Unlimited One Among Us - by Paige Dearth

  • Title: One Among Us
  • Author: Paige Dearth
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  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Unlimited One Among Us - by Paige Dearth - One Among Us, One Among Us Kidnapped and forced into human sex trafficking Maggie has only one way out Eleven year old Maggie Clarke is abducted from her loving family and thrust into the indescribably horrific and largely unk
    Paige Dearth
    SIGN UP FOR HER NEWSLETTER AT paigedearth the quarterly SOME DIRT ON PAIGE Paige Dearth was a victim of child abuse She writes real life horror and refers to her work as Fiction with Mean ing Stories teach lessons and Paige hopes that awareness through fiction creates prevention Paige will continue to write stories about young children who need to overcome adversity and then take you on their life s journey Her goal through fiction is to get readers so invested in the story and characters you will become one with the tome You will shed tears of joy, grief, rage and horror You will be emotionally invested in the outcome She wants her readers to be thinking about the story long after they have turned the last page.Some may say why write about such controversial and difficult subjects Paige feels that if we look the other way and don t address society s fears no real growth will ever happen As Ben Franklin said Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are Society should not look the other way because a subject seems too difficult to handle, just remember her books are fiction but people live through these real life horrors.So buckle up and take a Paige Dearth life changing journey It may take you into a new world of renewed enlightenment to make a difference and change the life of a child.Paige lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA with her husband Mike who was portrayed as Remo in her debut novel, Believe Like A Child This novel has been the catalyst for her writing platform The Beginning of Believe Like A Child is based on Paige s real life horror however, the remainder of the novel is fiction It is the darkest version of who she could have become, had fate not intervened in the nick of time It presents a fine balance between what lives on in her imagination and the evil that lurks in the real world.Affiliations ITW International Thriller WritersHWA Horror Writers AssociationORDER BELIEVE LIKE A CHILD FROM BELIEVE LIKE A ORDER WHEN SMILES FADE FROM When Smiles FadORDER ONE AMONG US FROM One Among Us PaJUST LISTEN When your mind is quiet and you listen closely, you will hear the children weeping silently If you can t quite hear their cries, then listen with your eyes These are the children of the streets, who have learned pain and suffering before they ever had a chance to experience life Do not ignore their cries for help, for all they wish is that you will rescue them They do not have a family that wants them, they don t know how it feels to be loved and they ve never lived anywhere that felt like home the streets are where they find their voice and relief from all of the suffering.Just listen and you ll see them Paige Dearth


    Sharon L
    Edit I once gave this book 2.5 stars rating rounded down 10 months after reading the book I feel the right rating, the honest one is 2 stars The problem with books such as this is that the subject is grave and important and the writer has personal experience of abuse So, I want to give it stars in order to pay respect to the author and what she had gone through and in order to raise awareness On the other hand this book deserves low rating due to it s many problems that will be listed in my rev [...]

    Susan Hampson
    This is a story about some of the most vile people who you would never wish to meet It is about people you never want to think about but the truth is you probably wouldn t even know if you had met them Unfortunately there is a huge and constantly growing market for this commodity, the abduction and sex trafficking of children.At 11 Maggie had her whole life to look forward to She had a loving family, she was intelligent and very striking with her long black hair and piercing blue eyes Like I sai [...]

    I received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to Paige Dearth for the opportunity to read and review One Among Us Now this book was one of the books that got me out of my comfort zone, One Among Us is a book about human sex trafficking But not only human sex trafficking but also deals with kidnapping, child molestation, sexual predators, rape and child pornography Just too name a few triggers this book has and it has a lot triggers than the ones I said, [...]

    ReadAlong With Sue
    Graphic, disturbing, emotional, awe inspiring story once again from Paige Dearth.I had read a previous book by this author so I kinda knew how she wrote I do find when she is using narratives that she comes over a bit lack of emotional description, but apart from that I found this book much better than her last one I read.I need to explain that its graphic, its about children trafficking abuse, so expect a complete truth and no fussing about This author has experience first hand in that horrible [...]

    Maggies Daisy
    Such a disturbing subject to write about But one that we all must address if we are ever to eradicate these beasts who feed on our young innocent children For me, there is no punishment too severe for the scum who prey on these pure unblemished children I cried, I laughed, I go mad and now I am left with a hole in me that wants in some way to help these young victims I feel in love with Mags, Cali, Max, Seth and Juju and would like to hear about them If everyone was made aware of these crimes [...]

    ARC for review.This is a tough review to write, primarily because the author s biography is very evident it s not in the back as is customary, but is actually the first page of the book after the copyright page, and it s titled Some Dirt on the Author which draws the eye It s filled with personal information about the author, her horrific childhood and rough adulthood and while that helps the reader to understand why she might be drawn to the subject matter, it also makes it harder to say that t [...]

    I was looking for something that was dark and gritty This definitely fit the bill I enjoyed this book I read it and it took a while to get through it because I did have to put it down a few times just because it was a lot to take in This book is very graphic and emotional There is a lot that goes on There were a few things that were not amazing, but it didn t affect my overall rating I will break it down in a list I think that will work best here I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possi [...]

    Maggie s life is changed forever the day she is kidnapped and thrown into the cruel, frightening world of human trafficking Her innocence stolen from her, Maggie does what she must to survive Alone, even though she is with others going through the same horrifying experiences she is, Maggie s story is heartbreaking, but inspiring Maggie endured unimaginable cruelty at the hands of her captures and others who should have been trying to help her But through it all, she remained strong, never giving [...]

    Won this in a giveaway and I am glad to give a review on the chance of getting to read this book One among us How resilient is a human and their soul Read this book to find an answer.Raw edgy and disturbingly graphic I understand why the author must write this because we have to decide to be self absorbed in our own world and things are possible happing right next door Then we ask but how Do you remember the 50s60s where are family s went next door and welcomed people or just dropped by for coff [...]

    This is an emotional roller coaster, in a good way through This is the first book I have read by Paige Dearth and after I finished I found her other books She is a captivating author that makes you feel for her characters, they are real and believable and you feel as if you are there, watching events unfold This was a hard book to read at times but it is worth the read Children can be so resilient and spirits can be hard to break.I was hooked from the first page and flew through this book to see [...]

    This is simply the most disturbing book I have ever read and while a work of fiction it s horrifying to think situations like this happen than we think I couldn t put it down, One Among Us is incredibly well written I loved that the story at times was told from multiple points of view If I compared it to anything it would be A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer Both horrifying and graphic but held the readers attention and while Pelzer s story is pure biography Dearth also has first hand knowledge [...]

    I decided to start this review with the first page from the book, instead of the description, as I usually do I felt that the first page has a bigger impact on us, the readers, than any other book description To be honest, I don t even know how to start this review So, first I wish to thank Paige Dearth for sending me her book It was a pleasure to read it and now I wish to read all her books and for her to never stop writing Before I continue, I want to say one thing about Paige For me, she is t [...]

    This book was an intense page turner, it really opened your eyes to what is really going on in the dark parts of the world This book always kept the reader hopeful and wondering what was going to happen next I really enjoyed reading this book and while some parts might be a little adult, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great page turner and a story that explores all of your emotions.

    3.5 Stars

    Ian Wood
    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    Esmeralda Plascencia
    This is a very great book and makes people learn that things happen for a reason not because you wanted it to happen.And that s just life you really do have to deal with it because one mistake could ruin your life but you have to just know that your not alone and there is always going to be people that will be there to help and understand.Very inspirational.

    It hard to figure out where to start with this story It was hard to read because of the deep emotional topic it covered But I couldn t put it down because I wanted to see Maggie get as much as a happy ending she could considering the circumstances she was in The story begins with the kidnapping of Maggie Like in real life she is lured by a stranger with a puppy Then suddenly she s in a van with a kidnapped little boy Seth, who is only 4 I could barley get over that one That very night Maggie is [...]

    Philip Bailey
    Impact Sure to have an impact on any parent, grandparent, or anyone with concern for children I read in order Believe like a Child , When Smiles Fade and One Among Us so I have some continuity of the story and the characters It was refreshing to see the maturity of the author s writing This is easily a stand out amongst books dealing with the subject of child abuse and illicit activities perpetrated by the most sinister citizens of our population Easily believable scenarios for the most part as [...]

    Deborah Blanchard
    This was a very difficult book to read Not because it isn t well written, because it is, but because of the horrifying subject matter, child sex trafficking It is extremely graphic, but it is truly gripping I had to put it down so many times because it grabbed my soul as a parent and as a human being Maggie the main character is a young girl who has strength than you can ever even imagine She is a survivor She never let them take her soul She is a strong, awe inspiring protagonist I would not h [...]

    Susan Bazzett-Griffith
    Law and Order SVU meets a Lifetime Original miniseries meets V.C Andrews fanfiction meets really crappy 6th grade level writing The writing in this book is flat out bad, and with subject material as disturbing and sensitive as child sex trafficking, abuse, and prostitution, the bad writing makes it feel very exploitative, especially the graphic first half of the book, since it is clearly fiction Why is it so very clearly fiction Because the characters are one dimensional and stereotypical and th [...]

    Amanda Sheila
    An Advance Reader Copy of One Among Us by Paige Dearth was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange of honest review.Well, this is my second book of Dearth and again, it s way too dark for me Sure I received the warning and since I m up for an adventure , I braced myself before I read this book Let s just say this book is very vivid, the details are kind of disturbing and I don t really like it Plus, the writing still didn t change from the previous book I ve read monotone and fell fl [...]

    This was my first time reading this author, but it won t be the last The subject matter was difficult to read, but at the same time I couldn t stop reading I loved this book all the emotions the author made me feel while reading it Of all the books I ve read since joining this website, this was the first that left me compelled to write a review and only 5 minutes after I finished the book I might add

    Rebecca McCarver
    Unbelievable Eye Opener I never cry when reading but this book and the one that follows Emma brought me to my knees with tears Even though I know there bad people in the world I truly hope no child has to experience the story line of this author.

    I have read a couple of books by Paige Dearth and just as before, this is another page turner An emotional book and very well written Highly recommended if you can handle child abuse.I received an electronic copy in exchange for an honest review.

    Amanda Rogers
    Allow me to begin by stating this book is not for the faint of heart, please prepare yourself appropriately, One Among Us contains heavy hitting subject matter although a fictional story, human sex trafficking is by far fictional Sex trafficking including minors, who are abducted and sold into sexual slavery is real and it s not pretty I have read many reviews once I finished with this book that are ranked one star and voices how sickening this book is I m unsure what this people expected to fin [...]

    Read this review and others at literatureislife 2018 01 One Among Us was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.This is a book that could have gone a lot of different ways The subject matter is very, very dark about as dark as it comes Human trafficking is a subject that everyone needs to talk about, but no one wants to discuss There was a delicate balance here of how descriptive the text can be vs should be Some people will love One Among Us for that and others will criticize [...]

    First off, this book is not for the faint of heart I ll be honest, this is not the usual type of book that I read Fortunately for me, the author offered me a copy to review and I HAVE NO REGRETS As another reviewer wrote, this was not an easy read Guess what, due to the subject matter it shouldn t be Too be 100% honest, I cried multiple times through out the book Keep in mind, I am not an easy crier But the way the author leads you through Maggie s life, from the time she was kidnapped and broug [...]

    Ashley Ward
    Reading this book was like running a marathon, but not for any of the good, rewarding reasons anyone would run an actual marathon.Let me preface this review by saying that I finished the book purely out of obligation By the time I had reached chapter 50 out of 149, mind you I felt I was in too deep to give up now I had to pause several times over the course of a few days just to catch my breath There was so much happening Constantly It got to be overwhelming.I have to commend Dearth for her abil [...]

    You re the one among us who can survive This book was so scary good WARNING If you are sensitive to the issue of abuse, rape, molestation, etc then please do not read this This book is very graphic and not for the light hearted END Eleven year old Maggie is kidnapped and put into the sex trafficking business before she can really comprehend everything happening to her She is countlessly raped, tormented, and abused But despite all of this she never stops fighting to one day have a better life Af [...]

    Bookworm LLC
    Paige Dearth can tell a story like no other Because of her life experiences she puts all her feelings into her characters and as the reader you can feel those feelings One Among Us is a story about Maggie, an eleven year old girl who is abducted from the local mall and sold into a human sex trafficking ring Along her horrific journey she meets other children from 4 to 18 years of age being forced to do unspeakable things children should NEVER have to endure If you are faint of heart this book is [...]

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