Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread Best Download || [Wendie L. Edwards]

  • Title: Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread
  • Author: Wendie L. Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780971222847
  • Page: 188
  • Format: None

  • Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread Best Download || [Wendie L. Edwards] - Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread, Millennial Glory V Hanging By A Thread Braun Rogers travels to America and takes on a position at the White house in an effort to warn the President of the danger that awaits the nation He finds the country in a political disarray as the c
    Wendie L. Edwards
    Wendie L. Edwards Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread book, this is one of the most wanted Wendie L. Edwards author readers around the world.


    Andrew Atkinson
    Cry, laugh, get educated and entertained Amazing book series, people who fault a visionary work for a few typos are missing the pointere is no other contender for last days LDS historical fiction Writing about the end days AND keeping in line with scriptures and latter day prophecy in NO EASY TASK Hurrah for Wendie L Edwards I have read a lot of fiction and fantasy novels and this IS very good Wendy keeps it interesting like J.K but while sharing information that is much relevant than Hogwarts [...]

    My favorite so far It s not only an exciting storyline from beginning to end but I m really into the Constitution right now because I m teaching a homeschool American History Government class Her portrayal of secret combinations ruling the UN,IMF and most of the world governments don t seem so far fetched to me any In fact, I did some research on the IMF and their dealings with the Federal Reservemething is not right This book has reminded me not to become depressed because we have fallen so far [...]

    I am not sure how to explain this, other than i HAVE to know HOW IT ENDS i mean, i guess it is the future, and armageddon isn t always an exciting topic, other than conspiracy and making us ponder if the antichrist is currently alivei like Edward s use of footnotes at the end, and for my faith, i have been satisfied The writing is ok, the drama is contrived, the main family is a bit ideal wait, my family may just be wacko but this last book book 5 in series was very 24 esquedy president, secret [...]

    Becky Fenton
    I love this apocalyptic series Wendie L Edwards does a fabulous job researching every minute detail It is all so believeable to me Some people have said, I don t know how much evil the world can become But I do because I ve read Wendie s books and can see those same things happening She backs up everything with footnotes I love reading the footnotes It s kind of like science fiction but yet reality tv It seems far fetched but not If you read the scriptures and read revelations and just open you [...]

    This is a good book series written about the last days on the earth before the Second Coming of Christ I am reluctant sometimes with LDS novels, so I didn t open myself up in the first couple of books I was judging The story is about a woman who is a full time nurse, wife and mother of 10 doing it all, but the story extends through the experiences of her older children This book 5 was unbelievable captivating The whole series is very intriguing from book 1 Millennial Glory There is a LOT of LDS [...]

    This series is about the last days Giving a very interest protrail of the last days making you think about your need to perpare for these days Like the Work and the glory she has put together a fictional family and put them into the middle of the facts about about what is coming allow you to put yourself into the place of the family however the best part is the notes and references at the end of each chapter.

    I liked how this book gave an inside look into who holds the real power in a fictional future UN and future America We also get to know some about some of the characters like, Matt, Brea s husband in this book.

    Did the end of America have to come during a female president s watch Oh, and there needs to be a much better proofreader for this series You re instead of your , and a lot of dropped to , do , and the words Spell check does NOT substitute for a good proofreader.

    Please see series review under Book 1.

    Londa Frankis

    fun series to read.

    This series continues to be one that is hard to put down The US Government is falling families are struggling to survive and Satan is going rampant with all kinds of deceiving tactics.

    We learn about secret combinations Creepy Lots of footnotes from President Benson.

    The best in the series thus far See my other reviews.I am writting up some of the ideas and my thoughts to send to my grown children.

    • Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread Best Download || [Wendie L. Edwards]
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    Millennial Glory V, Hanging By A Thread