Every Beat (Every Series, #1) Best Read || [Samantha Rey]

  • Title: Every Beat (Every Series, #1)
  • Author: Samantha Rey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Every Beat (Every Series, #1) Best Read || [Samantha Rey] - Every Beat (Every Series, #1), Every Beat Every Series Sadie Vaughn knows all about heartbreak Her heart is so fractured that she has walls built up around it thick enough to keep everyone out which means at least she won t get hurt again When her roomma
    Samantha Rey
    Samantha Rey graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia with a degree in theatre and a Master s in elementary education While her full time job is currently teaching third grade just outside of Washington, D.C her love of theatre, entrancing characters, and never ending drama has not subsided She has always loved creating stories and the Every series is the culmination of a lot of hard work and following her dreams When she is not writing, she is reading way too much, choreographing musicals, grading papers, and spending time with her husband and their dog, Paisley You can follow Samantha on Twitter authorsamrey or on Facebook, facebook authorsamantharey.

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    2 Choices StarsEvery Beat is a new adult love triangle about finding yourself and getting over your past It s about making choices and starting over It s about opening yourself up to new things and making mistakes And while I so wanted to enjoy Sadie s journey, I didn t love it I was desperate to see how it all ended though, but overall I found myself not quite falling in love with Sadie s journey Sadie is a third year university transfer student After finally getting her mother to agree to her [...]

    5 I loved every beat of this starsarc generously provided via netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewApparently this book has been out awhile but was never on my radar There were some bad reviews that almost deterred me from giving this a shot that would have been a HUGE mistake I loved this book Absolutely loved it I did not want this story to end I felt so connected to all these characters, so involved in this story that I just wanted to wrap myself in the pages, implant myself into their f [...]

    beth myrick
    SkipI did Page after page after page What a waste of my time The best character in the whole bookGavin poor guy got shafted So dissatisfied right now with this book I could cry The ending took so long coming and was so disappointing it was ridiculous I only read ever 20th page, reluctantly, and it still took too long for the ending to put me out of my ever loving misery.

    Read the entire review That Bookshelf Bitch I received a digital copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Samantha Rey Okay, before anything else, this story greatly reminded me of Not Just Another Romance Novel review , a book I read back in December 2015 The two are quite similar in the sense that they both dedicate a massive chunk of the book roughly 80% trying to convince readers to root for one relationship only to take a sharp left turn and the girl ends [...]

    This review has spoilers, so be awareOk As much as I tried, I couldn t like the book s main female charactere was just WAY too wimpy for me to find any redeeming qualities It was just too hard to believe her life was ruined by a childhood guy friend moving awayd that she never wanted to have another relationship, ever, because of her HS boyfriend being a jerk and ultimately cheating with her best friend Really OverlyFragile.The walls she built were Sooo emphasized by the author, that it really w [...]

    Red Cheeks Reads
    This review was quite hard for me to write, I loved the book but I don t want to give anything away from the story Although I felt that once you start reading it, one of the big parts of the story was obvious, I don t want to give away what happens.This book follows Sadie as she finally gains some independence from her mother and her past Sadie wants distance from the things that cause her to build walls, but the problem is that the past doesn t go away, it can t be avoided forever Sadie moves i [...]

    No wordsI loved this book Not gonna lie though I wish she had ended up with the other guy he is definitely one of my top 5 book boyfriends Oh well can t wait to start the next book in the series

    This book just pulled and pulled on my heart It was so so good I just couldnt get enough and I didnt want it to end Apparently this book has been out for over a year, I cant believe it hasnt been read by many people Because its just so so good The romance is amazing The couples are just amazing Everything about it is so amazing This is a realistic fictional, new adult book It has alot of angst, a love triangle, There is alot of back and forth to the love triangle So If your not into that This is [...]

    This was a fun,crazy, and some times frustrating read It s about a broken girl who finds two perfect guys that compliments her in different wayse hard part, she has to choose one I loved both of the male characters and am so glad I was not in her shoes At different points I wanted her with the other guy As hard and kinda sad as it was, I think she ended up with the right guy.Not to give anything away but it will drive you crazy and make you want to read and quickly to figure out who is Carter I [...]

    copy received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I ll be honest, this book drove me crazy First of all, it was just too long with not enough substance Sadie spent most of the book blaming everyone in her life for letting her down, including her best friend from when she was a kid who moved away without explanation Other reviewers seemed to love Gavin, but I found him annoying too He was cocky and the first date he took Sadie on was so cheesy Without giving too much away, there were t [...]

    I am so mad at you, Samanth Rey How can I go on I finished Every Beat and now my heart is broken I have mixed feelings I think I will go now and cry some I hate you Not This was an awesome and an emotional read I am still kinda sad about what happened Maybe it should be called Every Second Beat because my heart has stopped While reading this i was thinking I am going to give this a four because I wasn t all in it like I usually am but halfway through my heart was into even but near the end of [...]

    Carolina Godinho
    I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.Is so hard to review this book It was a well written book, but the plot line and characters fell short to my expectations.First of all, we have Sadie, who spent the majority of the story complaining about how everybody betrayed her or left her And then we have Henley who is a new friend of Sadie, obnoxiously nosy She wants to know everything, and she has no boundaries.Then we have two perfect male specimens They re both have great chemistry with [...]

    An emotional, heart wrenching read While you seem to be rooting for Gavin and Sadie, suddenly you realize you are rooting for Jamie and Sadie While Gavin was perfect for Sadie in every way, times changed and sometimes, you have to let go of your fears and embrace love and trust safe is not what you should be aiming for in love The journey where Sadie learns this brings us to tears but it was a bold decision, from someone who shied away from getting hurt Your heart breaks for Gavin Carter , for S [...]

    Ane Pedersen
    copy received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really like this book, it was not a 5 stars book, but close.It is a well written book, with a lot of feelings in and I could often see myself in Sadie This book has me feeling so many different things, sad, happy and frustrated It s about a broken girl who finds two guys who both help heal her heart again and makes it beats fastere hard part, she has to choose one of them You root for each of the guys she loves and you understand why [...]

    I received this book for review from netgalley.It has been a while since I read a contemporary novel I thought that this novel was cute, but not the greatest contemporary that I ve ever read I loved the dance aspects of it and the music that is tied it It makes the story unique and special There is a love triangle in this book and it was annoying how she legit could not make up her mind The love triangle was really the only downside of this book Overall is was a good contemporary novel.

    Rebecca Hatfield
    WowThis book has me feeling so many things I just finished it with tears in my eyes You cheer for Sadie and want to shake her in frustration You root for each of the men she loves and you understand why she chooses them It is just such a good book Trust is such a fragile thing and some hurts are sometimes hard to get past and we really have no idea how much they impact us This book shows us why we really should Loved it.

    Shannon R
    Loved following Sadie through her time of self discovery I could relate to Sadie s apprehension of opening up to people letting them in Made me reminiscent for college, finding a true support system, growing up outside of family life and falling head over heels in love She s a young girl with a lot to overcome, I thought Samantha Rey did a great job of making Sadie s plights relate able, getting the reader to root for Sadie.

    Rumbleroar ROAROAR
    So freaking good I could barely focus when I couldn t read it I thought about it at school and read it ever second I could Reminiscent of 99 Days in torment, as you really like both love interests, but we were let off with a very satisfying ending that just felt right On to the second book of the series now

    Lisa Whalen
    every beat Really good book really goodI got scared there for a fewChapters I was sure she was making a mistake love the ending Love the book

    Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books
    Review coming soon

    Parlethia Browning
    Excellent Book Really enjoyed it

    This is an amazing love story that captivated me from the beginning

    • Every Beat (Every Series, #1) Best Read || [Samantha Rey]
      384 Samantha Rey
    Every Beat (Every Series, #1)