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  • Title: Day of Wrath
  • Author: William R. Forstchen
  • ISBN: 9781625781543
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback

  • Day of Wrath Best Download || [William R. Forstchen] - Day of Wrath, Day of Wrath Bob Petersen arrives with his daughter at the Middle Grade school in Maine where he teaches expecting another regular day but worried about what recent ominous news reports might portend Suddenly his
    William R. Forstchen
    William R Forstchen born 1950 is an American author who began publishing in 1983 with the novel Ice Prophet He is a Professor of History and Faculty Fellow at Montreat College, in Montreat, North Carolina He received his doctorate from Purdue University with specializations in Military History, the American Civil War and the History of Technology.Forstchen is the author of than forty books, including the award winning We Look Like Men of War, a young adult novel about an African American regiment that fought at the Battle of the Crater, which is based upon his doctoral dissertation, The 28th USCTs Indiana s African Americans go to War, 1863 1865 and the Lost Regiment series which has been optioned by both Tom Cruise and M Night Shyamalan.Forstchen s writing efforts have, in recent years, shifted towards historical fiction and non fiction In 2002 he started the Gettysburg trilogy with Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich the trilogy consists of Gettysburg A Novel of the Civil War, Grant Comes East, and Never Call Retreat Lee and Grant The Final Victory More recently, they have have published two works on the events leading up to Pearl Harbor and immediately after that attack Pearl Harbor, and Days of Infamy.In March 2009, Forstchen s latest work, One Second After, Forge St Martin s books was released Based upon several years of intensive research and interviews, it examines what might happen in a typical American town in the wake of an attack on the United States with electro magnetic pulse EMP weapons Similar in plotting to books such as On the Beach and Alas Babylon, One Second After, is set in a small college town in western North Carolina and is a cautionary tale of the collapse of social order in the wake of an EMP strike The book has been optioned by Warner Bros and currently is in development as a feature film The book was cited on the floor of Congress and before the House Armed Services Committee by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett R MD , chair of the House Committee tasked to evaluate EMP weapons, as a realistical portrayal of the potential damage rendered by an EMP attack on the continental United States.Forstchen resides near Asheville, North Carolina with his daughter Meghan His other interests include archaeology, and he has participated in several expeditions to Mongolia and Russia He is a pilot and co owns an original 1943 Aeronca L 3B recon plane used in World War IIcmillan author willia


    Petra X
    Update Read this Twitter employees threatened with death if they shut down terrorist accountsThis book is really prescient, and is a brilliant partner read with Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451.This is how WWIII is being fought, with terrorism rather than tanks and frontlines Everywhere is the frontline now All men who don t believe in this form of fundamentalist Islam, including all other Muslims, are the targets The key for women, it seems, is invisiblity view spoiler Update 1 In view of the killing [...]

    Whether you re a liberal or a conservative whether you re religious or not, this book is a must read for the simple fact that our world is limited only by our imagination Before 9 11 we could not imagine evil people flying jets into tall buildings Before this book I could not imagine evil people attacking small children.After reading this book I realize that my definition of evil is framed by what I could do to another human being I now realize that I m very naive And that scares me greatly.

    Rodney Moorhead
    This is probably one of the frightening books I have read It is so realistic and it could happen It is about a very low tech, coordinated terrorist attacks across the country by several small teams of ISIS terrorists I hope and pray this book does not become prophetic.

    Nicki Rhode keck
    This is one of the most harrowing and disturbing books I have ever read It is also one of the best books I have ever read I think every single person in America should read it It is a scenario that could happen here I think the scariest books are not horror books about supernatural vampires, etc The scariest books depict things that could actually happen here As the author says, don t expect to be entertained But do expect to be made aware.

    More so even than his book One Second After this is a very likely scenario we face today With our porous borders, ISIS and the general unrest in the world you owe it to your family to read this book today Download the Kindle version for 4.32 now from It is a quick read.

    Very, very plausible and it can happen here WOW This book was very thought provoking and will put something on your mind It hits right on point with what s happening in our world today I highly recommend it to everyone.

    This is a book written on two levels It works on one, and not on the other As political polemic and call to action, it is quite good As a novel, it is not very good.Fortschen made his name with the excellent One Second After, which highlighted the dangers to the country of an EMP attack This book is Fortschen s attempt to similarly highlight the dangers of a low tech wide scale terrorist attack, in this case on numerous schools and then on people rushing to the schools Fortschen explicitly uses [...]

    arthur wong
    A must read for anyone claiming to be American.Americans need to wake up to the reality of this story Though it is fiction, it could certainly happen here tomorrow.The lack of control over our borders and the push for acceptance of other s beliefs, religions and lifestyles, has opened our country up to a myriad of possible terrorist activities Instead of teaching our children respect, manners and right from wrong, we ve raised a generation of lazy, indecisive, entitled, spoiled brats It is very [...]

    David Douthit
    This book is very scary Especially if you have school aged kids or drive the freeways This is one book everyone should read Once you are done Those of you that wish our borders to remain uncontrolled, might understand better why they need to be tightly controlled Why some countries eliminate people that cross illegally or place them in prison Right now, I see the events in this book being incredibly easy to pull off and there wouldn t be anything anyone could do to prevent it I fear it will take [...]

    Published in 2014 by Spectrum Literary AgencyWilliam R Fortschen notes in his introduction that he felt compelled to write the story after a long discussion with a couple of friends about ISIS and the porous nature of America s southern border What he came up with is this novella that is jam packed full of action and very short on things like character development and a real resolution But, it was written as a warning than anything else.The main characters are Bob Peterson and his wife Kathy wh [...]

    What can one say Sloppily written grammatical errors and syntactical infelicities abount and deeply unconvincing The author puts phrases, statements and arguments in the mouths of his various bad guys, liberals, teachers and reporters that demonstrate a lack of ear for the ways in which other people say and think things The book feels strangely padded for a what is merely a novella and makes no compelling argument to anyone who might disagree with him This is not a claim argument that there is n [...]

    Richard E.
    unsettling, prophetic, unspeakable actions carried out by international actors HIGHLY Recommended to anyone who has gone places and done things, military, police, Contractor Please read this book AND if you are out of shape, allowed your Skills to degrade and NOT LATELY driven down the road and thought, WHAT would I Do if this happened What would I do if my family was with me what IF my family was somewhere else and THEY were in trouble TIME to rethink and rebuild those skills the Enemy will NEV [...]

    This author wrote the chilling novel, One Second After exposing the real possibility of terrorism coming to the US He now presents a scenario of the terrorist group ISIS attacking what we treasure most, our children The unthinkable becomes of a reality in this book where you begin to think differently than you ever thought you would.ocking.

    This book gives a terrifying account of what an ISIS attack on America could look like It was so current and realistic based on what is actually happening in our world today It s a quick read and will definitely make you ponder the question how can I keep my family safe

    Vicki Elia
    Audiobook ReviewPreppers rejoice This book, if it can be called that, is like a fantasy segment from Fox News where a blo0dy terrorist horror evolves across the United States I m surprised Forstchen didn t infect the ISIS killers with Ebola.

    Sonya Guidish
    Very frightening This could happen tomorrow and the outcome would be exactly as the book says Wake up people

    Allen McDonnell
    I have not seen any other versions of this story so I can not compare, but the narration is good and the story is chilling and believable Highly recommended.

    Rebecca Dean

    Mrs. GroahRock Ridge High School
    Another thought provoking book by William Forstchen Forstchen is master of fear inducing, prepper making novels, and this one does not disappoint When a group of ISIS militants across the country launch their attack on the Day of Wrath, many Americans are in complete disbelief and shock over what unfolds The ruthless killing that begins in schools, of all places, shakes the foundation of the country Forstchen taps in to several widespread beliefs about the radical extremist group, making the rea [...]

    ISIS may already have a plan like this being implemented throughout the United States We would never know until the worst started As reports of hundreds of school children in scattered towns across the United States are being murdered by small teams of ISIS fighters anxious to die for their cause, parents are rushing to their aid But the deaths in the schools are only the beginning A total breakdown of the infrastructure of the country can fall as a result ISIS leaders are pleased as they watch [...]

    Eliot Burdett
    Fictional account of terrorists that attack schools and exploit a nation made vulnerable by complacency, arrogance, a twisted culture and political correctness Horrifying so not really an enjoyable book to read, but it was obviously written to cause the reader to think about different aspects of western culture and society It certainly achieves that goal Many will think it has a right wing bias but left and right are outdated concepts nowadays and thinking that way will make the reader blind to [...]

    Pam Shelton-anderson
    I really had to think about this one for a while Are there some minor mistakes, sentence structure issues Yeah, but not major This is quite over the top but no one could say something like this is not possible I don t really believe the US would be destroyed if martial law was invoked For the writing etc it is a 4.0 4.5 Because this bothered me a lot and made me think for several days, it deserved a 5.

    Good story idea but not fleshed out enough and way to short for a subject far to complex for such a brief attempt to tackle such a emotional American possible reality Also a little to obvious right wing flag waving for my tastes.

    As always, William is an excellent writer who s stories flow effortlessly This short work has a great premise and a lot of promise There were things I loved about it and things I didn t Not one of his best works.

    Derek P.
    A quick read, well written and frighteningly plausible Think this can t happen in the US Read this book.

    Forstchen did it again This is shorter and rough than One Second After, but it delivers a blow just the same, this time about a likely terrorist attack rather than EMP blast.


    Kathy Ursenbach
    I can t rate this book it was horrifying It will haunt me for a long time.

    Scariest book I ve ever read, but every American should read it.

    Bob is a paranoid man who follows the news and takes seriously what is happening in the world, especially the rise of ISIS He carries an illegal weapon to school where he works and where his child goes, in case anything happens there so he is not left helpless He has seen so many school shootings in the past that he is willing to risk losing his job to keep himself and the kids protected On this day, he takes his twelve year old daughter Wendy to school, leaving his wife Kathy at home with the b [...]

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