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  • Title: Blaze Ignites
  • Author: J.L. Madore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ¸ Blaze Ignites ↠ J.L. Madore - Blaze Ignites, Blaze Ignites BLAZE IGNITES blends strong clever women and tough sexy men in a fast paced volatile cocktail of action seduction and wicked humour Destiny my ass Jade Glaster refuses to believe the Fates rule he
    J.L. Madore
    J.L. Madore Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blaze Ignites book, this is one of the most wanted J.L. Madore author readers around the world.


    Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    Jade Glaster, Talon Enforcer nicknamed Blaze, has been hunting down the Scourge responsible for her parents death by Right of Vengeance Alexannia Lexi Grace adopted sister of Jade and partner in Talon Enforcement Jade and Lexi are sent on mission by Castian to the Highbourne Elves Both Lexi and Jade are stunned by this move yet take their job seriously Galandel Galan Caleblasse and his two best friends Thamior Tham and Aust go on Fates Journey only to encounter Jade and Lexi waiting for them Can [...]

    First, I would like to thank the author J.L Madore for giving me this book for an honest review I really enjoyed this book, the story is a very good I did feel at times that some things were jumping around and that there could have been detail added There were some editing problems, but not enough to discourage But over all, I really liked the story, it is different and kept me hooked until the end I am looking forward to reading of this series The characters Blaze was a very strong independen [...]

    Faye W.
    I was given a copy of this book to review.I, unlike several of the other reviewers, had a bit of trouble jumping in to this book at first The plot and universe the author had created were very intriguing, but it took me a little bit to find my stride with the story However, once I got going I ended up really enjoying the story.I liked that the female protagonist, Jade, was tough and determined, but that the reader also got to see her vulnerable side We got to see her struggles and also what made [...]

    C.J. Burright
    Blaze Ignites by J.L Madore is one of the best books I have read in awhile, a perfect combination of fantasy, adventure, action, humor and romance Jade and her adoptive siblings are members of Talon, the enforcers of Haven laws When she is called upon to make first contact with the Highborne elves, a race banished without magic for eight thousand years, her life takes on new twists and turns, mostly due to Galanodel, a silver haired elf who brings her dormant passion to life The characters were [...]

    S.L. Figuhr
    I was given a free copy of the book for an honest review Thank you to the author for their generosity.Blaze Ignites is a fun filled fantasy romp that seamlessly blends magic and modern technology I enjoyed the strong female lead, who doesn t fall apart and become useless the minute she meets her love interest.The Talon Enforcers drew me in with their mix of wise cracking and martial skills The many characters each had their own distinct personalities, making it easy to tell them apart and root f [...]

    Linzi Selby
    I was given this book to write a honest review by the good reads group read at reap 259What a brilliant read I must say I loved this book.The characters in the book had so many qualities it Was difficult to pinpoint a favourite With the exception of Blaze.I found this book entertaining and refreshing Galan was great as a male lead, I found it good that he wasn t your normal tall, strong male that s always there to save the helpless female He had a vulnerability that was endearing.Blaze aka Jade, [...]

    Jackie *Fire and Ice Book Reviews*
    I was asked to do a honest review of this book by the author From the first paragraph, I was hooked This book drew me in, and it didn t let me go until the end This book was a real page turner I think the author did a awesome job with creating the characters I felt as if I was there with them the entire time The descriptions and emotions of the characters, was amazing However, the book did leave off on a cliffhanger, I hope there is another book coming out soon with the same characters I want to [...]

    Tina "IRead2Escape"
    4.5 starsBlaze Ignites is the powerful 1st book in the Scourge Survivor Series by J.L Madore Holy cow this book was awesome I m going to be honest here Interesting way to start a review, huh I kind of got away from the paranormal romance sub genre That s all I read for awhile and I got burned out I am so glad I decided to give this book a read This book had all of the usual suspects fae, shifters, weres, vampires, elves, demons, gods and goddesses Jade Glaster suffered a horrible tragedy when sh [...]

    Prophecy, betrayal, revenge and destiny collideDISCLAIMER I was given a copy of this book by the author via Shut Up and Read Read It And Reap in exchange for an honest, unbiased reviewVISORY This book contains mature, adult situations and dialogue.Synopsis Jade aka Blaze and Lexi are adoptive sisters, working as Talon Enforcers the law enforcement of the magical world known as the Realm of the Fair They are survivors of a Scourge attack, and along with their adoptive brothers, they try to keep o [...]

    Jade Glaster doesn t think much of fate Her life has been a literal shit storm to this point in fact, the series was originally called the Shit Storm Survivors, which I now note has been tactfully changed to Scourge Survivors and if this was fate s doing, Jade wants none of it.Her Talon code name is Blaze because of her red hair and fiery temper, which often results in the unleashing of a literal blaze of power.One of Jade s laments at the outset of the novel aside from the Scourge murdering her [...]

    Amanda Masters
    I loved this book it was so awesome so different then everything else I usually read and so full of action and intrigue J.L Madore is a awesome writer and takes you on an adventure like you haven t quite seen before in a world within worlds Jade the Blaze Glaster doesn t want to believe that the fates or Destiny have any ruling over her life hot headed and hot blooded she lives her life by the warrior code Blessed with the gifts from the elven God of Gods her and her sister receive order to trav [...]

    Andrea Cooper
    Jade Glaster is a strong quick witted heroine Yet the author shows her vulnerability She s had to be on her own since her family was attacked by Scourge soldiers She works for Talon, an elite police force And I love her mount Galan is an unconventional hero at first because of his outdated views of women However, he s one of those guys you love to dislike until you too find yourself falling for him.Together, the chemistry between Jade Galen is potent J.L Madore writes this so well I was feeling [...]

    I received this book in exchange for a review.Jade a gifted Talon warrior was orphaned at young age She was hidden while she listened how her father was murdered and saw how het mother was raped and killed She was saved by Reigh, whom raised her as his daughter and trained her to become a Talon warrior While on a mission to help the highbornes, she also met her mate Nothing she did came easy She had to prove she was a strong willed woman who could do anything a man could Constantly prove her fat [...]

    Laura Lucas
    I was given a copy of this book to review.First off, I loved this book I was drawn in right at the beginning The characters were well written and often humorous and the story was very entertaining.Jade Glaster is a half human in the world of the Fae Orphaned as a child while her parents were killed and tortured, Jade grew up to be a female warrior and an enforcer with the Talons With her fire and healing abilities she is nothing short of amazing When she is sent on the most important mission of [...]

    Emi Lia
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Jade is sent on a mission with her sister to acquire and safeguard a relic, and reinstate a race of Elves who have been exiled for over 8000 years When she meets the three elves on the mission she is instantly and regretfully attracted to Galon, only regretfully because his mentality is ancient since he has been in an exiled community Gallon however learns quickly that he needs to change with the times if he wishes to integrate prop [...]

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a story about a female warrior, Jade, who falls in love with an Elf, Galan She is on a mission to avenge her mother who was brutally killed when Jade was a child It s an exciting story with adventure, romance and a few sex scenes Sooo this is not for kids.I liked the beginning end of the book and there were interesting twists in the plot but I thought it was maybe a bit too long and at times the Elves spoke too formally for my taste B [...]

    E.G. Manetti
    JL Madore s Blaze Ignites is a fun romp through a modern day Fae kingdom where armor and swords are supplemented by cell phones and headsets Blaze, the female main character, is a strong, determined force with the currently predictable tendency towards wise cracking Some of which is funny and some is only predictable Although Galan MMC holds outdated notions about women, in an interesting twist on the conventional romance, he is prone to emotional turmoil and the gentler one in the pair The vil [...]

    I loved this book Full of fantasy and adventure, it is beautifully written and fast paced Great action scenes and lots of them I love a good battle, although I wish Blaze had been better in battle, maybe kicked a little ass Still it s a great story with an original plot and great romance The world creation was amazing, weaving the fantasy world with the modern world so seamlessly I really have nothing bad to say about this book and look forward to reading the next in the series I received this [...]

    I received this book in exchange for a review.Jade is orphaned at a young age She is hidden in a root cellar and listens to her parents being tortured Jade was saved by Reign He raises her to become a Talon warrior She is given a mission to help the highborne elves Jade realizes she has met her mate in Galan She never thought she would be mated with an elf There are many secrets in Jade s life She struggles for the answers Jade s journey is action packed.I enjoyed this book The book needs very l [...]

    I want to start off by saying I was honored to receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely loved this book It had everything, romance, humor, supernatural, Gods and Goddesses, war, and anything else you can think of The main female character was strong in every way imaginable, which is great because too often the female main characters are wussy and damsel in distress y, but not in this book which I have to say, I love If you like supernatural, love stories, or [...]

    Sl Lennox
    Very fun read lots of action, romance and great dialogue between the characters Author has a great sense of the characters and makes them and the world they inhabit come to life on the page.

    OkayThe concept of the story was good but I felt it lacked depth and world building At the beginning the story it was confusing as there wasnt any explanation as to what really was going on, who the characters where and what kind of world they were all living on I almost gave up reading the book but Im glad I persevered The storyline was better further along as you got to know the characters a bit better and the world they were living I liked the female MC Jade, as she was witty and owned it in [...]

    Meh wasn t terribly impressed The world has a lot of potential I really liked the mythology aspect, and the Talons, and the juxtaposition between magic and modern tech But the characters lost me They all felt flat very one dimensional The plot moved entirely too quickly and took a few wacky turns, and there were multiple moments where I wasn t exactly sure what had just happened Things seemed to come out of the blue I wanted to like it I stuck with it to the end of the book, and it never lived u [...]

    josie Felton
    5 stars.What a jewel of a book I have never read any of J.L Madores books before, but I m so happy that I have read this one The realms are so beautiful and I feel like I m right there with all of the wonderful characters All of the characters are brilliant and our Blaze is charismatic,loveable, and my kind of woman I love her adopted family the old and new I cannot wait to read of these stories.

    Cabiria Aquarius
    Blaze is a strong and willful young lady She thought she knew who she was, until this journey Jade has one thought only she must avenge her mother s death Her mother s rapists and murderers must pay for what they ve done Then Galan comes into her life and everything she knew is twisted upside down This story was such an amazing tale I couldn t put it down This story was such a strong tale of a strong and powerful female heroine and finding your path Loved this story so much Galan and Jade s rela [...]

    Jarica Henke
    I loved this book I loved the blend of fantasy and modern The lead Jade was amazing Overall fantastic read.

    Janna Kinnee
    What A Fantastic JourneyI was drawn into this story immediately and had a hard time putting it down loved all the characters and looking forward to continuing the series

    Peggy Darrow
    Shocking I got this book, not realizing how deep, funny, and absorbing this story was I can NOT wait till the next one I am hooked

    Very entertaining, strong and likable characters and great world building Recommended

    Amanda Masters
    I loved this book it was so awesome so different then everything else I usually read and so full of action and intrigue J.L Madore is a awesome writer and takes you on an adventure like you haven t quite seen before in a world within worlds Jade the Blaze Glaster doesn t want to believe that the fates or Destiny have any ruling over her life hot headed and hot blooded she lives her life by the warrior code Blessed with the gifts from the elven God of Gods her and her sister receive order to trav [...]

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