Unlimited The Discovery - by Gordon Korman

  • Title: The Discovery
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780439507226
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback

  • Unlimited The Discovery - by Gordon Korman - The Discovery, The Discovery When four kids on a marine expedition for the summer discover a sunken treasure it is a race against time sharks and each other to bring the goods to shore
    Gordon Korman
    Korman wrote his first book, This Can t be Happening at Macdonald Hall , when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.


    Dive, by Gordon Korman, was great This book is about four young divers in the Caribbean serving a short term internship as divers for a crew Kaz, Star, Adriana, and Dante are doing their first dive when suddenly they spot a big piece of metal and identify it as a German bomber plane Star, a young handicapped girl with lots of attitude, goes to it because she thinks it a once in a life time opportunity, takes a bullets out of a gun inside it to take to their boss All he does is shrug it off and p [...]

    Great book, can t wait to get the next two

    Trevor Fletcher
    I think the book Dive is a good book It was about people who dove in the Caribbean sea There was a team The team dove in the ocean to find stuff, take pictures of it, or sell it They haven t found much valuable stuff They once found and WWII German Bomber in the sea and then later realized it was a Hollywood fake it was made for a movie Gordon Korman was a great author I liked all his books My most interested part is when they found the WWII German Bomber The author wrote a whole chapter on how [...]

    Kyle Loehrke
    I think that Gordon Korman s Dive was a very interesting book It was action packed and it made me want to keep reading it I wanted to find out what was going to happen next I loved the part when Kaz dove deep down into the ocean in the beginning of the book I thought that they were going to get eat by sharks when the dove looking for the treasure in the middle of the book It was cool when they dove in the Caribbean Sea and saw all of the Dolphins They were mostly diving to find different things [...]

    Zoe Forward
    We ve got a group of diverse high schoolers brought together for an internship that involves diving but 3 of them are not strong divers I m not going to summarize the story as this can be obtained from the blurb This is designed to be an adventure mystery My third grader was assigned to read this for his in school book club We had to read it together because much of the terminology was far beyond his comprehension It was, honestly, not good for a third grader The story head hops within the same [...]

    I liked this book in some chapters and some chapters wasn t really interesting What I found interesting is that there were four teens diving under water I like how they are doing things young and having a great experience The four teens are on a marine expedition for the summer Diving to explore an underwater habitat that s just been discovered by a seismic event What they find was then just fish They also find treasure Can forget about the sharks two kids caught in the shipwreck and the story [...]

    Simon Ramirez
    Simon Ramirez OsorioTitle DiveAuthor Gordon korman pg 141Summary The book Dive is a very interesting book that talks about the adventure of 4 kids named Kaz,Dante,Adriana and staris adventure is a very dangerous challenge cause the objective is found a treasure , but the problem are the sharks, the sharks are preaty dangerous for this kids but all of them are expecialist in deep waters so this is not a challenge for them.Theme The themes of this book are adventure and mystery

    I love Gordon Korman This series is so good It s a group of kids sent to a dive camp They each have different talents which come into play as they solve a mystery Good stuff

    Four teenagers are selected for a prestigious summer internship with the Poseidon Oceanographic Institute They are to work as divers on various research projects in the Caribbean However, only one of the teenagers has much experience diving, leaving the teenagers to wonder why they were chosen over much qualified candidates Kaz is a Canadian hockey player with only two test dives to his credit Adrianna is the daughter of a wealthy society family and usually spends her summers working at museums [...]

    Gordon Korman has written many books in his long career and his skill shows in the entire Dive trilogy In Discovery, four young divers have been chosen for an internship by scientists mapping a coral reef although they are underqualified for the job The kids soon figure out that this is because the scientists are actually treasure hunters, and the kids are being used as a cover to prevent others from watching the activities of the hunters too closely This is the first installment of a trilogy th [...]

    4.5.First, I have to say I ve shelved this as historical fiction because it has some historical fiction woven as a chapter here and there of a dual story during 1665 I love how the author did that.The characters that Gordon Korman has created in this series are so vivid, with their lives before diving making them less than perfect and relatable And the writing is so good I could feel the fear Kaz felt when facing Clarence, the notorious 18 foot long tiger shark I knew the frustration Dante went [...]

    Nicole Murphy
    The book Dive was not an intriguing book in my opinion The authors purpose of writing this book was to entertain and provide suspense The major theme in this book was mystery This book was not entertaining to me because I was not interested in the topic The four characters names were Kaz, Star, Adriana, and Dante The four were selected to do an intership for a dive team on an island Kaz and Adriana were my favorite characters Kaz was a Hockey player from Canada and Adriana was a girl from a weal [...]

    Brendon K.
    Intense,pulse pumping,realistic,adventure, if these are some of the characteristics, or themes you like in a story you should read the book Dive by Gordon Korman This story is really good, so even if you dont like the themes to this book you should still read it Dive is a story about four courages kids named Kaz,Dante,Adriana, and Star that go diving.Theres only a few problems though First, they are diving into shark infested water Second,The owners of the diving program they are attending are c [...]

    The gordan korman series s , are very action packed and full of suspense It is for anyone who wants to read a book that will keep them guessing I just couldn t put this book down it is so good It is about the main character Kaz, who goes and teams up with three other summer interns to go diving of an island and help tag caves locations in the water for some supposed, scientist that aren t who they clame to be Dante, another one of the divers who happens to be colorblind is able to see texture be [...]

    Kai Yost
    An amazing introduction to the series that I m reading back to back I don t give it five stars because I simultaneously think that it s both too mature and too childish for its target audience, but the story is so captivating that I loved it anyway The entire time I red this, however, I didn t see the characters as thirteen and fourteen year olds a lot closer to seventeen and eighteen year olds in their attitude, abilities, and the situations that Korman put them into Despite this, the relations [...]

    Parker Steach
    I really liked The Discovery Dive 1 by Gordon Korman This story is the first in a series about Diving This book in particular is about four kids who love to go scuba diving They get the opportunity of a lifetime and get to go dive to an underwater structure and then go exploring the surrounding waters When they go exploring they find a sunken Spanish boat from the 1500s There is another group of kids that is considered their rivals and they have also found the boat, but they all have to go back [...]

    4 kids were chosen to spend the summer exploring the sea There names are Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star On their first dive they found a fake prob from a movie The next morning when the kids woke to go diving, Cutter who brings them diving left already without them The kids where furious The kids told Dr.Geoffery Gallagher, they told him how Cutter kkep leaving them behind Dr Gallagher was furious, so he decided if Cutter wasn t gonna bring him out, then he will bring them to him Cutter was mad w [...]

    Evan Von
    Dive is about four kids who are acepted into an internship program During their internship the four kids are sent out to dive for scientists The four kids soon find out that the scientists they are diveing for are not atual scientists but treasure hunters.This book is one of three so it is hard to tell the theme, but I think the theme is friends stick together I think this because the four kids become friends and support each other over every wierd idea they had.This book may interest audiences [...]

    Hope Cannode
    Dive by Gordon Korman this book in particular is about four kids who love to go scuba diving They get the opportunity of a lifetime and get to go dive to an underwater structure and then go exploring the surrounding waters When they go exploring they find a sunken Spanish boat from the 1500s There is another group of kids that is considered their rivals and they have also found the boat, but they all have to go back their underwater structure to refill their oxygen tanks When they go back to the [...]

    Blas R
    Do you like realistic fiction about under water adventure If you like this, you will like Dive by Gordon Korman There are four people in the story whose names are Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star They want to go sea diving to find a treasure buried under water where they have to face a tough challenge So I will strongly recommend this book Dive takes place underwater and in a lab of some sorts Adriana wants her friends to go with her diving to find treasure buried under water because she heard it f [...]

    Key Issues Sharks,secrets, diving, challenges, and mysteriousList of Characters Kaz leader of the diving group, protagonist Dante beginner diver, loves the sea, protagonist Adriana tall,thirteen year old girl,smells like fish, protagonist Star fast swimmer,also handicapped, protagonistPlot summary Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star are a group of kids that go out diving in the ocean Kaz is the leader of the group All of the members are beginners They have been chose to explore the depths of the sea f [...]

    Andrea Mora
    I will give this book 5 stars because just when you start reading it you already become interested in it The author of this book is Gordon Korman This book is about 4 teenagers that in the summer are chosen to go to the Poseidon Oceanographic Institute None of them knows why they have been chosen ,if they don t have much experience about diving The only one who has experience than the others is Star but still it is not enough While time passes the 4 teenagers discover that they have been chosen [...]

    I like the book The book is about 4 teenagers who was selected in a summer internship with the Poseidon Oceanograpic Institute My favorite character is Dante Lewis he is the one who is taking photos under the sea I liked him because it would be really cool taking photos under the sea I liked the part when the 4 of them meet, because sometimes they will tell how do they looked like If I was selected in Poseidon Oceanographic Institute I would probably say yes and I want to be the one who is takin [...]

    Kai Guermonprez
    I liked reading this book.I thought it was interesting how the author had the story keep on bouncing back and forth between the present,with the four characters,and the past,about the boy on the ship in colonial times.I liked how throughout the story there was action to keep me interested.I liked how the author showed how the four characters progressed in there ability to dive.I figured out this was a series,so right after I finished this first book,I got the second one.It made me want to read . [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book because I like books that have to do with adventure in the book, the character Kaz is new to scuba diving and is nervous he isn t go to fit in like he wants to he meets a girl named Adrianna who has a low self esteam and they realized that they have a lot in common one possible theme for the book is that you should believe in your self even when others are doubting you I think that this is a good theme fir this book because when Kaz sees the girl who is the best diver [...]

    Oscar Österström
    Dive, by Gordon Korman, was a fantastic book The book is about four young kids that were training to be divers in the Caribbean Sea One day when the kids Kaz, Star, Adriana and Dante are snorkeling they find a big piece of metal lying in the bottom of the ocean They found out there s a big piece of metal was actually a World War II German bomb Later the four kids find out that the big bomb is actually just from the movie In the beginning of the book it didn t seem that exciting for me, but later [...]

    Hunter Robb
    Dive The Discovery is a great book by Gordon Korman It all starts when Kaz, Arianna, Dante, and Star each take a summer internship at a place called Poseidon where they are supposed to help some people by diving and marking underwater caves They have to mark the caves because of a recent seismic event But it doesn t take them long before they find some treasure underwater, but when they go to tell the crew there with, the crew says that its worthless But further into the book they figure what th [...]

    Kaz, Dante, Adriana and Star were chose to dive an mark caves during their summer They wanted to find out why Cutter and his team were doing so suspicious Cutter and his team always left very early so Kaz, Dante, Adriana and Star were always too late for the boat So every morning they woke up earlier but Cutter and his team were always gone They found out a way to always be there on time and then they find out something really weird about Cutter and his team which puts all the puzzle pieces toge [...]

    Sam S
    I thought that this was a good exhilerating book There was some suspense in this book This book was about four kids and three of them were inexperienced, but the fourth kid had cerebral palsy Her cerebral palsy went away whenever she went swimming because it reminded her when she was a little kid and she swam happily In the middle of the book one of the main characters Star swam to the bottom if the ocean and found a WW2 airplane When she did this she took a bullet from the plane and her air hos [...]

    Alec S.
    DiveGordon Korman141 pages realistic fiction 4 unexperienced kid divers have to go on a diving camp But the impossible happens They find a treasure The instructor tells them that it s only a movie prop, but its actually spanish gold They find out that their instructors really aren t professional divers, but they are treasure hunters Even though this book was pretty short, it had a very interesting plot and i m excited to read the next one This book is packed full with action adventure and myster [...]

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