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  • Title: Soul Sick
  • Author: Kendall McKenna
  • ISBN: 9781784306083
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Soul Sick : by Kendall McKenna - Soul Sick, Soul Sick Jamie thought he made it home to Tucker leaving war behind Now each day he battles to fit into his own life and save the love that saved his life Jamie is a captain in the U S Marine Corps who carr
    Kendall McKenna
    Kendall McKennalove dog tagsKendall McKenna is an author of M M erotic romance novels featuring well developed characters, complex stories, and realistic action sequences.Kendall McKenna is the MLR Press 2013 Author of the Year Her first work of fiction was written at the worldly age of nine, and was a transformative work that expanded on the story told in a popular song of the time She tried her hand at vampire and cowboy fiction, winning high school poetry and short story contests along the way It wasn t until she discovered the world of m m erotic fiction and found her stride with cops, Marines and muscle cars, that she felt inspired to share her stories with readers who enjoy the same things Putting herself through college by working in a newly created HIV testing clinic in her local Department of Health, introduced Kendall to the gay and lesbian community Understanding and empathy has made her a lifetime advocate of GLBT issues A brief bout of unemployment gave Kendall the time and focus she needed to finally produce a novel worth submitting for publication Her first novel, Brothers In Arms, introduced the world to her authentic military stories and characters Kendall s second novel, Strength of the Pack, was nominated for a 2013 Bookie Award, by Author s After Dark Kendall was born and raised in Southern California, where she still lives and works A non conventional relationship has kept her happy for the last decade Her four dogs enjoy it when she writes, as she sits still long enough for them to curl up around her.Website Blog kendallmckennaFacebook facebook kendallmckenna


    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Warning seriously explosive sex and feels.Following his return from combat, Jamie suffers from PTSD, dousing his pain with alcohol His anger is out of control, and one major mistake almost costs him his military position and his partner Tucker Jamie is lucky to have a man like Tucker, patient and loving There is plenty of angst here, but the story provides closure and ends on a happy note Soul Sick is raw, sexy, and realistic My only complaint is that I wanted to see of these brave, buff, tatto [...]

    Read as part of the Semper Fidelis Anthology.

    4.25 Stars Because of my own family history, I m always going to have a soft spot for a veteran suffering from PTSD My heart hurt to see the point our MCs were driven to after Jamie returned from deployment, but I was left feeling hopeful after seeing how they stuck by one another, and how committed Jamie was to putting in the work in order to start turning things around It won t be easy, but I m sure that a riding off into the sunset type HEA was in their future Also, the sexy times were pretty [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    I love Kendall McKenna It has to be said I ve read almost everything she s written to date and I m looking forward to the books she has coming out in the future While this isn t my favorite from her, it s still a really nice story and they are a couple I would love to visit again.Tucker and Jamie are a good couple But Jamie has some issues after coming back from combat This strains the relationship and after a downward spiral, Jamie almost looses both Tucker and his career But things turn around [...]

    I would have absolutely loved for this story to have been expanded It was really good, but in a longer format, it could have been better Jamie came back from his tour than a little out of sorts Adjusting to not being in combat is tough and it nearly costs him the one person he needs and loves the most Trying to deal with his stress and anger on his own doesn t work and the alcohol he has been self medicating with isn t helpful either Luckily, Tucker is a patient man and he can handle himself if [...]

    Lisa J.
    An interesting premise overshadowed by two long sex scenes Jamie s PTSD and struggles after returning home from war were vivid, and I was looking forward to seeing him and Tucker deal with it in a realistic way Instead, sex and then the book was over Tucker was just an outline of an MC Yes, the book was too short I would love to read a longer version of this there s still so much to tell.

    Fani *loves angst*
    Nope, Kendall McKenna is probably not for me This is the second book of hers that I read and fails to leave any impression, positive or negative to me I don t think there ll be a third book, because this was not a short story, it was just 2 love scenes and a fight Since love scenes is the last thing that makes a book for me, this one was a complete fail.

    Short sweet also Damn realistic

    Valerie ~Varuca~
    I normally love Kendall s writing, but this book was a major disappointment No character development It reminded me quite a bit of Waves Break My Fall anger trouble readjusting , but that was a much better read.

    I m shocked that this has such a low average rating Loved it.

    If you don t know a lot about PTSD I think you would like this book than I did, Sometimes being a therapist and dealing its trauma screws up enjoyment of stories.

    Serena Yates
    PTSD and the personal consequences of warfare are not an easy subject to deal with Not for those who suffer from it, and not for their loved ones who are faced with, essentially, different people when they come back Kendall McKenna does an excellent job showing the types of situations and reactions couples may have to deal with when one of them is affected The result isn t easy reading, but I found it well worth the effort, and one of the best stories in the Semper Fidelis collection.Marine offi [...]

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.The opening scene with at war and Jamie under fire is confronting When Jamie returns homes to Tucker he struggles to adjust to life after war Soul Sick covers serious subject matter and Jamie and Tucker both struggle to live together again after a year apart.I enjoyed this story, but I would have liked to have seen Tucker s point of view The author writes very efficiently, getting her message across without excess prose or s [...]

    Ruthie Taylor
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis short, hot and very emotionally charged story is a harsh reminder of what men suffer at war, and how difficult coming home to civilian life can be It is starkly delivered and works well as a contrast to the clear tenderness and affection that the men share.

    this was really odd to me Very little story, just disjointed events and some sex While it brings up an important topic, it certainly doesn t address how one might properly deal with PTSD And if his boyfriend is some kind of drug counselor, I was kind of skimming by the time that was briefly mentioned he should know that helping someone not lose their license due to their NINTH speeding ticket is enabling I didn t realize this was originally from an anthology, or I would have avoided it as I tend [...]

    The Blogger Girls Kendall McKenna is a solid writer and has an amazing ability to create characters that you genuinely care about I ve loved every book I ve read by her, and I was totally excited to get my paws on this book.The story is short, and that was a bummer, but considering it is part of an anthology, I had to accept that that was just the way it had to be but, I totally needed Tucker and Jamie have a lot going on, and I really would have loved to have had their story told in a full len [...]

    Soul Sick was part of the Semper Fidelis anthology by author Kendall McKenna Jamie has come back from war He has held on to his love of Tucker throughout the war and is now looking forward to a normal life with his lover again Tucker is a reformed bad boy who has learned a lot about taking care of himself when Jamie was away Jamie has some serious PTSD from the war So he has trouble assimilating back into mainstream life I found this story to be very true to real life experience lots of military [...]

    Hot and sexy little tale from Kendall 4 stars Jamie comes home from Afghanistan having suffered injuries which resulted in him being shipped Stateside Tucker, his lover and partner takes him home, but doesn t realise that Jamie is suffering from severe PTSD, and when he deliberately starts picking arguments over stupid things and his drinking gets much worse bad in fact that he or less blacks out, and attacks Tucker one night, Tucker has had enough Can he persuade Jamie to get some badly needed [...]

    Really good short story which left me wanting A good look at how PTSD can affect people and their relationships.It would have been great to have had this as a full length story to find out about Tucker and Jamie s relationship development.However, McKenna does a brilliant job putting the reader right into an obviously long standing one and talk I ng the story onward.

    I don t know if I missed something not reading the rest of the anthology, but it just felt like so much was missing Sure it s a novella short story, but there was nothing of substance Giving a 2 because it dealt with a very important subject matter that does need to be talked about.

    Shorter then expectedI don t know why I would think it should have been longer I just didn t expect Kendall McKenna to right a story without delving deeper into PTSD and Jamie s recovery There was just a bigger story here, one that would have been great.

    3.25 stars

    Enjoyable story, but wish it had been either a little longer, or had a little story and a little less sex.

    2.5 starsRead as part of Semper Fidelis Anthology.

    Two very long sex scenes but MCs and plot lacked depth It s a shame as this would have been great as a longer story showing the MCs adapting to the changes in their life.

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