[PDF] Thieving Weasels | by ☆ Billy Taylor

  • Title: Thieving Weasels
  • Author: Billy Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780525429241
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Thieving Weasels | by ☆ Billy Taylor - Thieving Weasels, Thieving Weasels Skip O Rourke is dragged into one last con but he doesn t know the con s on him in this funny page turning debut YA for fans of Winger and Ocean s Eleven Cameron Smith attends an elite boarding schoo
    Billy Taylor
    Billy Taylor is the author of Thieving Weasels, a buzzy YA thriller featured in Family Circle Magazine and Entertainment Weekly If you don t know who the mark is, it s probably you Out on August 23rd.


    Nicole Hewitt
    This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionThis book started out really promising, but it started to lose me halfway through And by the end I just didn t really like Skip much any, so I didn t care all that much what happened to him I started out feeling sorry for him because he was trying to escape his conniving family, but then his actions got and morally gray, and I just wasn t so sure I was even on his side any Plus, I was hoping the book would be humorous, bu [...]

    2.5 stars This was just pretty meh on the whole, and I never felt particularly invested The con itself had too much back and forth to even be enjoyable If you re interested in a heist con story, I d recommend looking elsewhere.

    Keira Drake
    From the moment I saw the cover and read the premise for this book, I couldn t wait to get my hands on it I had high hopes and it BLEW MY EXPECTATIONS OUT OF THE WATER It was even better than I expected, even though I m the pickiest reader ever This author understands VOICE His characters are richly drawn you will hate some of them in a good way , hilarious, horrible, all of the everything This story made me laugh AND cry I didn t expect it to be heart wrenching, but Billy Taylor expresses pain [...]

    Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    Initial Impressions 9 29 16 3.5 3.75 starsTHIEVING WEASELS was a bit different than I anticipated but really in a good way From the cover, I thought it was going to be a lot goofier and really slapstick but it was actually a lot serious and realistic than I thought It actually became quite the complicated thing because with the book being realistic than I thought, I wasn t able to write off some things for the sake of comedy For example, I was left wanting just a bit character development Som [...]

    It doesn t matter how moral you think you are, once someone takes away what you love most in this world, you ll do almost anything to get it back The product description is spot on for Thieving Weasels you will love this book if you like me are a fan of Ocean s Eleven Skip O Rourke grew up in a family of con artists His childhood memories are full of the various swindles he pulled off with his mother and or his Uncle Wonderful Skip eventually escaped his family and enrolled at prestigious Wheato [...]

    Review also posted Book Reviews by DiLight hearted, fast and fun, this isn t a book that I would normally have picked up had it not been for Penguin s First to Read program I was entertained by this book, and I did enjoy most of it, but I think the target audience is probably teenage boys and I suspect they would appreciate it a lot than I did It s difficult to truly develop a full cast of characters in such a short novel, but the author manages to get the reader rooting for Skip and there are [...]

    I flew through this book, I m honestly not sure if it s because I was enjoying the book so much or I just wanted to get to another book I laughed a lot throughout the story, it was funny, but sometimes I though it was a bit too much Some of the parts of the book made me question the sanity of people, but in a funny way Overall I would rate this book a 3.5 5 starsC REVIEW

    Jennifer Y.
    3 1 2 starsReview soon

    Not at all what I was expecting And sometimes that can be a good thing but in the case of this book, it made for an only okay read.I went into this book expecting it to be a well plotted heist novel And honestly that was the one thing that was closest to what I was hoping for While it wasn t so intricately plotted there were moments from the book that came back in a big way when it came to the ultimate conclusion Things fell together in an interesting way and there were even a few surprises Howe [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineCam Smith finally gets into Princeton, where Claire, his girlfriend at his exclusive prep school is also going Life is good until his Uncle Wonderful shows up and whisks him away, saying that his mother has tried to commit suicide and Cam needs to be there for her SIcne Cam s entire family are grifters who have multiple fake identities and have used him in their scams since he was young, Cam has little patience for this Still, he is alarmed at his mother s [...]

    This book fell completely under the radar for me until BEA, when I saw the author was signing ARCs at Penguin I gave the synopsis a quick glance on , and decided that I might as well give it a try It looked funny and sometimes I crave light, humorous YA contemporaries I m definitely happy that I decided to grab it.This is a book about a guy who is actually pretty smart but family doesn t care The only thing his family cares about is making money by stealing things You could almost call the famil [...]

    Forever Young Adult
    Graded By PoshdeluxeCover Story Coming This Fall to the Disney ChannelBFF Charm NaySwoonworthy Scale 3Talky Talk Keep the Change, Ya Filthy AnimalBonus Factor The ConRelationship Status Not My TypeRead the full book report here.

    Jessa Franco
    Choppy pacing and weak ending, but still enjoyable Hand it to fans of Son of the Mob and those looking for humor with questionable morals I received this ARC from BEA 2016.

    Sara Grochowski
    Feeling kind of divided about this one Need time to reflect I think.

    Actually rating 3.5 5 stars or 7 10

    Amber Garabrandt
    I received an advanced copy of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review.Cameron Smith leads a pretty good life While not rich like his classmates at Wheaton Preparatory Academy, he makes it through with financial aid and jobs Princeton just accepted his application and his girlfriend Claire is amazing Life it beautiful That is, until he gets high jacked from school by his past You see, Cameron Smith was not always squeaky clean Once upon a time he was Skip O Rourke and was f [...]

    Let me start out by saying that Thieving Weasels was not a bad book In fact, it was actually pretty good, I liked it The story does explore the question of morality since the characters dipped into morally gray areas they were career criminals after all Now one thing I do have to note is that this book wasn t really all that humorous There were moments that were maybe, possibly a little funny, but there was nothing that made me outright laugh However, besides that, there were other aspects about [...]

    This is becoming a sub genre crime family kid running away to go good See, the thing is when you have been trained as a criminal you can survive on your own at a tender age with your acquired skills The catch is the family does not always want to let you go.In one recent book a girl is called back to the family to release her beloved dad who is kidnapped In another Dad needs his kid s skills because he is just not a very good con man In another, the dad is a psychopath and just wants his own bac [...]

    I am slightly sad that this book did not make it up to my full expectations I had a good mix of mystery, action, and romance, but I couldn t find that spark while reading this book Although this book was not particularly up my alley, I think that this could be a great read for someone really into mystery and action.Thieving Weasels had a lot of potential and that is why I liked the core of the novel, but I think it could have been built upon There were many scenes I found that went on for too l [...]

    Four years ago Cameron Smith escaped his family of thieves and con artists and started a new life at an elite boarding school With his acceptance to Princeton University, his dreams of a new life are looking real then ever Then Cam s uncle shows up, hauls him back to Long Island, and makes it clear that Cam whose real name is Skip O Rourke, by the way must complete one last job if he wants the future he s worked so hard to attain Billy Taylor s debut novel,Thieving Weasels, is a lot of fun If y [...]

    Thieving Weasels was a short, fun read for the most part We follow Cam Smith, AKA Skip O Rourke, as he s pulled away from his ideal world prep school, beautiful girlfriend, just got into Princeton back to the hellish world of his childhood his family are a bunch of weasels Cam s family pulls him in for one con His mom is in a mental hospital, his uncle is the new head of the weasels, and his cousin Roy just wants the good old days back Or at least, that s how his family would make it seem Cam t [...]

    This was such a fun read I can easily see this being a movie, it would be great The plot is fast paced, and the twists and turns unexpected I liked seeing Cam progress from totally trying to turn off his inner weasel to reconciling it as a part of himself The ending was extremely well plotted The dark humor is just what I like in a con story My only issue with the book is maybe who it might be marketed to I thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult, but it is a young adult book, targeted at eighth grade [...]

    Cam Smith s family are a bunch of weasels The type that would go from town to town applying for library cards, then checking out as many DVDs as possible and re selling them to end up with a profit that barely rises above the money the spent paying for gas He s not like them He wants out of his life So he steals all their money and forges the paperwork to get himself into an elite prep school, bound for Princeton Yep, he s not like his family at all It would have gone perfectly if they hadn t t [...]

    Full review also on my blog nextbookaroundthecornersp It will not be easy to classify this debut from Billy Taylor Is Thieving Weasels a YA, Humor, Romance you have got to admit committing a crime to keep your girlfriend is pretty romantic, isn t it or Crime Fiction No matter the category, this book is funny and surprisingly easy to read The characters are funny especially Vinnie, he is just the prototype of a dumb wannabe mobster Fortunately the whole family agrees , the story is fast paced and [...]

    Liz Friend
    The story Skip O Rourke was raised by conmen and grifters, so when he engineers an escape from the family and into a high class prep school, he thinks he s got all the bases covered No, wait the family tracks him down and forces him into One Last Jobbut the deeper Skip gets into plans to off Fat Nicky, the he realizes this isn t about the money it s about revenge And he s the target After all, as Skip has to keep reminding himself Always know your mark And if you don t know who your mark is it [...]

    Received book from Penguin First to Read in exchange for an honest review.Cameron Smith is going to Princeton University with his girlfriend Claire The problem is, Cam is really Skip O Rourke, born to a family of thieving weasels, grifters, thieves, and general scum from whom he ran away, stealing 100,000 to help pay for a pricey boarding school and start a new life And his family has just caught up to him, demanding he help with one last job or they ll destroy his life with a few well placed tr [...]

    This was fun It didn t blow my mind, but I enjoyed reading it The beginning of Thieving Weasels is slow, but it s a short book, and it really picks up by the ending Although the ending was good, I m not sure I completely understood what was going on This book is about a family of con artists and their final con went slightly over my head All of the female characters in this novel were pretty one dimensional, especially the MC s girlfriend I would have liked to have seen a little personality fro [...]

    Thanks for Penguin s First to Read program for letting me read this book.Thieving Weasels was a decent book, but be warned that many of the characters are douches, so you will not have a favorite or develop a crush on them Skip is only a teenager dealing with family that loves the wrong side of the law He toes the line of what we believe is the standard morality I think this is a hard book to get into because it is not fantasy nor reality for most of us We know there are people like this and kid [...]

    If you are a fan of heists and cons like in the Ocean Eleven movies then you will really like this book I was a bit dubious of the book due to the cover but you know the saying right Don t judge a book The main character, Skip, grew up in a family of thieves and con jobs He was taught from a young age to steal and lie but decided that it was not how he wanted to live the rest of his life Skip moved away, changed his name to Cam, studied hard, and got accepted to Princeton Things were going great [...]

    Jessica Creason
    This was a great, quick, easy fun read It was nice to read something different than what I usually read It s fiction but reads like a memoir of an extremely dysfunctional family of thieves It s got a great blend of suspense and humor that makes it a very enjoyable read, and the twists and turns keep happening until the very end I recommend this book to pretty much anyone, regardless of what genre you usually read It s not something that I would usually pick up, but how much I liked it didn t sur [...]

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    Thieving Weasels