[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Little Russian Philokalia : by Seraphim Rose

  • Title: Little Russian Philokalia
  • Author: Seraphim Rose
  • ISBN: 9780938635307
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Little Russian Philokalia : by Seraphim Rose - Little Russian Philokalia, Little Russian Philokalia Philokalia means love of the good love of the beautiful It was the name given to the celebrated th century Greek collection of Patristic texts on Christian spiritual life teaching the path to inne
    Seraphim Rose
    Seraphim Rose, born Eugene Dennis Rose, was a hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in the United States, whose writings have helped spread Orthodox Christianity throughout modern America and the West They have also been widely read in Russia Although not formally canonized as of 2008, he is venerated by some Orthodox Christians as a saint in iconography, liturgy, and prayer.


    A must read for anyone who has a devotion to St Seraphim of Sarov.

    Terry Clarke
    I love the teachings of St Seraphim and this book presented the In an easily understood way with excellent translation to English.

    Stephen Case
    I m still enough of an evangelical that hagiography strikes me as foreign I don t know what to make of it, this idea that holiness can come out from the introspective realm of spiritual instruction to impinge on historical figures and alleged historical events Which is perhaps why this first volume of the Little Russian Philokalia, the writings of St Seraphim, seemed progressively stranger as I read through it.St Seraphim lived from the middle of the eighteenth century to the early nineteenth, d [...]

    Jacob Aitken
    A brief life of St Seraphim of Sarov Mostly well written with some excerpts of Sarov s writings at the end There is the famous scene where he is surrounded by light with one of his acolytes and keeps urging him to acquire the Holy Spirit Also worth noting are they Diveyvo prophecies, so called I have no comment.Analysis and Conclusion Contrary to World Orthodoxy, Seraphim Rose has accurately and correctly read the Russian fathers Those who disagree with him bear the burden of proof I am troubled [...]

    focus on pre Bolshevik saint in Russia who experienced prophecy and spiritual ecstasy St Seraphim also demonstrates and explains how others can acquire the Holy Spirit , which is the aim of the Christian life.

    I ve only read snippets from this work and am planning finishing it this year.

    Something to revisit over and over again A true wellspring of wisdom.

    Connie Backus-yoder

    Simple, straight forward, spiritual wisdom from St Seraphim of Sarov, one of the most beloved saints of 19th Century.

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Little Russian Philokalia : by Seraphim Rose
      153 Seraphim Rose
    Little Russian Philokalia