.

    Paula Howard
    Shock is a great prequel to the Virals series Tory, after the death of her mom, meets her dad, Kit, for the 1st time Each is a surprise to the other Not only has she lost her mom, she finds she has a dad, has to move to South Carolina to a island no less.Shock also introduces the reader to her new pals Hi, Sheldon and Ben We also get introduce to Whitney, her dad s girlfriend the one annoyance in her new life.

    Nina Teal
    I m having so much fun with these mini ebooks, even if it is just a marketing thing They re still going to get my money, obviously This is a lovely prequel As much as I would like to see of Tempe, I could read about Tory s life before loggerhead all day We finally find out how she met the boys, and it was everything I could have hoped for Can t wait for the next full book in the series.

    Carol Brandon
    The prequel to the Virals series Tory meets her dad for the first time, when she comes to live with him after her mom is killed in a car accident She meets the boys with whom she ll be having adventures in the upcoming books We learn the beginning of their friendship, and how they find their secret hideout.

    I loved this small novella from the beginning of the Virals series It was great to see how Tory meets her Father and the 3 boys It was good to see how they find the bunker as well because I knew what a big part of the story their clubhouse has in the series I am so looking forward the the next book in the series

    Shock is the very short story of how Tory comes to Charleston, meets Kit and Whitney Then on her very first jog around the island not only meets the rest of the crew Hiram, Shelton and Ben , immediatlet starts sparking with Ben before accidentally finding their clubhouse It s all a bit much, and nothing that s really new.

    Ashley Carmichael
    A good short novella prequel to the virals series but didn t really offer any new information I would have appreciated a little insight into the psyche of the relationships or maybe even their first adventure with the wolves but for what it was and what it accomplished it was well done I can appreciate good writing purposeful prequels are always meaningful to me.

    Sydney Springer
    AHHHHHI love prequels so much and this did not disappoint 3 So funny and loveable I love seeing all the characters through Tory s fresh eyes and experiencing finding the bunker This gave me all the feelings Tbh I wouldn t mind in Tory s spot I would love to have Hiram, Shelton, and Ben as my super best friends sigh I just love them all so much begins countdown to Spike

    Terry Graap
    This short story by Kathy Reichs appears to be the beginning of the Virals series with Dr Temperance Brennan s grandniece, Tory meeting her father for the first time and traveling from the airport to their home on Morris Island where she meets his girlfriend and her future new friends on the beach trying to rescue a turtle.

    Katie Sholty
    A great short look into how the Virals became a pack That fist awkward meeting between Tory and Kit will leave you smiling With the help of an injured turtle and an MIA frisbee, Tory finds herself a place in her new home.

    Carly Pearl
    Got around to reading the story and it is adorable How Tory came to Morris island and meeting kit and then boys Makes wanna reread the series but my TBR list is so long I will wait to read closer to the omnibus release of the Novellas

    3.5 stars rounded up This is a YA short story that gives a bit backstory to Tori s first day meeting the crew It s a cute, fun read and insanely fast too Nothing brand new we know the basics already but this story just gives the depth that we hadn t read before.

    Schnika Pender
    Nice quick read that offers great intro into major character s personalities.Great read for someone brand new to the series or someone looking to kill time No outlandish plots or scenarios.

    It was a nice fast read that helps supplement our need for Terminal It should be read beforeVirals There s a preview ofTerminal in this eshort Got a deeper perspective of Tory and the boys and how they came to be Can t wait forTerminalto come out next month

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