[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Les Misérables : by Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson

  • Title: Les Misérables
  • Author: Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780449300022
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Les Misérables : by Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson - Les Misérables, Les Mis rables Sensational dramatic packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document The story of how
    Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson
    Victor Hugo, in full Victor Marie Hugo b February 26, 1802, Besan on, France d May 22, 1885, Paris, France , poet, playwrighter, novelist, dramatist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France, who was the most important of the French Romantic writers Though regarded in France as one of that country s greatest poets, he is better known abroad for such novels as Notre Dame de Paris 1831 and Les Mis rables 1862.



    What can be said that has not been said It is a masterpiece, a classic It is a tragedy, a romance, and a historical fiction.It explores the redemptive power of love, social injustice, and where law conflicts with morality.Jean Valjean has there ever been a perfect protagonist He is capable of both amazingly heroic and maleficent actions He is constantly conflicted, doggedly pursued, and and than once inspired to greatness through the worst of circumstances An ex convict with a golden heart and [...]

    Kelsey Bryant
    Can t find any words to say right now this was one of those all absorbing books to me that will take some time to digest.

    Pertama tama, tidak ada orang yang benar benar jahat Camkan itu.Pelajaran pertama yang aku ambil dari buku ini adalah saat seorang pastur memperlakukan seorang mantan narapidana yang telah berkeliaran mencari tempat singgah untuk bermalam namun tiada yang sudi menampungnya memberinya makan dengan pelayanan yang layak, menawarkan tempat tidur yang nyaman dan bahkan, merelakan peralatan makan peraknya harta satu2nya sang pastur dibawa pergi oleh sang mantan napi.dalam filmnya, adegan ini sangat me [...]

    Mohd Abbas

    Les Miserables deserves all the praise that has been heaped on it over the centuries It really was a thing of beauty To me, this book explored what it means to love in all its different forms Highly recommend.

    classic, perfect MasterPiece ,

    Lara Baisouni

    مصطفى آل تركي

    Bayan Al-Halabi

    Aku tidak bisa berhenti membaca buku ini Wow Ceritanya bagus sekali, sampai aku tak cukup percaya diri untuk mereviewnya, takut tak dapat memberikan gambaran yang pas.Ah, memang nampaknya kalian harus membacanya sendiri, agar tahu seperti apa jalinan kisahnya.Entah kisah ini mengandung unsur kejadian nyata atau tidak, tetap saja, gambarannya begitu nyata, sehingga aku penasaran siapakah tokoh sesungguhnya Les Miserables, jika kubuka kamusku, kudapati penjelasan untuk kata Miserable pitiful, wret [...]

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    This version is a lot smaller than what I was expecting which is good since I have to read this within a month One day I ll read the full version, but for right now, I ll stick to this.

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    Ahmed Elkhatib
    450 .

    Haneen Alhatlany

    Les Miserables adalah sebuah salah satu mahakaryanya penulis asal Prancis Victor Hugo yang menghantar dirinya menjadi salah seorang pengarang yang karyanya paling luas dibaca orang hingga kini dan kisahnya telah berkali kali diadaptasi baik dalam bentuk drama, opera, film, dll.Kisahnya sendiri menceritakan seorang mantan narapidana bernama Jean Valjean yang dihukum kerja paksa selama 19 tahun di sebuah kapal karena kedapatan mencuri sepotong roti karena lapar Jean Valjean berkali kali mencoba ka [...]

    Ahmed Ibrahim
    454 .

    Le trajet de Jean Val jan est presque le m me que celle de Napol on Bonaparte, au m me p riode Je me suis pos la question si il n y avait pas un lien entre les deux histoire De plus, ma maison est not dans le dition complet, dans le chapitre La chute L auberge au bout du rue du chaffaut giteclevacances .

    Fatima Mohamady ..

    I feel like this book was inspired by God to give us a glimpse of what humans are capable of It is powerful illustration after powerful illustration of the contrast between light and darkness Jean Valjean s commitment to living according to his conscience is so far amplified beyond my own, I found myself mentally screaming at him to reveal himself to Marius as his savior Come on Enough is enough The message is so beautiful and the pages are filled with memorable gems I love the Count of Monte Cr [...]

    Hussain Al Ismail

    One of my favorite books when I was a child I didn t even realize it was the abridged version I bought it at the Luther College bookstore when I was there for Dorian Music Camp.

    Mohsen Mohamed

    If you only know the movie version of the story, then the book is a must read This is now one of my all time favorites.


    Salha A. Zain
    Les Miserables Oh my goodness This is one of the most amazing and heartbreaking novels I ve ever read It s a masterpiece, a classic A combination of tragedy, romance, and a historical fiction It absolutely, without doubt, deserves all the praise that has been heaped on it over the centuries Although this version is abridged, I ll still give it 5 stars And I wish there were a 10 star option because this doesn t compare with the other books I ve given 5 star ratings Highly recommended

    _______ 5 10 2017

    I read this in the summer of my sopho year in college I was deeply immersed init when my Romance Languages professor asked me how I was enjoying something but I didn t catch what he said I asked him to please repeat himself and he smiled and asked How are you enjoy Lez MIZ er ah bles It was at that point that I realized I didn t even recognize the title in French and we laughed about it The oddest thing about the book is that, even in translation, it retains a French title I have often wondered [...]

    Les Miserables is beautiful I can find no other words fitting to describe it but that It is tragedy, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and a whole lot of other words and meanings delicately woven to create such a beautiful master piece.It is one of those very rare books where your expectations were high, yet the real thing will prove itself ten or a hundred times better than you expected it to be Les Miserables deserve all the praise it is getting and .I have read the abridge version and I m lookin [...]

    Victor Hugo s Les Miserables is quite simply one of the most beautiful and affecting books ever written More than just a compelling and finely woven narrative, Hugo s work contains themes of social injustice, philanthropy, sacrifice and, most importantly, redemption presented so skillfully the reader cannot help but question his or her own moral makeup Hugo delivers these messages through well crafted scenes that are rich in imagery, filled with irony, and stocked with characters that are fully [...]

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Les Misérables : by Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson
      191 Victor Hugo Charles E. Wilbour James K. Robinson
    Les Misérables