Ë The Bravest Princess ↠ E.D. Baker

  • Title: The Bravest Princess
  • Author: E.D. Baker
  • ISBN: 9781408850275
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ë The Bravest Princess ↠ E.D. Baker - The Bravest Princess, The Bravest Princess With eight princes to choose from Snow White has a big job on her hands how can she tell which prince she should marry Princess Annie and her good friend Liam will have to come to the rescue But there
    E.D. Baker
    E.D Baker Elizabeth Dawson Baker made her international debut in 2002 with The Frog Princess, which was a Texas Lone Star Reading List Book, A Book Sense Children s Pick, a Florida s Sunshine State Readers List pick a 2006 Sasquatch Book Award nominee The Princess and the Frog, is loosely based on this novel Elizabeth was born in Buffalo, New York and spent most of the next eighteen years in the Town of Tonawanda with her older brother and her parents She married her husband while in college, and had two children a few years after graduating from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania with a bachelor s degree in psychology When her son was four, the family moved to the state of Maryland With two young children at home, Elizabeth worked part time in her husband s business and took writing classes at the local community college She continued taking writing classes after the birth of her second daughter.After divorcing she went back to school and entered the SIMAT School Immersion Masters in the Art of Teaching program at Johns Hopkins University After graduating, she taught fifth grade until her parents health began to fail Her son had already graduated from college when Elizabeth and her daughters moved north to be closer to her parents Having gained a new perspective on what is important in life, Elizabeth decided that it was time to believe in herself and devoted her time to writing Her first book, The Frog Princess, was published in 2002 Elizabeth currently lives on a small farm in Maryland where she and her family breed horses They also have dogs, cats, goats and two ducks named Quackers and Fromage.


    When I was younger, I read Wide Awake Princess and loved it Now that time has passed, I still can t give these books a low rating when it comes to it and not just because of my childhood connection At the beginning of the book, Princess Annie went through exciting near death experiences I had a good idea how it was going to end but that didn t make me want to put the book down As she went through yet another of her quests, I found myself fond of EVERYTHING the author put in there The romance was [...]

    Lula McCuela
    Whoopsie, I forgot to do a review for this when I read it It was pretty good, but not as good as the first two They didn t travel around, and they weren t getting to know each other So maybe that made it less entertaining that the first.

    Orissa Rowley
    The Bravest Princess by E D Baker is about a girl who is immune to magic, and her adventures to save kingdoms This girl s name is Annie When Annie finishes turning her sister s true love from a bear back to his normal prince self, things just get crazier At Annie s sister, Gwendolyn s wedding, someone tries to kill Annie Annie and her love, prince Liam, go to their friend, Snow White s kingdom to help her find a prince to marry As they give a group of princes challenges and trials to see who get [...]

    The Bravest Princess was cute but wasn t very coherent While I definitely enjoyed it I was really glad when we faced up to the real bad guys In the end it was all happily ever after, which suits this series down to a T.

    The best story of the series so far I can still feel the tension, although I kinda hate Snow White and Anne s sister here How they are so ignorant and such at some point Nevertheless, I quite enjoy this book 3

    This is the third book in the A Tale Of The Wide Awake Princess series I found this third book to be a bit too repetitive for my tastes Baker, for some reason, felt the need to remind you of everything you had already read in the first two books It really made the first half of the book drag along Every other chapter, you were having to be reminded of adventures you had already read about I can understand, to a certain degree, the reasons for this My sister picked up the third book first and rea [...]

    This was something I picked up at my library and it perfectly suited the listless wintery blues mood I was in Fun, hilarious, adventureous and with a little romance too, even though it is a children s book The author is brilliant at recreating and adding her own personal twists to the classic fairy tales Loved it With Annie s sister, Sleeping Beauty soon to be married, Annie and her fiance Liam head to Snow White s kingdom to help her choose a prince to marry The best part of the book were the p [...]

    As seen on RoseBlackthorned ReviewsReview I received this book as an ARC from netgalley a few days before the publishing date and I was really excited because I loved the first book of the series I never read the 2nd book because I didn t know it was a series but I remember how much I loved and raved about the first book I can still remember the beautiful tale that E.D.Baker spun ha spun ha You will understand it if you read the first book 3 when Annie basically had to save her entire kingdom fr [...]

    The Bravest Princess is quite a different book than the first two, I thought The first two were a great conglomeration of fairy tales with situational and often dry humor that made them really funny This one had less of both It had a few nods to some fairy tales, but most of it was using the fairy tale characters that had already been introduced in the first two books That s fine, but the book felt lacking because of it The humor felt forced in places especially Liam s responses to the princes d [...]

    Alanna (The Flashlight Reader)
    I ve been a fan of E.D Baker s books since I read the Frog Princess and all of the following books many years ago They are cute and simple, and absolutely perfect for fans of fractured fairy tales If you ve been keeping up, you ll know that The Bravest Princess is the third book in the Wide Awake Princess series.Princess Annie is special She is completely untouched by magic, and can alter magic with her touch Pretty impressive if you live in a fully magical world This time around she has to help [...]

    In the latest installment of A Tale of the Wide Awake Princess series, Princess Annie finds herself under attack by forces of nature that are only indirectly being controlled by magic, and all her usual defenses are not always effective This added layer of danger forces Annie to admit and confront her own fears This fractured fairy tale does a great job of incorporating well loved characters like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, however, it falls short in really empowering young female readers Th [...]

    Advika V.
    Princesses really can be brave They don t always have to sit around and wait on their princes, instead they can be the hero of their story just like Annie Read how E.D Baker proves to us girl power

    Kayla Loewen
    Love it Even better than the second.

    I liked it, my children, not as much My 3 year old loves to pick out chapter books for me to read aloud to them and picked this one up at the libraryeincess The library marked it a 5th grade reading level but I think the audience would be toward 13 14 year old girls Princess Annabelle is a strong female lead The characters weren t as dimensional as some of the middle grade level books that I ve read though The world was nice though and felt real There was a lot of kissing though which some pare [...]

    Alyssa Marie
    I just can t not love this series E.d baker is my queen.

    This book was better but

    263 pages This is a weird and boring book I don t like it Skip this one.

    This book shows girls that no matter what you look like or are like that you can still do anything.

    Samantha Horton
    Fun funI have really enjoyed reading this series I m hoping the next book will be just as fun It is very entertaining

    The adventures of the Wide Awake Princess continue in this sweet mash up of fairy tales.Annie s sister Gwendolyn is finally marrying her prince, yet Annie cannot help but still feel like an outcast as many of the guest avoid her, afraid of being as beautiful as they are made by magic But when her friend Snow White calls on her for help, she and Liam travel to her kingdom to help her find her missing evil stepmother and find true love.Will they be able to rise the challenge and find the evil quee [...]

    Elizabeth Chang
    As the last book in the series, I expected something amazing from this book, and I wasn t disappointed at all I read all the books far apart, so in each book, I had a bit of trouble at the beginning getting used to the characters and plot But after that, I enjoyed the books very, very, much What I liked the story, obviously But, really I loved the idea of Annie helping her friend Snow White find a husband through tests of compassion, honesty, bravery, and other traits Snow White desired in a hus [...]

    In this installment, Princess Annie is called on to help her friend Snow White choose a husband But as she travels with Liam to Snow White s castle, bad things keep happening and she keeps getting attacked by black crows It seems The story itself was fun and moved along at a brisk pace I was not a fan of Snow White though She was pretty flighty and inconsistent On several occasions, she agreed to help Annie, but then just disappeared When Annie met her again, Snow White blew off her broken promi [...]

    This review contain spoilers Do not read it.In the beginning of the story is Gwendolyn s wedding During the ceremony some put something inside her hair to make it burn Luckily the cook was able to take it out Liam realizes that Annie s life is in danger Granny Bentbone is going to be locked up in the tower Annie was locked in Along the way the crows controlled by a witch keep hurting Annie After they lock the Granny Bentbone they go to Liam s home and his mother got a note from Terobella to kill [...]

    4.5 stars This is not as good as the first book, just a little bit, a tiny bit less magical I have never been amazed while reading a children book, not even The Frog Princess Oh sure, I love most children book, but I have never actually been infatuated by a book.The first book is just asdfghjkl.Even the title is calling you to read the book Wide awake Princess lolololol xDI just love all characters, love how they were pictured, love how they interact.And the main character lolAnnie was so unique [...]

    This review was originally posted on Read Me Away.While not the best book of the set, I still enjoyed The Bravest Princess I always gush over Princess Annie and her good friend oh blurb, you know better than that Liam, because their interactions are just really funny and sweet Annie is brave, resourceful, and quick thinking Something I really appreciated in this book was another aspect of Annie s curse about how magic affects her Things manage to get dangerous for her somehow, and she has to us [...]

    Becky B
    Princess Annie and Prince Liam survive Gwennie s wedding only to take off on another quest This time they need to relocate a troublesome witch and then answer Snow White s plea for help But getting to Snow White turns out to be the hardest part, disasters and crows haunt the path and it soon becomes clear that a powerful witch has it in for Annie They eventually make it to Snow White s and find that her father is eager to marry her off in hopes that that will thwart any plans of her evil stepmot [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    In the third volume of the Wide Awake Princess series, we follow the tale from the point of view of Gwendolyn s sister Annie Her friend Snow White has asked for her help, so she sets off after Gwendolyn s wedding with Prince Liam and several other retainers to see Snow White and also put an evil witch who eats children in a tower in the forest Along the way, she starts to realize that she is being targeted by another evil witch, who is sending angry crows to follow her Snow White s problem, now [...]

    Oh, I don t need to reread the first two books I m sure I remember them enough for the story to make sense, I thought as I started this book Wrong I barely remember the first book, and turns out I never even read the second one No wonder I was confused the whole time I mean, I know all about Annie, but the whole deal with Liam was pretty intense compared to the first book In book one, Liam and Annie were good friends hoping to become a little and all of a sudden in book three they are engaged W [...]

    Meg McGregor
    This is one of the most humorous books I have ever read It is the third in a series about a princess who is not your everyday beauty Instead she uses her mind and her ability that magic does not work on her to make her one of the most delightful characters in fairy tales that I have ever read about I think Annie would make such a great friend.In the series, Princess Annie is the younger sister of the Princess, commonly thought of as the basis for Sleeping Beauty, Gwendolyn This time, Liam and An [...]

    Travis Berketa
    I read this book to my four year old daughter and we both enjoyed the story s integration of various fairy tale characters in order to tell the story My daughter pickedThe Bravest Princess up at the library, not knowing that it was the third book in the series.With a few references to the previous books, we find Sleeping Beauty s younger sister, Annie the Wide Awake Princess going off to help her friend Snow White, who is dealing with some marriage issues that is, her father wants her married of [...]

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