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  • Title: Thirteen Days of Midnight
  • Author: Leo Hunt
  • ISBN: 1408337460
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Thirteen Days of Midnight : by Leo Hunt - Thirteen Days of Midnight, Thirteen Days of Midnight When Luke Manchett s estranged father dies suddenly he leaves his son a dark inheritance Luke has been left in charge of his father s ghost collection eight restless spirits They want revenge for the
    Leo Hunt
    I m the best riter


    Eric Novello
    Tradu o terminada Falta a revis o um young adult de terror Escoc s E o autor uma figura Se voc gosta da ambienta o de esp ritos, pactos, livros com feiti os, bem prov vel que voc curta Quando o livro for publicado aqui no Brasil, escrevo uma resenha digna.

    Marta Álvarez
    3.5 El argumento es interesante y est bien desarrollado, al igual que la voz de su protagonista, Luke Aunque se echa en falta alguna subtrama que le de una vuelta de tuerca a la historia, i 13 d as a medianoche i es una curiosa mezcla de terror e iron a a la que merece la pena dar una oportunidad.


    Donita Luz
    This review is also available here I am an alpha male with testosterone leaking out of my sweat glands Ham, my loyal and subservient pack member, is looking to me for guidance in this situation Reading Thirteen Days of Midnight was a blast, pretty good for a debut novel Last time I read about necromancer Well, let us just say that the experience wasn t so good that I d rather not reminisce, but in this book I m happy to say that I had a great reading experience Luke Manchett, is an ordinary 16 y [...]

    Claire (Book Blog Bird)
    This review and others can be found on my blog Book Blog BirdThe title of this book should really be, Why You Should Never Sign Things Without Reading The Fine PrintLuke Manchett lives just outside a small town in the north of England He plays on the school rugby team, has a mum who believes in healing crystals and he harbours a huge crush on one of the girls at his school When he receives a letter one day to tell him that his absentee father has sadly passed away, he is sad but not devastated.W [...]

    Trigger warnings death of a parent, parent with an illness, animal cruelty.A colleague recommended this to me as the start to a really enjoyable paranormal trilogy And maybe I ve read paranormal trilogies than her, but oof This was justring, to be honest And it shouldn t have been Like, it s about a sixteen year old boy who inherits a shit ton of money and eight ghosts from his newly dead estranged father That should be a sure fire hit Instead, it took Luke about half the book to actually accep [...]

    Luke Manchett s father left him and his mother Luke hasn t even spoken to him in years However, he has just received news of his father s death and a rather large inheritance Tempted by the money, Luke doesn t pay too much attention to the papers he s signing But then the ghosts start showing up.I thoroughly enjoyed 13 DAYS OF MIDNIGHT There s a nice balance of horror and humor I found Luke sometimes frustrating, since he takes a ridiculous amount of time to clue into the danger he s in He might [...]

    Yzabel Ginsberg
    I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars Entertaining and somewhat funny at times, while still conveying a sense of danger alright, maybe not terribly frightening per se for me, as I don t frighten easily when reading books, but I think it has the right potential nonetheless Half the Host at least was creepy in ways than one, from the Shepherd with his glasses to the Prisoner with his shears and even the Innocent, for the questions he raised who would leas [...]

    Luke is 16 years old and has to care for his mom who is very ill with his dog Ham When his father passes away and he inherits money as well as a Host of malevolent ghouls, Luke doesn t know what to do Can he learn to control his father s ghoulish Host before the leader of the ghouls known as the Shepard helps them to break free of their service from him and cause chaos on Halloween night Read on and find out for yourself This was a pretty good read for Leo Hunt s first ever book that I discovere [...]

    Abbie (boneseasonofglass)
    I enjoyed this book a lot I wasn t expecting to like it as much as I turned out to Different to books I ve read before and I look forward to seeing where the story goes in the sequel

    3.5 m s bien.El principio se me hizo lento, pero luego coge mucho ritmo y es adictivo.Elza y Luke son OTP.Nada m s que a adir, pronto rese a en mi blog e.e

    Heidi The Hippie Reader
    I received a free copy of this book through First Reads FTC guidelines check 13 Days of Midnight is an enjoyable thrill ride through the world of Luke Manchett, a boy who is about to become a necromancer even though he didn t know that those existed It is classified as a young adult novel and it has enough teen angst and non graphic violence for that to be true, but I enjoyed it on its own merits, which is something that not all YA books have going for them.The best part about Hunt s book is tha [...]

    Karen Barber
    3.5 stars would be like it, but this wasn t what I expected.The novel begins quite slowly Luke Manchett discovers his father a television star famous for his necromancy skills has died He will inherit his father s fortune if certain conditions are met Unfortunately, Luke signs his acceptance of these conditions without reading the finer details and ends up with a lot than he bargained for.Luke s gradual realisation that his father has handed over control of eight ghosts determined to get reven [...]

    THIS WAS NOT SCARY AT ALL What the hell How do you have a story about suddenly having eight pissed off ghosts tethered to your existence, and have it be completely not at all scary And one of them is a flaming skeleton Who burns for all eternity and endlessly recites the Lord s Prayer in Latin How There was just no scary in this book whatsoever I don t get it I m not sure why I still felt compelled to know what happens.I mean, other than the complete and total absence of scariness, it was a reas [...]

    Arif Zulkifli
    Actual rating, 3.5 stars A slow start, then it became very fast paced, but when it reached the end, it became slow again Anyhow, quite decent read for me.

    Kirsty-Marie Jones
    Been reading it for four days and nope, can t do it DNF ing at 80%

    Scottsdale Public Library
    When Luke Manchett s TV exorcist father dies, he gains an inheritance otherworldly than he could ever imagine As a horror fan, I enjoy tales of ghosts and black magic, and I found this one to be a stand out among the teen level fare The characters behave realistically even in unreal situations, and the emotional core of the story was solid, whether it dealt with Luke s relationships with his mother, his friends and Elza or with the lingering trauma left by his absentee father The ghosts were cr [...]

    Siempre me han gustado las historias de miedo lo que hace que a estas alturas cueste encontrar algo que me asuste, estoy bastante inmunizada a lo que vampiros y seres sobrenaturales se refiere, por lo que 13 d as a Medianoche ha tenido un reto conmigo Acabado el libro, no puedo decir que me haya asustado especialmente pero si que debo reconocer que la ambientaci n del autor me ha encantado y la historia ha acabado siendo bastante original, pese a tener algunos factores que me han resultado poco [...]

    Juan Manuel Sarmiento
    13 d as a medianoche es una novela de fantas a paranormal juvenil que desborda originalidad y entretenimiento que me ha convertido autom ticamente en un fan de Leo Hunt.Rese a completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

    Great book love the characters in it

    Matilda Chapman
    This had a lot of potential The premise of the book was insanely good and the first half of it was excellent HOWEVER The plot twists were too predictable, the main character was sort of an arse and it felt like it dragged on way too long but the main plot was wrapped up in a couple of pages It was kind of confusing as to what Leo Hunt intended with it I would definitely read the next one because the author s writing style did remind me of Rick Riordan s which is always a good thing Fingers cross [...]

    John Milne
    For about half of this book, I wasn t entirely sure if I liked it or not I think my initial problem was that it was such an original idea for a novel one that I hadn t really come across before It was a bit odd if I m being honest I left it for a while and picked it up again a few days ago, but this time I was completely hooked Maybe it as down to me being into reading at the moment, I m not sure The writing style reminds me a bit of a cross between Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins, which, for [...]

    I liked this book because it had magic and ghosts There are 8 spirits that make up the Manchett host The names of these spirits are the Vigil, the Prisoner, the Judge, the Shepherd, the Heretic, the Innocent, the Oracle and last but not least, the Fury, the most evil of them all Luke and the odd witchlet, Erza, have exactly 13 days to release the Manchett host and save his mother I like the part when Luke is kicked out of his body and has to possess his dog Correctionhis dumb, but cute, dog That [...]

    Jamie-Lee Turner
    This review was originally published on wordsofwonders 2015 06 15 A fantastic debut from Leo Hunt filled with mystery, madness and the macabre Luke Manchett is your average teenager, well, as average as you can be with a non existent father who dabbles in things he shouldn t i.e the dead Upon his father s death, Luke discovers just how far his eager hands had delved into the macabre world of deadside and its inhabitants through his father s lawyer Mr Berkley.A few inheritance papers included one [...]

    This eBook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thirteen Days of Midnight is the slightly lighthearted, young adult novel by Leo Hunt set in contemporary Northeast England Luke Manchett is an average sixteen year old boy who mostly cares about his reputation as a member of the school rugby team, and attracting the attention of his crush, Holiday Simmon However, his life drastically changes on discovering that his absent, psychic exorcist, of a father has d [...]

    Review originally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Jul 1 2015 In a Flutter A fun, well executed read Fluttering Thoughts Worldbuilding I very much enjoyed the Dunbarrow, England setting, though it came through mostly via the fitting in rules The paranormal elements were super fun, necromancer, ghosts, deals with the Devil, and the man himself making a fun appearance or two Characters Luke, the MC, was a really fun 16 yo young man I liked how he took care of his mother when she needed him to [...]

    13 Tage Mitternacht habe ich einzig und allein wegen des tollen Covers aus der B cherei mitgenommen Naja gut, ich hab schon auch den R ckentext gelesen, aber eine tolle Gestaltung auf dem Buchdeckel gibt dem Ganzen nochmal eine besondere W rze Der 16 j hrige Luke erbt von seinem verstorbenen Vater eine Geiserhorde, die aus 8 Mitgliedern besteht Er wei berhaupt nicht, was er mit denen anfangen soll, was umso schwieriger wird, weil sich diese Geister in den Kopf gesetzt haben, ihren Meister auszus [...]

    Lauraelisabeth (fashion-by-the-book)
    When Luke s father dies, he expects to inherit money or books or something Instead, he inherits a handful of ghost, suppose to serve him but instead they strive to end his life Working with school oddball, Elza, Luke has to find a way to get rid of the ghost before they get rid of him.This book, to my surprise, was actually pretty good I expected a weak, unoriginal book, but it had an original plot and characters that I grew to like The plot was totally original, at least to me It was paranormal [...]

    Original Link to the review at my blog Le Grande Codex here An ok read, is how I would sum 13 Days of Midnight going by the gritty cover, the synopsis, the much hype and the many positive reviews this book had been getting, I expected maybe a bit too much The plot wasn t that bad and the premise is very intriguing too but at most it felt like a cheesy been there done that Halloween read.The characters took their time but only after first of the chapters did I start to appreciate them .Not much a [...]

    3.5 StarsSixteen year old Luke Manchett is a popular kid at school He plays rugby, hangs out with all the right people, and as a bonus the most popular girl in the school likes him When his father, the well known Dr Horatio Manchett dies and leaves Luke everything, Luke discovers that all is not as it seems he gets dragged into a world of ghosts and necromancy and someone is always watching, waiting for his next move, counting on his mistakes.I enjoyed reading this book, and the idea is great Ho [...]

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      474 Leo Hunt
    Thirteen Days of Midnight