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  • Title: Refractions of Frozen Time
  • Author: Marcha A. Fox
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  • Page: 152
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  • Refractions of Frozen Time Best Read || [Marcha A. Fox] - Refractions of Frozen Time, Refractions of Frozen Time The conclusion to A Psilent Place Below finds Dirck and Creena in shock as they realize they missed the entire point of their shared veridical dream Their oversight results in a treacherous situation
    Marcha A. Fox
    The first book in the Star Trails Tetralogy, Beyond the Hidden Sky , is free on most online sales channels which you can find here books2read u bOr8j0Join Preferred Readers to receive notice of giveaways, special deals, events and public appearances eepurl bn0N7vMarcha Fox was born in Peekskill, New York and has lived in California, Utah and Texas in the course of raising her family Her passion for science fiction began as a child While her first stories were written in 6th grade describing her teachers planets of origin, her determination to write seriously in that genre knew no bounds, such that she went back to college in her 30s to obtain a bachelor s of science degree in physics After graduation she spent over 23 years working in the aerospace industry, most of which was at NASA s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where she held a variety of positions including technical writer, engineer and eventually manager Science and engineering experience notwithstanding, it s the unexplained mysteries of the cosmos, such as psi phenomena, time travel and the concept of a universal consciousness, which fascinate her the most and provide the setting for her Star Trails Tetralogy Centered on the Brightstar family who has been torn apart by a storm of political and scientific intrigue, they will stop at nothing until they are reunited.She is currently retired and living in the Texas Hill Country.


    John Dizon
    Refractions of Frozen Time by Marcha Fox is the fourth installment of the Star Trails anthology It s one of those unique compilations in that each story is able to stand alone without the assistance of the others, and therein lies the magic The Star Trails Tetralogy followed the journey of the Brightstar family as they were scattered to the farthest ends of the galaxy trying to avoid the manipulations of the evil Integration program We watched Merapa Brightstar take a stand against the terrible [...]

    Elle Klass
    As the fourth and final book in the series Refractions of Frozen Time a fitting end to the struggle against INTEGRATOR I have been drawn to this series since the first book and have quickly become a Marcha Fox fan She integrates actual science into science fiction, creating worlds, customs, and life forms outside the world we live Her creativity and imagination never fall short but always leave me wanting .In the final book we see Laren Brightstar arrested and on a one way ship destination Bezar [...]

    Martha Fawcett
    Writer, Marcha Fox takes us on a fast paced adventure through time and space in The Star Trails Tetralogy Strong themes of family unity, genius, loyalty, and tenacity drive the action in all four books The story involves the Brightstar family from the planet Mira III When Laren Brightstar, the patriarch of the family, is arrested, his wife and three children are caught up in a drama that will affect each of them on every level of their being The Brightstars rely heavily upon their Miran logic, b [...]

    This last installment in the series is my favorite of the four The peril is heightened so the suspense is, too I love seeing the threads from all the books come together, and the climax is so amazing and unexpected, I kept waiting to hear a huge pipe organ chord Wow I love this family and how they all grow in unexpected ways, even when facing death This series has made me remember why I love science fiction it stretches my brain in mind bending ways and opens new ways of seeing the universe Than [...]

    Ceri London
    The Star Trails Tetralogy is the classic story of good versus evil seen through one family s struggle to reunite, an endeavour that draws in a number of lonely souls along the way The three Brightstar siblings are the young heroes of this story and, as they observe and understand their surroundings, their conclusions can be coloured by their Miran schooling It s when they break old habits in order to survive the hostile planet they must now call home that they open their minds and hearts to the [...]

    James Bizzell
    I really liked this book It reminded me a little of Timothy Zahn s Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy The Brightstar family have helped to form a rag tag alliance of multi cultural rebels robots, alien bugs and vegemals against a planet dominating conglomerate of men who are evilly ambitious I think the evil characters, especially Augustus Troy, were my favorites, because I liked that they were these ambitious middle manager types, but their corporate initiatives involved genocide In order to defeat these [...]

    Jeanne Foguth
    I purchased the Star Trails Tetralogy Box Set, but am reviewing each book in the series as I finish reading This was the last and I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes learning a bit of science, while they are following great characters through the trials and tribulations of their story.I think each of these four books could stand alone, but felt fortunate to be able to get the box set when it was introduced, for the price of one book If you haven t had the opportunity to read any o [...]

    So many twists and turns I really like the little brother He is so smart and positive These kids are all smart and it was amazing to see them work together and accomplish so much.

    Marcha Fox

    • Refractions of Frozen Time Best Read || [Marcha A. Fox]
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    Refractions of Frozen Time